Zakir Naik – Chinese Atheist to accept Islam in Qatar

Zakir Naik
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One word

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nice envisions your Eagle. Yes, sir. And you should not believe it anyone except one.

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knee jerk general chanting Allah. Allah says in Global City Local don't seem to be I

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do you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of this god Allah? Nee symposium Mohammed Salah Gilman Zwingli Nima, yes. These two are the most important things to believe in before a person becomes. After that asked many questions, maybe 5060 replied, Yes, slowly, slowly now mousseline catches your

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50th, extinguishing Jessie's rage on Jada. Sensing to Allah says, Hey, Mohammed is really good. Okay. See, Tara Toshi Manasa gives her the Charley Dojima mastery to do with it. So that was in DVSA sin Allah

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says Anil and build a fulfilling either 09 1000 images of

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zero yes or no? Yes. I said

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the journey begins.

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So that's what

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I should do. I should do Hola. Hola. Ilaha

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illa Allah. Ilana Wash, wash I do not know Muhammadan wahama deaf of the route up to what a Zulu while mashallah now against him in Chinese. This was him wishing me challenging that there is no God. God Allah wa salam simply know some of the tunes in CSGO Allah.

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What is? Your Honor? I believe this will hycm Zim White and I think that the Prophet Muhammad

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will have seen Muhammad or high tendency in the messenger and so we'll see I love the Prophet Allah.

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Jason Jack now once you're accepted all your previous Tinder for me all in mistake for him knee since I

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grown them to some new agents with a pleasure domain

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love puts him in the highest level of

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stress you are Allah bunnies. Kenton Francis is with all the people and we pray that through this moment of Islam, he will say with other friends in

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the house you will need shaders that other Islam how the diva don't do a Gianni the Hanuman okay okay and so say Inshallah, inshallah

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