Mohammad Elshinawy – [03] Timeless Story Of The Sabath – Silence is Criminal

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The Sabbath has been a conflict zone for generations, causing violations and accusations of violation, including people being threatened and people not being recognized. The three scenarios that could lead to violations and accusations of violation are discussed, including people being threatened and people not being recognized. The speakers emphasize the importance of speaking up and showing one's true intentions to avoid harming others, as well as the loss of a culture, relationship, and culture. The conversation also touches on the history of sexuality and potential consequences of speaking up against it.
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Brothers and sisters, a few weeks prior, we began our discussions learning from the story of the Sabbath, the people among bento Israa in the community that was living on the shore that Allah told us about and sort of a lot off, so that we can look within ourselves not so that we can get better at pointing fingers and the blame game.

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And he said to us, these were a people that neglected their purpose and their duty to worship Allah. And as a result of that life became complicated. They usually or dinnerly, wider sphere of the permissible of the halal became tighter on them. And it seemed to feel like my only viable options in life were the haram. And so instead of realizing that that was a penalty for their indiscretions and showing Allah patience, their lack of pious restraint, their lack of Taqwa and patience, made them violate even further and justify through loopholes and as we said, they're violations. So they violated on the Sabbath by eating the fish they caught on that day. What happens next? The passage

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goes on to say, we'll call it or call it OMA to mean whom a group from among this community said, Lee Mata Ivana Coleman, Illa, Houma, helical whom Elmore avaible whom either been shut Dida, what is the matter with you fishing on Saturday? No. They said, What is the matter with you for advising these violators for advising these people whom Allah is bound to destroy, or afflict them with a severe punishment?

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So you see what happened there. That's the very next verse, the violators and then critics, not of the violators, critics of those advising and objecting to the violators. There's three camps of people now, those who trespassed on the Sabbath by fishing there on that day, and those who objected to them and said to them, Fear Allah, this is not allowed. It's not a matter of if Allah is gonna punish us. It's when don't do this. Don't play games with Allah azza wa jal, then a group rose that said, what's the point?

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You're not going to change the world, as they say, there's a class of people like this throughout history isn't there? It's pointless. Don't waste your breath, don't waste your time. They're not going to change. Nobody's listening. You're not going to change the world. You see, this story is a timeless story. This is not about some people in some small town on the shore, you will always have people that try to justify their silence, justify their cowardice justify their passivity and their non involvement. And some of them even mask it in the form of advice, but instead of advising the person actually doing the wrong, you're advising, really criticizing those objecting to the

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wrongdoing. Can you imagine the reverse logic that's happening here?

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And so how did the objectors to the violators respond? They said, my zero 10 ilan, Robbie Comala, Allah homea chacun. We will continue to object so that we may have we may secure our excuse in front of your Lord. Regardless of results. I'm doing this to have my excuse in front of Allah while I let him yet goon and maybe they'll wake up, maybe some of them will avert the punishment. Maybe some of them will activate their taqwa, their piety and their avoidance of what displeases Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And this is an a very important lesson here, that whenever evil is done in front of us, whenever injustice, oppression, immorality, whatever it may be, surfaces in front of people. There's three scenarios the Quran tells us about as the Sunnah directs us to the first scenario is when you can object to the evil and you do in fact object to the evil openly. In that case, your objection will not just protect you in front of Allah, but protect those around you as well.

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For instance, Allah says one Makana rabuka moodily Cal kura were elucha musli Hoon, and your Lord would not destroy the people of the towns while

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there are rectifiers reformers not solely through not righteous people, mostly who those who are trying to get others to be righteous. That's what protects the town from Allah's punishment coming down right away, or the other verse that

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says when I can hola Julio Zeba Houma Enta fie him. And your Lord would not only Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, punish them, the napkins and all the evil they're doing Allah who would not punish them while you are among them sallallahu alayhi wasallam why because he is there protecting his society delaying the punishment from coming by his open objection to it.

