Elon Musk’s BRUTALLY Honest Response to ISRAEL Reaction to Patrick Bet-David The History of Hamas

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Tensions between Israel and Hamas has not slowed down Palestine it's such a mess right now that 400 people got killed in a hospital. You just recently did history of Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS, you're gonna leave basically a lot of people alive who subsequently you know hate Israel so so PVD Can you please do a similar 25 minute video clip with the citations and everything this is US Department of Justice. It's a government website for every Hamas member that you kill 100 you create.

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And if the air goon we know the name Hamas, Hamas would not have existed without the air going to be allowed hamdulillah as salaam alaikum greetings of peace. Welcome to the deen show. We got a very special guest in the deen show studio. We're going to be talking a lot around what's happening current events. And without further ado, this is the dijo.

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To talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. The Deen show

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Dr. Shadi how are you? I'm doing very good welcome Salaam and thank you for having me over how you been very good. Very good. I've been watching your program for

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decades now. I said let's seems like interested since I was in college. But mashallah, you kept it up and it's kept, keeps growing and growing. It's good to see it

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flourishing and advancing. Michelle, thank you. Thank you, Al Hamdulillah. So I watched the particular video that you made. It was very interesting. You just recently did history of Hamas, Hezbollah and ISIS. I recommend people watch it. I'm holding up on my iPad, US Department of Justice. What about the history of

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Israeli terrorist organizations? So PVD Can you please do a similar 25 minute video clip with the citations and everything? This is US Department of Justice. It's the government website

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outlining terror out of Zion. All of this is started because of terrorism, performed by Zionists, the air goon. We know the name Hamas, Hamas would not have existed without the air goon. In other words, all the resistance, all of this resistance, all of this hatred, all of this grievance would not have existed without organizations like the hug on the air going. How is the hug a lot different from what Hizbollah is today? And you actually sent the message to someone who I got to spend a little bit of time with a very nice man by the name of Patrick and David. And for our viewing audience who doesn't know alum, I'm gonna just jump into this clip right now. Sure. And it revolves

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around this video that he made regarding the history of Hamas, Hezbollah, and

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tensions between Israel and Hamas has not slowed down Palestine. It's such a mess right now that 400 people got killed in a hospital where one side of St. Israel did it the other day and Hamas did it. President Biden had to go to meet with Netanyahu and have a conversation even in a meeting. He says, well, with the recent events that happened, we're pretty confident that it was Hamas that did it. But we're looking into it. It's that you didn't do it like that's what Joe Biden said to Netanyahu in his face, which was kind of interesting. And then to the point 2.2 million people were talking about the Gaza Strip, one was densely populated places in the world. 75,000 people live within a

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square mile, no food, no water, no electricity, no hospital supplies since the night they've had none of that they're being pushed down. Imagine the viruses, the sickness, all of this stuff has taken place. At the same time. Russia is now getting involved. Hezbollah is commenting Iran has been involved us is sending 2000 So you saw this video, I saw the video. And more importantly, I'd seen a lot of his other clips. And he came across to me as a fair minded guy. And because he seems like a guy that you could talk to,

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that's when I felt like hold on a second. He's telling us in this clip, he's telling us all about who was hummus, who was Hezbollah, who is ISIS even.

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And then at the end of the clip, he's saying listen, we gotta be level headed and use our fair judgment and not be attached to our tribal on the UN only support our people only. Well, if I bring these two together,

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is I should request of you to look at the whole history and realize that if you think these are terrorist groups, and I'm not gonna we're not going to debate that part right now. But

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Israel was initiated and expanded through terroristic means,

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before being an official nation by almost in a sense, bullying the British into reenacting their Balfour Declaration, which many people don't realize. They took it back. The British actually took it back the Balfour Declaration and released a white paper that said, no, no, no, not having a Jewish state only 75,000 Jews and then there

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SS s is going to be a regular state, mixed with whoever lives there. The hug or not, is a terrorist group. They were meant to defend the Jews, they started as a militia in Palestine. And then they started blowing things up.

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Right, they started blowing things up, including the the cap the base where the British were. So by any legal definitions, also terrorist group. So if the call is to be fair and balanced about things, then look at the whole history of the conflict. Not come, you know, you walk on the scene and you see one guy punching another guy. That's not the whole scene. That's not the whole you want to see the whole picture, you need to see the whole picture. And I would only, you know, talk to him in the sense that our you know, make a video back in the sense that I believed him to be like a fair guy. And it's not just that now this is coming from I mean, this is your religious community leader. Now.

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You're someone who's a resident scholar

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at New Jersey, in New Jersey, yeah. So you're a community leader there and now you're actually suddenly this he's actually getting now Muslim, you got Muslims who are watching him, community leaders actually sending him messages. I mean, it's a big step forward for Patrick. He's, yeah, I mean, he's gonna community the attention on the Muslim leaders. Oh, he's definitely he definitely got Muslims ascension a couple of times.

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It's a good thing. It's a good thing. He got my attention with a clip that he said some things about Muslims being the ones who are going to have families in the future. Yeah, they're standing up tomorrow causes they stand up to for the honor of their messenger, peace be upon him. And he had a very respectful things to say. But really nice things to say about Muslims. Yes. I said, Oh, I want to listen to this guy. Right? Start listening more and more. And his coverage on the Palestine thing. He's always he has a one of the members of his show. But he's only that member of the show is an Israeli citizen, I believe it's always going to Israel. He's only given him one side. Right? Even

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in this video, right? It was It wasn't looked like he was trying to bash Muslims or anything like that. He's not so agenda oriented. And so I felt like you know, he's somebody who should also make a video on the past. Now, I don't know if he can. People have allegiances, they have friends. And no one's without bias, right. And so that's where I felt that he should really highlight

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both sides. If it's really truly about being fair, let's go back to the two groups the Hagia and the more extreme group the air goon. That's a good point because he in the video, he talked about the resistance group Hamas, given the history of the ISIS and then Hezbollah. Okay, so what you're saying is, okay, good. And you were in the video your time okay, you're given some certain facts and data and whatnot. Yeah. Now show the other side, the flip side now the other ones who actually, because of these groups, it started these groups. Yeah, that right? That's exactly it. So you you're when you have the smaller group, the embattled group, misbehaving even just to take to accept the

