Mohammad Qutub – The World after Coronavirus

Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The global pandemic has caused a negative sentiment among people, including the loss of jobs and the need for individuals to make changes. The crisis has also led to a decline in society, including the rise of online travel and cyber security issues. The speaker discusses the negative impact of technology on people's perception of Islam and the need for people to be more aware of its negative consequences, as well as the potential negative impact on mental health and well-being.
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Salam aleikum, WA Salaam Alaikum chef mo Makoto. We are delighted to have you once again here with us at IC k m. We are also delighted of course to have all the attendees here. I know that you are still joining. But let's start in sha Allah. The topic of today's talk is the world after Coronavirus.

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Just a quick introduction of IC K before we start.

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Islamic Center of Kuwait is a not for profit organization. We are home to English speaking Muslim community in Kuwait. We are affiliated with the Ministry of ACAF and Islamic affairs in Kuwait. I CK manages two mosques, master of mine in Kuwait City and muster Matoba in number for data. This is for the Friday Sermons that we have and all the other activities that we do, the activities that we do. It includes the youth group at muscle man every Saturday, also the Thursday halacha and several social gatherings that we do within the parameters of Islam. We arrange lectures regular lectures like we have one today with the chef Mamata. We also do Ramadan stars who distribution to poor and

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needy. We also help distressed communities around the world. A quick introduction of our chef chef mammoth Koto is a PhD candidate in school as dean and comparative religion at the International Islamic University Malaysia i u m, as it is called. He holds a master's degree in the same field. He is an engineer by profession with a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the US. She has extensive experience in the field of industrial gases. Chef has several jazzers and certificates in Quran and Hadith.

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He has over 20 years of experience in Dawa and teaching. He has spoken internationally and its programs on air and online. Chef has taught traditional and thematic tafsir for many years, and His research interests and articles revolve around chronic tafsir scientific ages in the Quran and Sunnah Islamic thought and history and comparative religion. Shared Muhammad Otto is one of our own from IC K. While living in Kuwait and working here. He was a regular fatigued and also was involved in other ICT activities. Just like a fair shake again, for being here with us just a quick reminder to the audience before I hand it over to the chef. Today's lecture will be 45 minutes followed by 15

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minutes q&a Question and Answers. You can type your questions right in the zoom window. Just touch the screen if you're using the smartphone or move your mouse over on your PC or laptop and you will see q&a at the bottom just type your questions there. Please note that it's it should be only one question per person and only the questions that are relevant to the talk.

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Without further ado, I hand it over to our Sheikh Mohammed Potter just like Aloha

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Yes, yes, you can go ahead and shall

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have the lack of below let me know after a solid to come with the slim and I say it in our email, you know what have you been a little

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while he was such behavior?

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Woman, son and 18 Subhanallah in Milan, Montana. In theological Hakim, rubbish lovely. Saturday was silly Emery.

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Melissa Annie Ali, I praise the Lord Almighty and I send prayers and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is noble family righteous companions and all those that follow them the right guidance until the day of judgment. I mean, I their brothers and sisters in Islam as Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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I hope everybody in sha Allah is keeping well. And definitely keeping at home because this is something that has been mandated upon all of us, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to lift this crisis and to help us and give us the patients in sha Allah to endure it because it seems to allow our lamb that it will continue Alhamdulillah Allah Polihale my brothers and sisters had someone told you about six months ago that there was going to be such a crisis and that the world

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practically the whole globe would be under some kind of law.

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them, you might have thought that they are not right in the head.

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If someone told you that most of the essential businesses around the world were going to be shut, and then everyone was going to be locked in their houses, you might have thought it's a scene out of a Hollywood movie, or Bollywood, for that matter. Subhan Allah, these things occur, and human beings have no idea about the changes that are going to happen globally. And everything only happens by the decree of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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The title of this talk is a world after the Coronavirus and implied in that title is the premise and presupposition that the world might be different after the Coronavirus. So this presupposition is that this crisis is a milestone in our history.

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Is that going to be the case or not? This is what we will inshallah discuss today.

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And it should be understood that what we are discussing here is obviously a matter that can be debated. It can go back and forth. So I'll try to maybe give some time, maybe a little bit more time inshallah for the q&a, so that there is a chance for some kind of dialogue. I usually like to like the talks to be quite interactive, and I ask questions and get people's opinions. But unfortunately, with such a format, it will not be possible. So it might be a milestone in our history. A lot of people are talking about it that way. And maybe the world will be the same after Coronavirus. Except for the fact that many, maybe hundreds of 1000s of people, maybe over a million people may have

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died. People have contracted the disease the economic disaster that occurred globally. They wouldn't be exactly the same, but is it going to fundamentally change

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spiritually, socially, economically, politically, ethically? This is what we want to look into this one we want to try to discover some analysts r&d talking about it as a milestone, after which the world will not be the same. So many people are talking about the world after Coronavirus and how the world after Coronavirus might look.

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And this is Subhanallah even No, we don't see any end in sight. And yet this is the way people are talking about one professor of history

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compared the current crisis to the first month of the French Revolution of 1789. And students of history know what the French Revolution means on a social political and economic level Islamically I've even heard a lot of

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presenters, shakes that is maybe talking about this crisis as a forerunner to more Islamic prominence, and inshallah we will talk about some of these things. Where do we stand as we speak,

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almost 150,000 people have already lost their lives.

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Almost 2,200,000 have already contracted the disease. Some projections expect these numbers for the US alone.

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And it's amazing to see that so many of the advanced health systems around the world that were the pride of some of the global powers have been totally overwhelmed by this crisis. Developed countries and governments have experienced different degrees of failure in handling the pandemic. Except for a few that did better than others. Many economies have plummeted. Millions of people have lost their jobs. It's staggering to think that all of this happened within the course of a few months. Some might say that those 100 days, those three months that changed the world forever. The even the IMF dealing with a crisis like no other and one that would overshadow even the Great Depression of 1929

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and forecasted losses equivalent to $9 trillion

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worldwide over the next two years.

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If and when this pandemic is over my dear brothers and sisters insha Allah

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It will be over soon. If and when it is over. Those who survived, this pandemic may not survive the depression and the misery that will almost certainly ensue.

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Because of the global economic meltdown that everyone is talking about Subhanallah it is truly daunting, how this tiny miniscule virus

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that can it cannot even be seen by a light microscope. And this might be surprising to some people. Not only the human eye, a light microscope cannot see that can only be seen by an electron microscope. This tiny miniscule virus has brought the whole world to an abrupt halt.

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This reminds us on the saying of us.

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What incentivizes the human being has been created.

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If there's any message that people need to get from this crisis, regardless of their religion, or their philosophy, or spirituality, everyone should realize, and now be convinced of the fragility of humankind, in the face of fate, and divine decree. And this is a message that we need to keep focusing on to a Muslim. This seems to be axiomatic. Everyone knows that the Quran is replete with this idea. But for most other people, this is almost like a revolution. What do you mean that we are we look at everything we have achieved, look at where we are, look at the sciences, look at the technology, all of it has failed, utterly failed, right?

