Zakir Naik – Bhagat Singh Freedom Fighter or Terrorist

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the double standard in the media and how it affects everyone, including those who are anti-American. They argue that while some may be liked for their actions, others may not, and that there is a double standard in the media that causes confusion and confusion.
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And many times we see

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for the same person, for the same activity to different levels are given. And the best example is when India was ruled by the British government.

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About more than 60 years ago, there were many Indians who were fighting for the freedom of the country. These people by the British government, they were called as terrorist.

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But we come in Indians. We call these people as patriots, freedom fighters, same people, same activity, but to different levels. If you agree with the view of the British government, that they had a right to rule over India, then you have to call these people as terrorists.

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But if you agree with the view of the common Indians, that the Britishers came to India to do business, they have no right ruler was you would call these people as patriotic a freedom fighters, same people, same activity, but to different levels.

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And many times when I'm addressing the Indian press,

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and they asked me the question, that why are Muslim status?

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So I asked them a question

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that more than 65 years ago,

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the Britishers called Bhagat Singh as a terrorist Do you believe and the press says no.

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I say why? Because we know that Bhagat Singh was gonna arrest you as a patriot. I said even I do not agree that Bhagat Singh was a terrorist. He was a patriot.

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60 years back when the British are liberal Bukka singer that you don't agree with him. Now when the British are labeling Muslim? Why do you agree with them?

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Why the double standard

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and we have this example in history in several places in the world.

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