Omar Suleiman – The Firsts #13 – Sumayyah (RA) – The First Martyr

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The host of a radio show discusses the first segment of a series about the first female Prophet sall Driveal, including the story of a woman killed by the owner of the oma and the importance of being a woman of one's own age. The segment also touches on the history of the Prophet sallua and its impact on persecution of Muslims, including his actions leading to the deaths of people in their neighborhood and the pressure on men to wear male clothing and shoes. The segment also discusses the aftermath of the murder of two Islam leaders and their struggles in Mecca, as well as the aftermath of the accused's actions and their potential profit from it.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone spindown hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was a happy woman wider. Welcome back to the first panel I was looking forward to getting this restarted after the pandemic had gone away. And this will be the first time I'm going through this series without a live audience here in the masjid, where I could connect with the people that are here that are obviously moved by the connection that we have to the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and these noble people that give us such inspiration and guidance as to how we should live our lives. We'll call that a llama chef. And we're here. We have

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to do this virtually. But I pray that Allah subhanaw taala would benefit in it. And I pray that Allah, I lift this pandemic from us as soon as possible so that we can resume as normal in the masjid the way that we used to be. Hey, Tyler. And as I was preparing the series about the first, this was a person who, whose name I had circled from the very beginning. In fact, I remember a few years ago, I talked about her at a at a conference, I think it was the pearls conference in DC. And I said that if there could be a hashtag about her, like the story of so many, it'll be a lot of wine, how like, remember so many because of how incredible she is, and what she represents. And we

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talk about sumiya Dental hujjat. And a few ways I want to actually preface this because there isn't much to her story that we know of before her actual death. And so we really learned about her when she's martyred. For the most part, her biographies are not long. And she didn't live the way that many that were like her would live to see the glory days of Islam. So to just start off, let's let's set the premise. So Mayo, the Allahu taala. Anna is the first martyr of Islam not the first female martyr of Islam, the first martyr of Islam, the first shahida, of Islam period. And what that speaks to is that you can imagine on the Day of Judgment, when we're looking at the Murata. When we're

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looking at the degrees at the groups of people that are being raised in the lost parents, it raises amongst the Shahada amongst us that the horn amongst the martyrs and the truthful Lama, I mean, and Let's lie behind the righteous Lama. I mean, when the NBA outcome, the profits come and you have the subdeacon, the people of truth and you have the Shahada, the martyrs, the first Shaheed to rise from this oma, the first one to be brought forth, is this blessing woman, so maybe it'll be a lot of time on her. And her story encapsulates something that that really speaks to this idea of being willing to stand alone on the truth. And you, you know, when we talked about as a diviner amateur in the

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face of the unknown what he went through, we talked about this idea of trendsetters and strangers and foreigners, she really fits all of these things. And just as Khadija or the Allahu Tanana is likened to Nottingham, it has set up and of course, the best woman of her times was Madame and then the best woman of her times was Khadija, Khadija and Miriam have similarities right in their stories and their in their devotion. This woman is really the CEO of our own right she is the CEO of our oma her circumstances, at least in the way that she's killed resemble what happened to us. It has set the alarm on her when she was killed by the phone and this is a woman that is murdered by the owner

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of this oma Abuja. So she Her story is is powerful, and it gives us a lot and I want to paint a picture inshallah tada of her life before Islam, her life before it's not. She was an Abyssinian woman. So modern day Ethiopia, she's from Habesha, originally, she was born about 20 years before the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So that would put her well into her 60s at the time where she would be killed, okay, at the time when she embraced Islam and where she would be be killed. So she senior even to for the job of the alota. Right as far as age because Khadija law the law of Thailand, was was maximum 15 years older than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. This woman is 20 years older to the

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to the Prophet slice. I'm Senior to the Prophet slice lm. Her husband, yes. On the law of Thailand who was even older. In fact, he was described that he had aged to a point he had no eyebrows. And they are in this situation that puts them at an inherent disadvantage as far as societal hierarchy and power goes in Mecca. So she was the sleeve girl above her they thought ebenen Molina above her they feminine mahira is the brother of alwaleed in a movie era, the famous unreadable emilija who's addressed for his arrogance in the Koran who is

