Moutasem al-Hameedy – Stories in the Quran – Advice of Luqman to his son

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of finding the right balance between learning and teaching is emphasized in the Surah and avoiding negative behavior. The speakers emphasize the need for proper learning and learning, rather than just teaching others, and the importance of shaking up an individual to wake up from the ruffler and becoming a good parent. The speakers stress the importance of honoring parents and avoiding sinful behavior, and emphasize the need to show one's face in public and highlighting one's weaknesses to others. The importance of praying for Islam is emphasized, as it is the only way to achieve personal success.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in Nevada he was happy he Jemaine we're gonna do Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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so in sha Allah our talk today is about

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law commands conversation with his son

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the famous conversation in salt locker man, the beautiful advice from a father to his son. There's a lot of lessons that we can take from it and some reflections and hopefully inshallah we'll be able to squeeze that in the little time that we have.

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So let's start small mana Rahim. So I'm going to read the parts

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from the surah that we will talk about, then it provides some kind of translation inshallah of the meaning of the verses and then we will try to draw some distance are we bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim.

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Well according to Lupo man meta Anish Foley

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why many ash call for in ama your score or NFC woman gets almost no more help on you than me. What you want man holy beanie hey well why aren't you gonna Jana to Shrek been

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in sheer volume on are we what was slinging Sun that'd be windy day He hammered at

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what you saw if he made any any surely he won he won either you can either he mostly did. What was John haddock yada to shriek beam and he sent me here

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Warsaw Hey Bill Huma if you don't need

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what Debbie said me lemon Anna

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so I'm

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be going on being mad.

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Mad one yeah Bucha Yeah, in

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that when we thought I had Betim minhag hub Danny

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finish off about in our office at Field

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Office Santa

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bleah TV how law in law hand up leave on Bobby.

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Yeah, I'm gonna Yeah, helping a slot machine will be my own fee when I knew it was speed

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as far back in the Kameen as the middle

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one while to slot that gallon, see whether she filled up the mouth or in law had a ball could move.

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Work also if he or she can work with me on slung with Deke in and out elsewhere de la slung to me.

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So I'm just going to read a rough translation of the meaning taken from the clear Quran.

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When Look, man said to his son, as he advised him or my son do not associate anything with God with Allah, or idolatry is a terrible wrong. We have entrusted the human being with the care of his parents. His mother carried him through hardship upon hardship, weaning him in two years. So give thanks to me, and to your parents, to me is the destination. So I want you to think that in the Think of that in the context of a father, giving advice to his son, so he's highlighting these some very important lessons and issues about life, we continue. But if they strive to have you associate with him, something of which you have no knowledge, do not obey them, but keep them but keep them

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but keep them company in this life and kindness and follow the path of him who tends to me, then to me is your return. And I will inform you of what you used to do. Oh my son, even if it were the weight of a mustard seed, in a rock, or in the heavens on earth, God will bring it to light God or Allah is kind and expert Almighty

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Son, observe the prayer, advocate righteousness forbid evil

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and be patient over what has befallen you. These are of the most honorable traits.

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And do not treat people with arrogance, no talk proudly on earth. God does not love the arrogant show offs

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and moderate your stride and lower your voice. The most repulsive of voices is the donkey's voice.

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So we want to take the advice of Lachman, as it occurs in the Surah, step by step withdrawal lessons specifically, then we will look at the hidden parts, I would say the more subtle parts of this advice, which can be found in the sequence, for example, and the connections that he makes. First People asked this question, is Lachman a prophet? Or is he a righteous man? Was he a prophet, or righteous man? How can an Arabian Amala Julen sila, how do we know?

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We don't know for sure. And this type of knowledge doesn't really benefit us.

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This is knowledge that doesn't benefit us. So this is the first lesson that we can take from this. First, the prophesy Salam used to make the DUA, Allahumma and Nia who do become in a Minda and fat, or Allah, I seek Your protection from knowledge, that yields no benefit. So there is knowledge, there's information that doesn't give you any benefit.

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It's a waste of time, it's a waste of energy, and you should not busy yourself with it.

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So people would often ask, you know, what's the tree that Adam Alayhis Salam and Hawa ate from Indiana? What type of tree was that?

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Or, you know, what type of dog was with the people of the cave? Was it male or female? The ant that spoke about today, man, Ali Salam and his troops.

