Waleed Basyouni – Ramadan is Coming, Are You Ready?

Waleed Basyouni
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hamdulillah who want to stay in who want to study who want to start Pharaoh one out of 11 sharone unforeseen Omen Satya Molina, manga de la philomel de La Hoya uwchlan Farah hodja Allah wa Chateau La ilaha illAllah hora de hula Sheree Kara wash. Mohammed and Abdo Rasulo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali he also be Assemblyman lomita Sleeman, kathira ameba, all praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam his family's companions and his followers and until the day of judgment, I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final

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messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, were two months away from Ramadan.

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Two months away from Ramadan, Raja coming then Sham ban and Ramadan will start.

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And that's really incredible.

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You know, taking consideration like we're staying home most of the time. times still flying very fast.

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But still, like we just think about I just fast drama and this every year we say that and Amazon will keep coming and yours will keep moving. And we're getting older and we're getting farther away from the dounia and closer to the author.

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It is important for us to remember the trauma bond is a month it's so dear to us. Every year it comes and it's so dear to Allah Subhana Allah because it was meant for Allah Allahu Tada. Yeah, you have Latina man coochie coo, COO, coo coo, coo teavana Latina, amin Kamini, comme la laguna de PUE. Over you believe a CMO was prescribed upon you, as it was prescribed upon nations before you. So you may attain taqwa. attain a taqwa

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a taqwa which is the goal of this sin. It is something that we all been ordered to seek and to have. Yeah, you have NASA Dakota. Yeah. Are you Hi Latina Amano. topo la tokachi

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a taqwa as levels. And one of the most beautiful definition for it. Being here hopefully that

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will ama will be Tenzin while canal to below Colleen, what is that Leo

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is simple. But it is difficult.

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It is easy to be understood. But there is a big challenge associated with it when it comes to the implementation. It's to fear the Almighty Allah and to do and to submit to His orders to be content with what he gave you. And to be always prepared for the day that you will leave this dunya

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It is part of our nature that we always prepared ourselves for the big things that's gonna happen. If you have a wedding coming up, or your son or daughter's wedding, you prepare for it. If you have a big deal or a big occasion that you care for it so much you'll prepare for it. That's right. Even in our daily life, Allah Subhana Allah we meet him five times a day he ordered us to prepare ourselves for that meeting for the salon to make revoke and to dress nice who do Xena to come into Co Ltd. Every time you pray Allah, Allah said, Every time you pray, Allah said make sure that you dress properly.

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Even by the way at home

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a lot of people don't know that and I know one brother was telling me like one of his family member got surprised when the song wearing some nice clothes. What are you going he's gonna I'm just gonna pray.

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I just don't feel it's appropriate to pray in the pajama. You know, I just want to sit in the Quran. Who do Xena to come in the domestic domestic yeah and equally McCann Salam mustard, Ramayana Salah, Elisa mustard, the lower Lebanon model. Have them in by Viola the last month Allah said yeah, and he beautified herself every time you about to mix the jute amount to make salon

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and in Juma and specifically would be even older to what to dress extra nice and to be perfumes for men. And to have a shower take a shower by Bosley Juma and rhythm and Hades, Buffy I thought on kathira so this month in Ibiza, Lolo Aria Southern told us about it and I lost my dad told us about it and it's a very important

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dates in our calendar as Muslim this month. So obviously we should think from now about how to prepare ourselves from for Ramadan. And I want to share with you a few quick points. Point number one, make sure from now that you have a pure good intention for so many good deeds that you plan and you want to do in the month of Ramadan have the intention from now I'm ready shallow Ramadan comes out fast. We are living in a time where we saw with our own eyes that we lost people in no time. Set proper problem

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in no time. So

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when you see people die before the month of Ramadan arrive, they just died

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and we lost them.

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Some people from Irvine came last year they couldn't fast because they were sick. Some people Ramadan came they couldn't pray even Juma when most of us and taraweeh but if you had the intention to do all this, you will get the reward of all of this because you have an excuse for not being able to do it. So make sure that from now on you have this intention for doing the good and good intention not only will guarantee you the agenda and the reward, but also it will open the door for good deeds when the time comes. a layup on a Yalla Mila who ficolo become higher and you take them higher ah you can hire a member of a Domingo. If Allah sees goodness in your hearts, he will give

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you better and He will give you good and better than what has been taken from you. When it comes to selling a condo in Manoa, you will get what you intend what you want that's why Allah subhana wa tada sees what's in our hearts, what's in our what is our what our intentions are, and based on how much sincere you are, Allah Subhana Allah you are feeling like he will open the door and guide you to fulfill these intentions are my Yattaman Beatty Mahajan in Allahu Allah Sunni through mudra cool note for a Dwarka juru Allah well lm your fire safe and while you cut

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those also parent Allison who left their homes and die while I'm migrating to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, the reward has already been secured with Allah, before even the take one step

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are left to hand.

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It is because of that intention.