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Regardless of if the crisis goes on for three more months, or a whole year, just in the span of these three months, it seems like the whole world has been turned upside down. And this is something that everyone has noticed and is commenting on.

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God knows my brothers and sisters, how much we are all suffering, and how much we would love to go back to our normal lives. So Allah who we do, and we realize that we repent to Allah subhanaw taala

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we now realize that all of that was such a great blessing, even though we were constantly complaining and constantly

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talking to others about, you know, the situations we were going through, and the difficulties and the miseries. But that itself, subhanAllah was a blessing. We took for granted, and we couldn't understand. So now we cannot see our family and friends were all locked up at home. We yearn for those times when we would just you know, open the door and go outside, go out with family, go to the masajid and experience the the serenity of the masajid meeting up with our brothers and sisters, our communities. And now Subhanallah we're constantly worrying

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about the virus being on our person, or on the person closest to us, our loved ones are on our shopping items or out in the air that we breathe, or in the public places that we visit Subhanallah truly, we can see that the aspect of the crisis that convinces us of our weakness and of the fact that this is truly a difficulty, it's, it's something that is difficult to endure. It's an ordeal. Some people may not understand when you say that this way, is a punishment from Allah subhana wa taala. But they do realize how difficult it is made life become and how it has

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brought us into uncharted territory that people have not experienced before. People are talking about this as something that has no historical precedent. You saying well, what about the Spanish flu? Okay, in the beginning of the last century, that was much worse right? 1980 than the end of World War One. So many people had died in the first place. Yes, but we're talking about a lock down a global lock down the likes of which the world and this earth has not seen before.

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My brothers and sisters in the past we we know that women

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used to tell their husbands when they would leave the house.

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Make sure that you only bring back halal.

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Don't bring wealth from illicit resources because we will have the patience to endure poverty, but we will not have the patience to endure the fire of * God forbid. Now we can easily see women telling their husbands before they go out to shop. Go out and please do not bring COVID-19 with you. Back into the house. We asked Allah subhanaw taala to protect us all. However, my brothers and sisters, we need to realize

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that in every adversity, we can find genuine opportunity. And let's talk about the Coronavirus now and I'm gonna get to

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more about how the world might change after the Coronavirus. But before that, let us talk about the Coronavirus as an opportunity we already know and are living the crisis on a daily basis on a minute by minute basis. But how can we now try to see it as an opportunity. Number one, human beings find it very difficult to change or to respond to advice, except when there's a serious jolt or shock. And if anything has jolted the globe, it is COVID-19.

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So this shock that people are feeling now makes them much more susceptible to hearing advice and possibly to changing their ways.

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It is true that so many people now are thinking about how they're going to make it the next day, how are they going to pay their rent? How are they going to pay this and that a lot of people will tend to think about it purely in economic terms. And that's understandable. To a large extent, a lot of people have lost their livelihoods. A lot of people, millions of people have lost their jobs. But at the same time, this shock that they are in Acts actually converts their knifes into fertile ground.

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To which now you may be able to speak in a in an easier way and a more influential way. This is because Subhanallah epiphanies and deep introspection are very rare

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when it comes to the

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inexorable cycle of routine, so the continuous routine of people living their daily lives, makes it very difficult now to listen to anything new life is going as per normal, and it continues that way. And it masks any perceived need for change or reform. But now, with this crisis, people are looking already deep into themselves. And if they aren't, they should be. And we can be agents to do so. And at the same time, the globe at large is looking at the status quo, right? We say to a certain extent, if only we can go back to the status quo Hold on, hold on the status quo was seems Yes, it was a lot better than the lockdown that we are experiencing and the crisis that we are experiencing

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now. But the status quo

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wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination.

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You can look at everything in the globe, ideologically, politically, economically, religiously, spiritually. There were there are deep problems. There are so many crises you don't know where to start, right. So it's not just about going back to the status quo. It's about improving the status quo. And this is the chance to do it. Because in the past, okay, when things are going normally, it's very difficult to try now to affect some kind of fundamental change, but now everyone is talking about change and how the world is going to change or needs to change following this crisis.

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People are always talking about themselves and changing themselves

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during certain annual occasions, making new year's resolutions and things like that. This is the time to make resolutions for us as Muslims and humankind.

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Also enlarge

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if people don't consider reevaluating their condition now

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during this crisis that mandates that we make some sweeping changes, when are people going to change? There is a an interesting proverb that is

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oft quoted, but highly Miss attributed and it's usually attributed to Einstein, where he says insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is what we're talking about here. And attributing that, to Einstein seems to be in question, it has also been attributed to so many other people.

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But insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over. And we're just continuing on that path. We need to change, we need to change ourselves, we need to change the world, we need to change how things are things were not going properly, and take this crisis as an alert animal and an alarm, telling people and alerting them to the importance of doing something.

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And I think it is incredibly useful

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to think of it through the example of climate change.

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And climate change and to Zs have been just as vociferous about things that are going on during the COVID 19 crisis as everyone else, if not even more so and understandably so. So when we look at the globe, when we look at the destruction and the habit that is being wrought by human activity, of course, taking into consideration that, well most of the globe believes that this this is what pure science tells us, and that it is not a hoax, it is a reality that we see in front of our eyes, this have occurred as being wrought by human activity on the climate, and the natural disasters that are resulting from that human activity. So Allah, if anyone is, is breathing better, during the COVID-19

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catastrophe, it is the climate, and it is the Earth.

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It's breathing, better, air quality has improved, water quality has improved.

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There's not as much pollution, I'm sure you must have seen the videos of satellite images, showing how co2 has drastically been reduced, right? Understandably, because humans are not out there, producing whatever they're producing, and pollute polluting, whatever, they're polluting for that matter.

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Other gases as well, there's there's a drastic reduction in those gases, the climate, the globe is breathing better Subhanallah after this crisis, because these human beings who are causing all of these problems, when they leave the houses are not able to do so anymore. When we when we look at it, that way we can see, okay, so this is telling us something has to change. Something has to be done differently. We're not in any way devaluing the ingenuity and innovation of

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human beings and the things they produce and everything they're creating, we're talking about not taking care of the environment, which is purely an Islamic concept as you and I know. So when we look at it that way, people understand that, okay, this is a crisis, but there seems to be a silver lining in the cloud. And this is that the climate is improving, and now we are not polluting and corrupting, as we may have done before. Maybe this is telling us that when insha Allah this crisis is over. Something has to be done differently. So if we take this comparison,

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and then we take the example of social and moral actions that human beings are taking, as opposed to in the natural world as opposed to production, and jobs and factories and pollution. Now let's let's talk about all kinds of corruption and pollution that is being done by human beings, through their daily acts through their actions, right, when we think of it that way, and then we compare

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The situation of the climate improving. And then we come to see, yes, everybody is locked up at home. But at the same time, we hope in sha Allah, that people now are much less able to sin against Allah subhanaw taala people are much less able to spread their corruption and to try to

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corrupt the the world as we know it. People who are flooding will continue to go on. But as people are not able now to meet as they did before, we can expect that a lot of things now have regressed. Okay, we know of course for a fact that a lot of the places where sins were being committed against Allah subhanaw taala that people consider regular social mixing and interaction like bars and casinos and nightclubs, and things of that nature. All of that has been closed. It's almost like just like the Earth is saying, I need to breathe. The earth is also saying breathe fresh air, the Earth is also saying Enough.

