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Hey Mohammed Elijah beyond amin, WA Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Radha It was my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. Thank you so much for joining us this episode 32 of our series to visit women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In our last episode, we had completed our discussion around our mother God, yeah. And we spoke about the prisoners of war, the rules of engagement were hamdulillah and today we begin with our next mother. And perhaps this is a quick summary. Let us look at how many personalities we've discussed in the series so far. So we discussed our mother Khadija. We'll discuss a mother so dad,

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oh mother, Ayesha mother, hafsa, a mother Xena, bat hoceima. Our mother selama mother zaner Binti jash, our mother Julia. And now in sha Allah will speak about our mother, a new personality, whom Habiba Rama been a recipient. So her name is Rama, the daughter of Abu sufian. She is famously known as Habiba, the mother of Habiba. She had a daughter called hubiera. And from her name, you know, one name that really stick out for those of us who know a little bit about the Sierra, her father, Abu sufian salam, another daughter of Abu sufian, who is Abu sufian. Abu finance Pinilla before he embraced Islam, just before the conquest of Makkah for almost 20 years. Abu sufian was perhaps one

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of the the major enemies of Islam and perhaps at some point, he was the arch enemy of Islam, when Islam just began, I mean, the prophets of Salaam preached in Makkah. He was one of the middle management, you could say, the junior chieftains a young man who was going to become a very senior member of the clan, of koresh. And he very much opposed Islam. He was extremely and had great animosity towards Islam, and persecuted the Muslims, and he was against the prophets of Allah. Then following the Battle of By the way, many of the senior chiefs the big guys, the big sharks, Abu Jamal, was killed Maria was killed. Abu lahab also died at that same time when these major leaders

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were defeated at the Battle of whether Abu sufian was promoted to basically being overall chief of the crush, and he was the leader of the coalition against the Muslims. In fact, he was the one that brought the koresh to Medina at the Battle of boyhood, which resulted in Minnesota dying. He was the one that conspired with the police or motherhood and the other tribes to invade Medina at the Battle of trench and came very close to Sinaloa killing the province of Salam came very close to completely destroying Islam. So Abu sufian was in really he was enemy number one. He was the arch enemy of Islam, abou Sophia for many, many years. And so he's his daughter, Rama would actually marry the

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Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. So how did this union come about? How did the arch enemy of Islam How did his daughter become the wife of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and our mother and Habiba Rama, Devi, Sophia. So her story begins, he's about 23 years younger than the Prophet sallallahu wasallam she was born, and well before the advent of Islam before Islam, and before Allah Subhan had seen the Prophet Muhammad why she grew up as we see the daughter of a chieftain of pampered privilege life she was of the if clause of society. She was a well known lady in her time, she had wonderful qualities which she received from her father, one thing about gustavian, even as an enemy

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to Islam, if we compare him to Abu Jamal, Abu lahab, he was not a as we could say,

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a vile kinds of enemy. He was an honorable man, even in his animosity, even in his hatred to Islam. He never degraded himself. And there were certain things that he will not, you know, he didn't hit below the belt that we could say, he had some sense of honor, some sense of dignity. So even amongst enemies, even when we all you even when we fight, this is a decorum of dignity that we have. And Abu sufian, you know, catered to him or hamdulillah. He didn't go to the level of Abu lahab, or the level of media who tortured the land, or the level of Abu Jamal in the things that they did and the harm that they gave to Islam, he did not stoop to that level. And perhaps this could be the reason

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why some kind of law law had saved him and granted him to embrace Islam. So he was a man of honor before Islam, and had some good qualities his daughter, Rama, she took from these qualities and she benefited from these qualities and she had these this capacity of being caring and loving, even though she wasn't high society as we could say, as a young woman, she married a man by the name of Lady law, being rejected by the law being that he was the brother of Zane I've been so Zainab, the wife of the prophets of Salaam which we discussed a few weeks back her brother obey the law, married Ramallah obey the law, and you know, the family are basically also, you know, aristocrats they're

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from high society. So it's a young man from a good family man known for his honor and valor, marrying a young girl that was from a prominent family.

