Zakir Naik – Is there contagious diseases like Covid in Islam

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and the transmission of COVID-19. They mention a study on a Prophet's statement that there is no other disease that can be conveyed without permission, and that any transmission is counterproductive. They also mention a study on a study on a person who had a infected person and the speaker explains that the study shows that the person is immune to the virus.
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I am Muhammad weidu sama and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My question is, there is no contagious disease in Islam. Is it true?

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No, it's not true. To say there is no contagious disease in Islam is not true at all. And I quoted several deed, giving us what precautions you should take when that the plague and plague is a contagious disease. The Prophet spoke about leprosy. The first contagious disease that I can think of in the history of Islam, as mentioned the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was the 59 talking about the bunnies, right? That at the time of musala, salam, the bunnies, right, they were transgressing. They were not following that among Allah. So Allah says in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 59, that these transgressors, the bunnies Ryle, Allah will send a plague on

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So the first mention in Islamic texts, the earlier that I know of any plague mentioned that I can think of is at the time of when Israel at the time of Musa al Salaam, when they were transgressing, not following Allah subhanaw taala send the plague on them as a punishment. If you read historical record by somebody,

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somebody says that in 18

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hijiri in H after injury in Palestine, in a place known as M was a plague club, and 25,000 people died because of the plague. And from the people who died, there are many sahabas Some will form the Asha machine, for example,

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Abu Zubaydah pujara, the Saba mela BP with him.

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He was one of the 10 people who were promised paradise and he was amongst one of the people who died in the plane, and 25,000 people died. Imagine at that time in the population was small. If you read the historical records of him a tequila birdie, he writes that up 200 131 hijiri. Ah 15 plagues came and he quoted the time and so play is there since ages and centuries, even an Islamic is there. So it's wrong to say that there is no contagious disease in Islam. The next question

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I am Abdul Rahman from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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A prophet peace be upon him said there is no adwa

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contagious disease. Is this not contradicting?

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With the medical science?

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Yes, there is a hadith of a beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam. It doesn't say Buhari, what number seven, had the number 5707 when the Beloved Prophet said there is no other

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contagious disease

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what you have to understand that you have to read and it say that there are no bad government that cetera and and continues that it. But if you read

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the Shara and the commentary of this Hadith, it says that you're what the prophet meant was, when there is no other word there is no contagious disease, which can be conveyed without the permission of Allah subhanaw taala it means that no one can acquire any contagious disease unless it is permitted by law. It is not just a blanket statement that there is no contagious diseases. Otherwise, as you mentioned correctly, it would be against medical science. There are and if you read the complete Hadith, that it says there is no other word, there's no contagious diseases, meaning

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there is no contagious disease. It is not conveyed unless with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala and there's no bad omen that cetera and it says that if you see a leper, run away from it,

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as though we have seen a line.

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This indicates that leprosy is a contagious disease. And the Prophet is that when you when you see a person having contagious disease, indicating there is contagious disease. So if you read the complete Hadith, you understand that the context is that you cannot get any contagious disease or any disease, unless with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala and the other additional accorded, that we have direct proportion to the contagious diseases. So that means of course, it is contagious disease, but have faith in Allah subhanaw taala that nothing will befall you, unless except with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala so according to the Hadith that are contagious disease according

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to kuranda contagious diseases, Quran says that Allah smart Allah send plagues on the bunnies rail, and so buckle up number two was number 59. So there are contagious disease, Allah and Allah says and the Prophet said, What precautions you should take, but it gives the indication that has

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faith in Allah, it will not harm you except with the permission of Allah. Hope that answers the question.

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