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You know, was it a male or female? What's the name call? What was its name, all of that doesn't benefit us. So as a Muslim, we should always ask about the things that really benefit us. mere curiosity, you know, is not even a waste, or is not neutral in value. It's negative in value. Why? Because whatever Allah subhanaw taala gave you in terms of resources, time, mental energy, focus, ability to process to think all of that is meant to be used or put to good use. If you don't use it construct constructively, and you use it on something that doesn't yield benefit, then you have missed out on something on an on a on an equal opportunity of good. So whatever you invest in

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something that is idle, or neutral, or something evil, it's not like that you have wasted your time, or you have invested in evil, but you have also at the same time lost an opportunity to build something good. So that's why it's a double loss. So it's very important to, you know, know that if something benefits us, Allah would teach us that thing. If there is something that Allah kept hidden from us, that means the knowledge of this thing would not be beneficial, actually, it might be harmful. Yes, sometimes knowledge for some people could be harmful, some knowledge. This is why there is something called incremental approach to knowledge. This is why sometimes if you teach

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people something that is above their head, or that is not suitable for their specific intention at a given time, it could be a trial and a cause of fitna for some of them. A man came to Abdullah probably alone when he was teaching and he said,

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Can a murderer repent

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and be forgiven?

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He turned away from him. He insisted. He said, No, there's no repentance. Now he's not he's lying. But he's saying that there is no guarantee for repentance for someone who kills.

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So his students asked, asked him afterwards, they said, This man came and asked you and we know that Allah subhana, Allah forgives all sins. So why did you give him this answer? Moreover, again, more of a political answer.

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He said, Because I saw in his eyes the intention to kill, and I told him that there is Tober that there is possibility to repent, most likely, I would have just given him the push that he needs or the excuse that he needs to fall into sin.

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So again, it's important first to seek the knowledge that is beneficial and the knowledge that is suitable for you. If you teach a child knowledge that doesn't, you know, suit their age, you create confusion and fitna again, what you're sharing might be true, but it could be problematic. So this is why knowledge is not something you share randomly. There is

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His wisdom. There is wisdom.

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So look, man, again, he's teaching his son and this shows you Subhanallah the verse where it's all a local man who live in Hawaii and happened that Lachman said to his son Well who is able who? Eva more Eva. We hear this word in the Quran sometimes a lot. No, we're able. So we have two types of teaching in Islam. We have no EVA or Eva. And we have an in Doris, what is the difference? There is difference. And these are two styles in there that are very important. Both of them are important and the balance between them is important. Allah subhanaw taala describes the Quran is what more we're able, but the more we're able metalock Become what she found on the map the sudomotor ala

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Abdullah no mas route of the Allahu Anhu said an authentic hadith narration he said Colonel rasool Allah, He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her well Luna Bill monger Eva, the Prophet sallahu wa salam used to seize opportunities.

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Whenever there's an opportunity to give us more ever he would do it Maha Fatah. Sam at the eye, Lena, the prophecy will not do it all the time. He would do it when he finds the time is right. Because he doesn't want to overburden us. He doesn't want to bore us. Again, good teacher. But then we have him proper studying. What's the difference? No Eva is more of shaking the person up.

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The head equal. That's what this call is call it. A reminder that awakens the Eban that gets the person a shift in perspective, a wake up What are you doing? Fear Allah subhanaw taala.

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It's more we call it today emotional. I don't like this name. But it's more about shaking the person up, getting them to, you know, to wake up from the ruffler that's more able.

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Whereas the IRS attorney is actually proper education, academic education. The focus here is information. So, look, man here was not in the process of teaching his son, which obviously we know He taught his son since he was at least a wise man. He definitely taught an amount of knowledge he must have taught his son. But here he was giving an advice. A reminder and awakening sometimes and this is important for parents, not only a father, but also a mother, that you should seize moments when you see your child is most receptive.

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And give them advice. give them advice about the most important things in life. That's what really matters. This is what your life should be about. What if Allah look man who live in Hilo, Hawaii or mo there is a hierarchy in this there is an order of importance and Subhanallah Aquaman since he's a wise man Allah says Welaka Tina Lokmanya Shakima we have endowed Lachman with Hekima with wisdom Hikmah the scholars, I like define it as follows they say what a shaman will be putting something in its right place where it truly belongs. So this is why some people have the knowledge, they have the know how but they put it in the wrong place, they give it to the wrong person, they convey it in the

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wrong way at the wrong time. This is lack of knowledge.

