Do not Backbite Nor Slander

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The Glorious Quran says in Surah chapter 49 was number 11 and 12 that Jah, as you heard was in Amman, or you believe. Let not some men among you laugh at the others. You may never know that the latter may be better than the former. Let not some woman among you laugh at the other. You may never know that the latter may be better than the former.

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Do not defame one another, nor be sarcastic, or call each other with nicknames. avoid suspicion, for in many cases, suspicion is a sin.

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Do not spy on one another. Do not back bite, do not speak ill of one another behind the backs. Are you ready to eat the dead meat of your brother.

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The Quran says that, if you backbite

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if you send anyone behind the back,

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it is as though you're eating the meat of your dead data. And eating the meat of your dead better is a double sin. Eating dead meat itself is prohibited.

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Eating meat of a dead butter is double crime, even the cannibals who eat human beings, they do not eat the flesh of their brother. So if you backbite if you speak ill about somebody else behind the back. It is a double crime it is eating the meat of your dead better. And the Quran gives the answer Allah Subhana Allah says, may you read about it. No one would ever like it.

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Differentiate in Surah Hamza, Chapter 104 was number one. Why liko Lumosity lomasa bow to every kind of scandal manga and backbiting.

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All these laws of moral conduct during the Glorious Quran and Hadith, they promote universal brotherhood.