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Enough since Allah subhanaw taala tells us

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he does once the Legend of Zelda

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Salmela yo man into

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the earth will speak about everything that was done all of the crimes be the crimes as we unfortunately

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erroneously define it today crimes as crimes against human against human there are crimes against Allah subhanaw taala and these are the egregious sins of humanity. So the earth will say let me breathe, let me breathe, stop sinning, okay, and the earth worships Allah subhanaw taala and glorifies Allah subhanaw taala. And now, people don't have that same opportunity.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the authentic hadith

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gave the example of the person

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who upholds the limits of Allah subhanho wa taala, as opposed to the one who doesn't. And he gave the example of the ship, the famous Hadith, he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the example of the one who upholds the limits described by Allah, as opposed to the one who transgresses them is like a group of people who take their places on board a shift after performing a draw some of them occupying its upper deck, while the others occupying its lower one. When the ladder needs water, they have to go up to bring water down, they have to go up to bring water down with them. So they said let us make a hole in our share of the ship, and get water saving those who are above us from

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troubling them. So they seem to be doing something

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beneficial to others. If the people on the upper deck left them to do what they please, everyone on the ship would perish. But if they prevented them, everyone on the ship would survive. My brothers and sisters is a beautiful comparison. And we can use it in light of climate change. People probably don't understand when you tell them the earth needs to grieve because of all of the sins that humanity has done on it. But when you talk about it, in terms of climate change, something immediately clicks in their minds, they think about this earth as, as a shared resource that everyone enjoys that everyone must benefit from. So now we're talking about a proverbial ship. And

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this this ship, now we need to protect from all kinds of crimes and sins, from unbridled promiscuity and homosexuality. And of course, the the Cabal, the major sins that people are doing May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all all of these things, all of these social ills and maladies that we see who is going to talk about those who is going to do our billing.

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This hadith is a cornerstone

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and is fundamental when talking about other than alpha among

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those people seem to have good intentions. They just wanted to help others. The Prophet SAW Selim says if you left them, everyone will perish. So we need to rise up to our role. We have a very important role and I'll talk about that in lieu of the current crisis.

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Of course.

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When we talk about this proverbial ship, if we see that just like there's a fine line between freedom

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Individual freedom and societal responsibility. When you put it that way, and you talk about the climate, it makes perfect sense. I have individual freedom, but people will stop me if I am doing something to hurt the climate or if I am destroying the ozone layer, or whatever it is or destroying the oceans. In the exact same way and even more dangerously, we talk about there being individual freedom, but there being societal responsibility. So many of the social ills that people are considering normal freedom today is just that it's an ill and it's destroying the fabric of society.

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My brothers and sisters.

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When we talk about us as Muslims, and how we can benefit and look at the Coronavirus crisis as an opportunity, it's a chance to reflect it's a chance to ponder just like everyone has been shocked by this, we have also been shocked and jolted by it. And we now have more time on our hands because we are locked up at homes, to think and to reflect on our own situation on our own connection to Allah subhanahu. wata Anna, we need to reconnect with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And the Ramadan, the month of the Quran is at our doorstep in sha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala keep us alive to witness it in sha Allah. So this is a chance to reconnect with our Lord with his book with the

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religion, this is a chance because we are locked up at home because we have more time on our hands, because

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the materialistic side of our life has been put on hold. And it's not only us, but the whole globe. Think about the fact that the materialistic side is put on hold. So this is

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an incredible opportunity. This is a chance for us to remind ourselves and to remind our Muslim brothers and sisters to consolidate their conviction in the opinion of other of Allah subhanaw taala that only what Allah subhanaw taala decrees will occur and if something is not decreed for me by him Subhanahu wa Taala nothing in the world can make it strike me it is all in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala we, we realize Subhan Allah in this COVID-19 catastrophe, wala he brothers and sisters, if you do everything humanly possible to avoid it, but Allah has decreed it, you will be stuck with it. And if you're doing nothing, you are you know, I don't know you. You're not very

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intelligent, or you think Subhanallah that it is to work on and reliance on Allah to do absolutely nothing. And of course, nothing is further from the truth. But hypothetically, you have somebody doing absolutely nothing to protect themselves. And it happens to be that Allah has not degraded for you, you will not contract the disease. It's all in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. And even if we do contract it in sha Allah, and even if we live through it, God willing, maybe we will have the reward of a shahid as in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the one who stays put having the reward of a shaheed.

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We have to also rediscover now and hopefully relate more to some of the Quranic verses that talk about the punishment of Allah subhana wa taala. And especially as regards past nations, a lot of excuse me, a lot of times when reading some of those verses

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it's somewhat understandable that we may feel that this is something that happened in the past, right? Especially since we know that Allah subhanaw taala is not going to punish humanity. Like he punished. Say I had and salute for the peoples of North oh look, I like him. Right? Because this is this is how Allah subhanaw taala treated people in the past and he would remind them and if they were not reminded, finally, a punishment of comprehensive punishment that would take everyone including possibly some of the pious at times.

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This doesn't happen anymore, but this is the closest thing Subhanallah to such examples. So now we can try to rediscover when we when we read those yet, because we are feeling that this is truly some

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some kind of a global punishment again, especially for non Muslims, we're talking to non Muslims. A lot of them may not understand that, right and maybe even some Muslims

00:35:12 --> 00:35:20

Subhanallah difficult to understand, but we know that nothing that happens, no adversity that occurs in this world

00:35:22 --> 00:35:22

does not

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it happens because it is related to the sins of humanity. So we know that in one way or another, it is a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala. The Prophet SAW Selim said in the Hadith I just mentioned to you, that the the our own okay playing proper or plagues in general, they are a punishment. And Allah punishes with it, whomever he wills, but that they are a mercy for the believers

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to make it such so this is these are some of the things that we need to try to remind ourselves of, and consolidate in our psyche in our,

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in our understanding of the Quran and the authentic sunnah with regards to

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non Muslims, and talking to non Muslims, and the amazing opportunity of Dawa, that we have now my brothers and sisters, let me talk about it on an individual and a collective level individually, people were already plagued with all kinds of psychological problems, and crises, and you know, the

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increasing percentages of suicide, especially in the West and the East, for people who are looking for some kind of inner peace, and ended up not finding and of course, those psychological problems have been multiplied by 100, after the current crisis. So they are in dire need of finding some kind of internal peace. Just this aqidah of Kedah is worth gold is worth gold, what brothers and sisters, if only they could believe like we do, you must also understand for a non Muslim, who doesn't believe in akhira, doesn't believe in the development of the hereafter. It is truly miserable. Because of this is all it's about. And look at our situation now. And God knows how, how long will

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this continue, and I have lost loved ones and things like that people will readily commit suicide, because it's only about this life, they don't see that this is just a transition, and that there is something much more important and much more grandiose in the hereafter in terms of reward. And also on the other side, in terms of punishment, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us.

