Musleh Khan – How the Quran teaches us what to do #13 Treat Those In Need Kindly

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding begging and helping others in a gentle manner, as it is not a requirement for an individual. They also stress the need for a positive attitude and using images of penny pincher and penny pincher to symbolize greediness. The speakers provide examples of rules and etiquette when teaching and giving money, including breaking neck and allowing anyone to grab it. They stress the importance of humility and gratitude to others, listening to a spiel on missed opportunities, and sitting in a spot to appreciate opportunities. The community is often pressured to give money in return for rewarding others, but the speaker warns against giving and offers a recap of the WhatsApp group's busy week on community support.
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Sell them why they come to love you bought a car to attempt to level Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah so this is part 12 of how the poor and teaches us to behave. And let's bring our attention now to sorbitol is Surah verse number 23 and 24. This is all about how we treat those who are in need but in a very specific situation as you're going to see in the area. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what in turn radio button and mobility law or multi mineral beaker, total Juha for cola cola may surah. And then on the next verse, verse number 24. Voila, Tatiana yedek Mr. Lu Latin Isla, owner pitka wala table superhet Quinlan busta for taco odema lumen maiasaura. Now, this particular subject

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is a subject we never ever talk about, you know, we're as organizations as Institute's as individuals, whenever we're fundraising or asking for help, and so on and so forth. The responsibility behind asking and donating as well, is something that we rarely very seldomly address and talk about, and this is going to bring this to light. First point is Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what a mentor or the alumni mobility, metal metal update, if you are in a position where you need to say no to the miskeen, or somebody who's coming to you and begging you, the one that's being begged, you can't help that individual. So whether it be an individual and miskeen, whether it be an

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organization, whether you're being asked for donations, whatever the case is, you are in a position yourself where you need donations, you need help as well. So you're not in a position to help anybody a lot. I'm still a gel sensing this particular am how you respond to somebody who's who's begging, you don't just slam the door in their face, you don't just be like, wait a minute, I just gave you last month, what what's what's your problem, we're gonna address that in a minute, by the way, we don't get to put them down. We don't say, look, you better get a job. You know, you can obviously ask me and beg me and explain your whole story to me. So now if you can do all of that,

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then you can definitely see you can definitely say, I don't know, welcome to Walmart, how can I help you? Welcome to McDonald's, What can I get for you, you can say those sentences, these are not appropriate things to say, especially to somebody in need, why? A couple of things, put yourself in that person's shoes for a moment. If you have to go to somebody and beg and ask for most people that do that. It's a little embarrassing, you know that they wait until they literally have no other choice, then they'll start asking around. So it's more of less how they feel in their position and just trying to avoid being embarrassed and talked about. Secondly, nobody really knows exactly what

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that person's situation is that led them to this point where they have to beg, you know, on the outside, you might see Oh, they have nailpolish Oh, they're dressed nicely. Oh, you know, he's he has a nice bike or something. And you're saying, Man, I wonder how he afforded that. Even even I've heard comments where it looks, she has a cell phone in her hand, How come she's begging and she has a cell phone. You know, getting a cell phone is really not that big of a deal. It doesn't require a ton of cash and money. And in this day and age, having a cell phone is a complete necessity. It's not a luxury anymore, it's an absolute necessity. So the fact that he or she has a cell phone and

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they're still begging, you would expect that out of them anyway, it's just part of what we need and what we have just so that we function day to day. So all of these things, pinpointing what you think should be sufficient for that individual, Allah says in the La Jolla. So total risk leishmania share way I can deal a lot is the one that decides whether the risk is sufficient for somebody or not. You don't get to say to somebody, hey, I donated last week, or I donated last year, you're telling me you will need more funds again, I gave I dropped money in the donation box last week on July. Now you're saying you need more you don't get to say that none of us get to say that this is just one of

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those bad habits. When you're donating and giving for the sake of Allah you don't get to decide the you don't get to decide how risk works for somebody or organization that it's sufficient enough. I gave you X amount it should be sufficient for this mm. Because behind the scenes, you don't know what's going on. You don't know what additional expenses are happening. But even more so you don't know that person's story. You don't know what's leading them every single week. They just keep going through tough times and things get get worse and worse and worse. So when it comes to the etiquettes the attitude and the mannerisms of how we do this, it's really important for us to just stick to the

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point a lie so adult says that if you have to say no for 11 o'clock

