Jannah Gems #04 – Allah Never Promised Paradise in this World

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sometimes, you know, it can be puzzling, especially with in this day and age, you know, with Muslims in the 21st century, there are younger, younger Muslims, that, you know, when you see that they are kind of like despairing of well, why does God allow these things to happen? Right? It's that perennial question of the, like the problem of existence, or the problem of the existence of evil. It's something it's something that theologians and philosophers have written about for millennia. And it's a question that to this day, people ask, and it impacts their Amen. To where people actually will, they will actually lose their faith over this because they look around at a world

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that is cruel, where we're violence is happening, war and famine and brutality. Right? They might look at their own personal experience and say, Why does God not intervene directly in the affairs of the human being? And we have to understand that when we ask that question, it's because we have not read the Quran properly. Because when you read the Quran properly, we see right now that Allah Allah never promised us that we would enjoy paradise in this world, right? There are some people, maybe a small percentage of humanity, for whom Allah Allah has written that they will have some ease and luxury in this world. But otherwise, from unbuckled out if you look at chapter two verses 155 200 to

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157, you will see of Allah to Allah has told us what is the nature of this world, what we're going to experience and as the Koran tells us, right here, I enter the HELOC on multiple Hayato Leah bluekai. You come So no, I'm Allah wa who will as is over for, like in other words, for those of us that are still trying to figure out why have we been created right? as Muslims we should know. But why have we been created? Allah tala is telling us that he created death and life right? It is he who created death and life to test us as to which of you is best indeed. And he is the Exalted and might the Forgiving, like this is the the the grand purpose of all of it. The answer is right here

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in the Quran. And Allah reminds us and the reason why death is mentioned by labor for life is because we're forgetful to also understand what is the nature of hire to do yet is so important.