Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 20 – L199D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © Theents discuss the concept of today's Day of Jury, emphasizing the need to focus on one's work and not be distressed. They also discuss the punishment of the military and the importance of finding the right answer to a question about the Day of Jury. The speaker explains the confusion surrounding the title of the Bible and how it relates to the "hereafter," but emphasizes the guidance given by Jesus during the Day of Jury. They also discuss the differences between different cultures and how they relate to the "hereafter."
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Out of la mina Shivani rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 199. So to number we'll begin from Isaiah number 67

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pokal alladhina cafaro and the disbelievers say either to Robin, when we have become dust, whatever owner and our forefathers also in nano Mahajan, then will we indeed be brought out

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the disbelievers instead of believing in the hereafter? What do they say? They object

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that either connect to Robin and look at the evidence that they're bringing that when we have turned into terrazzo into dust us What about Luna and also our forefathers even they have turned into dust in nella Mahajan is it then we're going to be taken out if you notice the Hamza is the fam either Kanata Robin whatever una in Allah Mahajan. This constant is the fam What does it show?

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Mu Bella in denial? What what? How is it possible? How can this happen? They say like are they worried in our head? Certainly, we were promised this that there will be a day of resurrection, we will be brought alive out to our graves who was promises? No, we now in today's time we have been made this promise. What about Juana and our forefathers even they were promised that they will be resurrected mean carbon will be for a long time ago, years and years ago, 1400 years ago, 2000 years ago. But still, no one has come alive. There has been no resurrection.

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So what you're saying about the Hereafter, in hair that Illa sell to a willing they say this is nothing except the stories of who? The people of the past. This is what they say in denial of the hereafter.

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What is Allah soprano todos response? Allah says pull say to them delta to people that see roofing early, go and travel in the land, go across the earth and see what's out there.

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Fundamental, then look, okay, if I can argue with imagery mean, how was the outcome of the criminals? Go and see, the ruins are the people of the mood. Go and witness the ruins off fit our own, what he left behind? Look at the end of who the mood remained the criminals, those people who deny the hereafter those people who denied their messengers, what happened to them? Are they alive today? No, they're gone, they're finished.

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So if you deny as well than a luck and also punish you. And just because you don't see the Day of Judgment coming right now. It doesn't mean it's never going to come No. for everything. Allah subhanaw taala has a fixed time, even for the Day of Judgment.

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When there is an island him and now Allah addresses the prophets.

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Because when you try to tell somebody about something, you give them one evidence, you try to make them understand in another way, if you look at it in these if the concept of the hate is being explained in such a beautiful manner, through questions, by making people realize by making people use their mind, by making people feel that Allah alone helps you instead of turning to Allah alone, what do they begin to argue about? The Day of Judgment? The real judgment that's what they begin to argue about someone a person behave in this way that you want good for them, you explain to them in one way, but they change the topic, they completely divert. And you try to explain to them in one

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way, but there is other objections, then definitely you feel sad.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam experienced this as well. So he has been comforted that it will act as an IRA him Do not be sad over these people.

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If they do not listen, do not feel sorry for them or kill yourself with regret for them. You do not harm yourself. While at a cornfield lay you can me my uncle alone and do not be in distress from what they conspire.

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Lake lake is from the newsletters. But yeah, cough constriction. And it's the opposite of Sir, what disarming vastness, spaciousness and the exact opposite of that

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constriction, depression, distress constraint.

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So you do not be uncomfortable. You do not be distressed. You do not be depressed. Because of what they plot. They plot they conspire to harm you. Do argue with you. Don't feel distressed

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Because know that Allah is aiding you, Allah is going to assist you. So in other words, the prophet said a lot of sentiments being told to not pay attention to the objections that these people raise. And this is how the dairy should be focused. Then when people raise all of these objections, one after the other, yes, you feel sad, but that grief should not consume you. It should not affect you in a way that you cannot do your job anymore. You cannot do work anymore. No, turn to Allah asked him for help. And keep going, keep doing your work, do not be in depression. Let the confused Lake lake is another word for depression. Do not be depressed. Turn to Allah, and know that Allah will

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help you.