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the the jolt of the catastrophe, knowingly or unknowingly, has humbled people. So they're more ready to hear what you have to say, they're more ready to hear your message, you're probably more ready to hear about God Almighty, because there was a certain level of arrogance before that has been shattered.

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Furthermore, people have more time, they're not as preoccupied. A lot of people are just preoccupied, right with their livelihoods, where they're going to get

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their money, how they're going to put food on the table, how they're going to support their families. And this inexorable cycle just keeps going on and on, right habit and routine habit and routine. And people are preoccupied, it takes up all their time, they don't have time to listen to your message or to any kind of data. So now, this is an excellent opportunity to

00:38:56 --> 00:39:35

try to pass this important message and everybody's online now. So you can think of all kinds of online projects that will be beneficial Inshallah, and as we said before, the materialistic concerns, right. So especially for non Muslims, a lot of them may be very materialistic. They're not thinking about the day of judgment or fers. It's just about this world. It's just about the money you make and the family and this and that, and the position you have in the company and all that. Now all of a sudden those materialistic concerns have been relegated to much to a much lower level.

00:39:36 --> 00:40:00

Because people are experiencing this economic crisis. Yes, they will try to get back on the wagon and they'll try to help themselves but at the same time, this is an opportunity they have more time on their hands. They are not you know, going to an eight hour job or 10 hour or 12 hour job and coming back home and not having time for anything else. Think of it this

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

Wait brothers and sisters,

00:40:04 --> 00:40:09

Muslims as well as have we not become very attached to the dunya.

00:40:10 --> 00:40:16

Muslims themselves have become very materialistic Ramadan comes Subhanallah once a year

00:40:17 --> 00:40:19

and takes us away.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:45

relegates those materialistic concerns helps us to concentrate on that which is more important than which is more or less thing, after the day of judgment, where we are going where we are headed our, our current status quo with Allah subhanaw taala. So think about the turning the current crisis into something like Ramadan,

00:40:46 --> 00:40:52

for your non Muslim colleagues, friends, companions,

00:40:53 --> 00:40:58

turn it into Ramadan into a time of reflection, and some of them are already doing that, by the way,

00:40:59 --> 00:41:25

turn it into a time and a chance now to think about something that is more or less thing than just where you're gonna get your money tomorrow, or how you're going to keep your family alive and supporting them. and things of that nature. Brothers and sisters, this was on an individual level. Now let's talk on a more collective level and a more public level.

00:41:26 --> 00:41:29

Excuse me, this ultra microscopic,

00:41:30 --> 00:41:55

this virus that is between alive and non alive, as one virology expert put it, it is actually between chemistry and biology, chemistry being substances that are not alive as opposed to biology, things that are like this ultra microscopic agent has forced the whole world into lockdown, the likes of which have not been witnessed before.

00:41:57 --> 00:41:58

This is the opportunity.

00:42:00 --> 00:42:19

How was humankind thinking that they were somehow invincible? Yes, humankind has made incredible advances right? In the natural sciences and technology and all kinds of things, right? Even in administrative systems, and we think maybe in all domains of life.

00:42:20 --> 00:42:38

But despite all of that Subhanallah we are not able to deal with this ultra microscopic agent that cannot even be seen by a light microscope, much less the human night. Despite all of that, we see that the world has been turned upside down.

00:42:39 --> 00:43:28

Humankind must now humble themselves. And if it hasn't humbled them already, we as Muslims need to spread this message. The all powerful and invincible is Allah subhanho wa taala. And had he willed, He can destroy the whole world not with a virus just in an instant, you know, when everything stops, everything fails everything that you and I are used to in terms of the system of the world, moving as it does, all of it will stop physical laws will fail at that point, as we know in your Will the AMA. But this is a reminder, this is a reminder of, of what this very small

00:43:29 --> 00:43:46

use, excuse me, ultra microscopic agent can do. This is just a small reminder of how Allah subhanho wa Taala can send something to change the status and the way the world works.

00:43:48 --> 00:43:49

And this

00:43:50 --> 00:44:09

feeling of invincibility, self sufficient self sufficiency is what Allah subhanaw taala talks about the Quran, when he says can let in an insana layer, or raw Stannah, he says no, the human being has transgressed much

00:44:11 --> 00:44:30

because they see themselves as being self sufficient. So they think all of these advances in science have made them kings over the globe, over the natural resources that are under their hands, and now they realize that they are totally handicapped.

00:44:32 --> 00:44:49

the fragility of humankind. The reason they they feel that strength that arrogance is because of that feeling of self sufficiency. And it's interesting Subhanallah when you try to analyze the juxtaposition of those as I was

00:44:51 --> 00:44:59

before it was talking about I lemon inside MLM IANA. Allah has taught the human being things that they did not know this

00:45:00 --> 00:45:56

By the grace of Allah subhanaw taala not only the efforts of humankind, but immediately after that, he refers to the exploitation of that knowledge and not understanding and using that knowledge to further humankind and bring them closer or further away. I love an insane amount and you can learn in that in Santa leotard immediately after that they have used the knowledge in the wrong way. They're using a lot of that knowledge is being used to destroy the world. Unfortunately, yes, there are. There's there's much good in technology in science when it's used for good, but there is plenty of it that is being used for the opposite. The line and insana layup era has that. So Allah subhanaw

00:45:56 --> 00:46:00

taala now connects that transgression and

00:46:01 --> 00:46:08

relates that transgression, to the feeling of self sufficiency that human beings

00:46:09 --> 00:46:27

get, because of the knowledge that they feel they have achieved. Many verses of the Quran explained that Allah subhanaw taala tests people with affliction and adversity, that they might turn to him in true faith, that they might call on him and beseech Him

00:46:29 --> 00:46:33

I think I'm running out of times, I won't be able to mention, just go to the the

00:46:34 --> 00:46:34


00:46:36 --> 00:46:38

I believe this is 47.

00:46:41 --> 00:46:59

The is begin to long series of ASC Have you considered if they're came to you the punishment of Allah, or they're coming to the hour is it other than Allah that you would invoke, if you should be truthful, and it mentions how people need to come back to Allah subhanaw taala. My brothers and sisters,

00:47:00 --> 00:47:02

too many times as Muslims,

00:47:04 --> 00:47:24

for different reasons, the focus of the concentration is on our own selves. And like when we were talking about the example of climate change, we cannot ignore that if climate change changes the whole globe, to make it less habitable in the future,

00:47:25 --> 00:47:41

the myriad social, political and economic viruses that have invaded the globe will also make the earth uninhabitable in the future, unless we try to

00:47:42 --> 00:47:46

benefit humanity with the light of Islam

00:47:47 --> 00:47:51

with the light that Islam wants to

00:47:54 --> 00:48:00

insert into all of these different domains that have unfortunately been

00:48:03 --> 00:48:10

progressing, but not progressing in the right way, progressing to a large extent secularly

00:48:11 --> 00:48:36

but completely devoid of any morals or ethics. So this is a time where this catastrophe has actually now highlighted some of the major deficiencies that the global system has. And we need to play an important role. This is a time of important ideas, brothers and sisters. Think of it this way.

