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Common Errors In Ramadan

Zakir Naik


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Are there any common errors that you can mention relationship to culture and country?

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All the errors that I mentioned earlier with general Muslims throughout the world, there are some errors which are made mainly by people living in certain country wrote a certain culture, for example, in the Indian subcontinent that many people live in India and Pakistan and Sri Lanka

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during Ramadan, many of the Muslims in the night they play night cricket

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and they spend most of the time in night cricket rather than doing a bother of Allah subhanaw taala. So, this playing night cricket is more common in the Indian subcontinent.

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If you go to the Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries, there many of the offices

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many of the working places that is in the market, etc. They change the timings. They hardly work for a couple of hours in the daytime, and they open most of the time during night. So what happens it encourages people to do shopping in the night, rather than the day and they get more business and they inviting people rather in spending time in women, Allah subhanaw taala Muslim spend the time in shopping in eating during nighttime. And furthermore, those people who are employed in the shops they're forced to come at nighttime because it's the duty so these Muslims live in preventing their employees

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rather than a mimic Allah Spano tala, involving themselves in business and spending most of the time in activities which are not 100%