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They may sort of then respond and say no, but do it in a gentle, easy way. Let down the person very easy in a very gentle manner. So I'm really sorry, I wish I could help you. But unfortunately, I need help myself. Unfortunately, I don't have enough funds. I'm so sorry. You just walk away and just look at them. Give them a dirty look, people do this all the time. You're walking downtown, you're walking somewhere, you're going into a mystery parking lot. somebody standing there begging, and you tell him to get out of the way or you bring sarcasm to them. How'd you get here? Where'd you come from? How'd you pay for the bus pass to come to this question and stand here and beg? How come

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I never see you pray? How come I never see you in domestic you're always out here. You know those questions. If you're an investigator or you're part of an administration or you work for that Institute, you work for that place. Fine. I can understand logistically why you need to ask. But if you're just a random person, and you want to pass off your smart tax tactics, you want to come off in a condescending, you want to be rude. You want to put the person on the spot, you want to pretend like you know everything. And unfortunately, this is where that bit of that ego that pride comes in. And you want to exercise illustrate that to the poor person, you don't know anything about their

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story, what brought them to that position, and put them on the spot. This is what Allah is saying don't do. Now, that's the first way to understand the area. When a beggar comes to you, you let them down easy if you can't give, that's one way of understanding the aim. The second way to understand the same verse is rock bottom, middle rugby, Qatar Juha that Allah is not talking to the miskeen, who's begging, but the one that the miskeen is begging from Allah is talking to that individual. So in other words, Allah is saying, if you want the ability to be able to give and help them his skin, then you need to be nice to them in the meantime, so that Allah provides for you that you can give

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to the miskeen. So I hope you see the difference now. So in other words, the path towards giving and helping others lies in how you treat others who are in need your kindness and your gentleness in terms of Okay, I don't have the funds. I'm sorry, I can't help you at this time. No judgment, no sarcasm, no condescending attitude. Nothing. You throw all of that out the window. Next day, no alarm. So Michelle says

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what I teach on the other camera Lula 1011. Okay, look at the imagery in this area for a minute. Allah subhanaw taala says what I teach are yet to come my Luna 1011 don't allow that your hands come around your throat and choke you. You know, that's an imagery in the poor and to signify or to symbolize greediness, or somebody who's behind somebody who's stingy. So a penny pincher, for example, you know, you walk into the grocery store you pull out of the tray of eggs in your life, do we really need all 12 of these eggs? So you're stingy penny pincher. This is not from the etiquettes or the attitude of a believer you don't Penny pinch everything to the point where Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says you're literally choking yourself. Now the imagery here is just imagine that when it comes time to get your hands around your neck, you're talking yourself, okay? And now it's time to give or it's time to pay or it's time to lend. You literally have to break your neck to dip into your pockets or dip into your wallets. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala says it's going to pain you so much that if you Penny pinch when it does come time to seek Allah Baraka, Allah's or his Allah's blessings, remember, nobody has ever become poor by giving. So now you have that opportunity to give. I will keep in mind there isn't a single place in the entire poor end, that Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says, money belongs to us that he gave us money. No, Allah says I lent it to you. I blessed you what ends ellner y mymail Rosa klinikum Allah says, I blessed you with this, I provided this for you one mimic from us to you. But Allah never gives ownership of that wealth to you and says, This is local. This is for you, and you own it and you can do whatever you want with it. No law says that the risk came from me and I'm telling you this is what you need to do with it right a portion of it. Part of the responsibility if you want me to give you more than you have to be able to help those who have nothing. But then allies. So these are some of the etiquettes and rules when I teach idea

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to come on Hulu Latin Isla O'Neill, what a terrible soul to have parallel boss, take a look at my arms coolala boss and don't stretch your arms wide open and you walk down to the grocery store because what happens if you do this, then you're going to start putting in things in the cart that you don't need. You're going to start buying certain

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Items, you're going to start buying certain clothing, you're just going to be shopping and you're not have a single clue why you're shopping, you're going to go to the mall every other day, you're going to buy even like an extra pair of socks and add it to your 75 pairs that you have. And you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala Forgive us, including me, we are all guilty of this, especially those of you who live in this part of the world. We're all guilty of this having just too much clothing, too much items, you know, you open a closet, you see like 75 different pieces of clothing, whether they be hijabs, bias shirts, pens, whatever. And we have like all the different colors mentalist

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kind of metallic, forgive us and bless us with humility, allow us the you know, when we enjoy some of these blessings that we don't enjoy, to the point where they are, whoa, gentle Marlena that they are going to be accountable against us on the day of judgment that Allah subhanaw taala questions us why we spent what the way that we spend, why we purchase the way that we purchased and why we had so many of the same things. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive me and forgive all of us and give us the strength to to continue to exercise that sense of humility and gratitude to him love him and me. So a lot and so Jill says Well, I tell percentile cool, lol boss. And don't ever for a moment, stretch

