Zakir Naik – Can Zakaat be given to a Cousin who has a Mother and a Husband for her Medical Treatment

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of "yeah face book" in Islam and how it can be given to a cousin for medical treatment. They explain that the "yeah face book" is in chapter nine verse 60 and can be given to anyone who falls into the "yeah face book" category. The "yeah face book" is designed to help cousin avoid falls into the "yeah face book" category.
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There's a question on the face book by amener Islam Siobhan. The name sounds like the formula dish. Can I give my Zakat for my cousin's treatment purpose? She has her mom and her husband. The question boys is that can I give the car to my cousin for some medical treatment? Yes, if your cousin doesn't have the means, and if she's not rich enough and cannot take the treatment you can, it can either come in two or three different categories. There are eight categories with a cat can be given. It's in Surah Tauba, chapter nine verse 60. That is a car can be given to Pokhara a person who's poor, the car can be given to masakan, a person who's needy to an ambulance to colleagues a car to mall a

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football Polo, with hardest coming towards Islam, or a cub for freeing a slave of Harriman and letter. It can be to anybody Sabine, a wayfarer and feasable in the way of Allah. As far as for treatment is concerned. If your cousin is a foe Kira is poor doesn't have an A sub level of savings of more than 85 grams of gold, she because you can give it to her, or she may be having the saving of more than a sub level, but she may not have enough money to do a treatment, she may have inherited back or she may have some kidney problem. She may not be a fukada, but she may be needy, she may not have enough money to the treatment. So if your cousin falls into the category where she

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doesn't have enough money herself to pay very well you can pay from your succoth money in the masakan category, or she's poor in the Pokhara category, or in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. If she falls in any of these three categories, very well you can give

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