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AI: Summary © The importance of showing faith in Islam is highlighted, including a man from the mountains claims to have perfected a man who has been hanging out with his brothers. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing faith and not compromising, while also acknowledging the negative impact of Subhanab's treatment of black people in their community. Speakers emphasize the importance of respecting oneself and one's mother while pursuing art, and discuss the impact of Subhanab's treatment of black people in their community. They also suggest empowering women to pursue their passions.
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Don't judge a book by its cover. Because right away MMA fighter hitting face haram, the guy is no good. You know, you just cross them out, right? The Muslims have become very weak. The Muslims don't respect themselves, the Muslims don't honor themselves. So here came a man from the mountains of Dugu Stan, you know, and a very simple man who came and revived many of these principles in the life of the Muslims, and any taught you know, that's one of the great things he taught the Muslims, that you can excel in something because Islam wants us to Excel. This is one of the teaching of Islam. And Allah you hate boo, either. I mean, I had to come Amazon on YouTube, you know, so the Hadith,

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the promises, that oh loves when you do something that you perfect, if you see he perfected what he does, and he perfected it, but it didn't change him also wanted one of the teachings of Islam, also one of the ways of, of the setup of the pious predecessors, the early any, you know, members of the Ummah, from the Sahaba and early generation of the Muslims, the honor, and not being shy, not compromising it. We talked about this before as well about the Muslims who are too shy to practice their faith, the ones who will always always want to compromise and, and do things that are haram in order to please other people. And he looked out for this, the clip that went, you know, went around

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recently about him not shaking hands, we've seen it several times, but he doesn't shake hands, and not compromise. And this is what our religion teaches. We don't shake hands with the opposite gender, in that not compromising. I remember and the husband mentioned some things. You know, we always made it clear that his faith came first UFC 200 Which at that time was the biggest ever, you know, it was the biggest event. It was Ramadan. He was like no, I'm not taking part in it. He was very clear, wasn't willing to compromise even though he needed that stepping stone in his career during that time. That's one of the biggest stepping stones for him would have been USD 200. But he

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refused to take part because it was in Ramadan reporter said and he had sent him a summary command whiskey, like in the same sentence. And he stopped them and he said don't don't say those two together. Said I'm gonna go and listen almost even though

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what do we say that something in the report, it didn't mean anything negative by it, right? But he said just don't mix those two words together. And he was always interested in it. He's not shy to explain how we believe in always attaching to Allah subhanaw taala. And Rosanna says it's a lie No, and is saying hamdulillah and how many people around the world now from the non Muslims, they know the word hamdulillah and they know the meaning of it. And how you spread that word through any throughout the world. He's done that as well. And showing us as Muslims how we should be built to be proud of religion, and to stand up any for our religion. You know, you see him with his worship is

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constantly making dua to Allah subhanaw taala you see him when he's in the dojo praying is training it and stop him from from getting up to pray. You see, when he's he's chilling out hanging out with his friends. You see what his little is? The thought that they were in the house a lot of the times in the Arab countries he has still been hanging out with with with with his brothers, and he's praying, he leaves them last time in the prayer Mashallah. So and so you see, this is what you need this how the Muslim needs to be, I talk to you guys about this before, when you respect yourself and you respect really increases the respect for the people in their hearts for you. Even if they don't

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like what you're doing. Even if they disagree. Even if somebody if they hate what you're doing, you'll you'll still find that they have a form of respect for you. Subhanallah Eileen, I think a lot had to do with fear of his father. Again, he has he mentioned in the interview, may Allah have mercy upon his father, but I need SubhanAllah. So that he respect and that's also one of the lessons Magister great lesson for our youth today. When it comes to, you know, respecting your mother and your father. We know the status that Islam gives to them. But,

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you know, where are we when it comes to the artists, all of us, especially the youth nowadays, you know, once you grew up in the West, especially even farther away because the society is so anti family, you know, it's just doesn't have family values anymore. But you see how it can be just as Father, how emotionally was the impact he had on his life, the respect he had from the theory I had for him when he made that when he jumped over that cage. He said the thing is about going back home now it's it's not the UFC who scares me, it's not losing $500,000 in a fight, is it going home to face his dad? This is what this was the fear that he had of his dad when he was on the top of the

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world 2019 know, his father's dream to a 30 know what his mother said this is the last one look at the respect right there. He took it to another level with his mother Subhanallah that's just an amazing lesson. I mean, you can we can go on and on about the things that you can benefit and that's why I said from the beginning of the whole bus look, issue hitting in the face between him and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you know, some of the some of the brothers who, who I'm friends with on Facebook, who are you know, professional fighters and this you know, that's

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between them and Allah No, but they're my brothers and I like the brothers who have that that, you know, that is the out of the proud to be Muslims. You know, the they make it clear that yes, I'm a fighter but I'm a Muslim and hamdulillah they think that's beautiful. They will we should support them for that aspect and that supporting if there are some haram like I said between no loss of health and I'm not going to come because I like MMA because I like you know this guy Oh, it's not that hard on brother. Mashallah, you know, no, that's not that's not my approach. So what you're doing is not correct. But the other aspects you're doing I'm dilemma, I have to applaud you for

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that. And you're, you're my brother, I'm gonna stand by you. And it because of that at home, the relaxed plaudit man, and how many people would reach that level, they will go straight. We sit back now on our couches, and we talk Oh, man, if you were to reach that level of success, and you had that much money and that much fitna, in front of you, you think you will be devoted?

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You might say now, but the reality though if you had all those women who say man, no, no, I would I wouldn't be involved with something like that. You have the women throwing themselves at you, man. You can have all the women you want with that success and that money in their fame.

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But yet someone stays devoted to his wife and fears Allah subhana wa Tada. Is that not to be applauded and humbling.