Concept of God in Hinduism

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Let's try and understand the concept of God in the major religions in a nutshell.

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Firstly to understand the concept of God in Hinduism,

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the two major and most authentic scriptures in the region of Hinduism, the Vedas and the Punisher. It is mentioned that handle your Punisher chapter number six section number two was number one, it come if the team God is only one without a second, this is the Sanskrit condition. It's mentioned in this Rita Citaro Punisher chapter number six was the main not just a passage, genitalia deeper of that God. He has got no parents, he has got no Lord, he has got no father, he has got no mother, he has got no superior.

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It's mentioned in this data center of punishment chapter number four was number 19. As well as graduate, chapter number title was number three, not difficulty, modesty, of that God, there is no prathima But thema is a Sanskrit word which means an image of photograph, a painting, a picture, a sculpture, a statue, an idol, it says of that God, there is no image there is no picture. There is no painting. There is no portrait, there is no statue, there is no idol, there is no sculpture

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and the Brahma sutra of Hinduism. The fundamental kid of Hinduism is it come from Delta nasty Nana's taking chin but one aka Susana here. Now he henna here that I've been here there's only one God not a second one. Not at all. Not at all, not in the least bit. So if you read the Hindu scriptures, you will understand the concept of God in Hinduism and understand Hinduism In direct perspective.