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Morena subhanho wa Taala Phaeton z Yeah, you letting me know it tupple law helper to a party here while at mo tuna Illa and to Muslim on some buried so my brothers and sisters Welcome to another installment or a another blessing day of this blessing hour of Yeoman Juma. First and foremost I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us our good deeds May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us of our shortcomings. Forgive us our mistakes, forgive us for our mistakes, may Allah so which will grant us his paradise Allah mean, also in this blessed day, we ask Allah azza wa jal to busy our day and our lives with his remembrance, we ask a lot, and so much along those blessings day to

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allow us to do the things that are most beloved to him now and forever be in the land love them. I mean, today, I want to share with you actually two verses from sort of the universe that helped set our priorities in terms of the things that we need to make sure that we utilize and we take advantage of, and so that we don't lose that sense of gratitude. And we don't take the things that we have for granted. And one of those things is the ability to connect with our Creator in times of distress, not to take that for granted. And the reason why I say this is very simple. Often what happens with many people, not just Muslims, but just people in general, is that when they go through

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a hardship, they call upon Allah or they worship their Creator, or they pray and they make dua, and they do all of these things, right? They seek help they make promises, you know, I'm going to change lots of things about myself, I'm going to change the way I treat people, I'm going to change the way that I behave, I'm going to stop certain habits, whatever it may be, the point is, is that they start focusing on, I want to do things better. And this is because they might be bedridden. This isn't my because they've been diagnosed with something. This is just overall some sort of ailment, some sort of hardship, they may have lost someone dear to them. It came into their life. And as a

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result, they started thinking about what's most important in life. But here's the thing. So now all of that is absolutely fine. Sometimes in life, we need hardship to stimulate growth, positive growth. And so sometimes when we go through these these moments in our lives, this is why for a believer, they always seem to find the best of the best leg, when they're in the most difficult of times, they're able to work through it and they're able to become better people. And what I'm what I want to share with you in sha Allah is verse number, 11, and 12 that help us to understand something that we rarely talk about. When it comes to connecting with a lot during the hardship. There's one

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thing it's almost like rarely we ever address. And that is what happens if Allah azza wa jal decides to heal us of our pain or struggle. So in the midst of this COVID-19 what happens then, to the believer, but people in general, that if COVID-19 disappeared from this earth, you know, eventually it'll go away, it might get replaced with something else, or what have you. But the point is, is that it will just eventually lead to another situation, whether that situation be good or bad, we'll never know. But the point is, is that it right now, in the midst of this lockdown in the midst of this pandemic, people are praying more people are asking for more people are thinking about their

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priorities. When we stand when we spend time with our families, we're connecting with them in a totally different way. We're more grateful or more understanding, we don't take these moments for granted anymore. But then when it's all over, there will always be some that this is what the a is going to be talking about. And I'm going to go to verse 12. First, just to introduce the subject, and then we'll go back to verse 11. And to really capture what the true message is a lie. So Joel says, What either must sell insulin or daughter This is ensuited unit. So keep in mind so that unit is a mechi surah. So we're talking about the first 13 years or so of Prophet in Mecca whenever an

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ailment or a pain

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touch them What a mess a mess literally means to touch muscle insane whenever a pain touches somebody, and that pain a lot calls a boat, boat, bug ruin, it means to just something that hurts something that causes you pain, something that puts you down something that makes you struggle but all of that is called load. So Allah says whenever a bit of struggle or pain or hardship comes into your life, a less align so Joel says wlm what either muscle insulin or load dharana Legion be he has already done a call email. So listen to what the listen to what somebody does, what that allows referring to this group, he says, whenever this pain comes to them, the first thing that they start

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doing is they start making dua to Allah. They do this whilst they're lying down, or whilst they're sitting or whilst they're standing. So in other words, maybe they're in the hospital bed, maybe they're just literally you know, sitting at home, they can't move around they're not as agile as they used to be. Or they're literally standing they're still able to move around. But from within internally they're struggling could be emotionally it could be physically it could be related to health What have you point is, these are three separate different scenarios that Allah says it could be here he there or somewhere else? Now what's happening? So what does this What does this person