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Rest for for his his boastfulness, his wealth and how he thought that his power would avail him. None other than the father of highly Dubner read all the A lot of times what he did mohito was also the chief of mental zoom, which we'll get to the dynamics of that in Charlottetown in a minute. So, she is the slave girl of the brother of unbelievable melvita Abu hanifa in animal Lita, and her master of a feminine Lolita gave her and marriage to Yes, now what is your sort of story all the A lot of times I know Yes, it was a man from Yemen and he came from Yemen to Mecca for a very particular reason. He lost his brother or he had a brother that went out to Mecca and was lost at

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some point so he actually came to Mecca to look for his last brother and in the process of looking for his last brother he decided to settle in Makkah and he sought protection under a border they found so they found him developed a relationship yes of stays in Mecca under his protection and above her they for Mary's to yes it was now under his protection his slave girl so may have been to the art or the law of Thailand and so maybe it'll be a long time and her would live with yes of course both as servants to obey her the FDA and really you know servants to the entire tribe, right their lives are going to be like those of servants and she gives birth to a mob all the long time

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and and a model was born actually you know some of the some of the the some of the books have a model the law on who even older than the profit slice I'm slightly older than the profit slice them but he's born around the same time as the profit slice um, there isn't a definitive year. So our model the a lot of time on who comes into the picture, the same age as the Prophet sly, some approximately, and you have these years go by where you have, you know, the this family that essentially lives in the service of one of the most powerful tribes in Mecca. They are serving the brother of the chief of one of the most powerful tribes of Mecca, the chief of zoom, which was the

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same tribe as Abuja Hall as well. Okay, so it was inshallah time to start to come together as to what is happening. And of course, this was a tribe that was heavily resistant to Islam, right, because they saw that by ceding ground to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam they would cede ground to bento Hashem, and they were a rival tribe to bento, Hashem and this was a society where you're trying meant everything. And so a Buddha would say, you know, we can compete with them and everything. We can compete with them in hospitality, we can compete with them and lineage, we can compete with them in, in wealth, we can compete with them in poetry, we can compete with these

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people with everything, but we can't compete with them if we acknowledge that they have a prophet amongst them. And so you have this this severe resistance that comes particularly from this tribe, and the nobles of this tribe. And Abuja, of course, is one of the people leading the charge against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he is who the Prophet sighs I'm called the fair owner of this oma, the Pharaoh of this oma, because Abuja was not just someone who tried to deter people from embracing Islam, Abu gehele was someone that always brought forth the most despicable of suggestions as to how to persecute and how to harm the Prophet sly summon his followers and he was the one that

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always push the limit and then open the door to the next level of persecution. And so you see, a Buddha Hall is the one that will be the first to take the life of someone for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, meaning that person's life has taken for the sake of Allah, for Buddhahood for the sake of his his, his pride, and he's the first one he's the one that leads the charge to boycott the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and his tribes and to put them in a detrimental situation, to really crush the prophet SAW Selim, emotionally mentally physically, by letting the prophets lie, some see the torture of his his people, both in regards to his followers and what would happen to them, as

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well as in regards to his own tribesmen, who some of whom were not Muslims from bentyl Hashem benomyl Paulo but the Prophet slicin would see their their starvation, he would see their poverty, he would see the adverse effects of the boycott and the profit slice and would be broken down to, to eventually, you know, Abuja has thought resigned to what Abuja was trying to do, which was to level the playing field so that his tribe could still be able to compete. And a Buddha Hall would not be rendered Second, you know, in any type of second place, nor would his tribe be in second place because of the advent of Islam. And so what happens

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with Islam, how does this all come into play? How do we start to learn about so mailable the Allahu taala and her and what her family would go through for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala above her, they feminine Lita died either right before Islam or in the very beginning. He doesn't really play a role in the persecution, it seems like he doesn't really end up living long enough to play a role in the persecution. And when they found him, the leader passes away the family of Yes, it is really at the mercy of the entire tribe. Okay, they're considered at that point. Yes, a sumiya. And Ahmad himself as a grown man, right? He is at the age of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, as