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So a wise person is not doesn't only have the knowledge but also is very smart about how to communicate it, when to communicate it, how to communicate it, what's the right dose, and so on and so forth. So everything is appropriate for that but the perfect kid perfect conditions. So look man was giving his son this advice and obviously he's not someone who's chasing his son all the time with this type of advice, but he saw a moment and it seems that this happened we can sort of sense from the language that this happened more than once

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with color look man would have been here wherever home yeah, buena Yeah, la to Sri Kabila. Now a very important thing here to keep in mind.

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Because somebody might think,

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you know, one day look man just sort of woke up, saw his son, and out of the blue just told him Do not associate partners with Allah don't commit shirk.

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Now, this would be a very naive sort of vision of this, of this scenario. A wise man Allah says, well, Tina, look, man and Heckman word is a hallmark of a wise person, a believer

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that they worship Allah subhanaw taala that their life is a clear translation of the worship of Allah of the love of Allah, of devotion, of good conduct of a bad. So that means look, man allihies Salaam already taught his son primarily through his example, through his example, because we know that children learn from our behavior more than they learned from our preaching. That's a given F

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Every parent knows this. And they, you know, we say it in a funny way, you know, monkey see monkey do, right? That's what kids do. You say to your child Don't lie, but they see that you actually lie. In many instances, they're gonna lie, you smoke, and you tell them Smoking kills, they're gonna smoke, right? They see you do bad things. They're just gonna pick up your attitude, your behaviors, your way of, you know, the way you carry yourself, they're gonna pick that up, you know, even the way you walk, by the way, children usually pick up the way their parents walk, the boys pick up the way the father walks, the Girls pick up the way their mother walks, this is proven.

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So again, this is how Allah designed us, we absorbed so much just by being around people, seeing them behave, being with them living with them, we pick up so much at an unconscious level. Okay, so when Look, man speaks to his son, he's not like out of the blue. He's always busy working on things. And one day he sees his son, he says, Come here, let me give you some advice. That's not how it happened.

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He there was a full context of education. And the most important he laid the grounds and the foundations by what being a good person, often the people, people ask the question, How can I become a good spouse, a good husband, a good wife? There's no technique.

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There's no technique? Or how can I become a good parent? The answer to all of these is one thing to become a good person.

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When you are a good person, you will find yourself to be a good spouse, when you are a good person, you will find yourself to become a good parent, you might have some things you need to fix. But these will be some some issues on the surface, and you can easily fix them. But without being a good person. So people think, oh, I can be a bad person. But I can learn the technique to be a good parent. It doesn't work.

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It doesn't work like that.

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Because your son will literally absorb most of what you are. That's That's how kids learn. That's how humans learn. You know, you can spend some time in the company of some people and you will start to notice or if you don't notice, others will start to notice that you will start even pronouncing words in the same way that they pronounced them, you start to have, you know, feeling patterns similar to those people. It's amazing how humans you know, subhanAllah learn from each other. So look, man, being a wise man, he must have been a great example. He must have educated his son, his son has must have seen beautiful example of being a Muslim of being a believer of being someone who

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worships Allah subhanaw taala and acts this out in his life in his attitude in his actions and his words in his dealings and everything. So the foundations are laid and they're very solid and strong. So now when look man says to his son

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Latisha Camilla. It makes full sense, because his father the life of his father is a statement is an actual statement or an actual lifestyle of this statement. We are gonna yella to Sri Kabila And subhanAllah Toshi, this is about to hate. So what does he start with? The most important thing is this point means you either enter paradise or the Hellfire who hate La ilaha illallah you worship Allah alone.

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The Prophet and call it mythical Jana, the key to Jana. That's how you enter paradise. You enter paradise with worshipping Allah alone, recognizing Allah is Allah, the Creator, the Sustainer, the provider, the one who's in control, who control the creator of everything. And then only him deserves our ultimate love, our worship, our devotion, our dedication,

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and that he is unique in His names and attributes and most perfect and he doesn't have similarity to his creation. Simple. You live that and this is really you know, this is the fuel this is the, the fire that ignites you know, that that feeds the engine of life. Really the believer, the Muslim, you know, the life of a Muslim truly a true Muslim, the life of a Muslim is a love story.