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How many of us might die before

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we get sick days or hours? We don't know. And we asked to give a long blast, healthy, live filled with email.

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have the intention for so many good things that you not only want to fast but you want to do in Ramadan. So when you have a good intention about doing all these good deeds of Oman, there is two benefits. Number one, that this intention directly botica What did you see I'm Alec Baraka and I'm in Allah, it will be the blessings in the month of Ramadan in the action that you do. And it allows to aid you and help you and support authentic. The second point, this good intention will help you during the month of Ramadan, that you always check yourself and go back and you said hey, I did when she only did the homework. I made up the intention to make up look or at least once a Ramadan. I

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made the intention not to miss a single fudger prayer. I pray every prayer prayer on time. And I had this intention. And I wasn't sure if I will witness Ramadan I made the intention to do this to do that. So during Ramadan if you're not fulfilling this intention, now became the time to ask yourself and to say you know what, Allah give me the chance. Allah allowed me to be here today to be witnessing this and I'm not fulfilling what I promise that will make you hold yourself accountable. And hopefully it will allow you to renew intention and to motivate you to keep going and to do whatever you plan was. have the intention to make up no con at least once.

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At least once. have the intention that you will not miss a single rock and tarawih this year, your pride fully you're not going to come late and you're not going to leave early.

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Have the intent and inshallah we planning to have a very short salaat

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and this year, and taraweeh. So nobody will have an excuse for work or worry about like

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Been congregated for a very long time or anything of that nature. If things goes as it is right now, the lower the rate is not very high in our area,

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the rate of infection

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or the spread of infection, the spread of the infection also make the intention of doing a lot of setup. In what last year I donated 10,000 this year I'll do 11 last year I did five I'll make sure that I will not go less than that. I give $100 I'm sure I will do the $100 again.

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Make sure term the intention to come to the masjid more often have the intention to drum up on this Ramadan I will be connected with my family. Also Rahimi your uncle's your aunts, your brothers and sisters that you have not talked to them for a while. You know, and this one I'm Yvonne I'll make sure that my father a mother will be so pleased with me every day and Robin I'll make sure to put a smile on their faces every day of Ramadan this Ramadan I have the intention to be so good to my parents and to spend more time with them.

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You know, make the intention that this Ramadan I'm not going to

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violate the month of Ramadan with all the sins that I did in the past.

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You're calling me so Salaam rasa me Lisa human have the human see me.

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Some people The only thing to get out of fasting, being thirsty and hungry. That's it.

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Why because of the sins during the day making the intention not to miss one of that sin and in

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writing the sin after fader before fader after Muharram before the war and the sooner after this and after Asia I'm going to make sure that I don't miss these sin and during that day, every day.

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Remember in Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in a lot I am little Isla Swati come when I add semicolon Landrieu Ella and Sandy come at Sandy kumala illa sorry, come what I can Jamboree la pulu become American

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Carlota IO My name fair amount of what happened in lemon law. Have you been Selim? Kind of biohack I'll call boo Salim who will call bill harness or Kira Qatada who will call boo Salim Amina. She was narrated from Muslim by Muslim that the Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, Allah does not look at your bodies nor to your faces, but he looks at your hearts and your deeds. Then you decided the day when there will not benefit anyone wealth or children, but only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart with a sound heart.

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So make sure that you have that intention is not words that you say by mouth. intention is not wishful is not a wishful thinking. intention is a determination. It is something that you plan for it. And that's what leads me to the next important point to be connected to this one. Well as massada to have a determination to be serious. Allah knows what's really in your heart if you just saying it, or you really mean it.

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Or you really mean it.

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Nia, the intention is aroma hemolysin Abdullah Herman Amylin movement, it's more powerful than your actions, we can you reach with intention, what you cannot reach with your action.

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But it comes with that determination. It comes also with planning. That's why it is important from now to put a plan what I want to do, okay, when I report on it, when I make a call and make a plan, a plan to be specific, I want to make a call on once Ramadan. How, by reading, for example, every Salah four pages, that's in 30 days, I'll finish the haoran or eight pages, I'll finish it twice after each and every salon.

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You know, make sure that you are very clear about what you want to do how you want to do it. Be specific, be reasonable, and your expectation. You know, I'm not gonna memorize the Quran Mashallah Ramadan, how many surah memorize

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like you're not gonna be able to finish Iran in Ramadan.

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You know, remember when you plan for Ramadan, plan smart.

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It's not the numbers really from avans that if we change that famous quote, it's not the numbers from abundance in your life. That counts. It is the deeds in your Ramadan that really counts.

