Suleiman Hani – Why is Shaban So Important to Prepare for Ramadan

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of preparing for a meeting with Allah Subhanla wa taala, as it is the only option for achieving forgiveness and reward. The speaker emphasizes the need for preparation and a clear understanding of who Allah is to avoid wasting time.
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When Shaban would begin, the Muslims would dedicate themselves to the RE citation of the Quran. Increase your Quran recitation why? So that you have momentum going into the greatest month of the year. So we are encouraged as many scholars have stated Ibn Rajab Rahim Allah talks about this, as this is the month that is warming you up preparing you for Ramadan and take advantage so that when it arrives, welcome, Open Arms welcome and ready to go. Welcome. And I'm already established in my preparation. I've adjusted what I needed to adjust the routine. Now what are the best practices from the lives of the companions from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. Remember, your story is

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already in the Quran. You read about the prophets, you read about the righteous you read about some of the evil people as well in the Quran. Your story is there as well. Your story is in the Quran, the story of how the believers prepared the story of how the believers did not give up on Allah subhanaw taala the story of how you repented to Allah and you kept trying and trying and trying and you never gave up. You never lost hope. You knew who Allah was, you knew there was always a chance to keep moving forward. Your story in the Quran all comes down to one thing and it is your son. It is your perseverance. No matter how difficult things get you keep trying. No matter how many times

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you fallen down, you stand back up knowing Allah supporting you, knowing your need of moving forward, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is promising you a way forward and that it will be worth it.

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And so when you look at your story in the Quran, you realize that the end of the day there is no greater option than to be a person of preparation. Your life and your story in the Quran is one in which you are preparing to meet Allah. Your entire life is preparation for a meeting with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and likewise Ramadan is a preparation that was Shaban is a preparation for Ramadan. Ramadan is a preparation to meet Allah subhanaw taala with a clean slate to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with that hope for mercy, forgiveness and reward

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