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Is the story of loving Allah subhanaw taala and acting this love out as a lifestyle. This is really what the life of a Muslim is. Yeah, I'm not talking about the traditional way we were taught Islam about the culture where Islam is all about, you know, you know, going through the movements and having to do with things and social expectations. And all of that know, Islam is about loving Allah subhanho wa Taala and turning this love into a lifestyle and this lifestyle is prescribed the guidelines for it are very clear they are in the Quran, in the Sunnah and the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the rest of the details you work them out how they apply to your

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life. This is really what it is. It's a love story. You love Allah subhanaw taala You were created to love Allah, this love of Allah is instilled in you even when you were born. You need to recover it you need to reclaim it. You need to embrace

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He said, You need to let it dominate your life inform your life, animate your life. This is the life of a believer.

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So when Lachman says to his son Yeah, when are you allowed to share it Camilla. This to heat is expressed in the Quran in two forms. And if that and the Nephi, if that is in love Allah that Allah is the only true God who deserves to be worshipped that affirmation. And sometimes it's communicated by negating the opposite La Ilaha. There is no one or deserves to be worshipped, but Allah, you will need both. And they are usually expressed in the Quran together.

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So look, man here when he says to his son, do not associate partners with Allah when he's saying, live your life in the worship of Allah, in its own head of Allah subhanaw taala let your life be a statement of, you know, worshipping Allah subhanaw taala Allah. This is what your life should be. So he's actually teaching his son how to live, how to live, he's not just teaching him something about life. He's telling him what life is about. He's saying life is about worshipping Allah is about loving Allah is about fearing Allah subhanaw taala is that you live your life for Allah. This is what life is about and this is how you should live. Any other way of life is going to lead to the

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hellfire. Simple as that. That's the most important you're gonna yella Trisha Kabila initial killable Moon album, when you associate partners with Allah, basically when someone is more important in your life than Allah, you start bordering into sin and ship eventually, you need to be careful. And it's not like you're doing Allah favor because once you fail to give Allah his rights you are falling in, in oppression and injustice. Why are you taking from the rights of Allah, This life belongs to Allah, you belong to Allah, your life belongs to Allah, your heart belongs to Allah, your eyes belong to Allah. Your body belongs to Allah, your hair belongs to Allah, all of you belong

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to Allah, everything around you belongs to Allah. You can't use it the way you like, you have no ownership. You didn't even exist. Most of us 50 years ago, none of us existed except for the few of our respected elders.

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So how come now you own something? You were nothing.

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You were nothing. You were brought into this world? How come all of a sudden you own things.

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You don't own anything, everything you own is for Allah subhanaw taala even yourself. So when you don't give Allah what He owns, what are you doing? You stealing. That's why it's oppression. So when you use your life, when you use your mind when you use your heart, when you use your hands, your feet, your eyes, your ears,

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everything when you use it, for other than what it was created for, for something that doesn't serve Allah subhanaw taala you're stealing, you're doing injustice, let alone when you live for something other than Allah, the worship of money, the worship of wealth, the worship of being the worship of status, the worship of your job, the worship of your favorite sport, the worship of your video games, the worship of the person that you love, the worship of your own reputation and your own ego.

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All of that is stealing from Allah Subhanallah Ye is theft.

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It's a life of untruth.

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It's a life of injustice, oppression. You Oh Allah all yourself. So how come you you deny Allah his rights? You're gonna pay for that. I mean, Allah gave you choice, but you're gonna pay for that in Ashoka lagoon. Are they mostly in that in Santa BYD? Do you hear him a little more? When Allah

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who has the rights, most rights upon you after Allah, your parents? And it happens in the Quran many times mocha darbuka Allah Tambo Illa Yeah, who will be the one in Santa Ana, Allah ordained prescribe that you worship numbered him and that you stay good to your parents. Why? Because Allah brought you into this life through them.

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So you owe them.

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You're indebted to them.

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indebted to them. Think Abdullah Muhammad Ali Allahu Anhu. He saw a man carrying his mother on his back. At the time there were again no trolleys, no wheelchairs, nothing. So he had to carry his mother and his back and now people make a lot of short, right.

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So he carried his mother and he performed Hajj with his mother on his back. He carried out on his back and he asked her the Lagna Ahmad, he said did I pay her back?