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So, they are really considered at the mercy of this tribe, they are their servants they are, they are, you know, not people who have a voice, or have any type of say, in regards to themselves are in the religion or any type of aspirations in life, right? They are to basically serve that tribe, the tribe treats them well. And they treat the tribe well. So they're in this very strange status. Now, a Buddha, of course, wants to crush dissent. And so we'll just have someone who will, who will persecute people publicly who will beat people publicly, especially those that were enslaved. And so it's not just with some a little the Allahu anhu, vinyasa, or the law of town I know but you also

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see for example, of jihad beating a young slave girl by the name of howdy thanks for accepting Islam until she lost her sight until she literally became blind because of the severity of his beating. So he's known to beat people to persecute people. For their becoming Muslims. Again, who was the first person to attack the prophets I seldom write. It was a Buddha that would that would leave the way or lead the way for Hamza or the Allahu anhu to accept the sound which we'll talk about. He's always the person that takes it to the next level in terms of his persecution. And so I will Jehan and by the way, Abuja is also a man of huge stature, the size of the hilltop with a lot of time. All right,

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so maybe it'll be allowed. Tatiana is an old, frail woman, who has no status in society, an old frail black woman who is enslaved, who is from Abyssinia who is not an Arab, who does not have anyone to defend her anyone to advocate for her. Just think of the scene of this huge, powerful man and this old frail woman. And as far as dounia distinctions are concerned, worldly distinctions are concerned Abou gehele has everything to his favor to oppress. And so May Allah The Allahu anhu has everything that would cause her to be amongst the oppressed, right? She's an old frail woman that has lived her life in slavery that never saw any type of protection that never saw any type of honor

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in this world and Abuja is willing to do all sorts of of dishonorable things in order to maintain his stature and the stature of his tribe. So

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at what point do they become Muslim? Which I had Rahim Allah Tada. He says, a woman about Islam be McKay said that the first to make their Islam known in Mecca were seven. He says the prophets lie Selim, I will back it or the Allahu anhu below or the Allahu taala and who hubub are the Allahu anhu. So hey, or the Allahu anhu? And then you have Samia and her son, Amar. Okay, so again, the prophets lie Selim Beckett, Bilal hubub. So hey, Samia and her son, Amar, Yasser would become Muslim after Amar and his mother, Samia, may Allah be pleased with them all. So he says that of the seven, the prophets, I send them an herbal bucket or the low tide I'm home, they were protected by their

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home, they were protected by their people. Now that doesn't mean that they were not tortured, right? The Prophet slicin was not tortured, at least, at that point of Welbeck kettle de la tada and who was privately as when we spoke about the law and who privately tortured by his people, but not in the public space, and not to the degree that the others would be tortured As for the other five, right? These are the types of people who are ripe for torture, who's going to defend them, who's going to come to their aid.

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They're, you know, they're not a people who have the protections of a tribe in Mecca. And some which I had a lot of time in my life is that these five were forced to wear male coats, you know, male coats, the, you know, the metal armor in public under the hot sun, and they were beaten under these metal coats under the hot sun and dehydrated and so they were beaten under the hot sun tortured, and we know that

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The famous story about Bilodeau the law of Thailand who we know about the torture of hubbub of the law of time. All of them were tortured in the public space to make an example out of them. And the idea was, we'll start with the severe torture of these people. And then they'll start to move on to torture those in regards to their ranks. Right? The point is, is that this is to intimidate people to leave Islam. And somehow a lot, what happens is that all of these people stayed upon Islam, and all of them became amongst the nobles, within Islam. So none of them were actually deterred, despite the type of torture that they would go through. So a Buddha when he says, you know, he threatens his

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slaves and and

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this was a woman that had come forth, and she said to the Prophet slicin, I'm a shadow and Mecca rasulillah, what Shadow Work that can help. And this is beautiful, that that's what's narrated that she said to the Prophet slice on when she embraced Islam, that I bear witness that you are the Messenger of Allah, and that your promise is true, because it's the true promise that would keep so mail the Allahu taala and her going, as she goes through all of these different trials and hardships. And as I go forward, I want to also remind you that the others in this equation, all the others in this equation, live to see the glory days of Islam, including our model, the law of time,

