Hatem al-Haj – Muhammad Mercy for All

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the prophets' message about mercy and their actions during the aftermath of the Prophet sallavians, including their teachings and actions to encourage people to be gentle towards their actions. They also discuss the importance of protecting religion and being a Muslim neighbor. The segment touches on the negative impact of people in society on their health and behavior, including the loss of friend and the use of animals as symbols of Islam. The transcript also touches on the potential for false accusations and false accusations of accusations of being too busy with animals.
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So now from the last

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I don't see you

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as the light shining in my face. So

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as long as you can see

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our kochia

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very comprehensive

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and how 45 minutes to talk to you about the mercy and the profits of a lot. So I'm gonna

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probably share with you the structure of my talk, because if you get lost in the middle of the talk, you know what the talk is about,

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I will first address the scope of the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And then I will

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address the question of whether this mercy applies also for non Muslims or is only limited to his own right. And then I will talk about some of the acts of the prophets or some of the teachings of the prophets also, that may sound, sound, or seen

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or may be perceived by others as counter to the mercy that we're talking about four contradictory with what we would have me describe the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or portray the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and we'll see how they are not they are part without mercy, everything that he said, and everything that he live is part of this mercy, which was the ultimate objective of his ministry or his mission for NASA, NACA, Ilakaka not only

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remember this verse, memorize, and repeat.

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Because you're being bombarded by

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false information, misconceptions that aim to lead you away from this conviction.

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mean we have not sent to you except as a mercy to the world, not just to mankind, but to the worlds in tour.

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And what that means is that the prophet SAW someone was the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, not limited for mankind, but for the animals, plants the universe.

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We will see what what what that means, when

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you except as a mercy to the worlds is a verse encyclopedia, that is chapter number 21, verse number 107. Repeat this verse, memorize it.

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Get yourself convinced with it. Read the biography of the prophet SAW someone read about the prophet SAW sentimentality, you do not have a shred of doubt about the meanings and the implications of this verse for my son, Micah, developmental nominee, to the scope of the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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If you begin from his teachings about the Kennedy for instance, he talks about what the prophets

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talk about the mother for how you should treat your mother, like an imaginary court for a minute.

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have to go out with you. For do you have

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to do this sincerely for the sake of the lesson

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and for the hereafter. So this is someone who is determined to go out on an expedition with the prophets of Allah, for the sake of alignment in the aftermath seeking anything, can you imagine anything would be greater it would be better than this to lose your soul paying

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the way

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and we will talk about how this

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is part of the Mersey universal currency. That is the mission of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but this is something that is matchless and then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to him, why

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do you have a mother who's lived

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Want you? Do you have a mother who is alive and Malia? Who said yes,

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someone said friendzone her family.

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For example, stick to her stay with her for the Gemini is beneath her feet. Over in the wilds of Nevada. Friends I'm originally had for some a gentleman standing by her feet, for there is that moment for the Gemini is there by her feet. So he told them give her companionship with mercy, kindness and humility by your feet stay by her feet for is there.

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For the grandmother, the prophet SAW someone made her just like a mother and to get her and her mother was

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for the air into the pockets on the

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surface of the other party I must have reported for Malia

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and fall at

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the end, particularly the maternal half of this, where the Huggies

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has the same position of the mother has the same status has the mother for the way the prophet SAW someone told us

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what to do hand or he said called performing the activity.

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The most perfect person in faith is the most perfect person in Congress. And then he said that the the question you are those who are tiny party lists for most gentle towards their wives, those who are most gentle most came towards their wife or their daughter the Prophet

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taught us as reported by the party

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or reported by Muslim

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Central Hanna Jackie It was reported by Muslim

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he sent him the habit data via TV jack is here. Hello, welcome to spy. Whoever takes care of cougars, he will come up with a judgment he will be like this.

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This and he

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already abroad together in this committee brought together his two fingers, the middle finger and the

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the elements. So he brought them together and he said like forever fixture two years, you know that these were the protocols that will ever be Sara cleaners. They'll be a barrier for perfection or a shield for him from the Hellfire or they will cheat him from vampire. What about 27 to convey the sense to have more about what he said and one even one would protect for him when you shield them from the Hellfire for the family and driver for the family in general. The prophets have allowed products to be merciful to our families to the point where he said quizzical cornea Muslim reported Coronavirus value of your lead.