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He said not even one breath during her labor. You haven't paid her back.

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That's the rights of the parents. The companion as the prophets Allah seldom meant to happen as he heard his or her birdie on Messenger of Allah, who are the people who deserve my company. My

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time spending time with them my unkindness my generosity, the best, the best that I have, who deserved that? He said, Oh milk, your mother, he said, then who own milk? Your mother? Then who? Your mother? Then who told my man a book? He said, your father, your parents.

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So when you give preference to somebody other than your parents,

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what are you doing? You're violating you're violating.

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So you give them the rights. But again, you are kind and you're nice and you're dutiful to your parents, but they want you to do something wrong, starting with the biggest wrong which is what?

00:25:40 --> 00:25:54

Associate partners with Allah. Right? So Allah says, Worship Me and be good to your parents. Your parents say don't worship Allah. What do you do? I have to obey Allah. Right and be good to my parents and not worship Allah see the contradiction?

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What do you do know, this is why we said there is hierarchy, there is level of obligations. So the obligation to your parents does not have strength and potency to cancel the higher and more important obligation, the origin obligation of worshiping Allah subhanaw taala. Right. So it's important this is called an Islam, Marathi boot camp, you know, rulings of Islam are not all at the same level, some of them are stronger than others. So that when there is a situation when there is competition between two rulings, one of them has to be applied, one has to be violated for the other to be applied. You can't apply them both in the same situation the same time. This is called the

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Musa hammer.

00:26:38 --> 00:26:46

Conflict, situational conflict. Which one do you adhere to the one that is higher in the hierarchy that has more value in Islam?

00:26:47 --> 00:26:55

And you violate the other one? Yes, you violate someone says, oh, but you committed a sin. Yeah, you committed the lesser sin than the greater sin. This is how Islam is.

00:26:58 --> 00:27:20

So your parents want you to do something haram. They want you to eat pork. They want you not to wear hijab, or Allah said Be good to your parents know, when it's haram Lapa I tell you McLogan few minutes later because there is no obedience for a creation that constitutes disobedience to the Creator to Allah that's it hierarchy, you see hierarchy.

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Okay, my parents are abusive.

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Now we start thinking of what constant exceptions that's the disease of today. People don't want to talk about rules at all when I talk about exceptions, you know, if you don't establish the rule and understand that you will not be able to handle exceptions will stay all your life traumatized by exceptions. Really, you need to understand did I run out of time or

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questions leave Let's lean towards the end. Okay, exceptions you can't deal with exceptions. You can't deal with exceptions unless you grasp the rule and give it its right then you can start dealing with exceptions today everyone once you say something, but what about this you know you already missed the path to this because it goes through this that you don't want to listen to

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so in these situations exceptions each situation can be dealt with on a case to case basis there is no injustice in it's not there's no and Islam does not tell you will be oppressed and be happy about it. It doesn't say that.

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When Joe haddock Allah and Tricia can be managed under campaign finance autohelm wasa head home after dunya Madoff, okay, so they want you to disobey Allah. They want you to associate partners with Allah don't obey them in that but stayed good to them, give them their rights, what an amazing balance. So it's not and when someone someone does something wrong, we violate their rights. Let's write them out. Let's destroy them. You can't do this. There is balance. And every one there is every human being there is good in them and there is evil in them. We love them for the good. We support them in the good and we stand against them in the evil

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it's a differentiated approach. It's shameful it's limiting me I'm Allah to Allah he says merman in Santa Maria module in enlargement of a pharaoh on worship, fellowship boo Allah MFE Haman, amen, no height, when you behave the who and MFE min Cofrin washer was every person they have good and evil in them. We love them. We support them, we side with them when it comes to Eman that they have and the good that they do. And we stand against them when it comes to kofler Disbelief, disobedience sin, etc. We love them for the man and we hate them for the Cofer at the same time.

