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AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding partners with a law is discussed, with shirt meaning of great and everyone agreeing. Shifting from shirt to shirt meaning of great is emphasized, as shrocking people's actions and worships is a fundamental mistake. The speaker emphasizes the importance of recognizing one's actions and practicing them for political survival, as it is essential for one's political survival. The discussion also touches on Christian worship and the use of the Bible as a reference.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah and welcome to this episode of the beauties of Islam. beauties of islam.com is where you'll find our website, where we'll be talking about more of this subject, give you the details and explanations behind what we're saying in our short little episodes that we're giving you now. My name is Yousef Festus and for the next few minutes, I want to continue talking about the importance of understanding the way the way to Almighty a law. How do I get to God, and this is something that we've been talking about, and numerous of these episodes, and explaining that there's only some things that Allah is going to accept. In fact, they made it real clear that there's

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something who will never accept. And what he will not accept is something in Arabic called shark. What shark shark is to associate partners with the law in worship. And whoever commits this whoever worships others, alongside of a law or instead of a law, that he will never accept that. He tells us in the Quran in chapter four, Sir aneesa verse 48, he does not forgive shark, but anything less than this, he can forgive. So this is one of the things that we definitely must avoid at all costs, not setting up partners with a law, because that would not be the way to get close to him.

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And how do I understand that? Well, shark has been described in different ways by some of our scholars over the many centuries. One of the things that they tell us is that there's something called Shergill agbar. They've described it based on many of the teachings and findings in Islam from the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad peace be upon

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this sherco Akbar is meaning of great Akbar means great, great, greatest of

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this act of associating partners with the law. This is someone who is who committed this, they are putting a partner with the law in a way that can be enormous. Think about it, this is something huge. They have said that God is a man, or a man is a God. Or they have said that, you know, something like a tree is a God. They're worshiping something clearly not a law, but they are claiming that this is a worship to God. There is another type of sharp, which we find it's been described by the scholars as sherco as a smaller word, but not necessarily a smaller deed, because it's still a shark. And it's unforgivable. That's when someone is going to be worshiping something

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like they have, say, I believe in God. And my way to get to him is through this way. For instance, they said, they have a lucky amulet that they carry with them a bracelet, that gives them good luck, or a rabbit's foot that brings good luck. But you have to wonder if the rabbit's foot is such good luck. It wasn't very lucky for the rabbit was, I mean, after all, here's a rabid going around on crutches, saying, oh, gosh, that rabbit's foot wasn't any good for me. Why is it going to work for them.

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But come back to what I'm trying to convey to you is that these things called shark won't work. They're not going to be acceptable to a lot. It's come to the third type of shirt that they talk about. Check out coffee. And this is what's called a hidden type of associating partners with a law. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him spoke about it like this. He said,

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Could you see a black ant on a black rock on a black night? In other words a night with no moon, no stars, totally black? Here's now a black rock with a black hand running across it. Are you going to see it?

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I think not. And I think you understand what he's saying. This is something we all have to be very careful of. Because it could be anywhere at any time.

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And here we're going to give an example that, for instance, Somebody said, Well, I believe in God and he's the only one that I worship. And, you know, I hope that he takes care of us. We want to thank him for everything and

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knock on wood will never worship anything else. Okay, there's a big mistake by going like this and knocking on wood actually is a form of shirt.

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Why did you knock on the wood? Maybe you didn't know this, but that comes from a religion and ancient religion in the European part.

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The world and they worship that God called wooden. And they believe that he existed in the trees and the plants and all in nature.

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And that's where our the word would in English comes from this god they worshipped in the woods.

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And they used to knock on wood thinking that they were basically being in touch or making a connection with their God wouldn't

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know, if somebody did that accidentally, that might be a different story. But when people are habitually doing the same things, for instance, thank our lucky stars, you might hear somebody say that.

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Again, this doesn't work in Islam, because they have said the stars could bring them a benefit.

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I'd like to give you an example of this. It was the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that told us in a clear Hadeeth are saying, right after the morning prayer that was called the treasurer, he turned to his companions, and he talked about the rain, it had rained during the night, he said, This morning, somebody became a disbeliever. And somebody became a believer.

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As for the one who said that that rain that came during the night was because such and such as stars, or stars, constellations,

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they became a disbeliever in law by believing in those stars. But as far as the one who said that the rain was caused by a law, they became a believer. So it's very clear that when people start to talk about their lucky stars, or astrology or any of these

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so called innocent little things they like to do, it's not acceptable to Alon it's considered disbelief. Even when somebody goes to their lucky horoscope to see what kind of day they're going to have, this is a problem of serious problem for even Muslims. Maybe you said, Well, I was born in the month of July, that happens to be the Gemini. And I believe that I should look up and see what kind of day I'm going to have tomorrow.

