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Not to Jackie like and friends.

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I admit my privilege to be here this morning

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to hear this talk by Dr. Saki lyac, the president of Islamic Research Foundation.

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And I was really impressed by it.

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I am a Hindu, but don't go to the temples. Neither introduce religion in my politics I belong to the Congress.

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Here those who came to hear Dr. Taki like shoulda seen and realized that he is a person who has to do with Islam religion, and He will speak only on Islam religion, and I feel it very unhappy that some of the people will introduce religion in politics, tried to obstruct his speech by asking inconvenient questions, may ask them a question Have they read weathers have they read?

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Have you read any of the religious scripts or because it is convenient to be a Hindu to come in power, they want to converse in Legion. My submission is most respectful submission is here I came to hear a Muslim scholar on the topic, what his allegiance wants to convey whether I accept or I don't accept it and everything. But I will tell you,

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that the Hindu religion is there for 1000s of years.

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And Islam religion has come 1400 years back,

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it is a religion which has come up after seeing the cross tortured by other religions of the people of the world. And therefore, that is a religion which is more socialistic, and has given the method also how to implement. I remember in 1978, when I contest it from China, from this building, I met my friend Isaak nirbhay lead, okay. And he gave me the translation of Quran in English, which are gone through before I contested election, I still remember to read the contribution of the Muslim in the freedom movement of India, a book written by author and I'm just telling my friends here for talking about religion in Hinduism, that it was the wahabis, who first stood against the British in

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1833. It is not the Hindu that collected together to fight the battle of independence. It was a Muslim of battle, and it is unfortunate that we don't most of us don't go to either. It is unfortunate for this country that but it is really equally unfortunate that some persons want to canvass it and make it a point in politics to introduce religion. I am really impressed by this speech. I have learned a lot. Not that I agree with whatever he has said. But it's a way of thinking and certainly deserves serious consideration. And I am thankful to him I thank you all.

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May I now request respected advocate Dr. hingorani to present his presidential address. Dr. Nayak

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My friends.

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I'm really honored to have been

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asked to preside over this function. Though of course, in a way I can see filling manner.

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But even then,

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I'm really proud to be here and associated with the thoughts which are expressed by Dr. Nayak.

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I'm not an expert on any religion, either mine are of doctors artists. But one thing I can claim that I was born in a place where Islam was first

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brought in to the shores of India I come from province known as sin.

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For the first time in my life, I have heard a Muslim scholar, though I have heard so many Muslim Alana's

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who can understand and really read the things comparatively not only from an exclusive point of view, as normally it is misunderstood by us that Islam is an exclusive religion only meant for compartmental people who believe in certain things and who disbelieve in other things, when he said that we should bring out the commonalities, the common things between the different religions first, and then disagree upon the points which we do not agree upon. I think this is one of the best statement that I heard in my life. Once I had heard Dr. radhakrishnan is speaking in the same men on the comparative religions of India. And after that, after about 50 years, I heard Dr. Nice to speak

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That there are certain common themes.

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And really there are certain common things because when he spoke about the

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taqwa is an Arabic word, I think that is the pronunciations. And he said it is God consciousness, I was reminded of my own Shabbat is him Kashmiri Shiva ism, which also talks about the God consciousness as being the fundamental force in life, that everything emanates from it. It is not born, it is not created, it is not come out of the womb of a woman, it is self evident suamico it is there in existence. Since time immemorial, when the time had not started, Shiva was there. And when he talked about God consciousness, I was reminded of that Hinduism as such, is not restricted only to Vedanta. The four Vedas also very difficult to understand, of course, he has studied them. I bow

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before his his collar Nina's and I feel that what he says is correct. And I quite agree with him. That Hindu word is a geographical connotation. And I'm proud to say that it came into existence because of the sin. When the foreigners came to India. They tried to cross the Indus River, especially secunda.

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And he said that it is Sindhu it is it was, it was told to him that the name of this river is Hindu. And being an Iranian or a uni, he could not pronounce Hindu. He said it is the Hindu, half the Hindu they call seven reverses after Hindu, seven reverse. So I'm proud that the word Hindu has come because the sin was there. And really in India, we need

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this type of thing because much misconception has gone there that Muslims are terrorists. Somebody asked a question. I mean, I think this is the most reprehensible statement that was ever made, that Muslims are terrorists. This is all nonsense and it should be curbed. And it is because of this that we feel that we are so insecure in this country. You You cannot treat a Muslim as a terrorist because he's a Muslim. He's a fundamentalist, if he is a fundamentalist, of the color of Dr. Knight, I welcome him I welcome into my house.

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And you must also know of course, I have to talk about these things which are never wanted, because when I came I had any spiritual experience by his talk. But then recently, two, three days back, there was a news in the paper that the frontman for the person in Dubai is a Hindu.

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I'm referring to Dr. Ramesh Sharma. He is the man who they claim to be the person who coordinated all the words of doubt sitting in now whom will you say a Hindu is a terrorist or a Muslim is a terrorist.

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Therefore, please forget these things. Forget about Muslims have been there. Bad kings from Muslims. Were there bad kings from Hindus were there and they need to be improved. But you can't say or hold anything against Dr. Knight for what allowed him killed he did in his times are what they did to his brothers are what a burden. These things are nonsense. These are facts of history which you have to gloss over. You want to live in this country. Try to understand the common things between the parties. Bring them out. I'll Lucas Dr. Nayak to go into Hindu congregations and try to make them understand what Islam stands for. And as for my personal belief is concerned. I think Islam is one

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of the greatest things that has happened to this world. Thank you very much for giving me this honor and hearing me out