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So this is very to elite people well to do people, as we could say, got married, now obey the law. He was a man that question when he was inquisitive. And in fact, even before Islam, many, many years before Islam, he secretly became a Christian. So he shunned the pagan worship of idols, he took on he saw that in Christianity, this was a better religion than the religion of his people. So he was a forward thinking kind of guy. And this obviously also influenced his wife Marama. And he kept this secret, then as Islam appeared when Islam appeared, the two of them were the first to embrace Islam so that the Christianity, we know that keytab the people are the book, of course, closer to the

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believers, then the pagan worshipers and therefore when, you know, when they saw the goodness of Islam and the appeal of Islam, the two of them embraced Islam, and they were of the first converts. Now, just imagine this for a second, this woman, this young woman, she's young couple, they come from families that are extremely, they have an extreme hatred towards Islam, and they are the ones persecuting Islam. In fact, her dad is one of those at the forefront in the persecuting of Islam, and his own daughter becomes a Muslim. Now, this was very, very difficult. So the two of them received much persecution, Rama from half side of the family, and the husband Wally left from his

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side of the family, they persecuted them severely, to such an extent that they had no choice but they left Makkah completely. So they were of those who made the first hegira to EPA senior as we said before, that the first place of refuge for the Muslims outside of Makkah, was in APA sr, or today is called Ethiopia. And they love the kingdom of Nigeria. She the king of ever senior was Najafi, he was a fee just ruler, and he was a Christian man initially. And when they reached in into this place, and again, we can just imagine anyone who has come as a refugee, anyone who has come through difficult times, you know, they had to leave everything they had behind coming from the

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relative luxury that they grew up in Makkah, they lived everything they family, the social status, the wealth lifted behind, some people are in a lot. And they went to a senior and they lived in the strange, very unique places, different continent, Africa altogether. And that's where they lived. Now, there are conflicting directions as to what happened next. Some reports mentioned and this is actually the predominant view that the husband Obaidullah, he goes to a senior and because every senior is a Christian country, he once again becomes Christian, he looks at the Christian lifestyle and civilization may and he's attracted to it. So he becomes more that as we say, renounces Islam,

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and he becomes a Christian. And this is what Heidegger says rather from the books of history, our mother Rama, she dreams and she sees him, you know, his faces badly disfigured, and he has fallen into fire. And when she wakes up, she finds that her husband has embraced Christianity once again. And he started becoming a drinker. He began drinking alcohol again, and all of a sudden this corruption completely. She leaves him, she divorces him. And he passes away in that time while they are they never senior. She gives birth to the daughter Habiba. So her name is Omar Habiba the mother of Habiba. So obey the law and baramulla they had a child in Abba sr, then the father becomes

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apostate he becomes a Christian and he dies like that. And this woman is left basically a single mom in a strange land. She has no option to go home. That's the one nation the organization Hello, Adam, that, you know, the two of them migrate to epicene, yet they have their daughter Habiba and obey the law he passes away as a Muslim from natural causes or whatever it might be, and we don't know and spawn a lump. We leave his message to Allah Subhana Allah He was the first people to embrace Islam and we pray that in sha Allah, that he died on Islam, nonetheless, our mother on Habiba. She is alone in a strange country, a single mom, it's difficult to be a single mom in a completely foreign

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alien land. She hasn't, you know, she doesn't even have the option to go back to Morocco, you found some people. Things were difficult than ever seen. He actually went back to Makkah. They found that they couldn't really go back to Mecca. Another one. However, she obviously has no chance of going back to Makkah, because her dad is the most, you know, one of the senior people in persecuting Islam. She knows if she goes back to Makkah, what's going to happen to her. So by her strength of character, or dependency in a law, she decides to raise her daughter Habiba alone in a strange land without a husband, and she persevered like this for a number of years. Then comes the Battle of

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butter, as we said, and her dad becomes the Senior Chief of the crush of many of the elites are defeated, and she receives a letter of proposal from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so she would be aware that the Muslims went to Medina, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent a letter to her proposing marriage, she may be expected that she was completely unaware. When the servant girl came to bring her the letter. She was shocked and you should read this again, read it again read again three times. And immediately she accepted the marriage proposal of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now this is a long distance marriage. I'm happy based in Africa.

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Ever senior, the prophets of Allah is in Medina. What we learn from this is you can actually get married by proxy, you can get married at a distance. And I'm Habiba selects one of the senior people of the Muslims to be how Akil as we said, a woman needs a Why do you rather, a woman has to be married through a valley. And the king of ever senior himself said, I will be the one who will be the agent of the seller, meaning I will stand in for the prophets of Allah, and he performed any car and he gave us a dowry on behalf of the prophets of Salaam 400 dinars. So just as a tidbit, some information, the wife that received the highest dowry, the biggest Muscovy, as we could say in Cape

