Can a Person Taste Food while Fasting

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The next question asks

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if Dan Olivia dished the food

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during fasting

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the thing that begs the first is if you ingest food if you swallow food, the first thing is the first is broken. Normally, the taste buds are on the tongue.

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So while you're fasting, you can put the food on your tongue

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and you can taste but be careful not to ingest it.

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So if a lady is cooking food and she wants to know whether the salt in the food is correct or not, so you can put on a tongue

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and then she can spit out the food that is permitted for safety if he wants to gargle the mouth, no problem. But tasting is permitted.

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It is not required that Take a small quantity or take a large quantity when you're doing wudu you're taking a large quantity of water in the mouth, you're not taking a small quantity. So it will do when you can take the water in your mouth and spit out completely. Similarly you can take even a large portion of food but the only case you take is you should not swallow the food

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you can put the food on your tongue

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the taste buds on the tongue and you can easily identify the taste

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but be careful not to follow it so when you spit out there may be some remnant particles of food there so it's preferable that

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if you're taking a small quantity with a spit to get spit out no problem vertical as one large quantity of food see to the goggle your mouth and spit out so that there is no remaining particles of food which may go inside. So tasting of food is permitted. There's no problem at all. And this is an AMA from Allah subhanaw taala Imagine your wife will cook food and if the salt is excessive, you get angry with her. So Allah subhanaw taala has mashallah taking care of all these things, and he's played the stage but on the tank, so by tasting food, you're fast enough broken