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argument, right? There are misbehave, and they're all taken hostages and doing these attacks. Let's just accept that as a hypothetical. I'm not saying that that's not true. That that didn't happen. But people may

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dispute the exact details of how those hostages were treated, blah, blah, blah. But let's say that that small embattled group is doing all these acts, that the best thing I heard is that is the secondary infection. The little guy when he fights punches back, that's a secondary infection, that can only be triggered by a primary infection, right? The source of why that person is frustrated in the first place. Right? So if we go into a house and a kid has misbehaving, children aren't born misbehaving, chances are, he's been treated wrong somewhere in some way, shape, or form. Right? Nobody goes in and sees a kid misbehaving. And just says, it's the kids fault. It's got to be the

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parents like ignoring him, the parents not treating him, right. Someone's bothering him at school, and the parents not protecting him. It's got to be something. So in that world, the Palestinians are the embattled small group of people, right? They got no weapons, they got no recognition in the world. No one's helping them. They don't have opportunities in life. They're miserable in their life. They're especially as so when they're acting out Now there must be a primary infection. Why don't we look at the primary cause the root of the whole matter? And that you can't help yourself but go into history, you have to go back to 19 to the 40s. Nobody should say, oh, let's not go back

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in the history. No, we have to go back to this. When did these groups start now these the ones you mentioned and how come we never hear these groups? Really? You don't hear them in the mainstream media. You don't always hear the other ones that you mentioned, but most people don't even hear hugging. Hugging

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Na Aragorn is now the IDF and has been vanilla that's now the IDF that's now the IDF. Okay, so the Huginn So are you saying so the second one are gone? They were actually what classified they were like a break off of the hog. Smaller but more extreme. Okay bombed Arab villages bombed Arabs are killed the Arabs and the Arab militias were fighting back. Yeah. But they were both fighting each other. While the British were busy with World War Two, and they were classified terror organization terror organizations. Yeah. And and I in that video, I put up a book that's on cia.gov. Yeah, right. You quoted that was another thing that you quoted, actually the government agencies now. So the

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cia.gov has put out a book, or they're sharing a book on their website. When you [email protected] And you're looking for information on the Haggadah, this book comes up, and it classifies them as a terrorist group. Right? How are they a terrorist group? While they had no official recognition? Like they're not recognized as a government as a government? They were not recognized as anything. They're not legally allowed to be aggressing on anybody? Yes. Yet they did. And they aggressed on the British. And David Ben Gurion, who's the founder of of Israel,

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the first President of Israel, he said directly to the British. When when in Europe, we fight the Nazis together who are allies, here in pattern Palestine. All right. We're adversaries, until you give us the statement, because the whole thing is in British control now. And the British were influenced to create a city to to create a nation and Palestine.

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Mind you, the reason that they wanted to create it as a state and state not as city state, for Jews in Palestine, one of the reasons was that one of them was a Christian. One of the Lords was named, remember his name, one of the Lords in England was a Christian and believed it was his religious duty to set up

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the kingdom of Israel again. So that religious part of it always comes in. Yeah, right. So he was like one of the first event Jellicle 's, he was British. So the Balfour Declaration was the famous document that said, we're going to make a Jewish state. Then they took it back, the Arabs got upset. And they took it back. And they said, no Jewish state, you're gonna have a regular country, regular secular country. 75,000 Jews maximum.

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And that was called the white paper where they took it back. And that's where the Haggadah and the Aragorn got working. And they started launching attacks on the British physical attacks, bombs, hotels, 90 people dead here. 30 people dead there. Is that was was the King David King David Hotel. So is this conspiracy theory? Oh, no, this is fact. These are facts. There's all fact it's all facts. And they're listed as terrorist organizations.

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In time the British caved in and they said, Alright, here, take a country and this is part is Palestine. This part is we were I thought there was no negotiating with terrorists, if that's supposed to be right.

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They, they capitulated Yeah, completely to the demands. And really what pushed it over the top was

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sympathy, because now Hitler did what he did. Right? And now we need to give, you know, the Jews need some break from that. And they need some safe haven from that. So that really pushed it over the top in terms of public opinion. Right. So they get the state, they get the country. And here's where

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things really start to become nasty. And I recommend everybody watch a movie called 1948. Creation and conflict 1919 48 creational conflict, it's on YouTube. It's on YouTube. It's been 48 creation and conflict creation and conflict. Yeah, I'm not if I'm not mistaken, that's a title. But if you type it in, you'll get the exact title. And up till now, you're like, Okay, look, the British they, they, they they took the country

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after World War Two, okay. We could get into that, but they took it as part of spoils of war. When you lose wars, there are consequences. Yeah. They then now are going to give part of it to Israel and part of it to the Arabs, right, Jews and Arabs. They give the bulk of it about 70% of it to the Jews. And they give the sort of desert part of it to the Arabs who outnumber them. Right. So they gain 70% As designers Yeah. And 30 30% to the Arabs. Yet, two strange things happen. The first thing is that the Arab part was divided up. It wasn't one contiguous piece of country. Secondly, it wasn't given a status as a

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nation. Like it wasn't given, you know, now you're you're the you're the conquering people of the world, right? And you're the ones assigning who's a nation and who's not. So the Arabs are in disarray. So, in contrast to that the Zionists were not in disarray, they were very well organized, they were determined they had great willpower. And they prepared they did all they took all the ASVAB of success, right, the means that make you successful. And when they were declared a state, then they started raiding them started fighting them, any cars going by trucks to transport they started waves to work basically against them. And in order to protect the vessels of the nation, the

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highways, the Devon banker, and said, Alright, the the border towns, we got to mop up any towns that's on the border. So they started going down all the towns, the past the Arab towns that are on the border of this new Israel and Palestine, and they started reading them. And the famous one was

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duty a scene. This is the famous one that's quoted all the time in the histories. Now, the reason I'm saying this is that not everyone has to be a historian, but this stuff is so out there, it only take you three weeks to be educated on the subject.

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This year called the Nakba, the 1948, catastrophe year of the catastrophe, the IDF now huggin Ah, now the IDF went through all of these these cities, many many, many villages, many villages and cleaned them out, clean them out, clean them up. In one testimony, a guy said we were cooking right with a big oven, and a soldier came into our house and he said throw your son in the oven.

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He said no, he said then I will throw the kid in the oven.