00:48:38 --> 00:49:17

When things were just going normally, that was the status quo. When you try to make fundamental changes, it's difficult. Okay, because this is the way things are going. But now everyone is talking about the world after Coronavirus. In one way. Politics, Politics will never be the same. After Coronavirus economics, there's a slew of articles on how economics is going to change, the global economy is going to change. Socially, things are going to change. Of course, in our day to day lives, things may change as well, our shopping

00:49:18 --> 00:49:27

probably is going to change quite a bit. A lot of it's going to be more online and more digitized and this is the way it was moving anyway. The travel might be a lot more difficult.

00:49:29 --> 00:49:39

Security, the issues of security of course, as everyone goes online, cyber security is going to be more and more of a risk. So, you have people now on which you are

00:49:40 --> 00:49:59

pondering and deliberating about the the ultimate meaning of existence why they are here. Make use of that socially if people are not reconsidering some of the punitive social norms that exist now and the social convictions that people have we

00:50:00 --> 00:50:09

Need to be instruments to help people to think about how these things need to change on a political level.

00:50:10 --> 00:50:16

Their ideas about state responsibility, ideas about state

00:50:18 --> 00:51:07

and governmental control. Centralization. A lot of people, when they talk about some of the political changes that are going to occur, are talking about, they're talking about the world becoming even more centralized, even though the world has become so much more centralized. Now, with the the rise of nation states, as this continues, you might see even more centralization. A lot of thinkers are now talking about a resurgence of nationalism, like the nationalism Subhanallah, that well, to a certain extent, went extinct in the 50s and 60s, of the past centuries. A lot of people now are talking about the possibilities of things changing. Politically, maybe it's quite possible

00:51:08 --> 00:51:19

that things authoritarianism might be, you know, we know that there already is authoritarianism, especially in some of the Arab and Muslim lands, may Allah subhanaw taala help us but

00:51:20 --> 00:51:32

that this might also increase now, because of such a pandemic. authoritarians may be on the rise when we see these lockdowns and we see more military involvement, right.

00:51:34 --> 00:52:18

In the future, such emergency procedures, and emergency and martial law might become something that's normal. So some people may be talking about, you know, the regression of, quote, unquote, democracy and dictatorship coming back to the fore, the nation state becoming even stronger. So people are talking about the death of globalization. The Globalization now is going to be a thing of the past, because states are going to more tightly control their borders, states are trying to be more self sufficient, self independent and not interdependent. On others, when we talk about

00:52:19 --> 00:53:17

economies, look at what's happening on a global scale. Systems are crumbling brothers and sisters, we need to sound the alarm off the destruction, that profit based use your use global economic systems are the habit that they are wreaking on humanity. These systems that only favor the strong and prey on the weak, we see that the gaps between the haves and the have nots, the rich and the poor, continues to expand and get larger. What is going to fix this other than the Islamic system going back to the pure Islamic system, which is going to imbue all of these domains socially, politically, economically, it's going to view all of these domains with the much forgotten moral and

00:53:17 --> 00:53:39

ethical aspects and dimensions. This is what is missing from our current sociology, politics, economics, intellectual domains, where is morality, where our values, people talk about values, what is happening, you might have read the article about the possibility of

00:53:41 --> 00:54:13

disappearance of Western values in the midst of this crisis and the problem, problems that are occurring in the European Union, especially after Italy and Spain were hit. So these are very vibrant and dynamic times everybody's talking about change, the globe is going to change, we need to have a major role in talking about reintroducing ethics and morality into all of those domains. Talking about you know,

00:54:14 --> 00:54:59

the world is talking about some, some people are talking about pulling the plug on the elderly, because they're too old, and they're probably going to die of COVID-19 Anyway, making them sign papers that they wouldn't use a ventilator or things like that Subhan Allah all of it is, is anathema to our Islamic principles the Prophet SAW Selim told us exactly the opposite. He said that Allah subhanaw taala will assist you and you will find glory, when you help the most vulnerable sections of society, those who are old and infirm, and downtrodden in this society. Nowadays, the only people who are who make it are the people with money Subhanallah and position and power

00:55:00 --> 00:55:18

So my brothers and sisters, we see that the moral compass of humanity at large is totally off. And if anyone can play a role and if there's any true opportunity for us to try to get things

00:55:19 --> 00:56:12

back in line, and we can do it while online, it is Muslims, through the light that they have of the religion of Allah subhana wa taala, which only commands that which is pure, and just and moral, and only prohibits that which is destructive, and immoral and reprehensible. We should be re evaluating our lives and sisters, and we should try to not only help ourselves, but to help all of humanity, Rediscover how things how there could be a better future, if people will only come back and humble themselves to the one and only true God, Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah tells us in the Quran and Allah, Allah, you will not be coming to you,

00:56:13 --> 00:57:00

as much change the condition of a people until they change themselves, this likely is going to continue for a while. So don't don't think that you know, obviously we will start to act now. But, you know, virology experts are talking about this possibly continuing for at least a year, because they don't see any truly silver bullet for the problem other than a vaccine and the vaccine will take time. And as long as that is the case, this feeling of anxiety and instability will continue. So look at that as an opportunity, right? Excuse me, in the domain of trying to

00:57:01 --> 00:57:52

rectify ideas this is this is the time of truly putting innovative ideas so that insha Allah when things do get back to some semblance of normalcy, we can start to implement some of those ideas. So will the world change or not? After the Coronavirus, we hope to God that it will but we hope to God that it will change for the better. And if it doesn't, we have a role to play. whether it does or doesn't we have a role to play we have to do our part. And in sha Allah if we do our part, maybe inshallah we can try to start to get humanity back on track, to a better and

00:57:54 --> 00:58:29

and more safe and prosperous future, all under the shade of belief in Allah subhanaw taala and submission to Him, ask Allah azza wa jal to help us to do so and to make us agents for good and keys for the good of Muslims in all of humanity. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us to bless our families to protect us in sha Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah said

00:58:33 --> 00:59:15

well like most Salaam is like a law fair share for your time. Does I love her for your comprehensive view on the world after the Coronavirus Inshallah, we'll all come together Inshallah, we will innovate as you said, and inshallah world is a better place for Muslims as well as non Muslims inshallah. And with that, the question and answers, we are open to that, please start writing your questions for the sheriff. We already have a couple of questions there. I will request shift to have a look at that. And while he's doing that, once again, you can actually if you're on the smartphone, Stitcher screen, and write your question in the q&a box over there. If you are on a PC or a laptop,

00:59:15 --> 00:59:25

you can just move your mouse on the screen and you will see it. So we have a couple of questions. And when you ready, Chef, you can start answering

00:59:27 --> 00:59:28

some of the questions now.

00:59:30 --> 00:59:38

Yeah, as you as you look at the questions, your screen will pause, but you will have to get back to the video mode.

00:59:40 --> 00:59:45

So one brother mentions that we miss Juma and massages. Absolutely.

00:59:47 --> 00:59:49

Allah subhanaw taala.