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Town, had been given to him Habiba why, because they have ever seen it himself paid this now he also as gifts that he remember senior gave her very nice jewelry, expensive clothing and expensive perfumes. Alma Habiba developed a close relationship with one of the slaves in the court of Najafi name was Abraham. And she gave the servant goal many, many gifts on the king. I have a senior heard this he said, Nope, give all of it back. This is for you exclusively. So have you ever said I took this this chest of gifts, and I didn't use any of it not the perfumes of the clothing. Except for my her intention was that she was going to use it when she went back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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so that they married. And one day she believed we'll go and we'll meet one another. And this perfume is only only for him. Not one, two, but six, seven years we pause before the Muslims ever senior would be able to leave at the senior and come to Medina for the first time. So the prophets of Salaam had as we could say he had a six year long distance relationship between him and his wife, whom Habiba the daughter of Abu Sufyan. And we imagine also Abu sufian, even though he was the arch enemy of the prophets of salami, you know, he severely disliked the Navy, so he misses a limb. on his side, there was a degree of pride that his daughter has married one of the major players in

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Arabia, but the problem was alum was a political leader. He ran, you know, a city, he had a big following. So from his side, he felt that you know, his daughter married someone important. And if we asked ourselves, once again, once again, we see from this message, what is the wisdom behind it? When you ask why did the professor's alum marry so many women? Was it because of her money? She doesn't have any money? Was it because physically the desired women because of the beauty? Because of my last reason? Of course, not. Because she's on the other side of the world. They don't even physically together. So what was the hikma? The reason behind it? Why did he propose to her? Of

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course, his intention here was to soften the hearts of abusive Yeah. And then look at the end of the day, I'm your son in law, at the end of the day, we and our family that we are united in this marriage, the same like we mentioned, Julia, that the benefit from one marriage could be the reason why, you know, 1000s of people embrace Islam. So Abu sufian on his side, while he didn't like Islam, and he didn't like the problem, he couldn't hide that he admired that his daughter married an important person. So six years goes by, and I'm Senior. And finally the opportunity arises for her to return to Arabia. And she gets all her you know, these gifts and she takes these things to her

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daughter Habiba is not perhaps 10 years older, or maybe just a little less than that. Her daughter had not known Arabia at all. She grew up in a senior's Panama, you know, very, very interesting. So habia and she now is about to return to Medina. And before she leaves the serve and go abre she goes to him Habiba and she says, You know, I want you to give my Salam convey my greetings to the prophets of Salaam. And I want you to tell him that I have embraced Islam as part of law. And you know, Madiba bits this lady farewell never to see her again. She goes to Arabia and she meets her husband, she has been separated for six years. The prophets, Allah says, when they came to Medina,

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this was also at the end, just as one there was a major victory for the Muslims at this time, the Battle of labor, which we'll talk about in Shaolin coming weeks. So he says, I don't know what's made me happier. The fact that we won the battle of labor, or that I can see the Muslims that have returned from Abba Sr. After all these years Jaffa Ohm Habiba that I've seen all of you now many years have passed by and we are united once again, is really, really happy. It won't be my sister, the province alum, she wants to inform him about this girl, Abraham, the slave girl that has embraced Islam and she could convey the Salaam and the prophets and responded. And it was amazing to

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think from the prophets perspective, this Deen that began in Makkah is beginning to spread outside of Arabia that is beginning to spread strange lands no matter what, even though he didn't give the dour. He didn't call this go but she embraced Islam and hamdulillah This is the power of the deen so Halima now joins the household of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. She was, as we said, a strong she was a strong character like her father, and she, you know, takes on personality joins the members of the believers there was some tension between her Of course

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Ayesha and the other wives and she, as she, of course, being a strong woman herself, she also asserted her independence and Professor lamb, as we said, surrounded himself by very independent women, to something to show you of her character and her strength of Imam, Abu sufian, as time would go by, he would enter into a peace agreement with the Muslims would sign an agreement of peace, and then he would break this agreement. And he would be worried and he was worried now because he broke the agreement that the Muslims would now invade Makkah because the Muslims will actually became stronger. So he goes to Makkah, rather, he goes to Medina, trying to get the Prophet Salaam to sign

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to re sign the piece trying to overlook the breach of contract in Japan, what they did was they killed many, many innocent people. This was like a genocide that they had committed. So Abu sufian is going and saying, you know, forgive us and, and just overlook this matter. And it's not a small thing. It's not something to easily forgive. And the prophets of Salaam remain silent. The President doesn't respond to him. So he goes to different people, Abu Sufyan and one of the people he went to believing that look, he can get some assistance was he when he wants to go to his daughter, Rama, now his daughter is the wife of the Prophet sallam. He thought maybe if I pressurize her, she can