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Me if luck will fall on

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me even luck will fall on his Mohammed

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Jeremy Evany

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Lucia we

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Hey Miguel. El Hajj Hamad Allah Rasool

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Messiah Kula drama before on an issue with Hassan

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Shiva del mundo atmosphere Haldeman Mara, Yanni body and Masako, her tomorrow Abduch Ajit a had a total of MC Cooney. When we are good, you saw the clip? Yes. That's a testimony. Right. And that's actually that where you're getting that from this Israeli film producer and historians they put this together put it together based off evidence that was done by the Israeli himself. Yeah, Teddy something news, whereas deception itself is a very decent, liberal, peace loving country, which was surrounded by predatory Arabs, and he had no choice but to stand up and defend itself. So this is a defensive war. And there is great reluctance to look at the dark side of this wall, particularly the

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enth ethnic cleansing that happened in 1948. The broader historical context for this film is the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948.

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Over 500 villages were our villages were destroyed 750,000 Palestinians were made refugees. Benny Morris counted 28 massacres of which 10 to raise only one so it's something isolated. Let's call it that that document is called Ventura. That's also in the original testimony of that is in 1948, the movie or the documentary Wow. So very vicious things happen but look you know, it's interesting this I often see this projection of them these certain people doing these evil disgusting things and now they're trying to project it as if you know, we heard this thing and they put this stuff out there that certain people are doing this they tried to put it on certain resistance group but then they're

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the ones that are actually doing it and there's no evidence now that because I think this was also an accusation then now there was someone putting it was a reverse it was was accusation was made. And what we've seen is there's a lot of accusations made, but all the footage is one way like the actual evidence the fifth, the accusations are just words, right? But the actual footage is all coming out of one place. Like it's all coming out of Gaza. So to see why the Palestinians are inflamed, okay, why they have made a grievance. These things don't go away. Just because

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It happened in the past doesn't mean it's going to go away. And the one who decides if it's going to go away is the one who's attacked. Right. So that if you have a chain of generation after generation who carry the knowledge that this happened to us, carry the belief that this is oppression that needs to be redressed and carry the desire to fix things. You can't ever say, Oh, enough time has passed, let bygones be bygones. Which is something that many people say that oh, hold on, you're taking us down a path of history. And we're going down that route. Why don't we just let bygones be bygones and live? Well, the answer to that is that you don't get to decide that the victim side gets

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to decide that. Right? They're the ones who get to decide, listen, enough time has passed, we all moved on. Right? And so it's, you know, it's one of those claims that's repeated often. Oh, come on, just let it go. Let's all start living. Right. It's not up to you to decide that and clearly, the Palestinian people, the Arab people, and the Muslims, overall, all Muslims have not let it go. They haven't let it go. And it all starts in in what you're going to tell him about the Nakba. Now, the Nakba. Yeah. No one's let it go. No one's let all of this abuse go. Do you think a root of that is because there's a denial of it also, there, there's a denial of it. And there's no remorse for it?

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Because you've seen a lot of the soldiers who are interviewed. Yeah, there you would think they're like in their 80s 90s and they're laughing about it. Do you see clips are proud of it? Yeah. Do you see you're not like, we were stupid. You know, please forgive us retentive, remorseful, you see that and you see some people who have a conscience, but a little too late, too little too late. With that. And here's the thing that when you're dominating, and you clearly are dominating, you really should be smart about it, fill the bellies of the people. Give them some careers, right. Give them some opportunities, maybe the next generation will soften. That's like the right way to do. Elon

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Musk made a really good point. Did you see Elon Musk is saying Elon Musk was saying we can go ahead and let's play the clip so you can see what he's talking about and it kind of goes in line with what you're saying deploy acts of kindness yeah conspicuous acts of kindness that that with their unequivocal meaning that can be somehow because Hamas will then their response will be always to trick therefore you have to counter How is no trick this ultimately fights the broader the force of hatred in the in the region Yes, I'm not sure who said it it's an apocryphal saying but an eye for an eye it makes everyone blind now that neck of the woods they really believe in the whole eye for

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but you really have

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if you're not going to just outright

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commit genocide like against an entire people which obviously would not be acceptable to to to really shouldn't be acceptable to anyone

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then you're gonna leave basically a lot of people alive who subsequently you know hate Israel so it really the question is like how for every Hamas member that you kill How did you create

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and if you create more than you kill you've not succeeded that's the you know the real situation there and it's safe to say that if

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you know

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if you know if you kill somebody's child in Gaza

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if you've made at least a few

00:23:37--> 00:23:42

Hamas members who will die just just kill Israeli

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that's the situation so

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but but I mean, this is one of the most contentious subjects one could possibly discuss but but I think if the if the goal ultimately is some sort of long term Peace One has to be looked at this from the standpoint of over time, are there more or fewer

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terrorists being created?

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Ie covered everything there. Essentially that that we were talking about what we're talking about now, yeah, when when we look at these pictures,

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baby girl, five year old girl, she's crying her eyes out. A boy now he's got two legs cut off, right? Because now supposedly now there's a type of bomb that releases blades and that took the legs off of a boy and his family's holding him up. Right but now he's got

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no legs. So you can twist that if you're the IDF if you're Israel, if you're the Israel lobby in America, if you're like Ben Shapiro, you can twist that all you want that, oh, they put human shields Right. Or the Hamas has a hospital in the base of their bunkers in the basement of the hospital. It does

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No matter if you twist, it is not changing the reality that you just created more hatred against you. This is not a smart policy. The smart policy is Elon Musk the same mercy. Yeah, the smart policy is no mercy, show some mercy. And it doesn't even have to be genuine. If you're totally political, then you know that money, a bright future, a career, right? wealth that's going to make people not want to be militaristic. Right? Why is it that America has committed so many atrocities, but against Vietnam, there Vietnamese Americans, against African Americans and against their African Americans, against our Iraqis, against Afghanistan. They're all living here in America, no one's

00:25:47--> 00:26:34

rising up, not just that. It's the you can't, they don't want to do living happily. Right. The smart way to go about things is not to create more hatred against you. And it doesn't have to be from a truly, you know, goodwill and some kind of religious, spiritual, just purely political. Soften these people up, fatten them up, let them have too much to lose. Right? Most regimes in the small countries were like, small monitor monarchical family rules, a whole country. They take night is 50% of the wealth for themselves. But they fatten up the citizenry, and you go to some of these countries, they hardly pay anything for gas, food is cheap, like they're living it up. I met a

00:26:34--> 00:26:53

Jordanian one time in the Arab Spring. And we said, hey, when is your turn? When is Jordan? He's not we're never rising up. Right? He says, I get 17 Grant, dollars 17,000. equivalent of $17,000 a year from the government. Right? And I live off that for six months.

