Can the Interest Money which is Haraam be given in Charity

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The third question is from sayfullo Hussain annoy. I am robell

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from Manila dish.

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My question is, I have a savings account which provides me interest and I want to give it to the poor people. Is it possible?

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a similar question is posed by finance Fatima, can we give interest money in charity?

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a similar question from Hassan Abu Bakar. Sir, I have a bank account which has interest, could I remove the interest amount without taking it from the account, but giving from other source? What can I do with this interest? From the question posed by these three questioners, it is clear that they realize that interest in Dubai is haram

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and Allah mentions the word Riba in the Quran no less than eight times and Allah clearly mentioned in Surah Baqarah chapter number two was number 278 and 279 that if you give up not your demands for Riba for interest, then take notice of a war from Atlantis.

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Riba is a major sin in Islam and according to Imam Abu Dhabi, he places Riba interest as 12 major sin in Islam, our beloved Prophet Musa Rossum said, it's mentioned Mr. That Allah came and did number two to five nine, a beloved prophet masala, some said there are 73 levels or 73 types of rubber and the lowest level is equivalent to doing dinner with your mother. It says I had it the lowest level of Riba is like doing dinner with your mother that for a beloved Prophet said and Allah says that if you give up not your demands of Riba of interest, take notice of a war from Allah and His result. There is hardly any thing you can find in the Quran or the Hadith in which Allah says,

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Allah will wage a war against you, if you indulge in that sin.

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Imagine it is such a grievous hinny a sin Rama

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regarding the question posed by

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all three questioners, that what to do with the interest money, then we give in charity 10 entocort from the bank and giving charity tend to keep the money in the bank and gift from outside equivalent amount in charity as far as taking interest money giving a charity if you have to take the interest money giving charity before giving, you have to take. So taking Ribeira so even if you take rebind, giving charity when that era, the moment you take interest, you're waging a war against one another. So there's no question of taking, even taking the Riba and giving the charities around. You have already done that, by giving in charity, you are lowering the degree but yet the Haram act is done.

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If you ask me the question, I did not know till today, rabbis haram and I already have interest What to do? That's a separate question.

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But if someone says I'll keep the money in the bank, and I'll give the interest

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to the poor people,

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I would ask them to question and I've asked this question too many, I know there are some scholars who say that no problem keep it in the bank, take the money and give it in charity is permitted I disagree with these columns totally. I would like to ask them that if I asked you that can i deal in drugs in cocaine brown sugar, or can I open at a call factory

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and I invest $1 million and full 100% profit I get more than a million dollar a year I give that full seven and a half crore Indian rupees in charity. Is it permissible? 100% reason why I said why it's wrong.

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If that is haram, having alcohol or dealing in alcohol or in drugs, it is the 19th major sin in the book of a mama double major sins and Riba is 12 major sin, so when you can give me permission for the higher mind to give me permission for the loss and and imagine when you deal in alcohol, though it's a major sin, our land is the soul doesn't wage a war against you. But when you're dealing in Riba whether giving or taking Allah and literally waging a war against you, when you're giving me permission to take the profit

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of interest, money, and giving charity and no problem, you should also give me permission to have an alcohol company 100% giving charity Let me deal in drugs, cocaine, brown sugar, no scholar will give you permission to deal in cocaine and 100% you can give charity.

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Famously, same thing in Russia when you're dealing in Russia, it is spoiling the society I've given a full talk on

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interest free economy promulgated by the Glorious Quran, it makes a poor man more poor and OLED is the sulphate of war. So, according to me taking interest meant giving a charity also Haram, there may be a situation that today you have come to know it is haram.

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And you already have interest when you want to do that I can answer, but if you shall keep on continuing keeping in the bank and take the interest and giving charity that is totally Haram, Allah is a fool will wage a war against you, it is totally prohibited, if you did not know till now, and today we have come to know then what can you do with the money that can be answered, and many scholars the goon option, for example, Chairman Botha said that this money you can give in paying debts of the other people. But natural all the scholars say that the interest money you cannot utilize for yourself,

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though you cannot take interest. But if it's the last resort, it has come due to unwillingness, for example, there is pension, in the pension without your permission, they keep it in some interest based investment. It's coming without your willingness. That's a different question. Or you have

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someone in your job or your company, it comes in directly in which you have no control, but you cannot yourself open a savings account or a fixed deposit and then give the money to it. No, that's not permitted. If you did, and you say I will never do it again, then I can tell you what can you do with the money number one, you can give it to the debtors. Those one debt. Number two, you can use it for building toilets or bathrooms. Number three, you can give to charity to the poor people but you can't give it in charity to your dependents, you can give it to your son or daughter they are dependents you can give to a mother and father they are dependents. In short, you cannot give it to

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those people who you will inherit from In short, and neither can you give it to those people which is your duty to take care of them. You cannot give it to someone who you're supposed to take care of, you can give it to a third party who is not under your care. But as far as debt is concerned according to check in with aimia you can even give to those people who are under your care whether it be a son whether it be a father, because that is not a liability or liability to take care of the data relevant. So, if your father or if your son or your daughter is in debt, you can use that money for them also normal Zakat you can use for a dependent but for debt you can similarly this money

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what you have which unwillingly came to you you can use this interest money for paying the debt even if you're dependent on anyone else you can use it for poor people or not your dependents you can use for charity or for building toilets, but see to it that you do not continue indulging in the rebar because Allah is very clear cut that if you want to repent there are minimum of five things that you should do number one agree it is wrong. So now you have agreed that rabbis wrong Okay, number two stop it immediately. That was a Virginia account. You can't tell continue.

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You have to stop that account put in the current account. If you think it is a requirement to have a bank account okay I have a current account. I lived in India we live in non Muslim countries. And you can have a current account current account doesn't involve a bi dot see to it that you open an account in which there is no Riba some accounts have been opened a current account which is absolutely free of Riba because when you open a savings account, you're assigning you're giving them permission to use your money and give you rebar. If you open a fixed deposit, then you're giving them permission to use your money and they're giving you a report that's totally wrong. So, if you

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have an account with a fixed deposit or if you have a savings account converted to a Riba free current account, then what money if you can give it in the ways that have told you regarding if you have money in the bank and you have outside money yes, you can swap it no problem but fee to it, but you cannot continue with that account even that's wrong, what you have to do you have to come out of that account

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and open a current account. If you feel that keeping money in your house is difficult it is not safe again keep in the bank or you may have to involve in making transaction by cheque which may be a legal requirement. Open a current account which is absolutely free from it but best is to open an Islamic bank and current account.

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Next Best is if there is no Islamic bank, in your country or in the area we are living. second best if you can open a conventional bank but see to it it is a current account free from Riba what Rabbi you had because of your ignorance that you can give it to the poor people. It is permissible