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So he says you stand me off in the middle II when you can actually love the person and hate them at the same time. Schizophrenic No

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No, but that's actually justice. That's just as many people now when you make

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mistake. They want to destroy you who doesn't have a mistake? Who doesn't have a mistake? But you know that's a disease in the heart. Then people weaponize religion, they weaponize truth to destroy you. What are they doing instead of serving Allah and serving his religion? They want Allah and His religion to serve their ego does the problem

00:30:22 --> 00:30:51

and so serious disease okay for that Oklahoma, Oklahoma Macedonia, Moldova, what Tabby XIV lemon and obey and follow the path of those who returned to me, those who gravitate towards me towards Allah subhanaw taala. That means, you know when things are difficult in life when there's a lot of fitna, one of the most important thing you should do is keep the company of good people which is underestimated today because social media online life has taken us away from that and we missing out on this.

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And number two, the individualism is very toxic that we live in. Allah says to the prophets of salaam was burned off second Allah DNA the owner of the home believer that he will actually you read on average and limit yourself confine yourself to those who call upon Allah worship Allah subhanaw taala day and night and do not turn your eyes or your sight or attention away from them. Don't seek the company of other than those people stay with the right people. It's very important the prophets of salaam said and mark or Alladhina Khalifa Jambo had to commend you Highland, everyone is upon the religion of their companions. So be careful Be watchful with regards to who you take as companions

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friends as people you're hanging with.

00:31:39 --> 00:32:06

So mela Yamato magical compound, a bigger company, my content terminal, eventually it's going to be tough, the balance is going to be hard. You're going to struggle with that. But you know, this is gonna pass. There's a time limit to this. Eventually you will come back to me and everything, all the scales or all the accounts will be settled. Justice will be done. So don't worry about that. Yes, always going to be inconvenient. Yes, it's going to be challenging. Yes. It's going to be painful. Yes.

00:32:08 --> 00:32:17

It sometimes will be confusing. Yes, who said life is going to be easy. And one Hadith the Prophet SAW Selim said mabati Amina duniya, il

00:32:19 --> 00:32:28

among Juan Manuel Phaeton Okamoto, la La Silla, nothing is left of the dunya except trials hardships, and confusion.

00:32:29 --> 00:32:52

That's the nature of life. It's test. And it doesn't depend on us. It depends on Allah. Put your trust in Allah will lie. It's not your intelligence. It's not your knowledge. It's not your goodness, that really saves you with Allah. It's your trust in Allah knowing that of yourself. You can't do anything you can't save yourself. But Allah He No one can save himself. No one can save herself.

00:32:53 --> 00:33:20

Only by truly relying on Allah and trusting Allah and hoping in Allah you will be saved. Only this is why we say er can amble do what ya can stay. We worship You. And we seek to help to do that because of ourselves. We can't do it overseas. If you're left to yourself, you can't do that. You can't fulfill that obligation. But it's Allah subhanaw taala that helps you you have to understand that that we are actually helpless.

00:33:23 --> 00:33:30

So eventually you will return to Allah and everyone will be held accountable according to their deeds. So don't worry, you're not going to be held accountable for someone else's mistakes.

00:33:31 --> 00:34:15

Everyone will be held accountable on FCMB maca Santa Train every self it's again destiny is going to be decided by what it does by what it did. Yeah, when a year in intercom with Carter hampered him and further and further convinced a lot in office and it oval Obeah to be Hala in Allah not a phobia and awakening to the heart. Oh my son, even if it's an atom's Wait a mustard seed, the the most insignificant size of anything that you think is insignificant, you don't pay attention to Allah will bring it on the day of judgment and it will have a place it will have a place on the account. So nothing goes missing with Allah subhanaw taala if it is good, if it's evil, so you should know

00:34:15 --> 00:34:32

that Allah watches you. When you are in private. Allah watches you. When you show a face in public and another face in private. Allah knows when you show a face in public and inside, you're seeing something else in the your inner dialogue. Allah knows what's in your heart.

00:34:33 --> 00:34:49

Allah knows you. You show off with your prayer, you show off with your religiosity. You show off with your wealth, you show up with your kindness with your God with goodness with your charity, and you know, it's not for Allah but you want people's attention and people's admiration.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

And you think you can do that for a lifetime and get away with it. And you think, yeah, you start to believe that lie that you've been acting out. Allah knows. Allah says

00:35:00 --> 00:35:00

through this

00:35:04 --> 00:35:14

you can't deceive Allah. So you know what? Make sure you give yourself totally to Allah because he's in charge of everything nothing in our goes missing with Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:16 --> 00:35:29

like your perception does not shape or limit the perception of Allah subhanaw taala you can bury your head in the sand so oh it's not there. But if when it's there, it's there and you will be held accountable

00:35:31 --> 00:35:32

you're gonna Okay?