00:59:50 --> 00:59:59

Again, see, this particularly, is clearly something that we can construe as a punishment for us

01:00:00 --> 01:00:08

You know, when we talk for us to see alright right let me let me go back then yeah, you can see me now. Yeah. So,

01:00:10 --> 01:00:33

this can definitely be construed as a punishment for us because non Muslims are not talking about not being able to go to the massages or attending Joomla This is proof that we ourselves unfortunately, have let go have not been the way we should have not followed the commandments Allah was part of the way we should have not been

01:00:34 --> 01:01:01

doing our job of admirable Maru for Nyah mancha as we should, so we, we can totally understand that as a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala, where he deprived us of something like this, this is not just what Allahu Allah you know, the the the actions of some governments closing the massage it and so on and so forth. It's something Subhanallah that has,

01:01:02 --> 01:01:03


01:01:06 --> 01:01:54

everyone into some kind of submission and some kind of compliance. So and this has happened in the past, this is not the first time my brothers and sisters, that that the massage have become empty their workplace. And this has occurred in our Islamic history, early Islamic centuries as well. So we need to look at that, and therefore it's before it being a message to all of humanity, it's also a message to us Absolutely. That we need to look into ourselves now. Are we doing what we are supposed to do as a Muslim Ummah towards each other? In practicing our own religion in Muslims coming back to the deen themselves, and also in terms of how they act on a public level? as well.

01:01:56 --> 01:02:36

Any solution? Allah, Allah and the solution is to to continue to make dua to repent to Allah subhanaw taala to submit to ponder to deliberate to reconnect with Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal is telling us stop your job stop. You're, you're you've become too materialistic already sit at home and think about what you're supposed to do. It's almost like the you know, Ramadan has already started people should be doing more in terms of Riba and worship and thinking about Alaska. So this Ramadan will indeed be different. It might be

01:02:37 --> 01:02:44

very difficult for some people because, you know, that was their, their enjoyment going to the taraweeh seeing family,

01:02:45 --> 01:02:46

especially the

01:02:47 --> 01:03:05

last 10 days and things like that. If it doesn't happen, it's it's a time to really think brothers and sisters and to reflect and to hold ourselves accountable. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us and to help us to repent inshallah.

01:03:07 --> 01:03:12

There was a question as well, I'm sorry, I'm trying to see the questions here. Yeah.

01:03:14 --> 01:03:38

Is this a fitna? If you if we talked about fitna as some kind of a test or a tribulation? Absolutely. We know it's a test. For us every we know everything is a test. Okay, let me go back. We don't everything's a test and it's tribulation, that we need to be woken up by that we need to try to

01:03:40 --> 01:03:50

rectify our situation, we need to try to change the status quo. If this test is to bear fruit.

01:03:52 --> 01:03:54

I keep doing that. And I see.

01:03:58 --> 01:04:39

You mentioned Great Depression. I do not know much about that. You can read about the Can I answer some of these? Well, because some of their replies might be quick, brother. So he's asking about the Great Depression of 1920. That's okay. You can answer on your screen. That's fine. We can see your photo. That is good enough for us. Yeah. So he says, I don't know much about you can read about it. It is the greatest recession or depression that the world experienced. And now they're talking about it even being worse Subhanallah than the Great Depression. So it just shows you the magnitude of this COVID-19 catastrophe

01:04:40 --> 01:04:42

that presents our country's

01:04:43 --> 01:04:50

failing businesses. I couldn't really understand this question because of the way it's written.

01:04:54 --> 01:04:54


01:04:56 --> 01:04:57

such as the situation

01:04:59 --> 01:04:59

with regard

01:05:00 --> 01:05:01

To prophetic medicine,

01:05:02 --> 01:05:10

definitely try to benefit from what is mentioned and the authentic hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

01:05:11 --> 01:05:27

The benefits of taking honey, the benefits of the black seed and certain oils. And there are and I think you can, if you don't have that you can buy a lot of that online as well. And you can help brothers and sisters who are in that

01:05:28 --> 01:05:46

industry. And of course, the cure is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. But definitely this is a chance to resurrect, implemented implementation of prophetic medicine in our lives. Absolutely. Then we also have to keep doing that, unfortunately. q&a.

01:05:48 --> 01:05:50


01:05:55 --> 01:06:17

Yeah, so how do you perform taraweeh if you prayed at home, as you might have prayed it if you missed it during normal Ramadan, so you would pray that away, at home and you can do so with your family and you don't have a lot of Quran memorized, you can also read from the Quran, you know, in holding it or putting it on a stand, or something like that.

01:06:23 --> 01:06:26

So many of you are not attending schools.

01:06:30 --> 01:06:33

Regarding readouts for children, if I understood correctly,

01:06:35 --> 01:06:41

engaging our children in beneficial acts, this is very important to make use of their time.

01:06:42 --> 01:07:09

Some Some children have converted to online schooling, if they haven't done they have a lot of time on their hands. Please try to put some kind of schedule. Be cognizant, I know it's difficult. And you know, they're going to be playing a lot of the times and watching TV and stuff on the internet and stuff like that. But try to have some kind of a balance, have them read and benefit.

01:07:10 --> 01:07:19

Maybe even watch beneficial things. And there are a lot of things online, you can you can look for it. But

01:07:21 --> 01:07:48

yeah, I mean anything that would benefit them Islamically and would increase their Islamic knowledge. And that goes for all of us. By the way, not only the children of course, this is a unique opportunity for seeking knowledge, you know, you're sitting at home, you have more time, the materialistic part of our life has been relegated to a lower level. So now we can now we have the time that we said we never had the time for, to read more and to gain more Islamic knowledge and what have you.

01:07:49 --> 01:07:51

Let me see what else we have here.

01:07:54 --> 01:07:58

Check if it is okay with you. I can read the questions out to you that might save you some time.

01:08:00 --> 01:08:03

I think it's faster actually. This way, that's okay.

01:08:09 --> 01:08:12

Okay, somebody's asking specifically about

01:08:14 --> 01:08:28

the COVID-19 situation India I yeah, I I read about that. And I didn't have time to mention it. One of the one of the negative consequences of COVID-19 seems to be some increased Islamophobia.

01:08:29 --> 01:08:49

Yes. You know, you can see it both ways. You can you can see that people willingly or unwillingly, are doing certain things now, that somehow resemble the Muslim way of life a little bit more. But at the same time, we do see some increased

01:08:50 --> 01:09:17

incidences of Islamophobia around the world, in some parts of the West. And apparently, very strikingly, in India, it's very sad. So, this needs to be dealt with Muslims need to rise to that challenge, you know, people talking about COVID-19 as if it's some kind of a Muslim conspiracy that they have brought onto the world stage or something ridiculous stuff. So

01:09:18 --> 01:09:31

May Allah help them it's difficult and they need to rise up to the challenge, they need to be very active as much as possible in the media to refute and to respond

01:09:32 --> 01:09:33

to such

01:09:34 --> 01:09:38

accusations and things like that. And

01:09:39 --> 01:09:47

if somebody wants I may be able to send some some articles their way regarding this. Let me see.