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Gen Macaca The one who cuts off defies a kinship will not enter Paradise, the one who puts off the top that is that color, meaning the owner of the highest kitchen, the one who

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will not enter Paradise. And it was not only limited to the family, but it was also among the people in letter for the purpose of somebody told us to treat people with mercy both people in general for your neighbor, friends.

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Neighbor do not particularly say the Muslim neighbor, you just talk about the neighbor. In general, we talk about the neighbor Muslim report to promote your Bible that the prophet SAW someone said

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he will not enter Paradise. He who's our neighbor, the thought is safe or not safe from his injustice or inequity or wrongdoing. If your neighbor was not feeling safe from your inequity or not doing use of your life as a paradise,

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particularly say your Muslim neighbor

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On the floor over in consensus only about keeping this yourself if you need a certain kind of misty or gala, it's only about, you know, keeping your farm away from your neighbor has been reported with a sound generation from our wildlife best that the prophets Allah said laser.

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Yes. Well john

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it is not a believer, you know,

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a piece of folklore you know was satisfying for us.

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welfare for you each to his film, have his dog his neighbor is next to him hungry for his neighbors since the night next to him hungry. So he who eats this fear when his neighbor is hungry.

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Someone said that this is not have been delivered nicer more meals maybe yes, Burke was a jumpy panda.

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It was also about the people in general, particularly the weak among the people who have weak sectors of the society that we groups of society will be weak in the society. The old friends, you know, the certain kinds

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of people of lower socioeconomic classes, people who don't have status perceived position in the society those are the weak in every society.

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And it varies from one society to another

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powerful Dr. overholser week, people of the society had the preference of our sermon, you know, so this can

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be about the community collectively, it's

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probably a lot more I'm getting a lot of high value puppy so Oh, man, like you're gonna find

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different variations of this hobbies. But But this this is a very powerful statement. A lot of women never honor a nation allow and never get glory or r&r innovation that does not repeat the rights of the poor of the week for him or that does not give the week his dual rights but does not give the week his dual rights. In fact, they have been reported from grade audio level and more different variation of this very heavy profit margin that

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people who

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think otherwise

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may honor conditions that was not good the week the do raise, he said thank you for your question. This one will go live tomorrow.

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How could ally Carter renovation or get more information when the week from Monday the veteran can now claim his rights or come out retrieve his rights for the owner for the profits of someone who

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reported from Saturday ceremony although I know I can I can do the TV

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Hi, I am the one who takes care of the orphan will be like this in paradise will be like this in Paradise, the problems will also

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go also that is

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before to file

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on your phone.

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And he made three people will be here twice what are those three people is a person who has a female slave and he talks to her and he is circling around the culture of cars and he emancipated her and he married her. So the prophet SAW someone said that he wouldn't be here as your twice penny. So that was in the past. Then we're done with verse by some put together a very effective way of bringing communities from from this

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ailment that human community suffered from for long, but

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it is a marvelous system but it's not put together correctly communities permanence, a length but even before the community completely the teachings of the prophet SAW somebody concerning that sector of the community who is the weakest sector of the community. We're also

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most useful.

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When we we have a question and then when we keep it will keep on talking about

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You know, at the mercy of the prophet SAW someone progress, but this was not limited

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to the words this was not limited, who was not limited to human beings,

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human beings.

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It was even about the animals.

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preference a lot if someone

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walked into a stable of cannabis and he saw a particular camera and the camera came to the prophet SAW somebody slipped by the prophet SAW somebody, and you can find it with something you could look into the prophet SAW was somebody converting the profits, walked away, and he said, who's the owner,

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who is the owner of that founder, and someone from alongside a boy from OnStar, like a young man from on the side. So I am the owner of the camera on messenger of Allah.

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He has

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to do with evil

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reported by Africa.

