Abu Bakr Zoud – The 3 biggest universal changes that will happen at the start of Ramadan

Abu Bakr Zoud
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FY two,

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G then within this month, the doors of the paradise are going to open Allahu Akbar. Yanni the barrier, every barrier between us and Allah azza wa jal will be open. Literally the doors of the Paradise would be open. Well, Rahim Allah he says that the meaning of this hadith could also mean that the opportunity of good will open with the opportunity of hustle an art and an increase in hustle that would open he to a Bible gene and as though Allah azza wa jal wants to accept from you, and he wants to admit you into the paradise. If he doesn't want to admit you into the Paradise, why would the door of the Paradise open? You need to read the messages of Allah correctly? And then he

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would say to them

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what coffee or Bible jam and the doors of the Hellfire would close the idea the idea is, it's closed. I don't want to punish my servants, I will close it. Make the majority make the most of the time in Ramadan. Seek Allah subhanho wa Taala his protection from the fire do the deeds that will save you from the fire in Ramadan there are 60 opportunities every day to opportunities to be freed from the fire fee to look for a Bible jam what two Hello fee shall be in an even the devils are chained the biggest effect on mankind and the biggest Yanni was worse on mankind and the biggest destruction for mankind which is a Shavon is locked up and he's literally locked up and the devil is

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or two. There are internal devils within us and that is all Korean. And there are external devils. These external devils that ruin flee really and go around from place to place. They are the ones that are literally locked up and nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said sorry silletti shell in a celestial meaning they are actually chained up. As for the external devils are locked up. What about the internal devil what happens to him and Korean and Korean my brothers and sisters in Islam and the Beast Allah Allah your son, let me says it in the shaytaan allegedly minibb near the medulla Dum, that the shaitaan he flows in one of in one's body, like how blood flows in the body.

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And I'll Korean what happens to him during Ramadan is that his effect will dramatically be reduced and his evil whispering would be reduced. He's still there that, you know, how does this make sense? Because when you're fasting, a fasting person only has a strong desire for food and drink. When you're fasting, and you're extremely hungry and thirsty, what do you think about you think about food. And thinking about food is permissible because you're thinking about something permissible. Now imagine someone that has eaten and is fully satisfied. What does he think about his desire begins to think about her thinking about evil temptations and desires and so on. So the one who is

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starved, he shows up on the inside and literally when a person is fasting, be that the veins inside and the arteries, they dilate the they come in they become small, and he's in there flowing in your body. So it's constricted upon him. And if you're hungry and you're thirsty, you're only thinking of that which is halaal. Your desire is that for which is valid, you're far away from thinking about anything hold on, and that is to say Barnes evil is spring being reduced in a month of Ramadan. For lunch so shall he removes the biggest distraction from our lives. And this is why you find the people doing good in Ramadan. Such goodness that they can ever see themselves doing before or after

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Ramadan. This is the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon the believers

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