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The second scenario is when people cannot object, your life is on the line if you object or close to that something that severe could happen to you, if you openly object, then in that case, you being righteous, within yourself, your personal or your private righteousness, may delay the punishment

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from descending upon your people from descending at a certain time in place. Where do we get this from? When the Muslims were being threatened at who they via and this is mentioned and so then fed by Quraishi. Again, notice now the Prophet Muhammad is no longer in Mecca. He escaped with the believers the persecution Medina and they're coming back for Amara and they're being threatened. What did Allah say

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to the people of Mecca? Walla Walla reject me noona when he sat me not to lambda Allah mu whom and tapa o whom were it not for the fact that there was still among you in Mecca, believing men and believing women that you don't know about, they're not openly objecting their closet, Muslims, essentially, they're not able to even show that they're Muslim, Allah saying, or it's not for the fact that there remains in Mecca in this place filled with evil people right now.

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believing men and believing women that you don't know and that is why you don't attack them. Allah's from his mercy, you can't know them because if you knew them, you would attack them. And if you attack them, I'd finish you off.

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They are their existence is a security measure for you. The end of the ISS Lotus a yellow had they separated themselves these hidden Muslims, these undercover believers that couldn't openly Object Length as a yellow light has there been a Latina Cafaro mean, whom are there been a Lima we would afflict a severe torment upon the disbelievers. So that's the second scenario. You can't object your personal righteousness might protect your community.

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And it might not. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Yes, you may be destroyed if evil becomes prevalent, even if there are righteous among you. And then everyone gets resurrected on their intentions, meaning there may be some righteous people that are taken with the punishment, but it's a purification and elevation for them. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will say, you had the intention to object if you were able to. So you are spirit. That's the second scenario. The third scenario very quickly, is the scenario of those who can object

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but refuse to improve the situation even though they can refuse to speak up even if they can to improve the situation, though they can. This third group of people, their silence in the eyes of Allah is criminal. This third group of people their silence is complicit in the Acts of those that are oppressing and violating, May we never be of that category. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that the first downfall of bento is sloppy and when did they start falling apart? He said when they stopped checking each other stopped holding each other accountable. He said a man would meet his brother and say to his brother, a tequila fear Allah fina hula Yeah, hello, like a VALIC. This is not permissible for you. And then the next day, it will just be business as usual. I don't want to make things uncomfortable. I don't want to bring up uncomfortable truths.

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I don't want to sort of ruin the chemistry in the relationship. Your lifestyle on the line, you just don't want the inconvenience. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for a lot of Allah who aloo Baba Allah Hindi about exactly what they were worried was going to happen. That's what happened. Allah turned their hearts against each other. They had internal animosity, internal division, internal conflict. Why? Because they were over protective of that, their pleasure of each other their approval of each other over the approval of Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa taala.

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You know, there is a report it is not a precisely a Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, but a report from ancient nations that says that Allah one sent his angels and said destroy the people of this town.

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They said oh Allah your righteous servant, so and so is among them like we're going to destroy him to. He said begin with him, if there will be He, for inner who loved me at Amma are what you who feel

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begin with him because his face never frowned for my sake one time. He couldn't get himself to show disapproval when I am being defied when I am being challenged when my boundaries are being trampled. This is not a righteous person.

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And that last Hadith on this third scenario, the heavy considering it's hitting me the where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said we're lazy enough CVAD I swear by the one in whose hands is my soul I swear by Allah, let that maroon double my roof you will command each other with doing the right thing. What attend how not in mukha and you will stop each other from doing the wrong thing. Ella you she can Allah Who and Yun Zi la la comunidad carbon or else very soon Allah who will destined to befall you a great punishment Filmoteca Runa who fella you stir jab hola como and then you will beg him into and he will not respond to you.

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So we are all in it together. We are not allowed to see wrongdoing and think we're on a different boat going to a different place. We are obligated to do our part whenever and wherever we can to speak up and say we will not let this ship sink and Abu Bakr Siddiq Radi Allahu Allah and He wants stood on the mimbar the altar of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said in a sermon oh people What is the matter with you? Why are you reading the book of Allah and interpreting it in ways that were never intended? You people keep saying Just mind your own business so long as you're righteous and you cite Allah saying yeah, you have Lavina Iman Oh, you have believed I they come

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full circle focus on yourselves lie on the Roku mandala data datum. It though will not harm you who strays so long as you yourself are guided. He said that are your only applies to those who have invited to guidance, meaning after you've said your piece. After you've told them what guidance is, then it's not harmful who strays so long as you're guided, but if you're not inviting them to it, you're not sharing it with them. Then you are among those who want to stray you are no longer among those who are guided yourself.

