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In the verses which

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are wonderful, recited tonight, there is a consistent mention of Jenna and Johanna.

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I want to share our understanding

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of a few ahaadeeth combined to give us the concept of the last person to enter Jannah.

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The last person to enter Jana, and a hadith in Sahih hain, one is mentioned from Abu huraira the last line and the other one is from ignoramus or Odin, the other one is from Madeira Chava

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the way I will present it, I will have it all combined and give a combined understanding and Sharla of the three ahaadeeth with regards to this concept.

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So the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that the last man, the last person to enter agenda will be a person who will be in jahannam.

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And my goal is to protect me and you from jahannam say amen Muslims.

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this man, the Hadith says we'll walk a step and fall a step and the fire burned him a step.

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So he's in calamity, you know, every step he takes, he falls on his face, and the gush of the fire comes and he screams in agony. So he says, Yeah, Rob,

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release me from this. Free me from this fire for its flames of burnt me and it's fumes suffocate me. And he complains to a lot of boys so the Lord have mercy and honor tells him is my servant.

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If I release you from the fire,

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Do you promise not to ask for anything more?

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So he says, bear exotic you're up. By Your Honor, you're up. I swear, you take me out of here. I want ask for another thing.

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So there's a lot of shell imagery then for either Lima you read

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takes him out of jahannam.

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And when he comes out of it, he looks back towards it. And he says, glory be to the one that saved me from this

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not another person from the our lien or the Arcadian is more honored than me.

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You see, because of where he was in comparison, this is heaven. So in his mind, there is nothing more no one is more favored than him.

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So he comes outside jahannam

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and then a lot of Buddhism,

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orders for retreat,

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to come out

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in front of him and for a spring of water. So he is at the gates of jahannam.

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And he sees water and understand there's no water and Johanna might Allah save money from Johanna was in yesterday who you have asked to be met in Colombo, he will withdraw at any time they asked for a drink, they are given a water that burns the face as they drink it. So water is a rare commodity. So when he sees water, he longs for it. But he's promised that he can't ask for anything more. So and one of the hardest things because you're up you're up or not wanting to ask, but at the same time, it's too tempting. So then he says you're up, take me close to the tree and that water so that I might sit under its shade and drink from its water. So a lot of Buddha says you have no Adam,

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of Buddha rock, or son of Adam, how do you break your word? The wrench You promised me that you wouldn't ask for anything anymore. So the Hadith says a lot of excuses him because he's been shown something that he has no patience towards.

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There's no way he could hold back a lot of bullet journals. So when he goes under the tree and drinks from its water and enjoys its shade, another tree bigger and better comes out in front of him. Me at the gates of Jana in the stream is running alongside it.

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So he looks at it.

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And in the hottest year out of Europe, on La or LA and that take me to what you're up close to

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To the tree so a lot of bulldozer says or son of Adam, how you break your word that into promise and every time it's not an ordinary just bear exotic by your honor. Yeah Rob, I want ask for anything more. So Allah so he says take me they are up I swear I want the exotic by Your Honor, I won't ask for anything more.

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So Allah, Allah is the takes him to the tree, it is by the gates of gentlemen.

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So when he sits under the tree and enjoys the shade and drinks from the water, he looks and he can see inside Jenna

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and Subhan Allah who can look at Jana and not you know, you see a nice house in your heart things are up.

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Or you see a nice car kids do this, my Lamborghini and it's not his

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yet because you wanted so bad.

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So he sees Jenna. And the heart longs for it. And Jana is an abode worthy of beholding. Imagine the pebbles of Jannah are jewels, rubies and emeralds.

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It's cement is gold. No cement is misc. It's brick. So gold and silver. The trees of Jennifer Murphy Herman shujaa, rotten Illa was there for him in the hub. There is not a tree in general, except that its trunk is made from solid gold shade that would last for 100 years for a rider to ride under.

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So he sees this and the perfume in the center of Jenna. So he says, yup. And me and two gentlemen, Jen

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is just come out of Jana, and tambien to Jen. So a lot of blazer says or son of Adam, how you break your word you promised. So it says Yara enthymeme today, and I want us for anything else. So a lot of bullets, the size and the agenda.

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And you know, when you come late to a party,

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all the seats look full, because you know, you feel out of place. This man's late to the party is late two gentlemen. So when he enters, he says,

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all the places are taken.

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Well, you know, where do I go? So a lot of bluster says, says My servant, what if I give you and one of the narrations? What if I give you the size of the Kingdom of one of the kings of the dunya.

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And you look at some of the kings that have passed how Luna Rashid used to look at the clouds and say, cloud rain wherever you want, it's fruits will come to me because the bulk of the Earth was under his reign.

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So they were kings like that. So what if I give you the kingdom of one of the kings of the dunya. So he says,

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You're up, you make fun of me in your The Lord of the worlds

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You're mocking me, in Europe, Allah I am nothing in you. So, even in my sorrow, when he is narrating this laugh, and out of the Sun of his eye, I am smiling with it. So they asked me, Why did you laugh? He goes because the Prophet of Allah last. And we asked him, Why did you laugh, he said, My Lord laughs when the man said this. So Allah, Allah is said

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for you was that and another Hadith, what if I give you the size, a place the size of the Earth.

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So, a lot of bellezza after he laughs, he says for you as that granted the size of one of the kingdoms of the size of the Earth,

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when Miss Lowe and another like it will miss law, and another like it when Miss law and another like it will miss law and another like it and when he reaches the fifth one dementors robley tiara, probably, I am satisfied Europe I am satisfied and satisfied in a good reason, the gathering of Abu hurayrah when he's mentioning the Hadith, so he said, I bear witness that I saw the Prophet say for you as death and 10 times like it as in the five and then 10 times in one of the farms as in 50 times the size of one of the kingdoms of the kings of this world for the last person to enter Jannah

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and the description is a lot to to go into but I will just finish with what

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Perhaps my daughter will grant me a new agenda without his husband without other Arab interests without his sudden without other. Although we are not it's a hell we don't deserve it. But don't judge us by our deeds deal with us by your kindness instead of by our deeds. My a lot of boys accept your father, fasten your seat