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decide to do? So when all is said and done, they're making to our Allah heal me or Allah guide me, Allah give me strength, all let's change my situation. All I do this Ola do that. So what does Allah do? fella Mecca chef Nina and her daughter, Allah says, so when they're baking drunk to me, we relieve them from that pain, cash f net cash flow, and it means to expose. So in other words, we were able to lift the burden and expose meaning we allow them to be their old self all over again. Why? Because Because when you think about what a hardship is, at any level, spiritually or emotionally, it's like a layer of pain that sits on you, it sits into your life. And so Allah says

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that when we remove that layer now, and we see and we showcase the real person, now healthy, strong back to their old self, right? And this is why when we say when somebody goes into a hospital, right, and they're treated for whatever, then they're released. Some of the things that we say to them is, man, you're back to your old self, man, look at you, you're moving around, you're in the garden, you're playing, you're running, you're really back to your old self. And even in some cases, you're even better than what you were before you got sick. So alesse is Philip maca Schaffner, and don't moderate cat and lemmya during that eval dog run Mercer. This is the tragedy. They end up

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listening to it unless his mother Maduro means that they passed by moral means you're just you're going by you're just you know, hallway, you're just walking through it just passing by you're just transiting through a less said, when we heal them, then went about their life as though I was no big deal. Yeah, I just I got sick, I got cancer, I was diagnosed I just made do I call upon Allah healed me, life goes up. That is not the attitude of a true believer. A true believer never takes those moments of relief and healing for granted. They always keep in the back of their mind somewhere. Men, Allah subhanho wa Taala really helped me in that situation. I now cannot let him down. There's

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expectations and I need to fulfill those expectations now. And they started when I got sick. This is why I will bakudo the loved one when he was sick. so helpless, they came and they visited him and asked him Did you see the doctor? And he said yes. I've already seen the doctor. Well, what did the doctor say? The doctor said that he does whatever he wills. So the some of the companions are looking at me. They're like, What are you talking about? He says my doctor is my Creator. And if this is what he does for me, then I'm grateful I'm happy. And what it does is that it brings you closer to your Creator. And so those moments when you're getting closer to your Creator as a result

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of going through a struggle, what a lot. So agility is really saying here is that that's probably one of the wisdoms why I caused you to be sick, to struggle or to go through the hardship to begin with, so that you've come back to me. And if you're already with me, the struggle to help you stay with me. But for some, and now this is where it comes together where even lots of Muslims do this, that once they're healed of whatever struggle, they go back to their old ways, and they begin all over again. filmmaker chef Narayan holder modernica lemmya Dona Ll don't remember them.

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They start walking by and just go on with their life as though they never made Dora to Allah to begin with. I know lots of people who do this, I know lots of people who have gone through the worst of the worst situations, and they pray and they will ask people like us pray for me or come and visit me. Or can you tell me which I can read so I can be healed and you do these things, because you want to genuinely help these people. But then when you realize that when it's all said and done, they kind of just go back to status quo, they kind of go back to what life was. That's the tragedy that this area is trying to call out to. And here's the thing. Allah says Kevin alakazoo unit in

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Missouri FEMA can we are among that is exactly the way that we now as Zoo Yena is as if Allah is saying, we made it look and seem as though it was just perfectly fine. It was okay. It was a beautiful thing. You know, you get sick, you look for the medicine, you take the medicine, you get healed, you go back to life. For a believer, even if you get a headache, and you take like a painkiller, that headache, and that painkiller it talks to like a halt about it talks to like a reminder talks to you like an A. And so, every one of those moments, and this is one of the wisdoms why Allah caused human beings to feel pain and to become sick. Like, if I get a scratch, I'm not

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gonna just start laughing at it, it's gonna hurt for a bit. And then I'll have to try to do what I can to heal myself. If we get a headache, we can't function we can we can even do basic things until we try to attack the problem. And so Allah is saying that the one of the wisdoms why I created you to do this, where you have good days and bad days throughout your entire life, is so that you can stay with me, I want you to be next to me, I want you to be near to me. But then there will always be that group. They took it for granted. So what are the lesson good, they can zu una mas Rahim. That's the way I made it look like it was just completely fine to the people who they were