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I know her son, so so May Allah the law, and has the only one out of the seven, who would die as a result of the torture and who would not live to see any of the glory days of Islam see the point where this turns, and she was particularly annoying to Abuja Hall, because she was an old, frail woman from Abyssinia, a slave, someone who never had any status in society. But she seemed to be the most determined. And if you think about the scene of Bilodeau the allot of time, and the torture that he's going through below the allotted time, and who is winning the battle, right? Despite the physical humiliation of battle, the law No, the fact that he's still saying I hadn't had his

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humiliation one one is humiliation to his master. And here in this situation, the fact that so many, it'll be a lot of time, and he seemed to not be, you know, deterred by any type of torture, really annoyed with gehele, who physically was just overwhelming to a person likes omega, all the time. So you see that she was the one in particular, which I had experimented with torture on her sub panel, I mean, just think about that he experimented with torture on this old frail woman, because no one was going to come to her aid, no one would be able to come to her aid. So you find all types of torture with water types of torture, with the with the desert with the male coats, with the, you

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know, with the dehydration with the lashing and the whipping, you know, a Buddha would would bury her to an extent into the ground, he would be kicked, she would be harmed in all types of ways. And the point was to break her spirits. And, you know, the intention of Abuja didn't seem to be to kill anybody, it was that he would break their spirit, they would renounce their Islam in the public space, and that would send a signal to everyone else. And every time I would, john would torture her. And she would respond with Vicodin and respond with the remembrance of a loss of hundreds on strength. He would say to her, I swear that you will curse Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam or you will

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die a horrible death, right so that he wanted to get them to actually curse the profit slice of them. It was not just that they renounce their assignments that they publicly curse the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and some of the Aloha and highroad respond books and look at what the early heretic you know, instead, she would return the curse to him and to his gods. Right, maintaining instead the honor of the prophets lie, some are the name of the Prophet slice, I'm an honor, as well as the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Her Lord in honor, right, no way, I'm not going to curse them. I will not say anything that's displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala or assign a dishonorable

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talk towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Instead, she responds, not with silence, right? Because he's beating her and torturing her and saying, curse Mohammed, civilize them, but instead, she curses him and curses his guts, and Abuja *, you know, as I said, Samia little de la Han has like this The Asya of this oma Abuja is the crown of the soma and you know, you think about the the

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how repulsive his behavior is, and the way Eliza describes for their own use up be hoonah Can we ask the human any cycle? Right What what what for their own does to your sons and does to your women, and here you have Abuja,

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humiliating this woman in public murdering, of course, as we've seen later on her husband and humiliating her in public

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The way that he was having absolutely no regard for her honor and the profit slice um could not do anything to support her in this regard nor to support her husband. Yes it norcia support Ahmad May Allah Subhana tie be pleased with this family alumna. I mean, instead the prophets I saw them could only walk past them. And they were being tortured very publicly. And the prophets lie some could say sub Rania Ali Asad Morita common agenda. Be patient or family of Yasser your mo or do you have an appointment you have a place in Jenna, you have a place in Paradise, and the prophet SAW Selim would say a llama fairly anti acid, Oh ALLAH forgive the family of acid prophets lie Selim, you know, is

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seeing these people subjected to the worst type of cruelty and he can't do anything about it. They cannot you know, some someone might say, Well, why didn't I look back at all the law and who purchased them the way he purchased? Bilaal and about purchase the freedom of Bilaal and hubbub. There was no such contract that that could be entertained because of the status, the limbo that they were in, right? They're not. They're not technically slaves, and they are also not independent, are free. So they're in this strange, vulnerable situation as a family. And Uncle Joe does not want to see them freeze. Well, john wants to prove a point. Right, he is he's dirtiest and that he wants to

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torture them, to where he can prove this point. And so they have to walk by and just see the torture over and over and over again. And the prophets like Selim says, Be patient and family have massive, more ethical agenda, your places in paradise. And it's telling that the prophets lie Selim did not make them patient with anything but gentlemen, right, but paradise, but the promise of a loss in Panama town, he did not say to them, that, you know, a law is going to do away with your oppressor. He didn't say to them, that something's going to change in regards to the worldly circumstances, just that your places in general, right, because the way that this was going to end was either death

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or renouncing Islam. And they weren't going to do that. Right. So this is this is a difficult thing for the Prophet slicin them to bear as he walks past them every day and he sees them in this torture for so long.