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That's what you need to focus on. And to make sure that you are smart in setting these goals

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in a B cell, allow us to sell them invite us to make that investment that

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Planning he said for nasai attack on Ramadan Mubarak Ramadan comes to you a blessed month for Allahu Allah come see Amma alum interesting in it obligation an obligation obligation on you are obligated on you to hear what was sent out to LA via Baba him to hold up Masada to share up in la de la to Hiram in alpha manhood in Ohio have heard him and that month, the gates of heavens are widely open and the gates of * are closed. And in that month, the leader and the leader of the shall ye and are chained in it, there is a day or a night better than 1000 month. Whoever missed that night have missed any a great deal of goodness melas cannot Allah give us the life and the strength to witness

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the month from avant and to benefit from it. Hola Massimo Mostafa la Cooper stouffville

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hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Hobart one of the things that also it's important to prepare yourself for Ramadan is to repent to Allah make a lot of stuff out from now until Ramadan, a stone it'll last over the last over Allah repent Allah from the sins and the sins are, can be whatever obligations that you have not fulfilled or whatever forbidden act that you have done. So it's two things so many times we think of sins are the rules that are broke. But also it's a great sin when you leave in obligations. So all these sins need to be repented from. And it's between you and Allah repenting from it, it means you regret and you promise you will not go back to it, and you

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stopped practicing the sin. You do it sincerely to Allah subhanaw taala. But also, if there is a penalty associated with that sin, you fulfill that penalty.

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You know, like let's say there's like a Fatah of fasting or or donating or something like that you fulfill that. And also it can be something that you have to make it up, let's say in 2019 he didn't fast. You didn't give us a cat in 2020. Now and that's a sudden you should have given it you should have fasted it before the Ramadan of 2020. Now it is obligated you to fulfill that by fasting.

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Or by you know, giving this account of the year that you have messed you fulfill the obligations.

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Allah Subhana Allah said to Buddha law he to button the soul Ha ha ha. Cancer AWB tobert Anton sahana be home for a second. Now so have any unrepentant that you always remind yourself of the October if you've sent so you'd be humbled. That's why for a living and you have gone and so October to Nassau and mucuna Dimbleby nine a fella zombiu la October to nisource means that you don't forget about your sin. You're always aware of it, you remember it, so you will never be arrogant and you will never fall and again.

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Rahim Allah Azza piloto Burton, Associate Minister, fallibility son will land a bill AB Dan was the moderator killer, our double gentlemen, one more hi java. lang. It is to make a still photo with your tongue is to abandon to stay away and abstain from the hot arm and to have the absolute determination in your heart. You'll never go back to this sin again. And to leave the people who help you to do that sin to leave the bad company or environment that led to that sin. That's the pure

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repentance. You might ask if we should repent anytime how this has to do with Ramadan. I'll tell you what it hasn't basava hemolysin con Rajan

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huri What's the internal pmla luckyme la como lake in the night I sleep early? I make uovo I prepare my water I'm ready. I've intention to map yet to pray in the night. But I don't I don't wake up.

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What's going on?

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For Karen has an identical book.

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What's pulling you away from family is your sense.

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Another set Do you think you just keep sending in the day and he bring you closer to him in the night?

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What do you need to do you need to stop the sense of the during the daytime and see how it will affect your family. Your night prayer and your relationship with the last planet on and the enjoyment of your Salah and the focus on your Salah and the enjoyment of your fasting

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and see how that will affect you want to enjoy it on my mind you want Ramallah 21 to be very special

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In your toolbar and you're still far today, so when it comes, it will come while las panatela welcoming you. When your heart is pure, and your soul is purified. You come to Las panatela He loves you because he loves those who repent to him in the lives of him Buta been loves those sort of pins to him. Yeah Allah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins, and to give us the strength to worship Him in the way that he loved and he deserved, as one of the things also make a lot of

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Sahaba in the setup used to make up for six months before Ramadan, that Allah helped them to do good deeds of Oman. So increase your general Allah helped me to do the best of deeds under Milan as specific their app Yella helped me to pray more y'all have helped me to focus on this yellow helped me to control my tongue of Ramadan is very specific things that you plan to do both kind of general and specific. And also make sure that you learn about trauma bond and the roles of trauma bond.

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So that's something that I hope these points will make us able from now to have this conversation with our family with our friends. We in the western hamdulillah planning a lot of good programs to work together as part of the points that I believe helped a lot to make the experience for Milan is very good is to work collectively as family as a community

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towards enjoying Ramadan and benefiting from the most.

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Aloha mofetil in our Hamner Rafi no I couldn't miss it Anna Lama de Ferran turabian Hannah Allahumma Bella Ramadan. Allahumma valina Ramadan, la Molina, ramadan

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ramadan alumnus alumna, Illa Ramadan was sillim Lana Ravana with the sollima hamina with a pub belanja Hamada me along in the general economy into inadequate akashic records many bad attic alarm often limo Tana washroom avana Donna la mia heya you Yes, sorry, no, it's more serene. Dana and immagini para la vida que avenir in a la jolla Eubalaena encanta todo el mundo, Contessa murine. Well, if Atlanta in the middle of all Rahim Allah Subhana Allah in Konami, nobody mean you'd have to do Nia Hassan Ahmed, Hassan Okinawa banagher Allahumma suddenly was suddenly mad and Amina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi akumina select your cameo from Camilla

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