00:26:55--> 00:27:10

When it's summertime, I come here into to America to Jersey, I drive the ice cream truck around, right. And that covers the other rest of my expenses, right? I only hardly have to work, right? So he loves his king. Why? Because his king fattened him up. Alright, so

00:27:11--> 00:27:25

same concept, what you will can bend the truth in your imagination as much as you can, and try to convince everybody that no, the they put human shields, they're sacrificing their babies. They instigated this on purpose that we can punch them back.

00:27:27--> 00:27:29

Eric Weinstein is one of these people with this imagination.

00:27:31--> 00:27:53

It's not going to change the reality that you just created. Three, four more generations of hatred. I liked what you said. You said is is very clever. It was very clever, this whole term that they got right to defend themselves. Yeah. The right to defend ourselves. Also, in the middle of the fight.

00:27:54--> 00:28:15

People walked in this is what this is what the world was October 7, people haven't seen in ISRAEL PALESTINE conflict for a while, like a big one for a while. All of a sudden, all these new eyeballs on the conflict, and they're seeing one party punch the other. Okay. And the other party, so we got the right to defend ourselves, but rewind.

00:28:17--> 00:28:59

And in historical things. Rewinding 50 years is like half a page, like in history books. 100 years is half a page, rewind a little bit. And you see who's the real aggressor. And this this this line, I think is extremely intelligent marketing ploy. And IBLEES always just you mentioned a marketing ploy. It's employee. It's it's a snug premise in there, right? It's a snug premise in there, where the premise is, I'm the victim. The premises. In this conflict. I'm the one being aggressive. So the man just is walking out. He just raped this woman. He almost beat her to death he walks He's almost like out the door. And she jumps on puts exact claws in his back. Yeah. And now that's a picture. We

00:28:59--> 00:29:34

get the picture. That's a picture that goes on TMZ he just raped her beat her exactly in the house. Yeah. He stuffed his pockets with all her money. Yeah. Can that be fair? That's it. That's it. That's an example. And or you see a guy brake throwing a rock at a car or chasing after someone? It looks like he's the aggressor. Hold on, but that's my car. Yeah, right. That is literally my car. And I can't tell you how many people have gone and taking pictures of homes with Israelis living in it and show us a feat that was my grandparents home. This was a ton of the

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story. Lots of stories like this. So now you got a guy chasing down a car. Right? And banging on it. And he looks like the aggressor, right. He looks like the bad guy. But rewind the tape a little bit. That was his car. Right? That was his car. He just got pummeled his car stolen, and that guy's driving off acting Civilis Yeah. So point being again with these guys, you can act civilized you could try to destroy

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reality as much as you can't, but you can't alter what the reality is on the ground. Can we just so going back to where we started night before 1948, and I've had rabbis that I've spoken to they testify to this, this is documented. This is someone who wants to academically look at this before 1948 I don't know how many years before for the whole Zionist Movement, Jews, Christians and Muslims, the rabbi is telling me and you know, this, this is in the books that this was a peaceful environment between the three is that correct? It was a peaceful environment. And I'll tell you why. Because Islam has a miller concept, which is that Islam being the last of the three religions, and I

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really hope, like well, meaning Christians and Jews listen to this. Islam, being the last three religions has a law on how to govern the other two religions if they live under you, right? Now choose Judy, and being the first of the three religions logically cannot possess that, right? Judaism when the law came

00:31:03--> 00:31:10

to Moses, the world was possessed of monotheists and pagans. That's it two camps. That's it.

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There was no concept of monotheists. But what we would say abrogated, abrogated meaning God brought a new law, which means you stop following the old law, we respect it, we honor it, like having a passport. This is my childhood past where I keep it from memory sake, right? But I can't show it to customs, my childhood passport, we all have, like 10 passports, eventually in your life, you're gonna have many passports, but it's a nice document, you keep it, show your kids what you look like when you're young. But that's it. You don't use it anymore. The technology is different, right scans differently, it has different ways to be protected and all that from counterfeit. So that's how we

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view the previous two fates, right. Christianity and Judaism, they were altered. The books were not protected. If we go further. I mean, this is another topic from the first man, that submission is surrendered to one guy that was Islam, right. It's all Islam knows the meaning of submission to one guy. Yes. And man, man made religions came up they had so even this is now acknowledged that there's laws in the Sharia God's law to protect these they have right yes, these two they can't have a house Senate come and vote and take away their rights can we can't, it's in the Quran and in the sayings of the Prophet peace be upon him set in stone that these two abrogated religions while we hold them

00:32:34--> 00:33:18

to be abrogated. They do have a status with us because they are attributed to Prophet Abraham and they do talk about Prophet Jesus and Mary and Moses. And the Quran says, The these temples and places of worship that Utter the Name of Allah, right, you've got OVS from Allah, just the fact they Utter the Name of Allah, not some pagan gods. That is the reason that they're given these respects. Right. And this is historically proven Jerusalem, the Saladino UB you got oh my god, one of the pillars of Islam came in and protected the churches, how many 800 years? The churches are in the Muslims hands as Zemi give you the story, please. Our second Khalifa Khalifa is like the successor

00:33:18--> 00:33:41

Yeah. Is the Prophet peace be upon him, Abu Bakar. Allah Almighty comes and he goes to Jerusalem. Yeah. And the Muslims at this point have expanded. And he arrives at Jerusalem, goes to the patriarch there, and where is their their center? Their church is the church of the Holy Sepulchre? Yes. The whole church of the holy separate go he there he meets the Patriarch of Jerusalem. HRK. Jerusalem,

00:33:43--> 00:34:33

knows and has the keys to the furthest Moscow and Russia Luxor, yes, third holiest mosque in Islam, by the words of the Prophet peace be upon. Now at that time, the Christians had no need of it. It was not their temple, it was not their church. They had the church of Holy Sepulchre. A little bit away from that last mile or something not even a long distance was an abandoned mosque, an abandoned building. Now almost said, this is the mosque that is the sacred mosque. And so the the man gave him the keys. And he said that was the Fronius. Right? Yes, the patriarch. Yes. So he says, Take your the keys, and come into our church and offer your prayers here out of respect. Yeah. Now almost says

