Mohammad Elshinawy – 2 Reasons to Forgive Others

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The upcoming television show, Islam, is focused on forgiveness and the need for vaccinating individuals to avoid future violence. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness as a means to obtain justice and create a better culture. forgiveness is a part of one's responsibility and is used to apologise for past mistakes and avoid damaging one's relationship with someone. forgiveness is a part of one's responsibility and is a way to create a better person and culture.
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Yeah, you have Lavina on top of La Hapa Takata he Olathe moto nine now and Thomas New Moon Yeah, you're a nurse of taco rocker qumola the Halacha comin F sinuata Wirkkala Carmen has algebra with her in humanity Geralyn Cathy wrong when he says

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watercolor her levy it is gonna be here all our hand in Namaha can Alikum Raptiva Yeah, you're Latina and on top of La our Kulu Poland sadita. You slept local Morocco we have been looking through but when when you're querying data, or Rasulullah, who for further further fills and Alima

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All praise is due to Allah and we praise Him and continue to praise him while recognizing we can never fully praise Him.

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And we turn to Allah seeking protection from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds. For whomever Allah guide this is a great gift that no one can take away and no and whomever Allah leaves without guidance, no one can ever guide them. And we testify that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme King, that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was setting them was in truth, his prophet, and his servant and His messenger.

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After welcoming my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah azza wa jal on this blessed day in this blessed month, and reminding myself I knew with the tempo of Allah subhanho wa taala, to live a life conscious of him, watchful of him, loving of him, consistently dutiful to him. subhanho wa taala.

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This is the month of forgiveness. And this is the month of Taqwa.

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And we said Taqwa is the summary of your relationship with Allah in the past.

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And we said of the signs that you are bettering your relationship with Allah, one of the signs, in addition to you being diligently present at your appointments with him in ritual, ritual devotion, in addition to you being experiencing that spiritual connection, of the signs that your relationships with people are being better. And a part of that is you being, as we said, more forgiving of others when they infringe on your rights when they trespass against you when they violate you.

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So in an effort to bring us there, we spoke about this and it should have been done before Ramadan, but Ramadan absolutely cannot end without us getting through it. If we haven't already forgiving others that have wronged us. How can we do that? I want to offer you two thoughts, two reasons to forgive others to help you forgive others. The first of them may really surprise you. The first reason I want to give you to forgive others, is the fact that Allah never said that you have to.

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You may think how can that encourage me to forgive someone if I don't have to? That is actually part of the genius that shitty legislation the wise laws of Islam is that they tell you, it's your right whether you forgive or not.

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Because if I felt like I had to forgive and turn the other cheek when I get slapped, and I had no say in the matter, Allah knows we would be less likely to do it, we would be rebellious against that. Because Allah created us as moral creatures. We know justice, we like justice, we expect justice, especially when it's justice for us. And so to say, injustice, just live with it, just forgive it just act like it didn't happen. Islam does not call to that. And that is why Islam produced the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the most forgiving human being ever produced the Sahaba who are unmatched in their forgiveness of violations against them, the tampereen was one of

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them and so on and so forth. You know, I once heard

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after the massacre, you know, when that monster entered the masjid in New Zealand and Christchurch and opened fire with his automatic weapon and killed over 50 of our brothers and sisters. There was, you know, a video clips circulating on the internet going viral, you know, supposedly espousing, you know, the forgiveness of Islam. The preacher was saying, we must forgive the shooter. And we must love our enemies. Because if you do not forgive the shooter, you are not a true follower of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam who forgave his enemies, and this is absolutely unacceptable. You overflow

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Kiss on the forgiveness of Islam at the expense of its justice and how it actually gets people to forgive.

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of the ways it gets people to forgive others is by telling them, we're validating your grievances. You are absolutely right. It's up to you. Will you now be gracious and forgive? That is how you do it.

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I once met a,

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a doctor from a professor from another university who was traveling the world on tour. His PhD was in comparative religion and he said to me, when in Europe he met a man that had an amazing story of why he became Muslim. You know, in Europe by the 80s, the death penalty was gone. You had no right to demand the death penalty for someone who killed a family member of yours.

