Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P27 273E Tafsir Al-Rahman 39-78

Taimiyyah Zubair
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For Yoma even so that de la use aloo he will not be questioned and then be about his sin, who will not be questioned about his sin in son? Any man wala Jan nor any Jin?

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What does it mean people will not be asked about their sins? There's two types of questioning. When people are asked about their sins or about their crimes, there's two types of questioning. One type of questioning is for the purpose of getting a confession. Did you do it?

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Right getting a confession. That is one objective. It is to inquire did you do it or not? Are you guilty or not?

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And that is needed before punishment.

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On the Day of Judgment, no one will be asked to admit to His sins why? Because the sins will be obvious. They will be written in records the testimonies will be there second was Shaheed the Shaheed the angel will come,

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the body will speak.

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Correct. So there is no need to ask. But then there's another type of questioning, questioning for the purpose of a reproach, rebuke, and this will happen this type of questioning will happen for the purpose of reproach rebuke, embarrassment and punishment.

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As in sort of hidden i a 92. Allah says for Wallaby Calanus alumna hamaji Marine I'm Matt can we are Milan we will ask them about what they used to do. Not because Allah doesn't know he already knows not because they will not be proven guilty. Now they will be proven guilty by the presence of their sins by their records. And by all the witnesses around insert method. Allah says Allah was heavily Amin fija Netanya, Tessa Aluna Anil moody mean masala comfy Sarkar the criminals will be asked that what brought you into the fire? Allah alumna, communal Mussolini, they will say we didn't use to pray. So they are being questioned, they are being asked, why, for the purpose of reproach

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and we learned that sinners will not be asked about their sins.

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Criminals will not be asked about their crimes. It's the victims who will be asked as we learn what even more older to su Isla, when the girl who was buried alive will be asked be a even been quoted at what crime did she commit because of which he was killed.

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So Allah will not ask the killer. Rather he will ask the victim and this is again, embarrassment and greater punishment for who for the criminal phobia ye Allah era be Kuma to Cathy ban your awful moody moon. Why is it that the criminals will not be asked about their sins because they will be recognized, recognized by what BC ma whom by their marks by their appearances, distinguishing marks, that is what SEMA is. Remember, a person's spiritual condition will be his physical condition that day. Those with Eman will have bright faces happy faces.

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And those otherwise will have different faces as in sort of cada Maya 43 Allah says harsh earthen obasan womb that will help go home. They will their faces will be covered by humiliation and disgrace for you how to be no Asli so they will be seized by their by the forelock snow asleep floral of NASA and NASA is the forelock the four part of one's head one of them and the feet plural of Padam they will be grabbed by their foreign locks and their feet so how will they escape for big alert your Abiko Matica Viva and even this is Allah's mercy when a criminal is punished for his crimes. Have he Jahannam This is * allottee you can be will be * moody moon which the

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criminals used to deny as in sort of thorough 14 Allah has had the inequality content be here to cut the moon so you're to funa Boehner ha in * what will happen you'll to funa Boehner ha they will go around, they will circulate for five years to go around Boehner how between it we're buying a ham Iman and between boiling water, what kind of boiling water and in that has been heated to the utmost degree.

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Holmium as you know is extremely hot water scalding water burning meaning if you touch it, you get burned and Annan from inna which is to boil and cook something

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so they will go between the fire and the boiling hot water circulate. What does this mean? That one punishment will be followed

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by another punishment, punishment of burning of the fire and in the punishment of hot water I mean if you think about a water is supposed to bring relief, but here water will be a source of punishment, such water that they will drink and it will also be poured on them as in sort of hogyan 19 u sub boomin folk hero osemele Hareem it will be bored and sort of off it is 7172 Allah says evil Allah Luffy are knocking him was celestial use her Boon Phil Hermes OMA fanatee Use JRun from the boiling hot water to the fire. For the AER la era be Kuma to cut the band. You have the comforts of life today. What are you doing with the freedom that Allah has given you today? Once you save

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yourself from this end, and make use of this time, this blessing that Allah has given you while Eman and for the person who have from a coma or be halfa he is afraid of MACOM Allah be the position of his Lord, for such a person are Jonathan to gardens MACOM the place of the place upstanding and it's used for position, place, location, status. What does this mean? There are two meanings of this if firstly, the one who fears the position of his Lord. He fears the position of his Lord, meaning he knows that his lord is great that his Lord is the Most Powerful, you cannot hide from him. You cannot run away from him that you must obey Him in all conditions and alter circumstances. So the

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one who fears the position of his Lord

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and this fear is what stops a person from wrong. This fear is what pushes a person to do what Allah wants him to do in every situation.

