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Salaam Dr. Zakir Naik am Hillel from Pakistan walakum wa salam, I'm a big fan of you. And I have learned so much from your videos on YouTube. I want to get permission to re upload your videos on my YouTube channel. So people will be benefited from those videos, because your videos are full of knowledge. And I want to get permission to earn money from that on YouTube. Please, sir, give me permission. Thank you, the brother from Pakistan has asked a question that can you upload my YouTube videos? And can you learn from it? Basically, all my material where the books where the booklets where the videos have got no copyright, you're most welcome. You only tell them don't edit it. Don't

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add your own into it. So if anyone upload my video on YouTube, there's no problem at all. What some people do is that when I upload on my

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you know maybe in a few days it reaches about 500,000 what they do, they take the same video for my channel and then they may add something with it with a photograph of an actress Dr. Rocky peaks on as far as I know who they are I did not know I googled up and Cambridge actress I did not speak what they do to attract people. So my video reaches find 1000 in few days. They uploaded later on. There is Richard a million.

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Anyway, doing all these things according to me, Tara, I don't complain and take it out and they earn more money by this. I said you earned the money I will on the server because of your thing which is around people are watching my video. You get the money.

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I'm not complaining, I get the server. So there's no copyright. Many people do this as far as you're concerned whether don't do this activity, it's not Islamic. But you won't upload the videos. No problem. Please don't edit it. You earn money I've had no problem we've never had flagged it will never go to YouTube and say that is our video. Unless someone has altered or manipulated my videos or copyright free because of which the viewer on my channel is less I'm aware of that. Because we have uploaded only 1880 videos as a few days back 1880 videos

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actually when you Google

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and see top doctors at night you will get at least 12 to 14 million out of which you know websites etc. If you check videos 9 million. That means there are 9 million videos of mine available according to Google such mostly on the YouTube and other social 9 million. How many of you uploaded less than 2000

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that means four and a half 1000 times more.

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Other people are four and a half 1000 times in percentage wise 450,000% more so why should object they're giving me some are doing haram

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by doing certain things they're getting audience for me. I get the syrup, they get the money some people are doing for earning but not doing haram I've had no opposition at all. So if you want to use my video, I gave you permission don't tamper with it please keep it and see to it that the quality is good.

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Now most of our new videos on YouTube have high quality some on high definition some on 4k. maintain the quality and be thankful to