Embryology in the Quran – Part 1

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of students in the field of tetology who followed the Quran surah hell chapter 16 and wrote a book called The Development of the Human Work. The book uses a combination of historical and modern sources, including the ones written by Professor Keith Moore, and the ones written by the first-time medical school students. The students also mention a new edition of their book, The Upward Speaker, which uses historical and modern sources.
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In the field of embryology, there were a group of students who collected all the data that they could find in the Quran,

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as well as the Hadith, dealing with embryology, and they followed the verse of the Quran surah hell chapter 16 was 43. And for ambia, chapter number 21 was number seven received first aloha decree in quantum law, Ptolemy, if you don't know if you are in doubt, ask the person who's knowledgeable. So these are students, the collected the verse of the Quran and the Hadith, delimit embryology and translated into English and present it to Professor Keith mood number 30 years back in the late 70s.

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And Professor Keith Moore, at that time, was one of the highest authorities in the field of embryology. And he was the head of the department of anatomy in the University of Toronto in Canada. When he went through all the translations of the Quran and Hadith, he said that most of the verses of the Quran, we speak about embryology are in perfect conformity with latest advances of embryology. But there are a couple of verses which I cannot say that they are right.

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Neither can I say they are wrong, because I myself don't know about it.

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And two such verses, were the first verse of the Quran to be revealed offshore ekra or sorry, Chapter 96 was the one and two which says a cross with Mira baccala z Kala helical in Santa May Allah read, recite, proclaim in the name of the Lord was created, who has created the human beings from something which clings a leech like substance. The professor Keith Moore said, I don't know whether the human beings the embryo. embryology means it's the study of the development of the human being the early stages of human being in the womb of the mother. For those who don't know.

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He said that I do not know whether initial stages of the embryo

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that's the initial stages of human being.

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It looks like a leech or not. So he went in his laboratory, and under a very powerful microscope, observed the early stages of the embryo and compare it with the photograph of a leech, and he was astonished at the striking resemblance.

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And later, when 80 questions were asked to him regarding Ambrosia in the Quran and the Hadith, he said that if you're asked me these questions 30 years ago, that me from today more than 60 years back, I would not be able to answer more than 50%. Because embryology is a new branch of medicine which has developed recently.

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And whatever additional information you got included in the new edition of his book, The level of being human. The developing human is one of the books referred by most of the students throughout the world, in the first year of MBBS, first year of medical college, and even I,

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you know, in the first year of the Medical College,

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in Bombay, if you had to get just past marks, we used to refer to the book written by interfacing. If you wanted to score in embryology, we had to refer to the developing human by Professor Keith Moore, for the Keith Moore. He incorporated this new information he got

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from the Quran, and the deep into the third edition of his book, The role of a human which got the award for the best medical book written by a single author. And later on, this book was translated into several languages of the world.

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And Professor Keith Moore said

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this information in the Quran cannot come from human source. The author of this Quran has to be Almighty God and he said that he has no objection in agreeing that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was the messenger of discord.

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Imagine prophet Keith Moore being a Christian said that