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Only one half on my camera biggie.

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The other meaning of this is that whoever is afraid of the standing before his Lord, the MACOM in front of his Lord, meaning he's afraid that one day he has to stand before Allah before his Lord and His Lord will ask Him He will question him

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and so because of that fear, he leaves what Allah does not like for such a person or Jana tan to gardens. Previously, do punishments are mentioned fire and boiling hot water here to gardens, in sort of NASA 40 Allah says we're unmanned ha from a coma or B, one 100 F sinal. How? You see, fear of Allah leads to stopping oneself from following the desire for over a year la isla de comer to cut the band. Which Blessings of your Lord will you deny the word of Nan these two gardens What are they like the whatta they both have of Nan in branches, meaning dense with dense trees of Nan is the plural of the word fennan Fat known known. And Phelan is used for thick, long, straight branches.

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This yesterday I was looking at a tree and lots of branches in it. And as I approached it as I drew closer to it, it actually looked scary because I couldn't see the trunk couldn't see it. It was so dense the branches were so like going up and down kind of wavy. And it was scary. From a distance. Yes, it looked nice, but from close up, it looked frightening.

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Fallon is such a branch that is long and straight, long and straight, not intertwined. And when it's long and straight, firstly, there's elegance in it, there's beauty in it and it doesn't look scary. And if you want to pick something from that tree, you want to pick some fruit it's easy. You know when you go berry picking or fruit picking and then you see that Apple or that beach or that strawberry or that berry hidden within the branches you see it you want to access it you want to reach it, but you got hurt in the way

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if none easy to access right. Then it is also said that if none is a part of the word fan, fan or non fan, and fan means type knower variety. So these gardens with trees of, of different varieties, having different varieties of fruit. It is that that in every branch will be a variety of fruit,

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a variety of fruit.

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You understand

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that? If you want for example, apples, then you have to go to the section where they're apples, right? And then if you want to teach the new you have to walk all the way there or you have to wait for the truck to come to take you there. You know what I'm talking about. Right? This is what everything is available wherever you want it though.

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letter F Nan, both the gardens are like that for ba Allah era B coma to cut the ban fee Hema in these two gardens are Aina and there will be springs, two springs that Julianne both flowing

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both of these springs will be flowing constantly. And how beautiful that site is.

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Somebody said that in Jana, our iron that jorianne

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There are two springs that are constantly flowing. And there are for who for the one who fears his Lord, right? And who is the one who fears his Lord, that who in this world from the fear of Allah, He has Aina two eyes that kejadian that flow with tears. Phobia ye Allah, you'll be Kuma to cut the ban how appreciative your Lord is how generous your Lord is fee Hema in these two Jannette there are min Khalifa ki hatin every type of fruit Zol gen two kinds, every type of fruit, two kinds, two varieties, what does it mean? We see for example, a typical categorization is fresh and dried. Right, fresh and dried that is two major categories. Others have said that though Jan, what it means

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is two types as in one that is familiar and one that is unfamiliar.

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Because one that is familiar that you're used to that you're accustomed to, you're not hesitant to try you know what it's like

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but then there comes a point where you get bored so you want to change the excitement. Alright, so then there's the unfamiliar kind also, to always keep that thrill that fun, that excitement fee Hema min Khalifa Aki hurtin XO Jan, what are these categories Exactly? Allah who are alone, but remember that there is in Jana? What No, I have seen for Allah Tala Moana Epsom man Olivia la Holman karate Aryan the point though is that there's endless amount and varieties of blessings for be a year alert. You'll be comer to Kanban mood taking in there'll be reclining Allah full rushing upon beds floor of the word, fear OSH and philosophers used for a mattress or a bed or anything that is spread

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so that one can lie upon it. Rest on it, feel you know, sit comfortably. That is frosh. So Muteki narla for ocean. There'll be reclining on comfortable beds.

