Ambresh Asks – Why Did God Create Us?

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My name is Amrish.

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I got a question.

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What do you think? Why God created us? Do you think he created us to send here for tests in order to categorize us for heaven or hell?

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We have the question Why did God create us and on the second day of this conference, I gave a talk on purpose of creation for about one hour 15 minutes, or intend up the lecture. One of the reasons is that God created us for the test. The year after this live has Quran said it's for mu chapter 16, verse number two, unless the collateral matava hurt and he has created death and life to test which offers a great deal. And besides that, one of his unique creation is he created the human beings who have free will. We can either obey Almighty God or we may disobey Almighty God, we have been given the free will. And Almighty God asked us before we came into this world, who would like to become a

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human being so we opted for that, you and I, in the previous life before we came into the one we opted for that so based on that Almighty God gave us the freewill. Now after we get freewill, we either have the option to obey God or disobey God. If you obey God, we get Jana, if you disobey God, then you don't get Jana. So this life is a test for the hereafter. Other creations angels don't have a Free Will they always obey Allah subhanaw taala so we opted for the test. We opted for the test. So we are undergoing the test. So based on this test,

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we will get our reward and punishment. Allah says in the Quran in surah Daria chapter 15 Verse 50 Thanks. Allah says mama HELLO TO DINNER inside Alia we do that we have created Jin and the men not but worship me. So one of the reasons for our creation is worship and the the test for the hereafter. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not require us to worship him. Whether we worship him or not, he did great. It will not diminish him it will not make him superior. We are undergoing the test for our benefit we opted. It is like I opted to appear for the medical examination. I opted. So the teacher She corrected okay fine, and I passed the test. Similarly whether we opted and we are

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undergoing the test, and for the complete answer can refer to my videos I said the purpose of creation