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put in a good word for me were the prophets of Salaam and I can get my way. So he hasn't seen a more than 10 years behind on my father and daughter. Last time, he basically he chased a wave because of a dean and she went to a senior. And now you know, the United he comes to the house of Habiba the house of the prophets on them. And there is nothing in this house of value, absolutely nothing. This is the greatest of creation. And there's not a single seat, you know, of jewelry, any thing comfortable in this house. And the only thing there that is comfortable is a cushion a pillow, and he comes forward and he wants to sit on the pillow. And I'm happy that she pulls it away. And also

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looks at Habiba at his daughter and he says he's confused. Are you putting the cushion away? Because the cushion isn't good enough for me because the cushion wasn't very expensive, or am I not good enough for the cushion. So of course you're not good enough for the cushion. This is where the profits are also love himself. This is where he sets and you You are his enemy. I want you know, even though you're my father, I won't allow you to sit on his his spot. So he realizes now that there is no way he's going to push it is his daughter to betray the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And Haman is very, very strong that a lion is that our soul comes first in our heart, even above her

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father, but she could continue making dua, Allah guide my father, guide my brother, now we are on the line. And when hamdulillah she was so pleased, she fell into suit, when she became aware that her father, the arch enemy of Islam, and her brother had embraced Islam. When she became aware of this she was so happy to Allah, that Allah had saved them. Once the Prophet Salam was sitting with her and her brother, Malia rhodiola, and he's a Sahabi, which receives a lot of criticism. As Pamela someone we should know that he's the brother in law of the abyssal Salaam. So while the Prophet was sitting with his wife, Ramallah, now he comes forward and he wants to he came to visit and then he

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was about to leave, you know, join us Come sit with us, because I hope that one day the three of us will sit like this together, in general. So it's one of the glad to ask the good do as the professor lamb made for me, my little thing becomes the halifa in the future, Habiba, she would be known to be the third most prolific narrator Hadith of the lives of the eye shadow cinema Habiba had narrated many, many Hadees amongst them, she narrated that whoever plays 12 sooner because Allah will build you a house in Ghana. Also, we know from her that when Abu sufian passed away, her father had died. She spent three days in mourning, she dressed in black, she didn't adorn herself. And after three

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days, she took out some perfume and she wore it. And she said this, she learned from them that know that a woman should not mourn the death beyond three days of anyone except her husband, when your husband dies, you actually spend about four months and painless in in mourning. Just a side note the question here with regards to this, is it permissible for women to visit the maqbara the cemetery if someone has passed away, this difference of opinion Yep. And the strongest view in a lot of Allah knows best that it's permissible for her to visit the cemetery. But it's not advisable and encouraged. There's a hadith where the prophets of Allah allowed his oma to visit the graves because

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he says it reminds you of the afro visit the cemetery it will remind you of death one day, but at the same time is another Hadith that says that Allah curses the woman that constantly visits, she is a warlock, she makes it a habit. So a woman should not habitually visit the cemetery, should you not do it regularly. And also, she perhaps should not go at times where it is very, very emotional. So on the day of the video, women should not go in those times. Our mother spent about four years with a prophet sallallahu Sallam as his wife is an interesting Hadith where she, she she says to the prophets, Allah, please will you marry my sister? Can you marry my sister? So the prophecy is are

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you ready? Do you really want me to marry your system in what kind of request is that? Is that really what you want?

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She said yes. Even though she says, You know, I don't have you all to myself, I share you with all the other wives and I'm not alone. So if I'm going to share you, I would want my sister also to experience the goodness that I have and Subhanallah what kind of husband he must have been with a woman says, are one my sister to experience the happiness that I have in being your wife. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, she would continue to live another 33 years after the death of the prophet SAW Selim. So she only stayed with him for years, stayed with him physically for four years. And then 33 years later, she would continue living, she would see her brother Maria become the halifa of the

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Muslim Ummah, she would actually visit her brother Maria in Damascus, the only wife to really as you know, to actually venture that far ahead. And then she passed away in Medina. And one of the things that she did because of a certain personality, she apologized to Ayesha and Salama, in particular, for some issues that would arise between them she would say, she says to them on a desperate she would say, there's come between us what usually happens between co wives that you know this tension jealousy happens between co wives, mela, forgive me and youth, whatever happened, and I shall who says May Allah forgive you and pardon you for all of that. And this obviously made them very happy

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that on her deathbed she was able to say this to her co wives, and she passed away in the year 44 of the eternal and she's buried in baki Cemetery in Medina, along with the the other wives of the Prophet SAW Salem. So we say Salaam to another Rama, the daughter of perhaps enemy number one of Islam initially, and she maintained Islam through such a difficult tribulations. Malala as we said, She's the wife of the girls that I'm in the dunya and in the Acura Zack Allah fader for any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected] Thank you so much. Assalamualaikum labor capital