Can a Muslim be a Pure-Vegetarian?

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the eight

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most common question asked by non Muslim is that why does Islam permit a Muslim to have non veg food? You know killing animal is ruthless as to why does Islam permit

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a Muslim to have non vegetarian food?

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I would like to mention the outset that a Muslim can be a very good Muslim even by being a pure vegetarian. There is no verse in the Quran that did that says it's compulsory for the Muslim to have non veg food. But since the Quran and our Creator Allah subhanaw taala have given permission for the human beings to have non veg why should we not have the Quran says in surah chapter number five was number one. Yeah, your listener Amanu. All you believe, fulfill your obligations and eat of the forfeited animals with the exception name. Eat of the meat of the forfeit animals with the exceptions name. Quran says insert in the hell chapter number 16 Verse number five, we have created

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for you cattle

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and from it, you derive warmth and many benefits and of the meat you can eat. Quran says is for Mr. Menon chapter number 23 Verse number 21 That verily in the cattle is an instructive sign for you. We give you to bring from what is within the bodies and you derive many benefits from them and of the meat you can eat. So when Quran has given permission to have the meat of the lawful animals, then why should we Muslim not have it