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And so this I met a man who said to me, the reason I became Muslim I had read the Quran, and I was amazed by the Quran the message of the Quran was so pure, so upright so perfect, but there was one area in the Quran I couldn't get past. And that was when Allah asila Jen said and Susan Bacara welcome, Philippine saucy. Hyah Tonia Ali Al Bab.

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And you have in this law of clean sauce, the sauce is legal retribution, its retaliation its eye for an eye, in stating eye for an eye in our city. That is a means to life to preservation of life. He's it doesn't make sense. That is more death, not more life, if the killer gets killed that sue people getting killed instead of one. So that's death, not life.

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Of course, he did not realize he was a product of his environment. That's why he couldn't understand society has said we have moved on with progress. We're bigger than killing people.

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He didn't realize this. And that is why he overlooked the other eye ads in the Quran which said, Well, I used to read Phil Gazzaley Inaho cannon on Surah let no let no one go on a rampage because we will get him his do right. The government will get you your due right. Meaning I for an eye. He couldn't see this that without this in place. People will take the law into their own hands. The she has said to me until Allah azza wa jal bless this man with an opportunity to understand the idea how what undid you know, all of the conditioning of society, someone actually killed his brother.

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He said, I remember sitting there in the courtroom on the day of sentencing, and said, Wait, they're just gonna, like, let him have like a five star stay in a prison.

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I'm gonna kill him. If they don't kill him, and the law is not going to help him, get that demand, I'm going to kill him. And then if I kill him, it's going to create me have more people will come after me, his families or so on and so forth. That's what's going to happen. He said, so I have understood the I have finally Allah removed, you know, that blockage from me, and he embraced the Quran officially and wholeheartedly and became Muslim. So that is the whole idea that I want you to focus on.

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That you should forgive because Allah is putting it in your hands, whether you want to forgive or not.

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Of course, that does not mean in your hands that you are allowed as a Muslim to be consumed by your vengeance, never that we should never be those people you should demand justice. But if you let it take over your mind, you will be unjust to others because of the first one that that wronged you. And also it does not mean that if someone is not validating your grievance, someone is not apologizing, that you have to forgive them either. Just I wanted to clarify that. You know, Allah azza wa jal says feminine alpha will also allow for a Jew who Allah Allah is the One who pardons others. And by doing that reforms, people, so the person who really wants who says I'm sorry, right?

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Seek for seeking forgiveness for them, are you forgiving them, letting it go, so to make them a better person to allow them to grow out of their past? That is one Angelou who Allah Allah, His reward is with Allah and he didn't even name his reward, meaning it's something special. So it's your right to demand justice. Absolutely. But if it's going to be the greater good, I'm asking you to forgive as the early generations ascended to that moral height and they forgive and they have a very special reward that so much better than the reward of vengeance, because yes, you're allowed to have it but what's it gonna do? It's not going to bring your relatives life back, right? It's not

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going to make the pain disappear. It will satisfy you a bit. So get what's better and more or less thing. That's how we slammed it. And the second tip after the break in sha Allah to Allah for the Holy head that was stuck for Allah Halima.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Vandana Shiva La ilaha illallah who had the Hodor Che Guevara who

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shadow under Mohammed Abdullah whenever you want to sort of

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before getting to the second reason to forgive, I just want to say one thing. You realizing that you don't have to forgive someone should also help you. When other people choose not to forgive you right away. They don't have to. You don't even Iacobelli Salam when his sons did what they did.

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He said to them what? Sir Estelle Pharaoh Lachlan Rafi I will in the future, seek forgiveness for you from my Lord. Why they say in the future, maybe he wanted to wait to see whether they were genuine or not. It's possible that scholars have given that interpretation others but he didn't say okay fine. Because sometimes you are upset at someone because that someone refused to forgive you. So like we create this like double alienation. And we lead him he doesn't have to forgive you to begin with. Take it easy. Give them their space, give them their time. That may be the very thing they need it could take an hour could just take a week. Just let it go. Don't burn the card forever.

