Concept of Consanguineous Marriages in Islam

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Good evening. My name is Rahul, I work at agency in Media City, I have to say up confrontation handled academic office season. Okay.

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And I would like to ask you questions on two topics with respect.

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The first is, I do agree with you that when you marry your direct brother, the likelihood of handicapped children is very, very high. But I also agree to the fact that God Man was created with one pair and then they propagate it from there. But when you put the two together, it creates a little confusion. Because if you marry your sister, which, obviously the first few days, we should all be some level of handicap, you know, my Salomon Brothers, very good question. He tried to link the question that was asked yesterday. And the question asked today, I wasn't there yesterday.

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Anyway, the question was yesterday was that if all humankind has been cleared from one pair of male and female, how did humanity come into existence? So then I said they that the rules that time was, today the rule is that madding among close, brothers and sisters is incest. But that time the rule was that you cannot marry brothers and sisters the same delivery, Adam and Eve, the first pair of human beings later on their children, but marrying business sister of same delivers prohibited but different delivers permitted, different, I'm sorry, different deliveries, delivery brothers and sisters born in the same delivery, they were not permitted to marry, but different deliveries they

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were permitted. And later on, the rule came that marrying brother and sister were the same delivery, different deliveries privated. The rules keep on changing. But the final concept, the basic theme, coming to a question that if humanity has evolved, then Adam and Eve, they would have been handicapped. So that's why I'm telling you it is not 100% that if a brother and sister married, they should be handicapped. It's not at all 100% Chances are more maybe one person maybe 2%. It's not 100% at all. For example, if you have extramarital sex, not that you will get AIDS.

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It's not a must to get STD chances are there, whatever. It's not a must. For example, if we jump from the first floor,

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if we jump from first floor, the chances you'll die chances Yes, what maybe 1%, maybe 2% If you jump from 100 floor chances maybe 99 Correct. I agree. So just because if I tell you if you jump from first till you may die, that doesn't mean you have to die,

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chances maybe half percent point 1% First, who is not very high. Similarly there are chances doesn't mean that the person will have genetic problems. This is what when you pose a question, you should know the percentage, the percentage is very small. And furthermore, that proves that previously it wasn't the case.

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So what we realize that this is not a must.

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It's not a must. But previously in olden days, yes, brothers and sisters also got married, but that nothing happened.

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It's not a very high chances and doctors, is it possible? Any doctor? Is it possible? If brother sister got married and did not agentic problem very much possible no one can debate. Chances are they will happen. So that's how humanity was devolved. And the ruling about the conservative majority told you earlier say