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And it's important to also think about when the Prophet slicin um says more either common agenda that your promises genda your places and agenda. You have you have you have a meeting with a loss of hundreds how to engender that what comes after this torture is eternal bliss. That this is what the prophets why some told the unsought when they came to Medina when they came from Edina right and they take on the profit slice on what are you promising us? What are you going to give us in return for taking you in and putting ourselves in such a vulnerable place in the profits licenses agenda, he doesn't say to them, that I'm going to promise you that one day, your city yesterday after it

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becomes Medina will be like this, and the last printout will honor you in such and such way. The promise is Jenna, the promise is paradise. And that should be enough. That should be enough. And that's what the prophets lifetime is giving to Samia, or the Allahu, Tatiana, and the acid and Amar that your place is in general, your promise is paradise. And it has the profit slice Emma's walking by them and seeing them in this way. I want you to imagine some of the lower unhemmed that had torture experimented on her dipped in all sorts of ways into different types of water, in containers into the sand, tortured, humiliated, abused, and she is the first Shaheed the first martyr of this

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oma and the profit slice on him said that on the Day of Judgment, the person who had the worst type of either the worst type of punishment in this world I said the nasty Bella and I wish I had the nasty i'd love and for dunya would be dipped in paradise one time you'll muscle for name pumps will just be dipped one time in Paradise, and it would be set to that person. Have you ever seen a difficult day? Have you ever seen any type of sadness Hello at books and but ever any type of misery or sadness and that person would say never. I've never seen sadness in my life. I've never seen misery in my life. panela in my existence, I've never seen anything sad. I've never seen any

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hardship because of one dip in paradise. Imagine the first woman the first martyr, right? This woman so maybe it'll be a lot of time. I know we're not just talking about a dip in gender. But the way that Allah subhana wa tada comforts this woman. And the fact that you know, this was not a woman that saw good days before some

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right in the sense like this was not a woman that lived a life of ease before Islam. Nor did she lived to see the glory days of Islam. Her life was a difficult life until she embraced Islam, and it only became even more difficult in Israel.

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Right. So when you talk about Khadija, the Allahu taala, and our mother who lived the good life, right, and then went through all sorts of harm suffered, you know, the difficulties that she suffered for these are the allowed, of course, is higher than somebody who held the lohana in that, you know, her status is, is that a different level but, you know, she had her good days before Islam so May Allah tada and had did not have good days before Islam and that she never experienced any goodness of this world. She did not experience the wealth of this world, she experienced hardship her entire existence yet she's the first of this oma to transition into the realm of paradise.

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Right, the first person to see the promise of Allah subhanho wa Taala that the prophets lie Selim was giving a paradise was this woman, so may it'll be a long time, right as she transitions from this life into the next and she proceeds everyone to paradise from this oma of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam being the first one to lose her life, in that process. And so, you know, this is what the prophets I send them is saying to them, sublinear is more either common agenda. And as they're being tortured, one of the ways that this torture is taking place is that they're all seeing one another tortured, okay? So, imagine the pain of yes of seeing his wife tortured this way.

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Imagine the pain of sumiya seeing her husband tortured this way. Imagine the pain of both of them seeing their son, a mob, tortured this way. And then I'm out of town and home. A Jemaine witnessing his parents being tortured this way. And that type of torture is not just physical

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but with some a little the alone time hmm the more that Abuja increased the torture the more she seemed to be increased and her and her perseverance and so as job it'll the law on her on who he says that they were, they were killing her you have to do and uh huh, what's up by Islam and she was refusing anything but Islam. Anything Abuja threw at her she threw it back at him. Right? Her words always had such a power to them. Despite her frail illness despite her age, despite her status, it seemed like every type of torture increased her in conviction.