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Here's the second reason why you should forgive others.

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Stop thinking about whether or not they deserve to be forgiven. Do you know why? Because we want to be forgiven by Allah azza wa jal and we don't deserve to be forgiven. So let's forgive them for a chance that Allah forgiving us. It's that simple. Because think about your relationship with Allah Tabata Cotai. If he were to take his bounty all he spent on you and measure it against your good deeds, your good deeds can never keep up. You were in debt. So how are you in debt to him forever? Good deeds are not enough. Where is there room for bad deeds and yet we still defy the one that we have not repaid yet. Your we don't deserve to be forgiven. We purely rely on this bounties on our

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time. And so same thing you know, the Quran use this very method is very reasoning with the best of us with our backers. So therefore the other one

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when obika son, daughter, I shall not do Levana was accused by Abdullah and obey that the head of hypocrites that she committed a haram act she had a haram relationship. One of those who did what many righteous amongst us do we fall into circulating news or just gossiping or repeating and he said, you know, here people are saying they're saying I wish XY and Z miss the heart of the Allah one a relative Oh Buck fell into it. He said he was of those who circulated it, by repeating Abu Bakr Slovenia could not believe it. This is a relative of mine, saying this about my daughter, despite the fact that this is a poor man from my family that I spend on Nova crystal de la tradesmen

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every now and again a chunk of money will come his way he would portion a part of it and family he would spend on this madness. And so he swore by Allah that He would never forgive him never spend on him again. So how did Allah azza wa jal address this mindset?

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He addressed it with the idea and sort of a note, I'll read to you a part of it. Allah says while I am utterly alone, fugly, Minco Messiah, the people of virtue and amongst you, and wealth, that's right, he's running if you're a man of virtue, deal with him on your standards, not his, you're a person of virtue and you're a person that Allah gave wealth to. You should not be swearing about this lady attorney and ILA who

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should not be spared the swearing that they will no longer spend on the core and the needy and the relatives. And then Allah azza wa jal says to him, Allah to a buena you have fear Allah who like him, don't you wish that Allah would forgive you? Meaning forgive others, so Allah may forgive you? Because the relationship is very similar. Also, Allah spends on us. And Allah has so much bounty on us that we're in debt. And we want that to keep coming and we want Him to forgive us. So forgive others. Forgive. Those are two reasons. Number one, you don't have to forgive. So be gracious and forgive. Number two, you need to be forgiven. So forgive

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in this month of Ramadan.

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You know, even Josie Rahim Allah says and with this I close,

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that the Ramadan is like Yusuf alayhi salam, there are 12 months in the year. You know, and the most beloved of them is Ramadan to Allah azza wa jal the same way I thought we had 12 sons and the most beloved of them to him was Yusuf. And at the end of the story, despite all the mess that happened, for the new I have this one use of ALLAH forgive the 11

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or 10 the rest ALLAH forgive the rest. And so you as well when make do i And Ramadan so Allah me for

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Give me your entire year. But part of making dua is making your DUA eligible. Send things forward qualify, get good stamps on your application, get good endorsements. Your greatest endorsement for Allah's forgiveness is to forgive others. May Allah azza wa jal make us of those who earn this forgiveness before the month is out and liberate us from the fire make our presence in his house in this month for us and not against us. May Allah Azza did forgive are sick and have mercy on our deceased and spend on us and continue to spend on us despite our sins and have mercy on us despite our meager good deeds. May Allah forgive us what only He knows about us make what is remaining of

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our life better than what has passed and the very best day of our life the day that we meet him Subhana Allah Allah, Allah McWilliams you mean honestly mattes Allah Milena no benefit.

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Well, it's rough and FE M Medina with a bit up them and I will soon I'll call me Catherine Allahumma phyllanthus bene, what else? Let that be Nina Wadena Sula, salam, WA sallahu wa salam O baba Carnaby and I'm Hamid Voila, early. He was on the edge marine

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