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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa sallahu wa la ilaha illAllah Walia Salim wa shadow Ana Mohammed and hubzu who was a solo heart a melon BIA, he was more saline Allahumma salli wa sallam, Allah Abdi kawada zuleika Mohammed, rather Allah He was happy woman da da da what he was standing be Sana de la Yomi Dean was seldom to Sleeman kathira. Ahmedabad for SEACOM enough see but top Allah azza wa jal was some what were your call Huck suparna. will be Lau human is shaytani regime. Yeah. Are you held Edina armano takala haka Ducati, while at Mouton, Illa went to Muslim on

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our praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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And I bear witness that Allah Almighty is the friend and protector of the righteous.

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And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, his last messenger. May Allah constantly always send peace and blessings to Mohammed to his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment. As to what follows. I begin with the universal Islamic concept of taqwa.

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And that is the consciousness of Allah, which has to permeate every aspect of our life, not only on an individual level, but it needs to touch our families, our communities, and ultimately, to touch the whole of the world.

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And it is so important

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that we reflect on the Creator, we reflect upon the greater picture of things that are happening around us, especially in times of confusion,

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and especially of times of crisis.

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And we are entering and have been moving through a strange phase of human existence.

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It is a phase of contradictions. On the one hand, great progress, on the one hand, actions that have never been seen before by human beings.

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And Allah subhanaw taala told us very clearly in Surah, teeny told us that I have made humanity in the best of form, don't matter that now who has philosophy, then we put him down.

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We had we allowed him

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to go back to be the worst and the lowest of the worst.

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And so contradictions, contradictions, that sometimes are hard to link together.

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And this is where we are blessed as Muslims to have the last revelation in its original form.

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We are also blessed to have the last of the messengers, the greatest of the NBR, while motorin Mohammed bin Abdullah, who received not only direct revelation from jabril, Alayhi Salaam, but also inspiration.

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And this inspiration also gives us light and guidance. And so as we move rapidly toward the end of time, the prophet Sal Salam has informed us in authentic hadith, you're cool kunafa arcad is a man that jar loon katha bone yeah to know calm minella Hadith be more than testimo and tamala biocom for er como

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la you deluna Kamala U of T nanaka. The Prophet Sal Solomon's has informed us, they will come near the end of time, false prophets

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great liars. And they will come to you with a type of speech that neither you nor your parents have ever heard of before.

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that they take you a strange beware that they put you into a fitna and a fitna is a trial. tribulation, it's temptations. It's great area, it's a confusion. And we see ourselves now in an age where we are seeking constantly to know is this true? Or is it false?

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is what we have just heard or seen reality? Or is it something constructed by human beings to create an illusion?

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And so in a sense, we are living in a type of bubble.

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It's a mental bubble set

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Keep our minds thinking in a certain way. But every once in a while the bubble breaks, something comes clear. And we start to look down or even one foot touches the ground. And we realize the reality that we are living in.

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And so with the great strives, with United Nations and with beautiful terms of democracy, beautiful terms of empowerment, that are being spread around, and no doubt, in our, in this country of Canada, there are so many people who truly believe in this. And we as Muslims truly believe in this, that we want to live in a society where everybody is given his or her worth. We want to live in a society where people have the right to express themselves. But every once in a while, reality strikes.

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And we are now all in shock. At the findings of the children of the First Nations 215 who are found in a mass grave at a residential school in British Columbia, it's a shock to people, because you don't think about mass graves in Canada. You think about it in Germany, you will think about it in Cambodia, you think about it in Rwanda,

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but you don't think about it in Canada.

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So what is the reality?

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The reality is that the founders of this country, when the first Europeans were coming to this country, it is not the same understanding that you and I live with today.

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In 1492,

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when Columbus came across,

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and he discovered the Americas, or he claimed he discovered the Americas.

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He found

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huge territories.

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But the reality is, is that he nullified the people.

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And the term came out that he discovered America, and you only discover something if there's no people there.

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And so he nullified the people. And up until now, he is being celebrated for this.

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And it's shocking to think that October 11 2021, of this year in America is Columbus Day,

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is a federal holiday

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that more cities are named after Columbus and any other name.