01:09:55 --> 01:10:00

Yes, we shouldn't be looking toward inward toward ourselves, but

01:10:00 --> 01:10:11

At the same time, we need to be looking for solutions. And we need to be part of that solution. Right? Allah subhanaw taala wants us to, to continue to do our bang for now.

01:10:12 --> 01:10:22

Until the end of time, no matter how much evil spreads in the land, and the corrupters to take control of the earth

01:10:35 --> 01:10:43

somebody mentioned the issue of cremation. Yes, it's specially I think it's Sri Lanka and other places. It's, it's sad. And

01:10:46 --> 01:10:56

no Islamically we know that this is not allowed. And that cremation is haram and that the

01:10:57 --> 01:10:58


01:10:59 --> 01:11:07

body, the cadaver, has a certain dignity that we must respect and therefore the the only thing to do is very,

01:11:08 --> 01:11:12

May Allah help them again, to rise to that challenge.

01:11:13 --> 01:11:18

Other people's to kind of lie in other locations face that challenge, rose up to it.

01:11:20 --> 01:11:32

It may be possible that in other locations, where they were successful, things are a little bit more free. So they were a little bit more successful. So I know, in the UK, it was an issue. So Muslims brought up the issue, and they did a

01:11:33 --> 01:11:56

very big petition. And they got hundreds of 1000s of signatures, I believe. And it went to the MPs and Alhamdulillah, they were successful in convincing the government that this is absolutely unacceptable religiously, and they, they were able to win that fight. So again, rising to the challenge, having a media presence.

01:11:58 --> 01:12:00

Being able to deal with some of these

01:12:02 --> 01:12:05

challenges, these modern challenges, of course,

01:12:07 --> 01:12:59

if they're not able to now, it may be partially a consequence of mistakes done in the past, right. So you know, people maybe in the past, who never thought of really engaging, okay, in the communities they live in, especially in some of the non Muslim countries that they live in. They're gonna have these problems now. Right. So this is when they start to feel the brunt of it. And fixing it may not be that easy now, because they don't have that presence. So being engaged in the public sphere, having some kind of Muslim presence will help you in times of adversity like this. May Allah make it easy for them, but it's not impossible and seek Allah's 100 Allah's assistance. And in sha

01:12:59 --> 01:13:03

Allah, you can do something about it.

01:13:07 --> 01:13:13

Yes, we do forget after the calamities, and we go back to some of the same routines and this is why

01:13:15 --> 01:13:33

I'm a little bit afraid, you know, people are talking about things changing. If this, this crisis ends, let's say in the next six months to a year, you can imagine the exhilaration after that the celebrations are gonna be on the streets,

01:13:34 --> 01:14:04

all of the types of get togethers, and people coming together. And sometimes, unfortunately, yeah, and you're doing things that only invite the Wrath of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, all of that might be restarted and even more after this ends because everyone wants to celebrate and everyone wants to do to come together socially, as opposed to socially distance and so on and so forth. And don't be surprised if

01:14:06 --> 01:14:29

eventually the United Nations names a certain day, as the day the world defeated the Coronavirus and it's going to be celebrated all over the world with more money, possibly sinning against Allah subhanaw taala and doing things that do not please him. So that's why I'm talking about the importance of acting now. Because when

01:14:31 --> 01:14:36

humanity realizes and sees that the problem has been lifted,

01:14:38 --> 01:15:00

people may go back to doing more of the same, unfortunately. So this is why we need to act now. Before people go back to that, if I were to give you an example of the hotbar when you look at for instance, the when people are live

01:15:00 --> 01:15:21

Listening to the hotbar they're very much alive and affected and emotional and they've been touched by this hook, but they feel they really want to do something. And the minute they walk out the door, the whole hood, evaporate Subhanallah and they do nothing. And that's why a lot of people who have attended my foot was no

01:15:22 --> 01:15:46

such situations, I immediately ask the audience, the people listening, if something touched you, please make some kind of a resolution now, what are you going to change? What are you going to do because once you walk out the door, there's a good chance that this will evaporate. So we're seeing the same now but on a global level and on a longer

01:15:47 --> 01:16:16

time period. Like I said to you before biology experts are not positive, they're their message is quite negative that this will continue and until we find the vaccine, that anxiety and instability will continue and as that is the case, this is telling you that you have about a year or so, of this instability that you can inshallah try to use to benefit yourself and benefit people positively.

01:16:19 --> 01:16:22

jobs being lost uncertainty of tomorrow.

01:16:23 --> 01:16:27

So what coolant Allah absolutely something we spend our life doing.

01:16:34 --> 01:16:39

Someone is asking about Azure of bringing a federated message and that's sitting during the day.

01:16:43 --> 01:17:18

Keep in mind, this is quite popular, some scholars of Hadith may say that the Senate the chain of narration of the Hadith may be in question. But the question is asking if I do it the same at home, brothers and sisters do everything you were doing, before the crisis and more. And in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will give you that reward because the prophets, I'm setting the authentic hadith, that whatever, if the same servant of Allah subhanaw taala is afflicted with some kind of

01:17:21 --> 01:18:05

if is afflicted with disease, or if he travels, and then he is not able to do what he used to do before that Allah subhanaw taala will give him the report of what he or she used to do, just like they were doing it in normal time. So continue doing what you were doing. If you sit after failure and reciting Quran, continue to do it, and you will have much reward. And even if you don't get that specific reward as mentioned in the Hadith, and according to the Hadith, I just told you now, in sha Allah you will but even if you don't look at the great rewards and benefits of sitting after fajr and doing so May Allah help us all in sha Allah

01:18:08 --> 01:18:18

suffered losses to their incomes, should we consider this to be reduction in risk? From Allah subhanaw taala. Of course, we know that.

01:18:19 --> 01:18:31

We said it's a test. And in some ways it is punishment is it is telling us that we need to rectify ourselves, we need to improve ourselves, I look at it.

01:18:33 --> 01:18:48

If we improve, you can look at it as an increase in risk, not a decrease in risk. Let's stop thinking about it in materialistic terms. And this is ultimately one of the things that this crisis has done, which

01:18:49 --> 01:18:55

is to relegate the materialistic domain to a lower level.

01:18:57 --> 01:18:57

Can we think?

01:18:58 --> 01:19:01

Okay, this is a good question. And I

01:19:02 --> 01:19:20

think that's the last one. Can we think that this virus is in some way helping Allah subhana helping the Muslims in one way or another? Thank you for mentioning that, because I didn't have time to go into that. But this is a very important point that I want to mention, which is that

01:19:21 --> 01:19:28

I have seen Muslims talking about this somehow being a foreigner to

01:19:29 --> 01:19:59

Islamic more Islamic prominence and predominance and so on and so forth on the spread of Islam. And I think some people, maybe even taking it a little bit too far. I think what is important to hear but insists is to be moderate. Okay. Moderation is very important in the sense that don't give people false hope. Okay, don't talk about it as if it's going to be, you know, yes. You know, a non Muslim Professor of History compared it to the French Revolution.