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your arms wide open and you start doing things that you yourself, you don't know yourself, you don't understand your limitations. Which brings me down to a next point. You know, if you get into like that moment, you know, when you go to a fundraiser when you go to a Masjid, and they start quoting to you all of these headies Be careful of this. Okay? Be careful of this. All of you. When you sit down and you listen to the spiel of the speaker, right? And they're going to start telling you Okay, brothers and sisters, do you want to go to Jenna, do you want the opportunity to go to Paradise? Do you want to seal your position and they start talking to you this way? And sure, and really just

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pause for a minute and try to listen between the lines. Because your ticket to Agenda doesn't lie at that very moment. Nobody knows what it will take that one deed that could just automatically give you a free ticket to paradise. believers should never even think that way to begin with. Why? Because in the Quran and Sunnah, we are told to constantly work to constantly do righteous deeds, not just do this one righteous deed here and there, go to main events give up ton of money and pat yourself on the back for the rest of the year. Consistency is what Allah subhana wa tada loves more so than anything else. So it's a little shady. When you hear somebody really putting you on the spot

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and hijacking you for your money hijacking you to donate. Just really take the moment and understand your level what you're able to do when that sort of how Quinlan busts so don't just say, Okay, you know what, I'm gonna give away my watch, I'm gonna do like a backup of the a lot more mm when as you sell my house, here's the thing, a book cover the love mine had a plan when he did that. When he donated his house to the mistake, he had a plan of how he continued to do business, he continued to do work. So he did that responsibly. You don't want to be like, you know, you just okay, a mathematical model, um, he sold the roof of his house so that he could buy books, and just be like,

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Okay, I'm going to sell the roof of my house though. I'm going to rip off all the tiles the ceiling and sell it off as material and I'm going to donate that money for the sake of Allah. That's irresponsible soda pop. And there is such a thing. Allah subhana wa Tada. And this egg is telling us find your place in between. Otherwise fat taco, dimmadome and maiasaura. You're going to be in a position where you're going to feel the pain and pain and you're going to be regretful, of what you did, you're going to start thinking, gosh, I wish I didn't sell my house. Gosh, I wish that I didn't really give all my money should have just gave a little bit because now I'm feeling the pain.

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Because some of the alumni believe some of the older men hold the opinion that if you have regrets after sadaqa is that regret actually nullifies the sight of God? So you don't want to be in that position? You got to know your place. I don't know what you're able to do and when to say no, I do it all the time. You know, many times where I My heart wants to donate but my pocket says hey, just relax you, you don't have what they're asking for. So just know your place. You know, sometimes and people you know, some have a lot of this. This attitude of being judgmental is such a sick attitude in the community, while lucky it's one of the most shameful things that we have within the Muslim

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community. You know, sometimes a donation bag will go by in front of the mm in front of me or in front of you know, another speaker, and certain individuals will see it and be like look at these shoe.

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They preach but they don't practice they tell us to give a look at them they can't even give. Do you have any idea the circumstance? Do you know why and if I choose or if you choose not to give at that moment, Allah is going to punish you. You're sinful at that.

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Moment. No, let's just say that if you have to refuse, then at least refuse in a respectful way. Just be quiet. Say No, thank you. Unfortunately, I can just move on. Nobody has the right to judge anyone with respect to our rituals, our intentions with us and Allah subhana wa Tada. So, in conclusion, my brothers and sisters, these two verses, and actually the third verse, verse number 25, in the La Jolla episode over is Bali mania. I didn't put it here, but we're just going to allude to it very briefly. This is the verse that puts us in our place, kind of ties all of what we've talked about in the short reminder together, that Allah subhanho wa Taala decides how long is

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continuous for an individual, you know, somebody might you might donate like, $10 to somebody and that $10 less than the entire week, you might donate the same $10 to somebody else. And that doesn't even last them 10 minutes. So a lot. So Joel decides how long money and wealth should last an individual in a la jolla suitor is Lima Yeshua, that he's the one that decides when that goes on. So if after a day or two, you come back begging again, we don't have the right to say, wait a minute, I just gave you a couple of days ago, you're already asking for more. The only time you get to do that is when things are obvious. Like somebody asks you in the morning for $100. You give them $200. And

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then they come back later on in the afternoon, I asked you for another $200 you see what I'm saying? Then you can start to ask at least probe and investigate a little bit. So you know you I gave him more than what you asked for what happened to it should have lasted you for the entire day. So you can ask questions, but to judge and ask is this is what the a is doing. Allah subhanaw taala says, in terms of you deciding how far your money should go for somebody or an organization, we don't get to do that. This brings me to the last and final point brothers and sisters, particularly with our massages, I'm talking to those who might be listening to this, who have the attitude of when they