00:34:33--> 00:35:00

that thinks that if I pray here, Muslims in the future, may say no, this is like a sacred. This is my sacred think about that. Now, this is really profound. He refused to pray there. And he said, not out of disrespect to your church, but to protect the church to protect your Wow. And he prayed across the street and the Muslims built a small mosque there. It's called the masjid Omar. And it's right across from the Church of the hole. He could have prayed in the mosque then Muslims today to say oh, that's ours now exact because he prayed there. We're going to

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Congress can take it over. Exactly. We have thinking ahead. He's thinking ahead. Wow. And we also we have these laws. We have rules of expansion in Islam. We don't deny that Islam expands, but there are strict rules. So what are some of these strict rules? If a city let's say, submits to you, because the Empire is expanding, and the city knows it's going to be gobbled up, right? If that city surrenders to you, okay? And they say okay, we join your empire now build your mosques called the gonna kill all women. You can't touch anything you do like Mr. Locke. Now, you can't touch anything, neither nor can the government take a single piece of land. So listen to this story. We had a

00:35:39--> 00:35:40

scholar and Islam

00:35:41--> 00:36:24

imam in Novi. And before him, many scholars, I can't remember their names. But in Iraq, there was this village in Iraq that submitted they said, Muslims, we know you're coming, we're not even gonna put up a fight, come in. And they've joined the Dar Al Islam or the abode of Islam or the the OMA just as a body part and then have to become Muslim. Right. But there, can you translate this house of peace? Yeah. This this protected abode that is submitting to God's law. And so the governor at that time Muslim Governor saw a beautiful plot of land that's farming and everything. Yeah. He said, alright, well, we're now we rule that's ours. I'll take the scholar said, you're not allowed to take

00:36:24--> 00:37:04

it. Right? You're not allowed to take this land, grab a land grab. You can't do it. You can't do it. Because they're doing now over here. Like design is doing exam grabs? No, because you they submitted to you, right? So you're not ticked. Now, listen to this. There was a market there. Yeah. The scholar asked, Where do you guys get your fruit and vegetables from? He said, from that land. He went back and he told his family, nobody ever go and buy from that market. That is unlawful food for us. It's unlawful because we grabbed those people's lands, and he would refuse to eat the crops that came from those lands. So expansion has rules. Point being is that the rules of expansion and

00:37:04--> 00:37:42

governance in Judaism cannot possibly do not include how to govern Christians how to govern Muslims, it doesn't include doesn't include, right? Islam, the idea of Islam does give rules. What happens when you conquer land, and you are now the governors of Jews and Christians, and this is with justice, you have to rule them with justice. And here's the justice for them is in all civil matters between you and yourself. Christians, you appoint a leader, he governs your courts. Unless you aggress against the most you're you're you have a dispute with the Muslim, then it goes to Islamic Courts. But otherwise, this is the middle of Mila is a small group. Right? So Christians, you got

00:37:42--> 00:37:50

your your little area and you have your governor. Now there's one rule because Islam is governed by the Sharia

00:37:51--> 00:38:08

God's law. The the precondition of that is you have to believe in God's law, right? Nobody could come and say, hey, I want to be a governor in the state of Illinois, but I don't believe in Illinois law. Well, you're not you can't be governed to that right. So you have one condition.

00:38:09--> 00:38:46

You cannot rule. Unless you're a Muslim. You could take different positions. You can take different Minister positions, but you cannot rule because you don't believe in the law. Right? The moment you say okay, now I believe in Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, God, the Creator, Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger. And this law in the Quran, this is the law. How are we supposed to live? Now you can rule at Jesus's time Yoda said Jesus is the messenger. Yeah, that same statement, Lila and Lola and most most messenger at that time, just don't get better. At that time. She the way it is, is messengers are sent. Every

00:38:46--> 00:39:30

messenger that comes the Quran tells us, every messenger that comes comes with the law suitable for his era. Humans change. Unlike cats and dogs, cats are cats, dogs are dogs, but humans are always changing. Our society is growing, different things are happening discoveries, so the laws cannot be the same every era. So God sent laws to Adam, there was a law for Adam, specifically, first man at first man, for example, it was the law to Adam, you cannot marry your twin, but you can marry your sibling. Right? And when Allah says that you can do something you cannot do something is immediately created in a person, a hatred for it in his instinct. So that's how that was populated the race.

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

Yeah, that's how you probably but one generation later, I can't do it's canceled. Now you can't do the same thing. The next prophet comes he says, Okay, God has brought a new law. You don't need to marry siblings anymore. You can't marry siblings. Right? Now Moses has a law. You have to follow that law. When Jesus comes. We have to follow him. The Quran says Oh, messengers, I take an oath upon you. If any new messenger comes, you leave off what you were doing and you follow him. Okay? If the messengers are we're told that imagine that the followers so

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

So Islam rule on governing Jews and Christians, and in India they govern pagans, right, is that you have your own courts, you have your own societies. You can even have your own marketplace, whatever you want. But you are not going to rule because you don't believe in this law. That's why it's facetiously said I have the solution for for Israel. Yes. Take the whole country, make every Arab their citizen and apply Sharia, your reverse Cydia, that live, be happy, have make money, no politics, no ruling, you can be part of the Senate. You can be involved in the government, but you're not ruling. Tell me this for the essence of time now. So we went back? The history there.

