Purification of the Heart (Tazkiyah) Retreats

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen what have I learned from the last trip was a

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the main thing I learned, I'm going to start with the story.

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The night before I woke up, my knee was really hurting so bad and it was bothering me and I can look at it and see there was a fluid built in. So that that morning when we started doing the Salah, for an hour, like the long sujood, and long the Roku, it as I was planning on doing it, so I thought about it, how would I be able to do this? The first instance was like one when everybody was doing, I just wanted ahead and did it. So what I have learned at the end of the day is, is don't ever say you can do it, just do it. And after that, I literally Alhamdulillah tamale Hamdulillah, I knew my knee was still hurting. But I did not felt any pain whatsoever. While I was there while I was still

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praying during the surgery.

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My biggest takeaway from the retreat is the importance of your knee the importance of your intention. And basically I have learned that with every action that we do throughout the day, we can turn it into rather by just changing our Nia and I am more conscious of everything that I do now, because I make sure that I set my intention right from the get go.

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Thicker, something that I got out of the retreat, I've never thought I can you can kind of connect it to allow in a simple aspect of with thicker, and which made it so much easier in my life. And it's easier to do.

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And so you don't have to kind of spend a lot of time on doing it and doing it. You can do it in the car, you can do it as you are working, walking, exercising, is so simple. And something that is so simple, and we made it make it so difficult to do so. And the retreat kind of made me to be connected to that. And so that is something that I say I can 100% take it away from

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the 2017 Dr. heifers retreat is by far my most spiritual life changing experience FEV I was raised with the concept of Tawheed. And since childhood thought well on the central role of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives. But it's one thing to know and understand this concept in theory. And yet it's another thing to internalize and personalize it that Richard provided me a rare opportunity to reflect and assess how I internalize my toolkit. And in doing so Dr. Haifa encouraged us to place a camera in our hearts and record our feelings and take pictures of our intentions to then review it and be candid or ourselves and ask ourselves how Allah subhanaw taala shows up in all those

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instances. I remember sitting in front of Luke Coronas, a beautiful like in breaking down and sobbing my heart

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was I realized my weak relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. I came back home, super energized and motivated. And I can't wait for the 2018 rhetoric.