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And you see, while at a cornfield, you can remain current many times people suffer from depression, why? Thinking that other people are planning to harm me. Other people are doing this to harm me, they're conspiring to say this about me to do this to me.

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They want me to be separated from my husband, and they want me to lose my job, and they want me to do this. And what happens, you feel depressed, you feel sad.

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So at this moment, reassure yourself, people cannot do you any harm. They cannot cause you any loss.

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So why should you be depressed, let them blocked, let them conspire, let them do whatever they want to. But remember, that nothing can reach you unless and until Allah has allowed it to happen.

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And if Allah has allowed it to happen, even if you don't see any good in that, there is some benefit in that. So trust Allah will attack, you can mimic him.

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Many times people suffer, people cannot do anything. They lose their productivity. Why?

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Just because of this constant was for such a time that other people are saying this about you, they're doing this against you. And this really has a bad effect on a person's actions on his productivity and his positive thinking. So forget about what people do and say, You stay focused on your work. Don't pay attention to them. Pay attention to your work.

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While you're coluna more objections, they say, Mother had Eduardo in kuntum sadiki. When will this promise be if you're truthful, out of their objection of their impatience, what do they say? When is this promise going to be fulfilled if you're really truthful, which promise,

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the promise of the day of judgment or the promise of punishment, because remember, the machine we're also threatened with punishment.

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So when will this promise be if you're truthful? Allah subhanaw taala says will say to them as a perhaps an akuna la de phytochrome. Perhaps it is close behind you. Perhaps it is right behind you. bearable lady festa de Lune some of that for which you are impatient.

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Some of the punishment that you're very impatient for it's quite possible that it's right behind you.

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I set an akuna Allah de falla come, but our defect is from the veterans law than for an auditor is a fair and oral defense is that which is to come next is to be immediately after, and law diff or rodef Roddick or Latif is used for a person who is sitting right behind someone on an animal.

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It is sometimes you have one person on a horse, one person on a gamble, but sometimes you have two or more. Similarly, a motorbike. Perhaps you cannot imagine a horse or a gamble. But think about a motorbike especially since it's summertime. That you have the person who is mainly driving and you have a person who is sitting right behind them. Right behind. So the person who is sitting right behind Who is he what Id

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so Allah subhanaw taala says, You think it's far, it's quite possible that this punishment, this promise is bright behind.

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That the moment you take one step, there it comes after

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the moment you take the next breath. It's after you. And this is a reality. We don't know. We might not be able to take the next breath. People say that, okay, when is this punishment going to be? When is this end going to be? See I didn't die.

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But what does Allah say? It's quite possible that it's right after you. You take the next step. And that's it. You're finished. Barber lady that started you doing some of that which you hastened for.

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So the punishment that you're asking for, whether it's the day of judgment or the punishment in Estonia, it's not far at all.

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Because remember that anything that is coming, and you don't know when exactly, it's going to come

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But it's very near. Why? Because you don't know when it's going to happen. It can happen any moment. It could be the next one. It could be several years from now, but it's very, very soon it's not far.

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And it happened that the machine of Makkah very soon What did they suffer from?

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The last episode?

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We're in North America, and indeed your Lord led to fugly in Ireland, NASS surely is full of bounty for the people. How that this is the reason why he does not immediately punish the people.

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You ask? When is the punishment going to be? When is the day of judgment going to be? When are we going to die? When is this going to happen? The thing is that Allah does not punish you immediately. Why? Because he is a little fondling Arlen ness. He is full of bounty for the people. It is out of his extreme grace and extreme favor, that he does not hold you accountable immediately.

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Rather, he gives you time to live, he gives you time to realize he gives you time to repent to reform. But what is the state of many people? Well, I can act our own lash guru. But most of the people they're not grateful. They're not grateful for this blessing of time.

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This blessing of rest, right?

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That they do many wrong things. But still, they're not caught immediately. They're given so many chances. But still they don't take benefit when I can act on them, let alone

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what another burger and indeed your Lord layer lemon. Surely he knows my token, no soda, rowhome Mama, your linoone whatever their * conceal, and whatever they declare.