00:35:34 --> 00:36:06

Yeah to be Hala in Allah lovely, fun hobby, Allah will bring it on the Day of Judgment in Allaha mobilephone. Allah is subtle. And he works in ways you can't figure out and you can never think about or be and he's aware, fully aware. Yeah, when I get up in the Salah. establish the prayer. establish the prayer. And by the way, just to point out the prayer is not only what you see, this is the tip of the iceberg. What is visible to the eye, and what is audible to the air. In this Allah is the tip of the iceberg.

00:36:07 --> 00:36:10

Most of the Salah happens where in the heart

00:36:12 --> 00:36:30

most of the Salah happens in the heart is why people tell you I pray but I don't feel it. I pray Allah says you know the prayer deters you from sin. I pray but I don't feel that because you're not praying. Your heart is not praying. Salah is foremost most and foremost for the heart and takes place in the heart.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:33

Salah is primarily for the heart.

00:36:35 --> 00:36:47

What do you see again, and what you hear this is the tip of the iceberg call it 5% Literally, it's in the heart and this is why the Prophet SAW Selim said two people could be praying next to each other.

00:36:49 --> 00:36:56

And between the prayer carabiners center you will have the difference between their prayer is just like the distance between the heavens and the earth.

00:36:58 --> 00:37:09

Externally the same, what's the difference? It's in the heart. So the prayer when you're praying, Allah wants your heart, your limbs and your tongue follow the heart.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:40

We're not to make we're not here to make a show before Allah we're here to be sincere when we pray. And that's why we're not reaping the fruits of the prayer. Yeah, Buddha, you're at the masala that's your word. Personal worship obligations. Alright, you have when you are going to Salah what more than marble model if you want to handle social obligation because you're fixing yourself is not enough. You need to engage, increase the good and push against the evil by this social responsibility of enjoying the good at devising against the evil

00:37:41 --> 00:37:52

a mobile model if you will know who you are and among very important thing, you can't get your wages right without engaging in that to a healthy extent. And it has fit a model Fernando has Fick

00:37:54 --> 00:38:37

has a lot of rules, regulations and has wisdom behind it. It's not random. And it's not haphazard. Or it's not a matter of a mood or to personal taste. No, there is science behind it. What Manuel Fernando was better Allah Asaba can be patient with what befalls you. Because you're going to get hit in life. If you think you know most people are traumatized. A lot of people, their trauma or their pain is exacerbated because of their expectations. Life should be nice, because that's the lie. They told us have a happy life, fulfilled life full of joy. travel wherever you want. Right? Do what you want, eat what you want. Life is full of happiness and joy.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:55

And especially with marriage, right marriage is going to be beautiful. You're going to live all these you know fairy tales and these love stories. You're going to live that for real. You get into it and you say is that it? I must be married to the wrong person? No, you're just married to a human being. Because you want to be married to your dreams to your fancy.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:07

Life is tough. A marriage is tough parenthood is tough. Being alive is tough. Dealing with life is tough. That's it? How do you think you're going to intergender

00:39:08 --> 00:39:14

it doesn't mean it's impossible. On the contrary, this is the only way it can be meaningful was better Allah Maha sabak.

00:39:16 --> 00:39:18

So he's teaching his son different skills.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:24

Pray, fulfill the obligations, your personal obligations to Allah subhanaw taala. In out inside out.

00:39:26 --> 00:39:48

Engage in the social worship of advising increasing the good and limiting the evil pushing against the evil was better. Allama saw but one of the pure actions of the heartbeat patient that actually the Prophet SAW Selim says monopoly I had one bad aim and the upper Antisana Mina sub no one was given after Amen. Anything more precious than some

00:39:49 --> 00:39:57

peace patience. You will need Patience and everything in life. You need patience. It's the it's the secret ingredient that turns everything into gold.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:11

because a lot of what kills us is our impatience, our haste, our inability to stay upon the what is true and stay consistent until things pay their group fruit.