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And it is a shock to people to recognize for years after Columbus. Now go back and your mind a little bit in order to understand what's happening now. 1496 when Henry the seventh of England,

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he commissioned john Cabot to go out, not just to discover and to be so innocent, but he said to him, conquer, occupy and possess the lands of the heathens and the infidels. This is a written statement, which is right there in plain sight, conquer, occupy and possess and North America was called or considered terror nucleus, which means vacant territory. It's like you come to an island, and there's nobody on the island, but chickens and pigs and monkeys and birds. And so you settle there, you name it, whatever you want to name it, because there's nobody there.

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So they considered these lands of the Americas. And that later became the understanding of the other European nations.

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So North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, were considered vacant land.

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Do what you want to do.

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But the reality again now out of the bubble, the reality on the ground. There were over 75 million people living in the Americas 75 million people 2000 distinct languages. Great Pyramids in Mexico. High philosophy.

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Organized civilization. St. Louis cahokia was the capital in North America, the largest city over 100,000 people, three storey buildings, law, Justice order. It was the law of the Iraq war.

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Confederation that set the pace for the United States. And what about the land itself? Did Europeans come here? In order to save the country? And bring civilization? No. Half of the major products of the world came from the Americas and went out to different parts of the world.

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products like corn,

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potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon.

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These are fruits and vegetables when you start to eat. What How can you live without these things? How could people have survived in Ireland and other parts of the world? What are potatoes? What does corn mean to the world? It came from this land that was supposedly vacant,

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unsettled territory.

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And people lived here

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for over 10,000 years, not just a few 100 years like our Canada 10,000 plus years in organize settlements.

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And what about our Toronto here that we are living in? And we are so proud and glad to be part of it was originally Toronto,

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which meant a place where the trees stand tall. And as they crossed over the lakes and looked at the area of Toronto, they said the trees are standing tall, so they call the Toronto that we now say Toronto?

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What about

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skan. Dario,

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this was the original First Nations name.

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And what about law and order because we consider ourselves to be a law based country. We consider our countries to have order.

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But you will be surprised to know that the reality was from 1114.

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That's over 350 years before Columbus, there was a great League of peace, which was developed by the Iroquois nation

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a great treaty to the level of United Nations to the level of Constitution of the United States Constitution of Canada, it was already here.

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And the First Nations settled together, and the land to the north that we are living in, they call Canada,

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a large village, and everybody can come to the village. And so we are little still living and better benefiting in Canada, in this land.

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And Toronto itself. When European settlers came, they purchased Toronto in 1787. The land that we are in now that we know as the GTA I have it was a half a million acres of this was purchased in 1787. From the First Nations, and you would say why would these powerful nations just sell their prime land? What has caused this, the reality was that between 1634 and 1640, half of the indigenous populations here in this region died from disease.

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It's like a COVID-19. It's like an Ebola is like a Spanish flu, out of control, no vaccines, no resistance in the body because people live to drinking fresh water, breathing the air, eating natural things, they did not have those antibodies that develop when you're in clustered dirty cities.

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And so a huge part of the population passed away.

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And the people were forced to sell the land.

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And treaties were made.

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And so in order to live, because the first nation was still the majority of the people, they still had the power, the culture the nation was still based upon them. And so peace treaty is made and that's what civilized people do. You will make a compromise. And so treaties were made, and those treaties are still in effect.

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But out of the bubble for a moment, look at reality.

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Within a few decades, the treaties were broken, and consistently broken and broken and broken.

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A number of issues happened, four important issues came out of this fall of many, but four major things.

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Number one,

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children were put into residential schools.

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And this is now what we are coming to grips with, because of the 215.