01:20:00 --> 01:20:49

It may be a revolution and it seems like it is a revolution. However, some people might be talking about it as a revolution for Islam, well, are you going to make it such by curing the glow of the social, political, economic and spiritual ills that we talked about an infusing the ethical and moral, moral standards of Islam. But to talk about it as if you know what is going to follow is some kind of Islamic prominence, I would be careful, because too often we do that. And we are over optimistic and we analyze it in a certain way. And then when it doesn't turn out to be that guess what happens the opposite, it backfires. And Muslims start to feel

01:20:50 --> 01:21:33

in despair, they go to the opposite. Extreme, unfortunately, so. So be careful of that we kind of moderate in your analysis, try to focus more on what we can do, right and our heart rather than what's going to happen and just sit back and watch Oh, this is the punishment of Allah, Allah is going to somehow now raise the status of Islam and Muslims. What's your role? My deal? What are you going to do? Do you know that for a fact? We don't know that for a fact, right? It may not be the case. I remember this. And I compare it, even though it's a little bit different, because this is a crisis. And this is global. But we compare it to the euphoria of 2011 in the Arab Spring.

01:21:34 --> 01:21:38

Arabs and Muslims in general thought this was the beginning of

01:21:39 --> 01:22:09

something new for for the Arab and Muslim world of more freedom of political reform, so many things Subhanallah where are we? In? Shall we thought that things finally are going to go our way, but very quickly, we realized the opposite, right? Especially after the coup in Egypt, and with the continuous the continuing slaughter by the tyrants in Damascus in Syria. So

01:22:10 --> 01:22:39

we there was a certain euphoria in 2011, we felt that things are definitely going to be different. Was there a milestone it was a milestone, okay, to a large extent, I still believe is a milestone. But when things started to go south, the middle of 2013, with the coup in Egypt, and with things also going south and some of the other Arab Spring countries due to many counter uprisings and counter revolutions.

01:22:40 --> 01:23:12

People went into the spirit, people went the other way. So they said, we thought this was going to usher in some kind of a new era for Islam and Muslims. And we see, it's the opposite. They went into despair. So be careful of paying this crisis as somehow bringing some sun Islamic prominence, focus on us focus on what we're going to do focus on our role. I see another eight questions have been added, it seems.

01:23:14 --> 01:23:33

And by the way, brothers and sisters, I apologize if I have missed your questions. I, I am not exactly seeing them one by one. And I think the screen is kind of moving when I'm going through it. So if I didn't answer your question, it's not that I ignored it. I may not have seen it. I'm just seeing whatever's in front of me at the time.

01:23:37 --> 01:23:51

Like a love hate ship, where you already have, you know, gone through 16 questions. So it is entirely up to you. If you would like to take one last question. Or if you would like to continue?

01:23:52 --> 01:23:53

How would you like to

01:23:55 --> 01:23:56


01:24:08 --> 01:24:12

Spending money invest insights into someone is asking about

01:24:14 --> 01:24:15


01:24:18 --> 01:24:31

same as asking about the fact that Well, science and a lot of people are talking about the solution being in science and technology and the vaccine and what doctors are going to do and so on, and

01:24:33 --> 01:24:35

they're not

01:24:36 --> 01:24:45

talking about the divine aspect of it. As usual, dear brother, we have to see both sides of the coin we cannot ignore

01:24:46 --> 01:25:00

either side. We know that things happen by taking the necessary worldly means and Allah subhanaw taala wants us to do that. And the prophets are seldom said and the authentic hadith there is no

01:25:00 --> 01:25:04

Oh sickness except that ALLAH made a cure for it, right?

01:25:05 --> 01:25:57

Whether people know it or don't so when we saw Allah azza wa jal wants us to search Allah wants us to work. Allah wants us to try to help right to, to live this predicament and to alleviate suffering. Allah subhanaw taala wants us to take the necessary means it's not just about Yes, but all but that also only happens by the decree of Allah subhanaw taala that happens only when Allah azza wa jal wills and permits. So if Allah hasn't decreed it, you know, people can be working for a year and a half and not find the vaccine. So it is, as it is regarding everything that happens in the world. There's, there's that combination, there's the willing decree of Allah subhanaw taala,

01:25:57 --> 01:26:43

and the action and the taking and the using of the necessary means, by human beings, we need both. When you only talk about the Kedah, you are veering towards a deviant ideology that tells you that you don't have to do anything. And it's almost like you are obliged, and everything's just going to happen by the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is obviously incorrect. If you veer the other way. It's also incorrect, because you end up saying something like there is no such thing as other is just what human beings are doing. And this is also completely false. And it is an ideology that the prophets also

01:26:45 --> 01:26:48

warned of in authentic hadith, the correct

01:26:49 --> 01:27:07

opening opinion and doctrine is, as usual, the moderate one, which stipulates that human beings do and must take the necessary means. But in the end, it is all through the will and decree of Allah subhanahu wa taala.

01:27:09 --> 01:27:14

Might I might I just add, at this juncture that

01:27:16 --> 01:27:35

this crisis is of such magnitude, that it's always good to continue talking about it and getting different opinions and debating, and trying to really understand that and benefit spiritually and intellectually from from what's happening.

01:27:36 --> 01:27:46

A lot of people might be asking also about some of the conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories abound about what is happening. And justifiably so because

01:27:47 --> 01:28:26

this is this is no simple matter. And it has caused complete shock to the globe in such a short span of time. Maybe it won't kill as many people as the Spanish Flu did. But the comprehensive negative effects of this pandemic seem to completely overshadow anything that human beings have experienced before. So that's why people are talking about different conspiracy theories. Is this truly natural? Is it Matt meat? Is it related to 5g and 5g? By the way it does seem to be

01:28:28 --> 01:29:04

truly something that that may have some kind of harm? Because we're talking about, you know, I'm sure there are technological experts amongst the audience, but it seems to be a very big jump from 4g to 5g. So people are talking about that people are talking about the vaccine being mandatory, and if the vaccine becomes mandatory, then who knows what they might be able to put in that vaccine, Allahu Allah. Honestly, some of the conspiracy theories are completely

01:29:06 --> 01:29:10

I think implausible. And some of them might be somewhat

01:29:11 --> 01:29:14

comical, but at the same time,

01:29:15 --> 01:29:39

some of them may be less. So when you talk about the puzzle, you know, there are always people in the globe, brothers and sisters, who are trying to exert some kind of global *, some kind of control over human beings, that we see that this is becoming much easier with technology now. So in the near future, yes, we might see that

01:29:41 --> 01:29:59

freedoms, some of the freedoms may be infringed upon, you know, as we go into a more digitized world, you know, your there's going to be less privacy. There are a lot of things to consider a lot of things to talk about when we discuss how

01:30:00 --> 01:30:02

Oh, this crisis is going to

01:30:04 --> 01:30:07

change the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that we are able to

01:30:08 --> 01:30:11

be agents of change for the better inshallah

01:30:15 --> 01:30:36

just like her share for your time, we really love you here in Kuwait We miss you actually. So inshallah See you soon once your travel plans bring you over here. Thanks a lot to all the attendees and with that Inshallah, with tanks to worship, we are going to close today's talk Inshallah, just like Alafaya salaam, Ali why

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