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extravagant. musli theme comes from the word is sort of, which means that they didn't value that moment for what it was. So every time so here's the extravagance, part of this whole discussion is that every time every single time they became sick, or they went went through a pain, it's as if they went back to the same old way. So it's like, you're wasting you these moments that these teaching moments that Allah is giving you. And it's just like somebody who wastes in general, you have this one bottle of water that costs like 15 bucks, and you just drink it like nothing. Then you get another one, you drink it again, and then what ends up happening, it becomes a habit and then

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you don't realize I'm paying $15 for a bottle of water. Am I crazy? What am I doing? And that's where you start to lose it, you start to lose perspective. And that's what Allah is saying. So unanimously feed my cat and we are moving. We made this just as a point where it became habitual, and they enjoyed it. They thought this was going to be the routine. But then Allah woke them up. And Allah eventually will show them that one moment and I think Allah knows best. This is one of the wisdoms why we're going through this pandemic. It says, If Allah is saying, enough is enough. Now I'm going to really wake up all of you know, there's been cancer was on the rise, disease was on the

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rise, pain, oppression, all of these things was on the rise for ages, yet you all of mankind, you didn't get the message. So now I'm going to shut down the whole world and pause it. Let's see what happens now. Now we'll go back to verse 11. Whatever you add you to love willingness is shudras stergiou, lowpoly, avena, Home Alarm silicosis.

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Now I'm going to do a rough translation, because this particular verse in verse number 11, actually sets the tone of why somebody becomes this way, because this is a jet. This is a very genuine question. Like, why didn't people do that? When they do go through the pain and struggle, and they get the healing? And then they go back to their old ways, and they do this repetitively? Why do people do that? Why does that happen? And the answer to that that's what I want to conclude in the second part of this short to July reminder. So I'm going to again guys just keeping it like you know, that whole taste and experience and flavor of Joomla I'm going to take the pause here real

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quickly, and I sit down for a few seconds, it's an opportunity for you all to reflect to pray, ask Allah for whatever you want and then when I stand up again in sha Allah will conclude Okay guys, I'll pull them out to smile and let's stuff that will love it. Welcome. Well, he certainly was equally them and stuff it all in no one call for Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah

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Are they he uploads of sada let him with to sleep woman were buried alive So Rachel continues and he says, Why don't we want you to love when NASA shuttle restera Jared or bill higher la Paul de la him agilon phenethyl living in LA ora junella por NFV Adobe only him yet another one, just listen to this a oh my gosh, this is just unreal. This is a number 11 a les says that if we were to hurry up pace and I Jenna means to hurry up to get things going. So if we started to get mankind going with all of the bad that they do, and equal it at the same pace of all of the good that they do. So if we so in other words, Allah is saying, if we were to synchronize all the bad of mankind, and all the

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good of mankind and synchronize those two things together, look what ends up happening Illa continues and he says, look, hold the LA him eduroam we will allow them to reach their destination. In other words, the outcome would be whatever it was. So what that what that what that means specifically, scholars of Tafseer differ tremendously on it, but it gives a hint at the end of the A. And this is where Allah says phenethyl levy and Allah yo junella, Paul and efeito E and E him Yamaha and phenethyl. Another means to we just kind of we just left them.

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We just left them, let them be. So if this is the way that they want it, they want to have to balance their life, let's just do 100 bad things and followed up with 100 good things and just kind of live life this way. I was like, Okay, this is part of my trap. phenethyl lesbian ally or junella, Paul, Anna. So we'll just leave them, especially for the people who don't care who don't even think about that they're eventually going to come back and meet us. So what does this all mean guys, and allow them to be in their transgression, blinded, confused and alone. So put it all together? This person, they'll live their life balanced, they'll get sick, pray, he'll go back to go back to life

