Why Our Prayers And Duas Are Not Answered – Part 1

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Santa Monica Mara

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spinarak masala and as you know Mohammed

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Can you send them to cinema? What are what are what are what

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are the hamdulillah inshallah I want to continue? what I was talking about last week about the saying of Ibrahim even Adham who's one of the famous early self, who's mentioned in many of the books, especially the books of Zoo hood, and he was in Al basara in Iraq, and some of the people of Basra came and they asked him because he was known to be a righteous man. So they asked him, they said, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If you call on me, I'll answer you. And they said, but we call on Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and we don't see the results. We don't see our prayers being answered. So he said, because your hearts are dead. Because Allah subhana wa Adana will call the one

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who's alive, just like he's called Allah Subhana Medina says in the Quran, that he calls you to what will bring you to life. So if you answer that call, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will answer your call. So he says that the reasons are these 10 things and the first one, he said out of tamala, for them to do hakuho you knew Allah subhana wa, Donna, and you didn't fulfill his right? So Allah has.

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Allah has rights, like now people talk about human rights, there's also divine rights. There's people expect to be respected, they expect dignity, they feel it's a right. If you go out there and you abuse somebody, they feel like you're infringing on their rights. But who gave them those rights? That's the question. Because if this was all just randomness, and this was all just a random event, the universe there's no real meaning behind the universe. It's just a random event, then that means really, that there's no purpose or meaning. And therefore, there's no substantiation for rights. Because I can say, I don't like you, and I can shoot you. If I don't like you, or I like

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your car. I want to take your car because property has a right but what is it? Is it the right of the state? Well, somebody can say I'm an outlaw, I want to live outside as a state. I don't have any position with the state. So rights, people claim rights, but what are rights based on? I mean, that's the question. If rights are based on course of power, then it's only might makes right. So if the state says, I'm right, because I can put you in jail, or I can do whatever I want to you, then that's why we're obeying law. But if there's something above that, if there's a divine right, for instance, Allah subhana wa Adana says that takanobu Zina don't go near to fornication, don't even go

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near it. He doesn't said in other verses when I as known but in this verse, he says, don't even go near it. In the who can aphasia was a Sevilla, it's a foul thing, and it leads down a foul path. So that's an injunction from Allah La takanobu Xena, Sara, Amaya do know Alan, would you? It's a command imperative mode and it indicates that it's a command from Allah. So Allah says don't want to get that is right that you do not transgress that boundary woman type the doodle lava with ecohome avanti, moon, if you go past that had a limit that Allah has put, then you transgress the boundary, you've done something that allows prohibited you from doing so if if those people will accept those

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rights, they have to recognize not only do they have rights, but Allah subhana wa tada himself has rights and one of his rights is that he's worshipped and that nothing's associated with him. One of his rights is that he is the mushara. He is the one that makes injunctions but doesn't mean that humans can't make laws. If therefore the benefit, it's called Muslim masala when something is not in the shediac, but there's a benefit from it, then humans can make those laws and also the odema. Say, even in a country that has unjust laws, you're still dictated to obey the laws, because it's erotica, Bahasa Bahrain, it's taking the lesser of two evils. So these things are understood. But

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the point is, is that Allah is the one who commands and he prohibits that is a laws, place and no one else's and the prophets allies him is called Shadi own almost shut down my Jasmine, metaphorically because he speaks in the name of Allah. He speaks in the name of Allah. No one else can do that even the Mufti can't do that. He can only tell you his opinion, and say, well, that's why a fatwa is non binding. It's a non binding legal position because we don't know if that's the hokum of Allah or not. It's a human attempt at arriving at the hokum of Allah. And that's an important distinction. So Allah has rights. If you don't fulfill those rights, especially after you

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say you know him, then you have failed

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To live up to a large expectation for you as his creature, something that he created. And then he said, karate or Quran from that movie, you read the Quran and then you don't act according to it. Because the Quran is a book, in essence, it's a book of tawheed it's a book of stories, what would be called sacred history. And then it's a book of injunctions, commands and prohibitions, commands and prohibitions like a p masala, what are two zakka established prayer and pay zakat those are commands from Allah. So that's in the Quran, but there are many other things in the Quran. For instance, Allah subhana wa tada in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada says, In the Messiah to dunya, a