00:40:44--> 00:41:21

There's this NOC GPA, that I think it's even in the state there. It's against the law to mention, is that correct? I wouldn't be surprised. I don't know as a fact. But I wouldn't be we can see if we can fact check this. But I think this is from doing so many interviews. There's so many things that have come to me. But this is something I can go check. But so this is kicking it off. And you've recommended a great documentary, this documentary of 1948. It's called con, creation and conflict. So people can see now at one point living in peace together Jews, Muslims and Christians living in peace together, we have a history of being able to protect the churches protect the places of

00:41:21--> 00:42:05

worship, to now land grabs starting to happen. Yeah. And we touched upon that land grabs people are coming in even the Jews at that time were like, hold on for the Zionist coming in, or what are you guys planning to do? The head, the head of the the head rabbi at that time was against this. And they were also now worried because you're going to disrupt our peace. So they're coming in land grabs, and then militias and now we started now these these terrorist groups classified by the government website, Hagen and Errigal. They kick off now. And you have total annihilation of because the common claim is that they came in and then they all the Arab countries, they combined to try to

00:42:05--> 00:42:45

fight this off and to take extinguished them. It's always been Juventus, most of Juventus Muslim they're trying to extinguish them. They won. And that's the common story. Yeah. And and to show this a lie. It's a lie in the sense that there was no people there. That's also another lie. Yeah. And I land what other people want to land. So that's another line. Another line. Let's show some footage here. You can see right here yeah, that no former American vessels carrying nearly 4000 Jewish refugees arrive at the port of Haifa, Palestine, jammed like cattle on the rustic craft, the fugitives and their bleak voyage which began at a Black Sea port and design from Italy to Palestine.

00:42:46--> 00:42:52

It was not Israel yet it was Palestine. What How did you get the one by boat? My boat was?

00:42:53--> 00:43:28

When is it? Oh, it was not Israel yet. To testimony to the good relations is that in the movie 1948. There is one village where the Jewish governor of the village, the duck governor is Jewish. Yes, he is the one telling the Muslims we live together don't leave, right. The Muslims are fleeing for their lives. The Palestinians or the Arabs are fleeing for their lives. So a Jewish governor. And just like now where we're seeing them playing for their lives, yeah, they're fleeing for their lives. And this Jewish governor was saying, Hey, I'm not responsible for this, right? He's old. He's the before the Zionist came in.

00:43:30--> 00:44:04

I'm not responsible for this stay. This is your city. I want to try to protect you. Right, I'll negotiate on your behalf. So also in the name of fairness, there are plenty of rabbis who are against Zionism. This is what blows my mind here. This is very important. Norman Finkelstein, I just interviewed him. He's someone whose parents survived the Holocaust. He's put his neck on the line. He's out there. He's one of the most proficient people academics in this area. You have Jewish Israeli historians, rabbis, Orthodox rabbis who are also coming out. Yeah. And speaking against this injustice. Why would they for what what's the gain? Yeah, I mean, they in their in their books? I

00:44:04--> 00:44:50

think they have from the spiritual perspective. They have it that mankind is not supposed to initiate. Yes, Israel, right. It's supposed to be divinely initiated by the machete. I think they pronounce it in Hebrew, the Messiah. So that this is profane. This is a profane movement. And that is the natira Chi group. Pretty much. That's their thesis from a purely religious perspective. Then you have purely fair minded non religious Jews toward just as the Quran says, some of the people of the book you can give them a mountain of gold, they'll guard it for you. Right and some of them you can't even give them a coin. So from the liberal side of things, you have people who are debt

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

against this and you have plenty I should recommend everyone also watched a documentary called The General sun. Miko Pillet Yes, I've had him on Oh,

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

Oh, yeah, I'll pull it. Yes, right. He's another person. I didn't see the movie myself. But I want to I've been told that I have to see it. That's, that's a book he wrote. His father. He was in the IDF. His father was a general and Israeli army general. And he came from a strong Zionist lineage. And his great grandfather was one of the original signers of the State of Israel. And when you look at the history of Jews and Muslims, when Jews lived under Muslims, where's the history of pogroms? Where's the history of holocausts where there is none? Right? There is none. Because we dead again, when Jews lived for all this time, above the Mediterranean and Christian lands, and below the

00:45:42--> 00:46:17

Mediterranean in North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Iraq. So we have a good contrast there. Where did the Pilgrims all happened? Where did the Holocaust saw happen? Where did the killing of Jews didn't happen to Muslims? It all happened north of the Mediterranean, right? It all happen in Europe, and then they fled, they fled persecution, and oftentimes fled to Muslims and Muslims. were up in arms, welcome their cousins and brought them in. Is that correct? That's correct. And why is this history this is like almost hidden. It's kind of you see some of these people these hate provocateurs who are out there they kind of you know, they want to make this like, this is Jewish, Muslim Muslims

00:46:17--> 00:46:57

hate Jews, they want to eradicate Jews, they push out this propaganda. But the history doesn't show that the history is totally the opposite. Right? Let me ask you, do you do you want a nightlight ology? Do you hate Jews around here? Oh, Jesus, what you preach to your congregation. We don't we don't hate people, just by the relationship by the religion. We're gonna hate people based upon oppression, and fighting us for religion and our land. And our lives and that hatred, when we say hatred, it has a technical meaning. It's not an emotional meaning. It's a policy. It means on this matter, I'm against you, I will not support you, I will not fund you. Right. That's hatred. In the

00:46:57--> 00:47:01

Quran. It's a policy. Right? And so this idea of

00:47:02--> 00:47:05

trying to pit the the two together is not going to fit for many reasons.

00:47:07--> 00:47:08

I want to before we conclude so we have.

00:47:10--> 00:47:23

So Elon Musk. Yeah. I think common sense. He's one of the people that are out there that people look as one of the most intelligent people out there. And he's saying that show mercy.

00:47:24--> 00:47:31

Show mercy to the people have some mercy play the long game videos that are coming up. Now. I think you've shared some of these. We'll show this real

00:47:33--> 00:47:48

quick and we'll contrast that with with Islam. The point is right here that I shouldn't say do not have mercy on the children kill all the children also why there's no difference between them and their children in 10 years from now these children will attack you on the way

00:47:49--> 00:47:57

as I noticed that most you kill all men and all women may all LVAD your neck even babies who breastfeed

00:47:59--> 00:48:10

amazing me show that said all access all goats, camels, donkeys. Don't leave anything any memory from this filthy nation.

00:48:11--> 00:48:51

So that's what the Torah say, someone is on the way to kill you now in a year from now. You can kill him even now a year before we don't have to wait a minute before you know this person will kill you. Statistically, that's what he always constantly repeat. So you're allowed to go and attack him first is to remember to erase the nation of Amalek, the memory of them even not only physically to erase them from the face of the earth. Anything that reminds us about them it's mitzvah to dismiss and to erase it from the face of the earth. We assume that it's the Germans after we see what they did in all the costs, not only to the Jews to the whole world.