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And these beds What are they like? Baja in her beautiful Baja no Herman Easterbrook Botha in what's the root Balaton what word comes to your mind?

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Button and where's it's inside? You don't see your button right from the Rila. Then there is battling also what is baffling the opposite of law law had a manifest button hidden. So Bata in is a portion of the word butanna. And bitcoin is used for the inner side of something. Meaning that which is hidden, you don't see it. It's the inner sight lining.

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So the lining of these fill OSH of these comfortable couches or beds or places where people are sitting and reclining. The inside is of what Minister block of silk. Is the block heavy silk.

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It's made of silk. What about the external What about the outside that's not mentioned.

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And this is what the Sahaba said that if the inside is of silk, then what do you expect the outside to be? It's not mentioned because you're not going to understand it. It's just too beautiful. Indescribable. What Jana and the fruit of agenda Taney of the two gardens then in hanging load Jenna from through letters gene noon, yeah Jennea is to pick fresh ripe fruit and Jenna is a noun which is used for fresh fruit which is still on the tree ready to be picked or it has just been picked. Here in this context it's the trees on the fruit because it said what Jana Jana tiny, the fruit of the gardens they will be then in near meaning hanging near hanging low. So it will be easy to pick.

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There is a different joy when it comes to picking fruit yourself. Right one is that you're served or you just go and pick it from the tree and the other is you pick it from the tree there is a different level of freshness different level of flavor Febi a ye Allah era B coma to cut the band fee Hiner in them meaning in Jana cosslett All to perfect Casa rot ones will

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limit females who limit? What do they limit above? The glands? Meaning their vision, their gaze, they limit their vision.

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What does this mean? As you're familiar, we have learned this earlier and sort of soft fat I am 48. Also, we're in the home parser autopot farine two meanings of this. Firstly, it shows the contentment,

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right? The contentment and the modesty when the women have Jannah with who, with their spouses, because they're limiting their glances. And secondly, it also shows how handsome the men will be that the women will just pass it off, they won't be looking beyond their men.

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You know, generally women are described as so beautiful that you can't take your eyes off of them. But here it costs a lot to thought of this is reflecting the beauty of the men

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cost a lot of thought, you know, there are studies that show that just looking at other people makes a person feel find their spouse or their partner less attractive.

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This is not anecdotal. This is studies that show that just looking at other people meaning if a man sees a woman who's beautiful Alright, he's looking at her and the more he looks at other women, the less attractive he will find his partner. This is proven through studies if I want I can show the bring you the study and show you not from a Muslim country. Okay. What this shows is that they will be so satisfied and so content that love will be there at passion will be there.

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Fee hidden apostle are too tough. lamea to miss Hoonah la Myat Miss Hoonah untouched by insome Pablo Humala, John, let me ultimately so none will have touched them. In some any ins problem before them will adjourn nor any agent. This shows that Jen also get married to other Jen Of course. Alright. So they also have partners. Let me automate Hoonah insome kalangala Jen now notice the word yet Mithuna. This is from their letters Thummim set, thumps and thumbs is used for blood. And it actually refers to the first blood that flows as a result of first * losing virginity. Alright, so what this means is that their bodies will be

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perfect, impeccable, impeccable beauty and appearance, untouched, unaffected.

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Insert Walker i a 35. Allah subhanaw taala says inner and shut now Hoonah ensure that the women of Jannah meaning the women who will enter Jannah Allah says that we will have created them in a new creation. Federal now Hoonah Bacala, Reuben Traba because what happens in this world over time, women, they lose their bodies basically. Right every part of their body changes because of pregnancy and childbirth and nursing and then being busy with kids that you neglect your body so much. What does this teach us over here that women and men in Jannah beautiful bodies

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and old woman once came to the Prophet sallallahu where you said no. And you know the joke right? She said that make dua that I should enter agenda or something like that, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that there are no old people

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and she began to cry.