00:40:13 --> 00:40:50

In early come in as minimal This is one of the highest traits actually as Mullaghmore strength, berm resolution, you want to be a strong person. You want to be a strong person. These are the secrets to a strong person. Allah says was there in August somebody was salah, right? Seek help and strength in what suburb patients and Salah it makes you stronger. But when you pray properly, when you pray with your heart, it's not like your heart is worshiping something else, thinking of something else, and you're just bringing your body to Allah. Now and that's not salah, that's not how you're supposed you need to give Allah the most precious thing about you and that's your heart. If you give that

00:40:50 --> 00:40:55

your heart to something else, that means there is something more valuable in your life than Allah.

00:40:57 --> 00:40:58

Call a spade a spade.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:10

If you don't bring your attention to this Allah and to walk to Allah and feel that love and personal connection, something is more important to you than Allah, what is that thing what your heart is thinking about?

00:41:14 --> 00:41:35

In early communism and Motorola had declined, has not be arrogant, do not be contemptuous to people look down upon them. Why? Because you're just a creature like them, but you have nothing to be proud of. You didn't create yourself you didn't bring yourself into existence. Allah created you. So what are you proud about? Only Allah is in water kept the why? Because he's the only one who deserves this pride.

00:41:36 --> 00:41:52

Humans because you don't own anything of yourself. You're helpless, you're weak. So when you think good of yourself and you think you're a big shot, that's a lie. You believe in a lie. You're acting out ally in your attitude. This is why the company is evil.

00:41:56 --> 00:42:06

Well, that's um, she fell out of the model handgun, don't walk on Earth with so much pride. And again, Mara would be against some sort of a heedlessness. Again, some sort of heedlessness arrogance with heedlessness

00:42:07 --> 00:42:19

you do just so you know happy about the things that you have in your life or you're just so busy thinking about your own worldly pursuits. But you you're not in tune with the purpose of this life while you're here.

00:42:20 --> 00:42:21

Don't do that.

00:42:23 --> 00:42:55

In Hola Hola, Johan bucola McTernan for what Allah does not love those who are arrogant proudful. And OT, works at V mushy walk in or with moderation. That's the external. So in your heart, don't have our guts externally, be mild, be mild and be balanced in everything. The way you work. The way you talk. Don't just raise your voice. And the professor was described can either at the head deaf ESMA. If he spoke, he made the other person here. But his voice wasn't too hot or too high. The volume wasn't too high. It wasn't too low.

00:42:57 --> 00:43:15

That's how we should speak. Because Allah says, Well, if you're going to compete if you think oh, it's better to be to have a louder voice. It's more like whatever I don't know, gives an impression of strength or manliness, right? Well, the voice of the donkey is stronger and louder than your voice. So what are you concur you're competing with?

00:43:17 --> 00:43:50

So again, this is an advice. See it as an incident that would happen occasionally in the life of Lachman towards his son chose the beautiful example of parenthood of giving advice, and seizing a moment, but also see it in the context of him. Local man being an embodiment of what He is advising. He's wise man, right, at least we said, he's a wise man, if not a prophet. That means when he gives advice, he already embodies that he has that in him. But he just emphasizes it with more communication, verbal communication.

00:43:51 --> 00:43:52


00:43:54 --> 00:44:26

I think this is a lesson for all parents. It's a beautiful way even to advice. And hopefully, when we see it in context, this is something that we can benefit from to see what are the most important that we should give advice about. And it shows that we should educate our kids about hate. Because when we tell our kids Oh, what do you want to be in the future? What's your dreams in the future? We never bring Allah. I want to be a doctor, I want to be engineer, I want to be a lawyer. I want to be a teacher. I want to be an entrepreneur, I want to be a billionaire, right? That's what we teach them. We think, oh, I want to guarantee a better future for my kids.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:39

And then when they grow and they don't have Allah and their life is we want to force them to pray and learn the Quran. And we say, How come we gave them the best education? We treated them? Well? Yeah, but Allah was absent.

00:44:40 --> 00:44:42

So how can you complain now?

00:44:43 --> 00:44:44

You're reaping what you saw it.

00:44:47 --> 00:44:48

Really what goes around comes around.

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

So when we feel more puzzled, that means we're not looking carefully at what we are doing and the consequences of our own actions and choices. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to make us the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:09

asked of parents spouses and children and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide our hearts and forgive our sins disapproval of him for coming out and joining us

00:45:10 --> 00:45:24

and there's no time just make it to the last minute in Friday and hopefully inshallah they are hands on is answered. Wa Salatu was Salam ala Xenium handmaiden right early was our big Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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