00:48:52--> 00:49:38

And it's not only the Germans it's most of the European countries. That's where I'm lucky. To be fair now is he just refer is he just talking about history of what happened? Or how in context? What what do you I believe that's the Deuteronomy verse. And I believe that what he's referring to was Moses, not Moses, this generation never made it to the Holy Land, but the generation after and supposedly we don't know what's true and false of the Torah anymore. But the quote goes or the law goes erase kill all of them even their kids even their animals. So there's completely cleaned out cleaned out land now people are usually have you been attacked because certain people they bring up

00:49:38--> 00:49:59

the term he Jihad you got to modernize the Koran give it a new modern twist interpretation because they'll quote certain things out of context, but you just put in context you say, Okay, makes sense. Yeah. But you know, if if a Muslim imam you or somebody was talking like this, you know, there's nothing Oh, you'd be cooked, yet. He's flourished and in Queens. Yeah, he's

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

From you're from Queens, yeah. Have you met him? I've never met him. I don't know if he met, he meets Gentiles. But would you ever sit and talk with him? I'd like to sit and talk with him. I'll tell you why. Because he's telling you as it is, he's a type of literal reading. Now, are there people who have an interpretation this maybe, maybe not? I'm not a big fan of, if there's an interpretation, you better be clear. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of let's go round and figure eights. Here's what I can interpretation. I don't like when they Islamophobes in the software industry, they really prop up these actors. And they'll insist that we take an extreme interpretation when the

00:50:33--> 00:51:12

consensus scholarship is like, no, no, it's this way. And they give it the Danish are the extremes. Yeah. So I'd rather go with the merciful interpretation, and then we can gang up to get this guy more on on the merciful side. Well, well, let me tell you when you're there's an interpretation. It should be very crystal clear. Yes. Right. Like very crystal clear that this verse is specific to the situation. The proof being this verse, this verse, this first this first, right? I don't I'm not a fan of interpretations that are complex. That means you're blessing me. You're lying. You're trying to wiggle yourself. Yeah. Okay. So my question would be to the Rabbi's, what verse of the Torah

00:51:12--> 00:51:30

abrogates that qualifies, it limits it. Right? What and how am I supposed to understand this verse? That's my question. He's a rabbi scholar. There are other Rabbi scholars right. I personally think that the truth is what he said about the Torah I think that's the

00:51:32--> 00:51:38

wow, I think that's a Jewish belief. Yeah, but I can't deny that

00:51:39--> 00:52:15

but that's what that explains what's happened that's explains what's happened in Gaza now, my saying that I believe that that's he's accurate doesn't necessarily mean that I'm right. I just from what I've seen, where are the controversies? Where are the verses that counter this of the Torah that say okay, spare this bear that right don't kill this don't kill that we have that clearly in Islam, like very clearly in Islam isn't doesn't take two minutes of research or you put it up on your show before the Prophet peace when I said this, this this this, any tafsir which is explanation of the course or any anything in the Quran and Sunnah were gives you a green light to harm innocent

00:52:15--> 00:52:55

civilians, children, women, innocent non combatants, the only person you're allowed to fight is a combatant in Islam. And if a woman or a priest or a rabbi or a monk, or an elderly person picks up a gun, and he points it at you, he's no longer civilly Islam, you're equivalent to what will be like a priest or a rabbi. Yeah, yeah. So you have to learn it person. That's what people will hopefully, some people think so. But all of us, I think, in the West, or a lot of us, I could say myself, we're always they usually do anticipate if you're here, they'll see the priest in his outfit. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we, we wear that, but sometimes, you know, we're still students, and we're still

00:52:55--> 00:53:32

learning. But these things are not up for us, you know, there's they don't need, they don't need eight years of study to know this stuff, these base labels, those labels on those, I'll tell you what they always cite, slay them wherever you see them. Right. And you're gonna see in every tafsir, that is a very simple when you zoom out, it is to a specific period of time, right? After four months. And they were told, you know, you have four months to make up your mind because this peninsula is going to be all Muslims, right? Just the Arab Peninsula. That so that was clearly to that period of time to that location. So this is in context now fighting the plague that one is in a

00:53:32--> 00:53:45

contract. Yeah. Now fight those who fight you exactly. But don't transgress the limits, that has a context to that period of time, that location, but they'll take this extract it and try to put like, oh, right now today 2023 That.

00:53:46--> 00:54:30

Now, this is the sign of a real interpret is I can very easily get you the verses that qualify it. abrogate it abrogate means it's no longer law. It was a lot of policy for a policy for a period of time. It's no longer a policy. Right? I can clearly show it to you. So my question would be, is that the case? In the Jewish religion? Fair question. Fair question. Let's bring a rabbi and see. Right. But it would explain the nature of what's happening well, that Palestine must be completely cleansed, right? Or Israel, though whatever. That piece of land must be completely cleansed of every Gentile. And then you have the the leader of this group now a follower of Prophet Moses, follower of

00:54:30--> 00:54:57

Theodore hertz. So who's the Prime Minister? He's actually quoting the Bible. I heard he's atheists also like Theodore Hertzog. But I don't think anybody is someone who believes in all loving most merciful created the heavens and earth he's going to do something like this, but he's actually quoting you saw the him bringing up the Analects and quoting the by the Bible, yeah. And then so he's just aiming city. Why are you doing that? You don't want to commit exactly if you're not if you're not

00:54:59--> 00:54:59

calling upon

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

Are harkening back to your holy book. Imagine, yeah, Netanyahu would call Judea and what he recently called cities in the West banks of Judea and some other city using biblical names, why harken back to nobody going, Why? Why aren't the mainstream media Why isn't this the people peace loving, you know, Jesus, the Prince of Peace and All this coming up forward to condemn this? Well, you know, it's it's so interesting, it's political, politically incorrect to say they're all intertwined financially. And at the end of the day, people make financial decisions. Really, that's the best explanation of it. Yeah, right. At the end of the day, of course, it's like politically incorrect to

00:55:40--> 00:56:21

say that they're, they're intertwined, but we're gonna start lying and telling, pretending that the Rothschilds are not a trillionaire family that has been backing Zionism and and spreading its lobby throughout the world, right throughout the Western European and American worlds and the families like them, right, we're going to start to try to pretend in the name of being, you know, not saying the wrong thing that the Israel lobby is not the strongest lobby on the earth. Right? When you have two authors to mean, you've had pride, former prime ministers who come out and actually admitted Israelis themselves. People here are called anti semitic. What is your response to that as an