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Now, there's the pain of the Prophet slice, I'm seeing his followers being tortured, not being able to do anything. And under this type of torture,

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you know,

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a model of the law tada and who would would himself right he, for a moment as he's being told to curse the prophets. I saw them for a moment he buckled under that weakness to save his life. And the prophets. I seldom, of course, told him that he would be forgiven, which we'll talk about right but so many people do a lot of times. there's a there's a poem in Kitab and a CW Maslin says Tamiya, to LA to Valley Hina. telco, either the nuclear Yeoman Otellini, whatever, until either now or do fashion theory theory that asahina you know, so maybe it'll be a lot of time and refuses to say anything. That would displease Allah subhana wa Tada. And the more that these people, these enemies

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of Allah tortured her, the more that you would see the fragrance, the more that you would see the sweetness of a loss pattern, what's her belief in the last hundreds of coming through? And she refuses to say what they tell her to say, and and dwells in the in the ranks of the writers. So where do we get to the breaking point with somebody, it'll be a long time.

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I will jahad goes even lower than he has already gone, gone. And, you know, Abuja as he as he descends, in his speech, as he descends, and the way that he tortures these people,

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and he comes down to this level, he's torturing. So maybe it'll be a lot of data on her while she's tied to the trunk of a tree and being beaten. And yes, it is in front of her. Her husband is in front of her being tortured as well. And it seemed like yes, it was at the breaking point, and he was about to die. Okay, so as they're being tortured at this point, now, after an extended period of time, yes, it will be a lot of time and who looks like he's about to die. So maybe it'll be a long time and has barely holding on to her life. Now Buddha had descends he keep he goes to the extent of saying to her, your husband is going to die first. But that's probably what you want, because you

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want to marry Mohammed sallallahu wasallam right. So he throws an insult at her that will you love the prophets. I said, I'm so much so you're probably waiting for us to die, so that you could marry the Prophet Mohammed Salah lohani. He was set up when he said that she spits at him. Okay, so she spits at him and she says to him, Zack ally, I do.

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Allah, may you be humiliated by Allah, enemy of Allah a un fair he said she calls him a foul person what a vulgar and foul person you are and she says will lie in nikka la Amina Jordan, you are smaller to me I swear by Allah you are smaller to me than a Beatle that I would step on and the groundswell of this old frail woman being torture and she says that top which I had this huge oppressor this tyrant, you are smaller and my site than a than a Beatle that would be on the ground. May Allah humiliate you. When she says that back to him, that's when Abuja Hall

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opens the door to the next phase of the persecution of the prophets lie Selim his companions, he takes a spear, and he, and he places it directly through the midsection of Somalia with the lowdown on her. And so this was the first murder of Islam, the first martyrdom of Islam. And yes, it watches, right he wouldn't live long after that he would die very shortly. Yes, that watches this man, this this, this Pharaoh this fit, I don't take that spear and put it directly through the midsection of somebody else, the longtown and her shout out, you know her that murder really sent a different type of message through Mecca through the streets of Mecca that things had gone to another

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level now. And as he killed her in that way, or the Allahu Tana and Hmm.

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You know, I want you to just again to think about what the profit slice I mentioned about the martyr in particular, that they see their place in genda with the first strike. This was a woman that never saw bliss in this world. But with the first strike, from Abuja, she sees her place and agenda, she sees that promise of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and her soul, a sense, after the hardships of this world, to be amongst the first to be the first martyr of this, of this oma, the first Shaheed of this oma while the low tide and her last hands out, have mercy on her, and have mercy on her husband. Yes, if the second martyr of Islam or the law of Thailand who passed away shortly after,

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after seeing what he saw, of his wife, and as she was, she was tortured in such a way, a model, the amount of time and the pain of what he had seen

00:32:29 --> 00:33:09

in his parents, the way that they were killed, and also our model, the amount of time on hold, knowing that he was spared because he said in that moment, what a Buddha had commanded him to see. And I modeled the latter and was embarrassed to be around the Prophet size and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, after seeing our model the law and hiding himself from him and lowering his face from him the prophets. I said to him, what is it a model, a model the law in hotels, the prophets, I seldom that I curse to, that in the process of that of that torture, I cursed you. And the prophets lie. Selim said to him, not only that he would be forgiven, he said, and I do third, he