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If you do it, you're going to have a real bad day because it means that you're not following Islam. And certainly that's not the way to a law. We've got a lot more about this, but I want to take a break, give you a chance to think about it. And then when we come back on it tell you an explicit example of what is shirk what is not talking about how to get to God, all on booties of Islam, sit right there. We'll be right back. We're back and you're watching the beauties of Islam. What we've been talking about, is something called shirk the unforgivable sin. Now, in English, you could call that blasphemy. That means that's the sin that nobody is going to escape from * if they practice

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it. Now, a lot of times people ask me, Well, wait a minute. Are you saying that people who are not Muslims are committing shark? I'm gonna tell you this whoever consciously worships other than their Creator. Then they've committed shark. And if you said, Well, wait a minute, blasphemy This is done forgivable sin? And then what good would it be then if somebody used to be a Christian or a Jew or a Hindu or a fire worshiper, they decided they want to become a Muslim, but it won't do any good because they're not gonna be forgiven anyway.

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Actually, that's a very good question.

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Can a person ever be forgiven if they committed it?

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In fact, most of all, the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, had been mushrik King, that's the one who commits shark is a moose rake, plural mushrikeen. All of the companions almost of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him formerly had been mushrikeen. So it's quite obvious that by going to Islam, this cancels that out. It removes that horrible sin takes it away. And then a person is okay with their Lord. So if you or anybody you know, has ever committed this, you can tell them, there's a way to come back to your Lord.

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First and foremost is to recognize your Lord is one he has no partners. recognize what his way or Dean, we talked about Dean and so many of our programs, what is his Dean, what is his way? What is he prescribed for you recognize that, then bear witness to that orally, say it out loud, and then begin to practice that day, and never go back to this other way. This needs repentance means a person repents of this big mistake of worshiping other than all my dear law, without any partners.

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Yeah, one of the things that I ran into on this subject

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is the discussion about the Christian who

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like to be a Muslim, or at least like to know more about Islam. And if they said, No, hold on a second, you're saying we're committing shark, simply because we're worshipping Jesus. And yet he's God. We could be Muslims too, because we believe there's only one God, we believe is Jesus. And, you know, we follow the way of Jesus,

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we as Muslims would tell you that that's a mistake, because the Quran tells us, Jesus was not God.

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He was not a third of a trinity with God, there is no Trinity according to Islam, and that Jesus was not the Son of God, not a biological son of God.

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This is clear, and that God has no sons. God has no daughters. And God is not a son, and he is not a daughter, that merely it will lead you that. Then it goes on to say, Well, I'm your COO, coo. He's not the father of anything, not the son of anything. And and this is real key. He's not even like anything else.

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Understand it like this, if you can see it, if you can hear it, if you can taste it, if you can smell it, if you can feel it. If you can even imagine it in your mind, then you cannot worship it. Because it is not all my dear law. It's not God.

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I realize that some people would take exception to that right away and say, No, no, no, my Bible says my Bible says

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there are two things to consider about this subject, first of all, and we've talked about it in some of our other programs. The Bible that you're claiming to be from Jesus is in the English language. And it's based on some translations from Latin, or corny, Greek. And these are translations from older manuscripts from other languages, Aramaic being one of the principal, and then also the Hebrew language.

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Unless you could really come up with an exact document that could be attributed back to Jesus Himself. That How would you know that it was really accurate? That's 1.9. I know that people will go on and say, Well, yes, but so leaving that aside, the other point is this.

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Anything that you find in those older manuscripts that I was talking about? That says Jesus claimed to be God, I'd be interested in it because I've studied that for a lot of years. I never found anything where he said that I never found anything where he even said worship other than God. And fact if you did find something like that, here's something to consider a statement, according to your English Bible. It said, Jesus denies this look in the chapter called Mark 1229. wherein they asked Jesus and he said, the greatest commandment is to know Oh, Israel, the Lord your God is one and you have to worship Him, all your heart, all your mind, and all your strength. That is one of

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the beauties of Islam. Check our website views of islam.com for more about this subject. Until next time, peace out monocle.

Twenty second episode in Beauties of Islam series by Yusuf Estes.
Episode Title : Unaccepted way to Allah is to associate partners with Allah in worship ‘Sherk’.

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