Zakir Naik – Concept of God in Hinduism According to Vedas

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the title of Lord of the Apocalypse and how it relates to the Bible. He explains that the title is a combination of images and symbols, including a flower and a flower flower image. He also mentions a number in verse number 14, which refers to a book or image, and a number in verse number 19, which refers to a title or image.
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Amongst the in the Scriptures, the most sacred or the Vedas, therefore with us, Rick with the Jewish author of it and some way

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it's mentioned ajibade Chapman with a two was number three, not st Fatima St. Of that God. There is no prathima as I mentioned earlier, but Thema means an image of photograph, a painting, a picture, an ideal, a statue, a sculpture of that God, there is no prathima of that God, there is no image. There is no photograph, there is no painting. There is no portrait, there is no ID, there is no statue, there is no sculpture.

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It's mentioned in chapter 14, verse number eight. Almighty God is pure and imageless. It's mentioned Yoruba, chapter number 14, verse number nine, and that number we Shanti yasumoto, pasty and that means darkness, rubbish and it means entering, they are entering darkness, those who worship somebody, somebody means things which unnatural,

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fire, water, etc. They are entering darkness, those who worship the natural things like water, fire, etc. And there was continues they are entering more in darkness. Those who worship with some booty, some booty or the creative things like table, chair, idol etc. Who says that they are Judah with chapter 14 verse number nine

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for the free the term avid book number 20. m number 58 was number three, it says Dave ma See, verily, great is almighty god

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