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I'm old. I want to go to Jana. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that people will be made young and then admitted into agenda. Fi Hinako Serrato TAFI lamium is Hoonah in some Cabela home wala Jan Furby ala your OB coma target V ban, which of the favours of your Lord will you deny? You know when you come across people who are just running after physical bodily perfection and beauty that how you know they go through so much pain and one surgery after another one treatment after another one something after another just to maintain that level of physical attraction physical beauty. Well, Allah has already given that in Jana. Get Unohana unknowingly go to Walmart Jan. It will be as if

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they were Yakutia called rubies red gems Walmart Jan and coral, coral red coral.

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This is referring to their beauty and their complexion their the freshness and the radiance on their faces.

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For the A or B command to get the ban held Jezza sunny Illinois your son HAL is there Java is Java recommends reward of earlier son of excellence of good lol your son except good. Could it be anything but good? No. If a person does exam in this life, Allah will do axon to him. You do your work excellently

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Allah will reward you excellently because in our center, our center, Li unphysical, you benefit yourself for being a year let your OB coma to get the band woman Dooney Hema, and besides these two, this is not all of Jana. Allah says besides these two gardens are Genma Thanh, two other gardens. This is not all of Jana, there's more and more Jana the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are two gardens in which everything is of silver, the vessels are of silver, and everything within it is of silver. And then there are two gardens in which everything is made of gold, the vessels and everything else is of gold. Men Dooney Hema Jana tan phobia ye Allah, your OB coma to

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get the ban these two gardens, Allah describes them as muda harmattan. Earlier the first two gardens the whatta Afnan having branches here muda ham mutton will the harmattan florid of muda ham or dual of Muhammad rather, from dal, her meme and Imam is when something is very dark, extremely dark.

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So will the ham Mata dark deep green? Not scary. All right, you see there's different levels of brightness, different types of color. So this is referring to the greenery of this garden dense dark phobia yellow yellow Beco metric at the band deep green color fee Hema I nanny in these two gardens are springs which are not Baha tan bursting forth now Baja tan dual of no Baja no blood hot nope and not is to gush forth to come out forcefully bubbling out the other two gardens what was said for him it nanny that didn't hear no Baja tan Barfly coming out for be a year la isla de comer took at the ban fee Hema Feki her tone in these two gardens are fruit when a clone and palm trees while man and

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pomegranates a person might say I don't like pomegranates. Well don't worry about it because a pomegranate is a generic different alright, and also remember that in Jannah is nothing of dunya except names. That's it. Meaning the similarity is just a names not in the characteristics. For B a ll your A B coma to cut the band fee hinda in them are you out on Hassan again the people I've done are mentioned Hyatts floral of Kira

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Kira who is Hydra a woman who is very good

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and he sang beautiful so not just beautiful in their appearance but good in their manners in their words because that is real beauty right? A person could be very beautiful on the outward but if they're not good in their nature and their behavior and their words

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that same person would appear very ugly for be a ye Ella era be coma to cut the band who run their Hula, hula florid of the word Hara and hula hula you're familiar with this I mean, which woman is not familiar with this Hulan muxer RotZ Max mocks rot plural of MK Surah meaning one that is reserved filthy yam in theum pavilions CM is a Florida play Macleay is a tent. All right. And remember that who are another creation which have been mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah. All right. And here we see mokslo Rotten filthy.

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Okay, they are kept in the PM. Two things I want to mention over here. Firstly, this shows privacy. All right. And secondly, what this shows is

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that one woman will not see another woman that if a man has like three wives or something, because you see, match the healing force, don't ever ask your husband. If he would like multiple wives don't ask him. This is not a question that you should ask. Alright, but if a man were to be asked, what would he say?

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You don't want to admit it? Right? But this is how men are. I mean, that's just what they like, Call Us. So Allah says MK surah. Tell him what this means is that one woman will not see another woman.

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Because if they were to see each other than what would happen, Jana will not be done.

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Trust Allah.

