Zakir Naik – Fasting of Prophet Dawood (pbuh) Is the Best

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the significance of profit diode and the use of masala during fasting. They also mention a Prophet Darold Ali Qaeda's advice to fast every day and break the fasting process. The speaker provides details on the phrasal language used during the conversation.
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other thing I was going to ask you is about profit diode, Ali Salam, what's the significance of his fast and what form of fast did the Prophet Darold Ali Salam do the fasting we just preferred masala Salam. He said the best type of fasting and fasting without the listener. And the details are given in, say Buhari one number three in the book of fasting. I did number 1975 Were one of the sidebars Abdullah millipedes, the Tim, the Prophet and hood, they approached him and said, I've heard that you fast every day.

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And you prayed for light to the Sabbath. So this

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prophet told him that you should fast for some days, and break the fast for some days.

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And if you pray at night, and even sleep at night, because your body has read over you, your wife has read to you, your family has read to you and your guests have read to you.

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And then the Prophet said, you fast for three days every month, it will be as though you have fasted for the full year

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to the Sabbath said, But Prophet, I can do much more than that.

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The Prophet said fast like the first of the elderly salaam, and the Sama asked him that what type of fires did he keep? The Prophet said he fasted half a year. That means every opportunity

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for the full year. The other hadith of say Buhari or number three book of fasting I did number 1976 The same Hadith repeated but in the end he says fast like the faster though that Islam and the elderly salaam fasted one day and broke the first day the day that means he fasted alternate days are fully

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Okay, thank you for shedding light on the fosu Darold Elisa Lam.

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