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boon will let one was in a tune that this world is live, it's play its level, it's entertainment, it's Xena. What about hold on beno calm, and then it's mutual boasting each person boasting to the other I did this, I did that. I graduated from this university. I got this degree. I made this much amount of money last year. I just bought this I just bought that we went to this place for vacation. We did this we did that. That's all tobacco lubaina calm what the catheter unfit and why it would oh not. And then it's also accumulation of wealth. And then multiplying your children, your progeny, your offspring. This is higher to dunya. So what does Allah subhana wa tada say about it? He says,

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capacidade Hasan badgebup kofod on a battle. It's like a rain that comes down. And then it brings the earth to life. So you see, it's all green, and the kuffaar meaning the farmers here, they look at it net, and they're really impressed. It's beautiful, just like it was all green last month. If you looked around, it was beautiful to look at your eyes. Now. It's all yellow. It's dying. It's all yellow out there. Look at the hills, it's all dead. Allah says that's the likeness of this world. You're young, you're youthful. You have all your vigor. But then to me a Haeju. And then it begins to you're in your curvier linear mode. You see, the arc has reached its peak. And then it begins to

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descend through me a Haeju, the economist for whom Yokota Obama and then it becomes dry and yellow, and then it becomes Chase is blown away by the wind of his karate Jedi. And in the next world is a painful punishment. For people who didn't take the benefit of this message of what I'm telling you about the nature of the world. You're not here to be here forever. You're not here to simply enjoy. You're not here just to spend your lives in vain pursuits in stupidity. Those are the acts of fools. Those are the acts of animals that eat and drink and don't think about tomorrow because they don't have a history. If you have a history, if you know the past you can understand the present and the

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future. And that's why humans are so different from other creatures. So Allah subhana wa tada says that one mouth Fira tune, but there's also forgiveness will not Pharaoh to mental life what a blonde and also there's contentment that Allah is actually pleased. There are people that they're not even forgiven. They're just no he's savvy at all.

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Those are the people come in so that's the parent telling us that so who takes those messages? kurata Moran from Ruby. You read the Quran you don't think about that. Allah subhana wa tada says, Do my auras. Nikita ballerinas profane a man or a ballerina. And then we cause this book to be inherited by those we have chosen from our servants, whatever book it was, that was passing but this Koran for us because this is the oma of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and then we gave them this book. Oh does Nikita but Allah Venus, Athena, those we have chosen, that is a gift from Allah. You've been chosen to receive this gift from a law firm in Houma, badimo, Nina FC, and among

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them, there are oppressors for themselves. They're not oppressing others, they're oppressing themselves, woman who mocked us it and then there are those who are in between, there in between women whom sabich on the hierarchy, B is Neela. And then there are those who are outstripping in good deeds by the permission of Allah subhana wa tada that it go to the road Kabir that is vast bounty if you want dunya that's doing it fluffy dyadic affiliate NFS and Multan. ephesian let people compete in that that's the real bounty in this world. That's the real bounty. So Allah describes three people amongst the people of Quran. People who oppress themselves. Those are the people that

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don't take heed from the Quran. They don't listen to the message. They read it. They say they believe in it, but they're not acting according to it in the Tafseer. They say a lot began with that person so that they don't lose hope, because they're still amongst his event. And there's still people that are chosen. And then the matassa is

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In the middle and then separate from the heart B is Neela. And then those who are outstripping and Allah says about them by the permission of Allah so they don't get arrogant. They recognize that it's a blessing from Allah subhana wa Adana. So those people the Quran is there, he said you're not reading the Quran. And then he said at 30 2:30am tomorrow, sooner you claim to love the private pulling content to be only if you love Allah, then follow me. You're welcome Allah, Allah will love you through following me. So following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet said that anyone who loves him will enter agenda except the one that refuses and he

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says, who's the one that refuses. He said, Whoever turns away from my son Noah has refused because love Like I said, tasi illa with a bow. you disobey a line you claim to love Allah. Hi, the nominee for care, buddy. Oh, this is something amazing in Cana fukasawa. Now Part Two if your love is true, you obey Him and then more