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Right. Trust Allah. He's taking care of you because he's a rock man. He's gonna give you and he's gonna give others also for be a ye Allah. It'll be coma to get the ban. Lamia Thomas Hoonah. In some copula Humala, John same thing is repeated of perfect bodies for B A, or B coma to cut the burn Mottaki in reclining out of frog

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Upon cushions what kind of questions hold the green Ruff ruff is a portion of rough rough and rough refer it is that is the plural of rough Arif All right, and rough. Rough Arif is used for carpets or cushions, fine, beautiful colored carpets or cushions. So basically something to rest on recline on. So green cushions why Bukharian? He said, and beautiful ibori? What is this our body? Our body? This is a word that is used to describe something that's very amazing and beautiful, unique. Basically, Africa, the Arabs would use this word to refer to a place that only the jinn would go to

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Africa out of this world, only the gym would go to.

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Right? So when somebody would say, buddy, what does it mean? It's out of this world. It's amazing. All right, so up buddy in Hasaan in what is called referring to it's describing the rough rough, the carpets the cushions out of this world. beautiful, amazing, beautiful colored Furby ag Allah you'll be comer to cut the band, which Blessings of your Lord will you deny? Don't you see that the bow or cast smaller bigger Ville JELA early will it Crom the baraka it is blessed it what is blessed it is small or big the Name of your Lord. Who is your Lord Ville Jalali will Ikram, Owner of Majesty and Honor, his name is blessing which name the name that the surah begins with. And what is that name?

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Oh, man. It's a blessing name. How is it bless it. What is baraka?

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When you get a lot out of something that appears to be little.

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All right, man, one name is mentioned and so many mercies are listed over here. And there are many more mercies about a customer robic Ville Jalali well iklan others have said that the name that is the baraka is referring to the name Ville Jalali will calm the named soldier rally while a cron This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said allele Lu BIA the Gianelli will EComm adhere to the name of Allah Yeah, the Gianelli will occur meaning when you're making dua adhere to it call upon him by this name. Whatever name it is, whether it is Allah or Walkman or Yeah, gold generally will a crown. Remember the names of Allah, our mobile rock,

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which means that when Allah's name are mentioned, than what we're doing, the thing that we're using is going to be full of Baraka. And if the name of Allah is not mentioned, it's going to be void of Baraka.

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Take one example Allah's name is mentioned at a time when an animal is slaughtered and that animal is halal to eat. If it's not mentioned, what is that animal dead meat, you can't eat it. The name of Allah is a means of protection against Shavon so he is Lulu Jalali well a crown if the name of your Lord is so blessed, then how blessed and Great and Majestic must he be himself.

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If his name is the barrack, then what do you think about him? He is they'll Jalali well. EComm honorable the one who gives honor. Jana is mentioned over here and insolate Murata Jaya 35 Allah says Allah Iike fija nurettin mocha Ramon, they will be in Jana honored. Alright Chateau de la Morin has said that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say the salam

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he would sit and say Allahu Allah and the Sunnah woman cuz salaam Doctor Yeah, they'll Jalali will econ

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This is a man. We want to listen to the recitation right now. So Yo Ma even yourself

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Furby a

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big coma to convey

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your waffle room oh god Munna Missy mamoun

00:29:45 --> 00:29:45


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be Kuma to can

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you can Nemo be handled.

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A honeymooning

00:30:11 --> 00:30:11


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your mikuma to can leave

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all human

00:30:23 --> 00:30:24


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fed me

00:30:32 --> 00:30:33


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be coolmath Who can leave

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him out

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Furby a

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mikuma to convince

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Turkey now

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all I mean it's

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well Jen and Jen

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they need

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Furby a

00:31:42 --> 00:31:43

big Kuma to

00:31:47 --> 00:31:47


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also a little ought to feel a meal for Miss 132 to

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for B A

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B Kuma to Ken Lieber

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that'd be a

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00:32:45 --> 00:32:45


00:32:52 --> 00:32:53

Furby a

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mikuma to

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Furby a

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for your autumn

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be Kuma to can

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learn me up for Me

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Furby A

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B comma two can

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in his

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Furby a

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meguma two can leave

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focus more on bigger deal early on

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Subhanak Allahumma behenic A shadow a La ilaha illa Anta, a stuffy Luca to Lake a Cinnamoroll eco rahmatullahi wa Catherine

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