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May Allah make us guides who are guides for others. May Allah make us guides who are ourselves guided Allahumma Amina hola hola that was tough for Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Allah hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena be about the shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa Hoda, Sharika or shadow anna Muhammad, an avid who whenever you who are solo. So what happened with these three camps of people on the shore.

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They stood their ground and said, God's punishment is bound to come to those who play games with him. We are not even living amongst you anymore. And they lived on the other side of town. And the historical reports mentioned they even built a wall between us and them, we have nothing to do with you.

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And one morning, they wake up and they hear the sounds of animals.

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And they set up their ladders and they look over this wall and they see that all of their Klansmen all the people of that tribe that are on the other side of the wall. The violators had been devolved, transformed by Allah into monkeys. And the Quran is explicit on this elsewhere for calling Allah hongcun Okay, rather than have seen, we said to them, meaning we decreed in a single moment be monkeys all of you in disgrace. And just so no one sort of misuses this. These monkeys don't have descendants they were they were sterile, right but they were monkeys recognizable to the people from the other side of the wall. They knew them by their eyes. Can you imagine? That's my uncle. I can

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see it. That's my brother. That's my niece. I can see it by their eyes, but the rest of their body is no longer human. Well as of Allah. Allah said in the Quran, this is the last verse of these three verses of the story of the Sabbath. And so the lot of Fela mana su mad Loki Ruby, he wants those violators forgot, dismissed, ignored everything they were being reminded with, and Jane and Lavina and Helena and Sue. We saved those who were forbidding the evil. We saved the objectors were Husna Levine avala movie or they're being Bayesian be American or you have so own

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and we snatched the wrongdoers the violators with a horrible punishment because of their flagrant sinning

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And so the violators were snatched, the objectors were saved. And Allah is not forgetful. He deliberately was silent in the Quran about those who are silent what happened to the third group? The Quran doesn't talk about it.

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You will never know until the Day of Judgment Were they saved or were they destroyed? You can't know and that is by design.

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crema, Rahim Allah Allah says, I came to even our best the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Even Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu was known among all the Sahaba as to the Germanic Quran, the master interpreter of the Quran, he said, I walked in on him, he had some pages of Quran in his lap, and he was sobbing, soaking his lap and these pages, and I said What in the world happened? He said, Come, look, I can't find those who are silent in these verses what happened to them. And I have no reason to believe except that they were among those who are destroyed. Because Allah said I saved those who objected. And they didn't object.

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And then he said, camera, he now was a Katsina camera, He now gets into and us to how many times in our life, we were silent. That's what he's worried about how many times we saw wrongdoing in our life, and we fell into criminal silence.

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So I can remember his students actually kept saying, I argued with him and I pestered him and I worked so hard to persuade him that maybe they were saved. Maybe they were saved, because look, the Quran says that they said, Stop advising people that Allah was bound to destroy them, Stop advising them, they're evil, they're lost cause so at least they recognized in their heart that they were at last cause at least they objected internally, maybe that'll get them saved. He said, If not best was so happy to hear that from me, that I gave him that glimmer of hope. That may be our silence, some of it will be forgiven, that he jumped up in joy and he grabbed essentially his favorite shirt, and

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he gave it to me as a gift.

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So in conclusion, brothers and sisters, whenever there is clear wrong,

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not talking about some difference of opinion among the scholars of Islam clear wrong.

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And you can say something to help the situation say it, you must say it. If you don't know what to say, amplify the words who know what to say. The scholars or anyone else you speak about what's happening today, the genocide in Palestine right now speak up Allah who will ask you did you speak up or not? Or were you too afraid to speak up? Were you too indifferent to speak up? That silence would be criminal? When you see a morality, this perversion of sexuality being spread in the schools? Are you just gonna sit there and like lift your hands in the sky when you get those emails or hear about these news reports? Or sit there in a corner of the world with your wishful thinking

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speak up, be a voice put a dent at the very least it'll be your excuse in front of Allah azza wa jal, and when you see your relatives, those who care about those in your society, saying or doing or earning or dressing or behaving in a way that's inappropriate, say something.

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You have more agency and more power and more responsibility than you realize. And Allah will ask us about it. If that means sharing information, share it. If that means encouraging those that are feeling weak, encourage them.

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Speak up. Allah azza wa jal has given us a voice giving us a tongue, giving us a chance and given us the story of the Sabbath to realize the stakes of what we do at that channel.

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