Zakir Naik – Can I do Dua to Allah in my own Language in Sajdah

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The customer is asking for Allah's input on Facebook and the agent explains that Facebook has a recommendation for the "ocean eye" activity, which is when praying in Arabic. The agent also explains that the best time to do the activity is during the last third of the night when praying in Arabic.
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allowed the AMA has asked on the Facebook. Can I speak with Allah in my own language in such that please give me the answer, sir, yes. While in the face that in the Salah, you can do what Allah subhanaw taala and you can do dua in your own languages Allah understands all the languages. As far as the basic part of the Salah is concerned we have to repeat as the Prophet daughters in Arabic but in fact that when you're doing the dua you can surely do in your own language it is permitted and that is recommended one of the best times to do dua is in the festa. And the best time to digest when offering an integer that the last one third of the night when you're praying, the caramel el

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hijo and when you do the siesta, then you do the work. That is one of the best times to do the work.

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