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Allah knows what people can see in their hearts, and whatever people speak out, for his knowledge is complete.

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So whether a person speaks out an objection adult that is in his heart, or he does not, whether it's about the Day of Judgment, or it's about punishment, or anything, Allah knows about it.

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We learn Institute of Art is number 10. So a woman come man or several older woman jollibee. It is the same to him concerning you, whether when concealed his speech or one publicizes it,

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whether a person keeps something in his heart or he verbalizes it, it's the same for Allah.

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To the point that woman in her ivatan first summer he will all be that there is nothing concealed within the heaven and the earth, in their peaky Tabby movie, except that it is in a clear register, there is nothing that is in the heavens and the earth, except that it is written in the clear register it is in the knowledge of Allah.

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So how can you hide something? How can you keep a secret from him impossible.

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The word la Eva, the stammer Buddha that you see at the end the status formal by level,

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you have learnt in grammar, that that that at the end of a noun that is a sign of what typically feminine, but there are always exceptions. Like for example, some masculine names and also some words that are awful by law. So sometimes that is for the purpose of mobile or like for instance, any other word that ends with a time of Buddha but that timer Buta is from Allah. Allah, for example, the demo booth at the end is not for feminine, but what is it for? Mobile Allah? So similarly law, you can add this word over there in your grammar book, that hi Eva the timer Buta is for mobile Allah. So why Eva is one that is hidden completely.

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It's not just law, but it's law, Eva, it's completely hidden, that which can hardly be seen that which can hardly ever be known or heard. You know, one is that something is hidden. But the other is that something is very, very well hidden.

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What is it something is just beneath a rock, you pick up the rock, you see it, but the other is that something is under 50 feet of soil,

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then that is la Eva.

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So women in law event in the summer, you will there is nothing that is completely hidden, hidden deep inside the earth or inside the sky. In life he could have ever been that except that it is in the preserved tablet in the local modules in the clear record in the knowledge of Allah because nothing at all is hidden from him.

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Just think about it. Can we keep a track of everything that's going on in there? No way. When it comes to figuring out the number of the population of a particular place, then what happens people can figure out at this point, there are these many people, but even that's not accurate. Why? Because people are born and people die every few minutes. But who knows about

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This information completely

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only allows

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insert or hedge is 17 we learn and I'm Tara lamb and Allaha Yara Lambo Memphis summer you will out in Nevada v keytab. In Nevada Karina La Jolla seed Do you not know that Allah knows what isn't the heaven and the earth? Indeed that is in a record, whatever that is in the heavens and the earth and indeed that for Allah is easy.

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COO, coo

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for the palasa

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coo Lynch

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in a hurdle Anna, indeed this or an yokoso Allah bunny saw either actor or lady whom fee of telephone, it relates to the children of Israel, most of that over which they disagree. Meaning in this Koran is the answer. In this Quran is the solution to all the confusions that exist amongst people. Where do you find the accurate knowledge from from the Quran?

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If you look at it earlier, what did we learn

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that the machine of Mecca constantly they would raise objections concerning the coming off the Day of Judgment.

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And Allah subhanaw taala says about them that Billy Docker is known for

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that their knowledge, it has been exhausted concerning the Hereafter, that no matter what they do, they cannot figure out. So what does a person need to do? He needs to return to the Quran? Why?

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To find out with regards to the Hereafter, what's going to happen? What is the hereafter about? So there are many, many matters, the answer to which you find only in the

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you don't find it anywhere else. No matter how much you research, no matter how much you experiment, no matter how much you dig the earth and try to figure out from archaeological evidences, or you try to figure out what's going to happen in the future. You cannot find out concerning certain matters. And the solution is where the answer is where it's only in the

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in the hands of Quran indeed this Quran yokoso Allah Bani Israel, it relates on the Bani Israel aclara ledingham fee of telephone, most of those matters which they used to differ over the Bani Israel, the different concerning many, many matters, like for example, with regard to the matter of restart, isn't it? What do they who do they rejected him completely? they doubted him and the Christians, what do they do? They over exaggerated him in praise.