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all over again, sick pray here. So it's as if you've got the best of both worlds. And you have the best in the worst of both worlds. So when you're not sick, you're all over the place. When you do become sick, or you do go through hardship, you're under control. So you have the best of the best, you have the most of the the best and the worst. So you're good. And when you're bad. They're all equal. What is a let's say that this ultimately leads to you start losing a connection with him because why? One has to be over and beyond the other. And this is like almost like two roads that become like a scale now of priorities. Which lane Do you want to be on? Do you want to be on the

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lane that's moving a little quicker of good deeds or the other lane. And unless this is part of my trap, if another lesbian ally or a giornale apart, and if you're totally anti him, yeah. It's a trap that Allah says, Okay, if that's the way you want to do it, you're going to be blinded, when those when those real hardships and those real moments come, you're not going to learn it. And one of those things, one of the examples of that, that I think is this pandemic, you know, it's one thing when you're sick, and you're bedridden, or you're home, it's one thing when you have a migraine, you need to take a few days off. It's one thing if you break a limb, you need to heal for a month, or

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what have what have you. It's one thing when you lose the loved one, you need to take some time, and you need to heal from that. But when the whole world shuts down, this is like a big deal. So it's like taking all of those moments of hardships, and putting it all together as one planet and say, Okay, let's see, if you're blind to this, the way that you may have been blind to all of those other moments that we have been trying to wake you up with the hardship, and you didn't wake up. Let's see if this will do it. And this a and number 11, is really saying to us, that if you live your life where you're always think that you can balance this out, even a pandemic won't move, you will not

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protect us from that, guys. That's going to be the real tragedy in all of this, that when all of this is over in sha Allah, that things really do just go back to normal. And we as as human enterprise, we just don't get that lesson. We don't realize that you know what, we've got to stop all the hate that oppression to racism, we'd have to stop disliking each other, talking about each other, hurting each other in whatever way shape or form. We have to be able to understand that we only have one life in this world, to try to do the best to help each other and to help people to do the right thing to treat people the right

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Right away, these are all the things the priorities and lessons that have to be uncovered and manifest themselves during this pandemic. And if that doesn't happen, Allah said, you'll just fall into a trap, you'll be blind, and you won't even care about meeting me. And what a tragedy that would be. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to give us strength that we continue to learn this guy's

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This here is the one thing that can help us get through any pandemic of any generation of any time. So may lie. So it'll keep us connected with this continue to teach us this continue to teach us it's beautiful knowledge and wisdom and guidance. For all of you out there may Allah subhanho wa Taala give you strength that whenever you go through the struggle, that you see the spiritual beauty and find strength within that struggle, I know it's hard, it's not an easy thing to do. And we should never take that for granted. Just assume all you should just be making a lot of duel when you're bedridden for six months, it's not an easy thing to do. But what we need to do is we need to just

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keep encouraging each other, we need to just be saying the right things. We need to be saying nice things to one another and stop focusing on all of the pessimistic things, especially when somebody is going through pain. You don't tell somebody you know, you're going through pain because of that thing you said or that thing you did or you've never been an honest businessman. So unless punishing you now know what none of us have the right to say that we never have that right to say this is why Allah is punishing you because of what you did. And look what happened you broke your leg. It's as if you went Did you get like a text message from a lower an email like a private email that he told

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you? Hey, listen, this is why that person's going through that. So don't say those things. Just be optimistic and be fair and be honest and give people encouragement inspire them to be the best known regardless of what their state is. And so with that being said, always in forever pray that Allah gives us the best of this world and the hereafter. So Ramadan guys, it's the second jumaan so wherever you are alive so Joel accept our fasts And may Allah azza wa jal accept our doors and worship in this blessing month of shampoo and water. So with that being said I conclude some Hannukah lahoma we have dicussion will let you let you learn to stop fetal color to blue lake for

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all of you that are saying set out why they call Mr. Morimoto lucky what what a cutter I have to do this man I have to give a very personal shout out to two of my close buddies. Mark Strong I see you man I see you your hair Mashallah and unsalted. I see you there as well man Mashallah, may Allah bless the both of you. I can't wait to sit down and hang out with all of you in sha Allah soon soon. Bismillah Okay, guys, so take care, it's time to pray your four rockets solid or lower. So by all means, Take care, guys.