00:33:09 --> 00:33:54

said, if they do it to you again, then do it again. It's okay. Because it was from your tongue, not from your heart. This was something that you said in a moment of torture, to save your life. So if it's from your tongue, and not from your heart, and I do for it, and this is what some of the elements, say, 11 akiha, coloboma. emanuela talks about a person who's forced but their hearts are cemented contented with faith filled with a man Trank you know, tranquil, and and full of certainty and the loss of Hannah Montana. So this is regarding model the alongside I know who in those moments said, what he said, all the time. And I want you to imagine, you know, a mom, having to watch a

00:33:54 --> 00:34:41

vaginal walk around Mecca without consequences for years after murdering his parents. Right and putting him through that. How difficult is it for you to walk through the streets of Mecca? For you know, in the murder of somebody, it'll be a lot more enhanced around the fifth year after why so we're talking about another you know, seven, eight years walk watching the murderer of your parents walk free and proudly in the streets of Mecca, and not being able to do anything about it. And that's where bed that comes in. Right years later, the days of better comm and the prophets lie some knows. Right? The pain that these people have faced from those that are coming from Mecca now to

00:34:41 --> 00:35:00

further humiliate them. And that's why a lot of the a lot of town hall murders are below I don't want to say murders below the low and who kills in the process of beddit. Right, the one who tortured him who put him through all of that. Those difficulties when he sees omega he can't hold them.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

Right below the low end, who all the years of that torture all the years of that pain he sees him and he and Allah subhanho wa Taala gives him that revenge in this world of widow who had harmed so many people to get out of this home as we mentioned what he did to have the love and Masood, or the law of China and and, you know, and the torture of our beloved Miss Ruth and Abdullah and Mr. Trudeau, the lowdown on hold triumphing over Abu jihad in the in the Battle of bedeutet, killing him in the Battle of bed, and the prophets lie Selim. I mean, just the way that this happens.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:45

The way that the prophet SAW some understood what these people had been through, he goes to our model the a lot of time, on the day of bed, and he says, Patel Allah,

00:35:46 --> 00:36:31

Allah has killed the killer of your mother, knowing that our model the law of time who was living with the pain of watching his his mother, murdered for all of you know, for all of those years watching his father murdered, and the murderer walk free, the pain of that right and the prophets lie, some says, Allah has killed not even Masood, not the two young men that that that struck up would you know, Allah has killed the killer of your mother, and the one who who was the Pharaoh of the mother of this oma puja humiliated by the same people that he used to humiliate in the Battle of bed and our model the longtime man who would be reunited with his mother 50 years later, as he

00:36:31 --> 00:37:12

himself is martyred. All the A lot of times the prophets lie Selim also you know, some of the some of the scholars mentioned you know, the the righteousness of our model the a lot of time like this is something that he could have lived with from place of guilt for his entire life but the Prophet slicin I mentioned that the army of truth is the one that has a model the law of time amongst them right so the army in which a model the law of time I know is in the side that he's on is the right side right and our model the a lot of time who would be killed in the fitness later on, or the allot of time, on whom one only one a be lost, have mercy on all of them and so so maybe it'll be a lot of

00:37:12 --> 00:37:12


00:37:14 --> 00:37:53

Being the first martyr of Islam is significant and there are many lessons that we can learn. And she is unique in that she did not live like below the line hood to see whether or hubbub over the allotted time I know to see later on. She didn't live to see what these people saw of the glory of Islam in this life, but she did live without tax a vanilla dinner party Rufus Abdullah Ahmad Bella and Robbie him. It was a con don't say about those that have been killed in the way of a lot of their dead. Rather they are alive dwelling with their Lord she did live to see the glory of a last penthouse promised in paradise May Allah subhana wa tada be pleased with her and have mercy on her.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:32

And of course, you know the significance of the first martyr in Islam being an old frail woman from Abyssinia. That was that was dealt with in this way which shows that the honor of Allah subhana wa tada does not know the distinctions of this world. It does not know the distinctions of this world and so she is honored in every way by what Eliza has given to her. Allah subhanaw taala Have mercy on her be pleased with her. Be pleased with us and mark my last panel Atlanta gather us with them with the prophets with the Shahada with the horn with the smiley Hoon, and the highest level of generosity for the dos allama. I mean, there's a lot of hate on inshallah, to Allah we will continue

00:38:33 --> 00:38:36

next week as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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