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So we see that there are many differences that exist amongst the bunny story between the Yahood and and assala. Amongst the Yahoo themselves and amongst themselves,

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like for example, the concept of God, even amongst an assaulter they have so many different opinions.

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So where do you find the answer from if you try to figure it out?

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By their opinions by their understanding, you'll be in a confused mess. Because many times they contradict themselves. One group contradicts the other. One verse or one state in the Bible is understood in one way and it's understood in another way as well. So if you rely on what they have to say, or if they rely upon one another, they would eternally remain in confusion.

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So has a lot deprives people of the truth then, no, Allah has informed people of the truth. So where do you learn about that truth from from the Quran?

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In the head of Quran, your kosala, Bani Israel, el acarology, home via telephone, many matters with regards to which the differ we're going to find the answer from the

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like, for example, in truth, Miriam is 34. We learned that liquor Isa memorium codal hockey lilyfield em Tarun that that is, he said, the son of funny of the word of truth about which there are in dispute.

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People are in dispute concerning him. And Allah tells us that he is who are the law? And he's of the prophets of Allah.

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Were in the hula, who then what are hamato limini? And indeed, it is guidance and mercy for who, for the believers, what is the purpose? If you look at it, there are many, many different groups that have emerged amongst you that you hold as an Asana. Why? Primarily because of these differences that exists between them.

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And the Quran discloses the reality of these differences.

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That what is the truth, and what is untruth?

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So this Quran is what it's that it's a guidance, provided that you take it as a guidance.

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And once a person accepts the Quran as guidance, it becomes a source of Rama as well. But for who

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little meaning it is only the believers who benefit

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in Arabic, and indeed your Lord jacobina, whom He will judge between them, they help me with his judgment, when on the Day of Judgment,

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that there are some matters with regards to which the people differ in.

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And they're not that necessary for people to know, in order to practice the health in order to follow their heart. In order to do what Alice Pandora wants us to do. There are some issues that have nothing to do with armor.

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There are many matches with regards to which people differ over but they don't have anything to do with armor. Like for example, even amongst Muslims, people have this argument, whether the bedrock on which the prophets are allowed to sit and went for the night journey. Was it an animal or something else? And if it was an animal, is it allowed to eat or not? Does it have anything to do with Arma? No. Now the reality of the buraq can you know in this linear? No. Can you find it the Quran? No. Can you find the Sunnah not more than what the prophet said alone is and has already told us.

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So there are matches with regards to which people differ, and their solution, their answer, when will you find out about it? Only on the Day of Judgment.

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But it doesn't mean that anything that has to do with Allah, Allah has deprived us of its knowledge, no, Allah has center as a solution.

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So in Naropa Jacobi Vina, whom he helped me with his judgment, He will judge between the people on the Day of Resurrection. Well, who are these are alum and he is the mighty and the knowing, why is this mentioned over here?

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Because since he is the mighty, when he makes his judgment, none will be able to oppose his decree

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and claim his decree is going to be based on what his perfect knowledge.

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So it's the most just

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fit our color the law, sir, rely upon a law in the garland have been, indeed you are upon the clear truth.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he conveyed the truth, he faced a lot of opposition, as we can see clearly in this is from who, from the machine. But it wasn't just from the machine that he faced a lot of opposition. It was also from who, from the Bani Israel.

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Now imagine you tell something to someone. One person says, No, I don't accept it. I'm not going to believe your word for it.

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But one more person says okay, I'm interested Tell me more.

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If you face rejection from one, but interest and curiosity from the other, does it give you all it does.

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But if you face rejection from everybody, then doesn't that discourage you? Of course it discourages you.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was facing opposition from all sides, and it's not something small.

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So this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is being told by the worker on a law. Trust upon Allah. rely upon him. Don't rely upon people. Don't rely upon the number of people who listen to you

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who accept you rely upon Allah, He will aid you and be reassured that in the garden will be you are upon the clear truth.

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