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Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of support for the opposition to the presence of the Israeli embassy in the US. He criticizes the lack of support and the lack of actions taken by many leaders, including President Biden. He also talks about the legacy of the previous president and the need for a legacy to be created for the new president.
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I found this video painful to watch

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Sarah multicam so recently I came across a video of Erin Bushnell.

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Erin Aaron was in active duty US airmen who wanted to protest against the genocide and Eliza.

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And in this video is the last moments of his life before his protest. So as he's making his way to protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, let's just watch this together. And we'll have a chat about it is Aaron Bush, now

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an active duty member

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of the United States Air Force.

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And I will no longer be complicit

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in genocide.

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I'm about to engage in an extreme active protest. But compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the hands of their colonizers is not extreme at all.

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This is what our ruling class has decided, will be normal.

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So I found this video,

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painful to watch.

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Because he is a young man at the prime of his youth,

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with his whole life ahead of him.

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decent man, it seems patriotic, serving his country, active duty Airman

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and probably has family and friends.

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an amazing sense of sense of justice. Because we all feel the pain of injustice.

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But very few of us to this acute level where we actually get up to do something about it.

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And even fewer to the level where they would accept pain and sacrifice to their person in order to make the point that an injustice is being done.

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But such was this man,

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a hero a few really think about it. And although I don't condone the practice, I don't think anyone should harm themselves as painful as life gets sometimes, and I don't and our faith does not condone anyone taking their own lives or self harming.

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But whilst I say that I can, I can see the noble qualities in this young man.

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And I would like to extend my condolences to his family and his friends

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and his comrades, and in the Air Force. They must all be feeling the loss and the pain of what happened. And anger and resentment at the dealership and the country

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that has been so deaf to his screams. So blind to his plight, and not only this young man, probably millions of others who feel the same but might not be at the level to do this level of protest and no nor should they have to.

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But this young man gave up his life because soon after this he died

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so that he could wake up his country so that he could change the path of his government so that his commander in chief could wake up.

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Good step on the path of justice could avoid being on the wrong side of history again.

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But unfortunately, President Biden has

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refused to budge. And after a long, illustrious career,

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he will end his career by being known as genocide jaw,

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a man who enabled genocide, a man who supported genocide, a man who protected genocide, a man who was quiet in the face of genocide.

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Five long months of endless bombardment, five long months of suffering five months of little children, shivering in the cold, without food, dying from malnutrition.

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Months of babies being amputated without an

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anaesthetic injection,

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no power, no electricity, and unlike any other time in history, documented, captured, recorded on cameras, and he refuses to believe it and he refuses to act on it. And it could for him, it's as easy as picking up the phone

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and saying this has to stop.

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And that we will not supply another cent to you or I to you or equipment to you. Unless you withdraw completely from us. And let Aiden help come in. It's as easy as that.

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And for other senators and other leaders, they might be worried about how do I get elected into another term of office?

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Realistically speaking, President Biden is at the end of his career.

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And I think the last thing on his

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radar should be another term, because already he finds difficulties functioning,

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you know, in the normal requirements of the job, it would be prudent for him to think how do I What legacy do I leave behind?

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What will I be remembered by?

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What good can I do for humanity, and the good is self evident, like five months, and

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you and your friends have not been able to achieve any of your military objectives. Focus on the humanitarian one

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and the genocide

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and the killing and the murder of babies and people dying and you know, in the cold freezing in the snow,

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let it go in,

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rebuild, as

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that would be a good legacy to leave behind.

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Create a viable, lasting solution for the region. That would be appropriate.

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But instead it seems that you will given an opportunity

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at the end of your career,

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to leave a brilliant mark. Yet it looks like you've dropped the ball and made a mess of it and will be remembered as a president who supported enabled protected allowed a genocide to happen under his watch and under his nose.

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Sad endings so far as endings go

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