00:56:21--> 00:56:59

Israeli Jew, it's a trick, we always use it. When from Europe, somebody's criticizing Israel, then we bring up the Holocaust. When in this country, people are criticizing Israel, then there are anti semitic, and the organization is strong and has a lot of money. And the the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong, like to end with the Indonesian Prime Minister mentioned something like this before. And he said, you know, they control everything. And then when he was condemned, they brought him on CNN, and he said,

00:57:00--> 00:57:42

The guy said, you said this, The whole world's condemned you. You said, they're the most powerful people in the world. And they control the world. And the whole world's condemned you. He said, Well, he then you just prove my point. So but I will put what you said, there's a former Israeli Jew, woman herself, who came out and have you seen it? And she said, Yeah, this is what exactly what you're saying. There's the book, the Israel lobby, is this thick, right, written by two Jews, one from Harvard, one from Chicago here. And just documenting for you the depth, right of influence that and it goes without say, you can't run for anything, be a millionaire be a trillionaire and not have

00:57:42--> 00:58:16

in some way, shape and form crossed paths with this lobby? Right, you're gonna cross paths with them, and they could crush your political career easily, they could crush your career in Hollywood easily. They could crush your career in finance and banking very easily. Right, and many other things. So truth is one thing. And I think a lot of people know it. But at the end of the day, people make financial decisions. We're almost out of time. Tell me another thing that Ilan was saying, I think it made a lot of sense. He says, the more bombs you dropped, what was he saying? He said, creating the resistance fighters. He said, For every Hamas, meaning anti Israel, you know,

00:58:16--> 00:58:33

Palestinian, that you kill, you're going to create more, three more, right for more. And that sentiments, I have to say is obviously going to be true, right? Because when I see these little kids, I asked myself one day, she's going to be a mom.

00:58:34--> 00:59:10

One day, she's going to be telling stories to her kids. One day, they're going to sit at the table and teach their kids their politics, their beliefs. That's what people do at the dinner table. Right? One of the secrets of eating dinner together, you transmit your politics to your kids, you transmit your beliefs, to your kids, you share stories of history to your kids. What kind of stories is she going to be telling? She's not going to be telling some kind of fuzzy wuzzy story she's going to be telling them these people blew your uncle's legs off these people killed your grandma. Here's the video of me 30 years ago crying in the street. And what do you think that kid's gonna do? That's

00:59:10--> 00:59:49

my mom that you guys crying and covered in mud like this crying in a hospital covered in mud. Right? And there's no one that said crying for minutes on a no one to hold her. No one's a hugger. No one's to put a blanket on top of her. And the only adults around her are equally devastated. So how do you think that kid's going to feel? People under marketing cannot penetrate the home, you can mark it. You can lie. You can cover things over you can pretend they don't exist. You're not going and changing people's homes and the lie that this is just Muslims trying to eradicate Jews we've covered that's a lie. It would have happened a long time it would have been long time ago in history so they

00:59:49--> 00:59:59

want freedom. Americans can understand that we live want the American dream you know freedom liberty for all these people want the same thing. They want freedom. They want the freedom to fish

01:00:00--> 01:00:07

To not have two sets of laws for two different people the right of return. Someone from New York coming in from your backyard.

01:00:09--> 01:00:51

And I think he was calling you remember that? Yeah. Did you see those videos? They had 60 minutes put out with a soldier goes in the guys. He's sleeping in his bed. Yeah. They take them hostage in your own home at any time. Yeah, I mean, it can go on and on with the different types of depression examples. You can't be somebody who supports his anti racist against this apartheid of South Africa. And then pretend you don't see the same exact thing happening here. Because it's it's the same exact thing. And in some cases, yes. Worse. Yeah. So I think people are waking up that they're seeing behind this, these silly excuses that are given that are parented out there. But we started off with

01:00:51--> 01:00:52


01:00:53--> 01:01:06

request for a friend Patrick to go ahead and do the other side to talk about these groups, as he did with the other ones that we mentioned. I think this is hopefully he can get really good at doing that. Putting the statistics Yeah, yeah. I mean, I hope his

01:01:07--> 01:01:17

you know, his he's a fair minded guy, and I hope he does it. And and I know people have friends and interests that they don't want to offend, but sometimes also, when you're a host at that level of a platform,

01:01:18--> 01:01:57

in order to be taken, you know, seriously by people more serious. He's already taken seriously, but more seriously, when you're fair. People love fairness. Be fair, yeah. People love fairness. And people, they start to look down, let you know, not really fully respect someone who's too agenda oriented. Everyone has an agenda, and I respect it. Right? Let's say he's a Christian, and he's got to Eastern Orthodox. That's what I'm pushing out. Fine. I respect that. But even within an agenda, there's fairness, right? And even I noticed my own biases, right? Like, I always cite this Rabbi Yosef from his right has a look what the Torah says. And people pointed out to me, hold on, there's

01:01:57--> 01:02:30

another rabbi says the opposite. And I said, Okay, fine. I personally think he's misrepresenting the Torah properly. But I could be wrong, right. And there could be another rabbi with another interpretation. And it could be very peaceful after all this. So you got to always like Imam Shafi put it best, I believe I'm right. But there's a possibility I'm wrong. On certain matters on matters of discussion of certain matters or not of discussion, no one's going to disagree. The sun comes from the east, or that God is one and there are five prayers and hedges. And there's certain things that no one disagrees on, but on matters of dispute. I believe I'm right, but I could be wrong.

01:02:30--> 01:02:36

Right. And that's the approach we have to take, especially in political issues where it's up for grabs, and everyone's making claims.

01:02:37--> 01:03:10

Hopefully, you guys can share this with our friend Patrick. And hopefully he can put something together like he did brilliantly with the statistics and all this other stuff on these, these couple groups that you mentioned. Yeah, it'll be great to see the root of a cause these other commands to come out. Yeah, it's common sense. Thank you very much. My pleasure. My pleasure talking to you, and thank you guys for tuning in. And if you'd like to get to the book, the root of the matter, to see really what the purpose of life is why we've been created to look at what Muslims have motivates Muslims in life because a lot of these things now where we get our values where we get our

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