Are you being honest with yourself?

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When it comes to dealing with our negative emotions in a healthy way, it is very important that we are first able to understand and admit what we're feeling. Let's take the example of envy a person may be feeling or experiencing envy for a very long time, yet never admitting to themselves that what they're feeling is envy that they desire, something that someone else has, whether it be a possession, or a quality or an achievement, and maybe that makes them feel inferior or inadequate. Now acknowledging that can be a very hard pill to swallow. So sometimes we're reluctant to do that. Because doing that would mean admitting to ourselves, that we have issues. We're not perfect, we

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have flaws, we have shortcomings, but that is the only way that we can start to find healthy ways to deal with these negative emotions because there are plenty of unhealthy ways that people resort to perhaps a topic for another time.