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But back then the process started with the Jesuit priests. Number two, reservations were set up to force the rest of the First Nations into isolated territories. And now you think about what's happening to the Uighur people put in concentration camps, you think about what's happening to Palestinian people in Gaza, forced into areas, Bantu stands as what happened in South Africa, it's the same process. Number three, the natural resources were extracted without limit, no limit, take as much as you possibly can. That was not the way of the first nation, they would plant crops and rotate, in order that the other crops would be fed by the ones that are going down. And that when

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they build the dam,

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to control the water, they would think five generations, how is this kind of influence, they would think about the animals, they would think about the water about the air. But this third dangerous point

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was extract, take no limit. And now we see the result of it with the environment. It's all tying together Now, what this civilization has done, our environment is ruined and destroyed. And it's getting worse and worse by the moment because we don't have limits. And as a humanity, we have to go back to the limits, to respect the earth to respect what Allah azza wa jal has given to us. And the fourth key point is that the hereditary chiefs, the leadership of the first nation, was not involved in authority, power was taken away from the First Nations. And so they became dependents. They became controlled people. There was settlers, and there were people who were living under the

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And this continued on.

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And there are so many examples of this over 150,000 children put in residential schools, not just to 15.

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And so we have to do a search to find these bodies, these grave sites to realize what has actually happened, and to take account that those who have been involved have to recognize they're wrong, not just with words, but with reparations, they have to begin to give back not just with money, but with development, with education, with child welfare, with justice in so many different ways. And so, because of this, white supremacy setup, settler colonies, attack on the indigenous people of the world,

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the nations of the world gathered together. And in 2010, the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous people was proclaimed.

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and Canada signed the treaty, or they signed the Declaration to recognize the rights of the indigenous people.

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But still, even after 2010 until now,

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there is a cry coming out from the First Nations. This spear is coming out alcoholism, drugs, disease, lack of fresh water, lack of proper housing, lack of dealing with mental health issues, lack of education,

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a large percentage of First Nations in the prisons. And so it continues on a situation very similar. Don't forget Muslims, very similar to Palestine, very similar to the wiggers in China very similar to what has happened to Muslims in so many parts of the world.

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And we have to recognize the reality

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and those who need proof I want to end this mud.

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The call this entrance into the topic because we as Muslims, we are seeking truth. And we are seeking reconciliation.

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And a commission was formed in 2014, which did a sterling job looking at the whole situation of the First Nations. And one of the conclusions they came to, for those who need to listen to reports.

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National, the national policy of forcible rape, forcibly removing Aboriginal children and putting them in state funded residential Christian Schools is cultural genocide.

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That is the term

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the six year investigation found 150,000 children

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involved in this.

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What was the intention to rid them of their native language and their native culture? Just like the wiggers. Now, what are the Chinese Communist doing? They want to take Islam out, they say Islam as a disease, reeducation camps. So they're putting into concentration camps, the reality, what happened was widespread physical, cultural, and sexual abuse. And so the final result was, this is genocide, in all manifestations. And so there is a bubble we are living in, and there is a reality on the ground. And Allah subhanaw taala has clearly shown us and told us kulu, Colin sadita, speak a straight forward word, your deeds would be repaired, your sins will be forgiven. Call to the way of

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Allah with wisdom, stand up against evil. If you can't change it with your hands, then say something, if you can't say something, feel it in your heart. So what can we do make to our for the indigenous people? And may Allah subhanaw taala ease and have mercy upon the minds and souls of the indigenous people of these lands? May Allah subhanaw taala put those children into paradise? What else can we do email to Canadian lawmakers to approve Bill C 15. That is to affirm the United Nations Declaration of indigenous people speak out, demonstrate social media support the First Nations in any possible way, recognize the indigenous History Month in June. We are in it recognize

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indigenous History Month support relief projects that have been approved by the First Nations not forced upon them. support these projects we can give some of our wealth, to help with the water, to help with the education, with the medicine, whatever we can possibly do. And our children need to know this history. Don't keep them in a bubble out in cyberspace, help them to understand what is going on on the ground. And so we pray that Allah azza wa jal would have mercy upon the people of these lands, would help the occupiers to understand what they have done, and would have mercy upon those who have been occupied. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give freedom in this world, and the

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next world to the occupied people throughout this world. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala especially to have mercy on the children of this planet, have mercy upon these children, allow them to to live their lives in a healthy way. And all our bring up leadership that can take our nations from darkness into light. I leave you with these thoughts. Apolo Kali howdah was stuck for Lally. Welcome, Melissa, le Muslim medium and Columbian istockphoto and now who holds a photo right