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So Africa has completely I don't see here my concern in this beast. It complained to me that kabam complained to me and certainly call us tomorrow, probably the secret would have to put the cattle in the pocket. Absolutely. So a man was able to hear that address and it was able to, you know, see the birds and understand the language of the bird. So it was very, very possible that the prophet who is the best of mankind, and certainly much greater than a man, we don't say this to boast, we say this technology

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the practice of someone was certainly

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capable of by the will of Allah subhanaw taala. To understand the caliber you can create propaganda, he is complained to me that you can eat pizza hungry, have you overburden it, to enable the army to

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let you overburden however we're having a problem with

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going to the park so what I'm showing is how to treat adults how to treat birds, he saw bird cousins were many things over the loss of her chicks in the nest has been besides manufacture, aka the wild idea. And some reports from our own in my family, be one of the many teachers who cause her to grieve over friendships, that the bird little bird maybe the person who calls for the bird to grieve over checks because someone stole them, someone took them away.

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If you know sad about the animals, and there are so many, many, many reports about the mercy of the

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structures of the

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animals but even when it comes to inanimate objects, objects might be winning things to solve to

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show great mercy to others to the point where after the vote, when he feared that Harper

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may have hard feelings towards the mountain apart from you know, the

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hydrant may be harboring bad feelings towards an object rocks, the prophets also gonna hold that property whatever you're capable of, and this

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can be loaded

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with when the prophets of Allah

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had his mentor accounting for him. Prior to this he used to have a plank of a tree. He used to have a chronicle but he that he would leave on the trunk of the tree when he was given his Friday sermon on his sermons and join him and when we meet the member for him, he starts with us a member and he left

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alone or you know, now that he's using a member he's not going by the country anymore. And then Allah says for coming apart even now, I stole this trunk of the tree way of door while you're waiting for your cried like like a camera seat down. And when the prophet SAW somebody came down from his red bird walks toward the trunk of the tree was the report of occupy this is has a little bit of an addition that is in

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the forecast edition, where he said

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the report to the committee must have a tracker, but the report the problem I had per second. So the profit target the target country can vary. It

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can vary from

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reporting cost effective

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We probably the most truthful

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generation, the Sahaba of the messenger.

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So, even when they had the Prophet, the prophet prophet an executive mercy and showed us how to be merciful towards the environment, the entire environment. Now, the question that people may ask is this emergency only important It is only when or it also it is also for

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for the people in general did we say in the beginning,

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that it is not even about maintaining the old price all works for me it just for the people at large, yes, he did have a particular you know, intense love for his own man and concern for his own man, absolutely.

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The process of so many surgeries almost

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to the point

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somebody will be

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provided commodity for many oil in

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the form of Rocky whether in the statement of the first statement or the statement, however, even

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when they are Your servants, and if you forgive your heart and all mighty, all wise forwarding for nissa

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T, whoever follows me that he is from me, and wherever this event is he You are the merciful, the most forgiving when when the Prophet

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he will also be a witness in his own home. He cried and cried and he raised his hands up and he said

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oh my god, and then her last sentence setting the gibreel to Him. And He said to him, Mario pika 100 us Mahatma Gandhi sought to cry and Madam Speaker had an event in the protocol someone called them higher. I have concern about my own and when the law totally just read

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no more having my passport in la salle de tiempo de la salle de de Metallica, wild Zoo kaffee have a lot will please you concern in your own map and when not the

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cause of the stress about your own house caught on fire will not cause you grief concerning your own

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concern in your own life.

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You would cry every time he was remembered that there would come generations of his own man after him I've not seen

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challenges in good faith and challenges through the fires and he would not be there to comfort them as he did with the Sahaba with lolani Ave and when to give them strength and power buddy as he did with the Sahaba era and what he recited was the verses recited okay.

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Allah However, he certainly said about when we bring a witness, I guess every nation we bring you as a witness,

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you also cry

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the when he when he thought of

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his position before us

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witnessing going on.

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But that was certainly not limited to the to the Muslims.

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For instance,

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I will focus on how can

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I say

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all this

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to whoever warnings a man under problem in

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America competence is a contract between men and women command a peaceful person with food with

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you know, who I always seem like confident

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for this honors, or overlays and was worth or takes anything away from him without the

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So pleasure Hi, Sophie is a stupid his opponent is the seal on the Day of Judgment.