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donate, they feel like they should be put on a pedestal, they know that they now as a result of donating and giving that they have expectations, they can make certain demands now out of the massages, first and foremost, if you do that. So when you give with the intent of getting some sort of return. And without it, you're going to be bitter or upset or you're going to regret giving. So that's the condition you give with the intention that I have to get something in return otherwise I'm not giving back anymore. This is what I was referring to in the course, when he says well at 10 non plastic film, well, you're a lot bigger possible, so it's more death, or less alive. So Angela

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says that don't you ever wish for a something in return when you're giving? Well at 10 notice. So Tim noon, Tim Nia,

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it literally means to wish so Allah says don't wish for that, that you're going to be increased in some way, some status more money more well, like don't expect that each and every single time just because you get because you don't know when and how Allah subhanho wa Taala will do that for you. So don't get involved in that conversation at some of the scholars took this aim and said that when somebody gives, expecting certain things in return, and if they don't get it, they're not going to give any more. That's it or they're going to be bitter about it. It nullifies their supply completely suck comes with attitude, it comes with a very specific intentions. And so you have to

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ensure that your heart is in the right place when you give. Now with that being said, when we're giving to these masajid

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always remember that when you donate, just trying to think of

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the nicest way to say this in a way that at least it really can cause us to sit and reflect for a moment. These are the masajid we would be lost without them. And we're tasting all of that during lockdown. How does life feel without msgid.

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And so the community must realize and acknowledge that we as a community, we have a responsibility to take care of our messages. No matter how annoying it might feel that every time you go for a job or they keep on fundraising or when the 27th ninth of Ramadan Oh, I'm not gonna go out there because everybody's just going to be fundraising. I don't want to deal with that. Actually, you're the one that loses optimistic. It's your loss. Don't think you've done yourself a favor by staying home the 27th night, just because you don't want to hear nobody asking you for money. Like that's a really sad state to be in. You had an opportunity to give on the most blessed night perhaps of the entire

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year. Of all of Islam. Probably the 20th

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Seventh night is probably easily one of the top three most blessed sit one day periods we have of our entire religion. And all you're being asked, you're not even being compelled. But you just have to listen to a spiel for 2030 minutes, an hour, whatever the case is, at least to go there and be rewarded for being patient and supporting your community. You know, you just want to at least sit there maybe you can give, but your presence shows that you need this message. You need this community to survive. So you're there in presence to support, why not just do that, and get the bottom kind of reward of being there. And so what I'm saying is that before we set out and really

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complain and put down these Institute's and these massages for always asking and relying on us, we should also know that this is the place we're going to be sending our children when they get introduced. Islam is the place where we're going to be coming to for counsel for reminders for guidance, for knowledge, so on and so forth. We are spiritually dead without our massages. And this is what a lie so which will refer to insert into a woman can I meet her once upon a time you were spiritually dead? kind of feels like that break now because we don't have access to our massage there's a part of us that's spiritually dead for now. So until an arm Allah says I'm put life in you

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what Allah do, I gave him knowledge I gave you access to the poor and you get to listen to it now you get the premium on it mmm and listened to that poor and fine after the Salah. They asked for donations. I don't know of a single method that literally hijacks people for donations. I don't know of any, although that's a loose term that's thrown around. Let's just put it in literal context for a minute. I don't know single place that says you cannot leave until you donate cannot pray until you give you can't have a thought until you pay I don't know of any. But even if that happens, I mean that's something worthy of questioning. That's something worthy of asking and investigating.

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But otherwise, this is our masajid everyone these are this is the houses of Allah is our institute. This is our place where we go and recharge our Amen. This is our spiritual gas station for our heart for our faith. So let's do what we can to support them in sha Allah leave it at that. And so May Allah subhana wa Taala give us the strength that

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those of us who might be struggling personally in our own way, may Allah subhanaw taala give you the strength, the wealth, the knowledge, the courage to get through that. Secondly, for those who are in need those who do beg those who do ask May Allah subhanho wa Taala give you the wealth and the strength that you deserve, and get you out of a difficult situation. And if this doesn't come anytime soon, may Allah subhanaw taala give you the strength, the perseverance and the patience to get through your difficult time and for all of us. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with humility. Keep us humble, keep us focused, and realize just how important blessed we are to have the

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things that we have May Allah subhanho wa Taala loves to always be counted amongst those who are blessed with humility, with patience with gratitude with content alone. I mean, does that mean lol hated everybody? This is today's short reminder until we meet again. We'll sit Mr. Lee come to love you, Obamacare.

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