Acts Discouraged in Ramadhaan

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Now we move on to the second part of the show, which is to discuss the discouraged acts. Can you now briefly outline the discuss the discouraged acts during fasting during Ramadan, that further discourage during fasting can be divided into three categories.

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The first is acts

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that are discouraged, which are contrary to the sooner fasting. Number two acts which are discouraged during the month of Ramadan, which are otherwise also prohibited.

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Number three, the other acts which are discouraging them from

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books is IKEA. Could you just mention the acts which are discouraged,

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which are contrary to the Sunnah of fasting, the actual discouraged and quantity The sooner besides the ones we said should be recommended, I won't repeat that. It just the opposite. It is a person should not say the Nia aloud

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while fasting, the Nia it should not be said aloud. Number two is a person should not eat excessively during a star on the night. Number three appositional get angry. Point number four is that people read the therapy very fast. They rush to the therapy. And point number five is people socialize during ethica which are the actions discouraged in Ramadan, which are also prohibited otherwise, could you say something about those actions the actions which are normally prohibited and specifically doing them none also it's prohibited. It is backbiting and centering number one of the major sins. Number two

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is for false speech

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and telling lies. Number three is verbal abuse and swearing. Number four is vulgar speech. Number five is rumor mongering and gossiping. Number six is false action. Number seven is

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listening to an Islamic songs and music. Number eight is watching an Islamic programs on the television and uneconomic movies. Number nine is reading an Islamic magazines and reading an Islamic books. Number 10 is going to uninstall comic websites. Number 11 is

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wastage of food. And number 12 is extravagance and being spendthrift