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So many many of these

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purposes are part of our healing

00:25:19 --> 00:25:21

person on the carpet and the

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punishment for this, but he said that he

00:25:27 --> 00:25:34

smelled the odor or the fragrance of Paradise, which could be found from a distance of

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for the

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the March, covering important dates for the day much so

00:25:48 --> 00:25:50

amazing such a heavy thing, which is

00:25:52 --> 00:25:56

to talk about the evil army and just or be

00:25:57 --> 00:25:58

unfair to that.

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Important with the questionable

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authenticity by Bernie Madoff, to me, I'm fanatical to avoid questionable authenticity as well. But they have a lot of corroborated

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reports that corroborate again and again support that whoever merits a peaceful, you know, on the provenance of this

00:26:30 --> 00:27:23

provenance hurts me personally, and whoever hurts, it hurts a lot, and so on and so forth. But this one is about the Muslims and non Muslims who are very prominent because when we talk about Muslims, we lump them all together, as if they are one thing that is different, many, many different shades, too many different players. So this is the amount of people who are under confident, even with the enemies that were fighting the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he still has mercy for how does this play of the armor could be the ceiling or even having the get through to the caster, the heart, and the misfortune of Piper support the captain stealing everything in the car to the poor, and the orphan

00:27:23 --> 00:27:53

and mechanical pickup that cannot be a Muslim right? That that that is a non Muslim, and they give food despite their need, despite their desire for it to those and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us foolhardy Muslim people to provide the massage already pre like haptics and those skeptics are the enemies that were just spiking, again associate survey and many, many other such examples

00:27:54 --> 00:27:59

of the diversity that was shown to the non Muslims.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:20

When reading you know, the different players, different traits of non Muslims, those who are peaceful, those who are friendly, those who are friendly, you will never be you should never outdo us in kindness. They should never outdo us in gentleness, they should never know who was in generosity.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:34

But you showed them their characters, the burger is a layer that is much higher than pets pestilences justice, that is priceless generosity,

00:28:35 --> 00:28:40

liberality, and so on and so forth. Now,

00:28:41 --> 00:28:42


00:28:43 --> 00:28:48

we will probably not be able to address the the the

00:28:49 --> 00:29:21

contradictions or the things that may seem to be contradictory to this scenario, severity of punishment, please about major but what I wanted to be sure and confident is that the overarching principle in all of this is mercy. So the Prophet exhibited mercy and mercy in every case, in every situation with every body unless that mercy means injustice to somebody else.

00:29:22 --> 00:29:27

Because the old nations of this world have armies are not

00:29:30 --> 00:29:42

historically open nations, you know, we're involved at some point in history, in some fighting or not. There is justifiable and unjustifiable.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:48

But if you allow the evil to prevail is this merciful.

00:29:49 --> 00:29:59

If you allow people to deceive the Muslims, if you allow, you know, for instance, if you're allowed a certain group of people to allow

00:30:00 --> 00:30:10

favourites to come from by side and attack the Muslims after the we have agreed that we will protect them anyhow, we will, you know, have a friendship

00:30:11 --> 00:30:38

sort of an accomplice of Amina from all sides except for this side because this is your site that you need to protect and then when that particular group had reached by continuous obtaining qualified the Muslims had reason to procure medicine, tell them that will allow you to come from our side so that you can come into the Medina and join the Muslims.

00:30:39 --> 00:30:45

everything like that would be a massive massacre versus when a target

00:30:47 --> 00:31:43

for dealing those people afterwards doesn't have this involved and other people repeat the same thing to the Muslims and to do the same thing over and over in this case it will be it will defeat that the ultimate objective of mercy for all because when you exude mercy towards this particular person, when you exude mercy towards murder, have rapists for instance, when you exhibit mercy towards a * that would encourage others to eat the same offense as is merciful? No, it is not. Because mercy for the individual here is at the expense of the charity and mercy for the group for the generality of for the community at large for the generality of mankind. That is that these are

00:31:43 --> 00:31:52

the only times where the profit from a lot and so I'm gonna short forgiveness when the mercy was conferred.

00:31:53 --> 00:32:13

To be genuine or when mercy in that particular scenario or a sin was counterproductive to the general objective of mercy for all with which he was sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala as the final messenger for humanity

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