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In this short podcast, I explain the importance of reading books, with a simple 3 step process for developing a habit of reading.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of reading, including the ability to transform one's life and improve one's writing skills. They suggest prioritizing books over lectures and setting aside time for reading every day to improve writing skills. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of reading for a long time to become a habit and improve one's writing skills.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was salam, ala rasulillah is a short message to all of my listeners about the importance of reading. And we are supposed to be the oma of a karate of read, recite. But we live in a time where many Muslims, you can't get through to them to writing the only one to listen or to watch things. And I find very often that when a new, interesting Islamic book is out, and we try to promote it, we get many people messaging us and saying, the average person doesn't read books. So instead of promoting the book, why don't you make a lecture on the same topic. And while lectures are good, for everyone who is listening, I want us

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to understand that nothing can replace a good book, The

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the desire or the ability

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to read a book every day, to sit down for half an hour every day reading a book, this is something that can really transform your life. Reading has a far more powerful effect on you then listening, you remember better that which you read, you understand better that which you read, and you're more likely to implement that which you read. And you're going to get a lot more details from 100 page book than you would from 100 minute lecture. And so therefore, every Muslim should make it a habit to read the how do you go about making it a habit to read the few steps I'd like to mention. Step number one, have a book list, have a list of books that you want to read, write them out in an

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order, and prioritize them and start from the first book into this. Now there's a couple of different ways in which you can prioritize your book list. You can prioritize it according to importance. So you can put the most important book number one on the list. And that way, you keep moving from the most important book to you that was, or another way, and this is particularly important, if you are someone who is not in the habit of reading, you can order your book lists from shortest to lengthiest. So this means if you are not in the habit of reading books, you can begin by reading a short book, maybe a 20 page book, maybe a 40 page book. And then the next book on your

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book list is about 20 pages longer. And the next book is about 20 pages longer. Until at the bottom of the list, you have the 500 page and 1000 page books. So in this way, you are more motivated, you are finishing books faster, you are getting more accustomed to reading. And you are more likely to finish more books if you start with the shortest and move towards the longest. So the first thing is to have a book list. And this can be a books that you borrowed from the library, or that you bought for your home library, or that you have downloaded ebook format, whatever it is. The second step is to set aside time, every day for reading. And really all you need is half an hour of the day

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dedicated to reading. And if that feels like too much, start with 15 minutes, just how yourself every day from 3pm to 3:15pm.

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Or just after lunch, or just after silica for whatever time you choose. That time you are just going to sit and read whatever book is next on your book list. Whether you end up reading two pages, or five pages, it doesn't matter, you will finish that book within a few days and move on to the next one. So setting aside time every day will help you to get into the habit of reading. A third thing you can do is to have a reading buddy or a book club. And this means that you have some friends who are also reading the same book, and you're encouraging each other to read, you're keeping track, or you're reminding each other that you need to read the book, and you're discussing with each other

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what you read from the book. So if you're someone who doesn't have the self discipline to keep track of this yourself, having a reading buddy or a book club is a good way to help you get into the habit of reading. Now what's going to happen when you get into the habit of reading is that you are going to be reading between 20 to 40 books a year, depending on how good you are how fast you are reading, you may reach a point where you are reading about 50 books a year. Now if you think about it, that's like getting a full university education every single year. And so imagine if from now for the next two or three or four decades, for the next 40 years, every day of your life. You read for just half

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an hour across a variety of topics. Can you imagine how much you would know in 20 years time or 30 years time?

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This is really the benefit of reading. Yes, this

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To lectures and podcasts, all of this is beneficial, but nothing can replace a good book. And so if you are not in the habit of reading, begin today, begin today, make a book list. Also make sure all of my books are on that book list and get started.

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You will find yourself entering a new world you'll find yourself knowing things that other people don't know. You'll find yourself at a disadvantage in terms of practicing your religion, terms of your dealings with people in terms of business terms of everything, because you know, things that other people do not know. And this is why the readers of every society generally become the leaders of their society. So this is a short message, reminding everyone about the importance of reading. I hope you benefited from it is Africa Pedrosa Mali. rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.