Criteria to Enter Jannah

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That's the reason one of the criterias

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for any human being, to attain salvation, the criteria mentioned in the Quran in surah Allah surah chapter 103 was the 123 be safe while us in in South Africa's 11 Armando mamilla solly hottie what was oh Bill had to possibly suffer, that by the token of time. Man is very in a state of loss except those who have faith, those who are righteous deed, those who exhort people to truth, and those who exhort people to patience and perseverance. Only faith will not take you to heaven. Besides faith, we should also have righteous deed. We should even exhort people to throat and exhort people to patient in proceedings. If any one of these criteria is missing. Under normal circumstances

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according to the verse of the Quran, you shall not enter Jannah you should not enter heaven.