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Salaah will be first question on the day of judgment. It is a pillar of Islam. Undoubtedly every parent wants to pass on the gift of regularly praying salaah to their children. Every Muslim parent wonders when and at what age should I start teaching my child salaah and it’s importance? As parents we want our children to offer and experience the beauty of salaah 5 times a day. Through salaah every parent wants their child to build an unbreakable relationship with Allah and their eeman.

What method should parents use? Should they be strict? Should they be lenient? When is the right time? And what is the right method?

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At what age should I encourage my child to start praying and more importantly, to keep them regularly upon it?

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Now Subhan Allah, the prophet SAW you seldom, he was one of those people was very pragmatic. And he would say to us, you know, when we're raising our children in the first seven years, we should enjoy them, love them, and care for them, play with them that I bought a home in December. And in the second, seven years, you know, from the eight seven till about 14, he says, I'll remove him, teach them and then he says in the next seven years from about 1314 years old until into their 20s, he says, so I sell them saw a boom accompany them be their friends in life, and that's really the same strategy you want to take with your soul that so for the first seven years prayer for them should be

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an enjoyment it should be you know, your child does somersaults over you as your into Judo ruku they would ride you like you're a camel or horse as the children would do to the prophets. I sell them in Medina. But once they get to that age of seven, you now you want to begin to lay down the foundations, you teach them how to make a goodwill, it begins with Waldo, and you begin to talk to them about what they're doing in the salon. What is it that you're saying, you know, when you stand up and you say Allahu Akbar, it means nothing is greater at that moment than Allah for the rest of my life. Then Allah subhanaw taala no problem do I have except Allah can solve it because Allahu

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Akbar, and no success that I have, except that Allah is the one who provided it at hamdulillah Allahu Akbar. Right. So you teach them about the meaning the inner meanings of Salah, and that their accountability is to Allah. Never, ever, ever be the one who comes home and says, Did you pray us? And they say no. And then you get angry and furious. And yeah, leave your food, leave this, turn off the TV, go do your prayer. That's not the habit of the prophets. I said to them, rather the question you have, because that will teach them hypocrisy. it'll teach them to lie to you. Because you've made yourself in the place that only Allah is you're not the Punisher for that. So be then a person

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who says, hey, it's time for us. I haven't prayed to come pray with me if you haven't prayed, it's a totally different way of saying, Why haven't you done your offer? Or did you pray officer yet you come home, you say even if you prayed, hey, I haven't prayed also do you need to pray with me or should I pray on my own, it's a different mode of attention. Second, big you know, begin to take them to the masjid regularly. It could be every week, it could be every night, as as they grow older. But by about 10 years old, you want them for those three years 789 that by the 10th year they become to develop their soul that and you've begun to wake them up professional, especially in the

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winter months when Vegeta is a little bit later in the day. And then they become climatized to the prayer. It's not out of demand, but it's out of habit. Finally, I asked you about Allah Subhana Allah, to love them, and to encourage them through love and the more you love your child, and the more they see that the Salah brings love to them, the more they will be encouraged to do it so that when you're not there, they will do it just as well as when you're with them. May Allah bless us with children who are on the journey more clean Masada, women the reality our Lord make me a practitioner of prayer and my children. This was the day of the prophets of Allah Ibrahim alayhis

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salam, let it be as a constitution in your life.