Allah says, “Worship Me it will not Increase My Greatness” Then why He order us to Worship Him

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Next question from brother Khurshid akubra

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from Karnataka, India, Allah says in the Quran that if all of you from the first to the last, come and worship Me, it will not increase in my greatness. If this is the matter, then why does the order after worship Him?

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What the brother is asking that if all of you come and worship me will not increase my greatness is not a verse of the Quran. There are similar verses, I'll come to that later on, what the better is referring to is the Hadith as I had it, in Muslim

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world, number six, habit number six, size seven to

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our beloved partners are some said that Allah faith, all my slaves, if the first of you, and the last of you, if all the men and if all the genes, if they were equal

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to the most pious person

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whose heart is the most pious heart, in the full world, if the height is equal to that party of the most pious man on the face of the earth,

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it will not increase in my domain, that means it remains no benefit for me. And Allah continues, all my slaves,

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the first of you, and the last of you, the men and the jinn.

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If all of you are equal

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to the most evil person, the evil person,

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in the whole of humanity,

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if all the men and jinn are equal to the most evil person, it will not reduce even a bit from a Dominion

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all my slaves, if the first of you and the last few, if the jinn and the human beings, if all of you gathered together on a strip

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and if they asked me, whatever you want, and if I give everything water you want, it will not reduce in meldonium the loss would not be greater than when a needle is dipped in an ocean.

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I am recording and will repeat all this to you. So that if you realize you will pray the last minute Allah if you don't, then you will be to blame.

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From here we come to know that irrespective whether you're very pie for your worship Allah subhanaw taala not included in the last greatness or intermedium. If you're very bad, if you're evil, it may not mean any last or last minute Allah if you ask anything, what do you want and I give you everything yet it will not reduce in the dominion of Allah subhanaw taala It is like if you dip a needle in the ocean,

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even that might not be the last anatomy. That was in the Quran. In chapter 29, verse number six, we save that if you strive for your work, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not require any of the wants of any of his creations. Allah subhanaw taala does not have the need of any of his creation, and that it creates a similar message in chapter number 35 verse number 15, that it is you who are in need of Allah subhanaw taala Allah is not in need of anyone and is free of all wants to do of the Quran. Allah doesn't require anything from his creation. Come to the question. Then why is Allah subhanaw taala asking us to worship

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Allah says in the Quran

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in surah dheireadh chapter number 51 was number 56. Mark collecting Neverland silently Apatow that Allah subhanaw taala has created the agenda meant not to worship him. What is the reason? The reason Allah subhanaw taala wants you to worship Him is not so that he will benefit. It is because you will benefit and how will you benefit if you worship so when we worship the best form of worship, a Salah in our Salah. The most important thing that you have to recite without with the Salah is not complete, it is referred to

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Surah Fateha consist of seven verses. It is the first chapter of the Quran. It is called as a more Quran, the mother of the Quran, it is called the major Quran.

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If you read through the fathia the first three verses, it says are hungry let me please be to Allah The Lord of the woods. Armani Rahim, the Merciful, gracious molecule Martin, the Master of the Day of Judgment. The first three verses of the Quran are praising Allah

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Alhamdulillah Allah, Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the words, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious,

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the Master of the Day of Judgment.

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Here, why are we pray the last one?

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The reason we play is because it is human psychology, the moment you start breathing someone, you start following him. For example, if your mother is sick,

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and if someone on the street,

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a person comes and tells you do this treatment, so that your mother who has got a heart attack, she will be cured.

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And then the person who you know, is the most famous heart specialist in the world, he comes and tells you regarding the treatment for your mother who had a heart attack, who will you follow? Will you follow the unknown person on the street? Or will you follow the advice of the heart specialist, a famous heart specialist in the world, but naturally, you will follow the advice of the heart specialist because the famous The moment you know that he is the person who's the best heart specialist, follow the advice. Similarly, when you say Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the most wife.

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Allah is Hakeem. He's the most merciful, we are praising Allah not because it would benefit him, because the moment you start praising Him, then Surah Fateha continues. It says

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maniera heme molecule Mateen er cannot

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they are only worship, they are known. We ask why?

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After the first three was in the present, we are telling that we only worship Allah subhanaw taala, we only asked anyone

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if they

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show up the straight path, the path of those who have earned

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throughout the Lebanon Valley to be on

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the path of Do they have earned anything and not the path of the country? Yeah, and we realized that the first thing was the fact Yeah, the first chapter of the Quran is pretty thick. And

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then we are saying you only asked him for help and no one else and then we say, show us district and then the path of do their own than favor and not the pathway. So this is

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the most important part of the Salah.

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Then the full Quran is the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala what you should do and what you should not.

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You shouldn't do, they should fast, you should not cheat, should not murder.

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So I haven't done the lab. The reason I like asking us to worship Him is because the reason allies asking us to praise him, if we say Allah or 1000 times, Allah created all these all indicators. Even if you abuse Allah knows Billa it will not make low. Allah always the greatest he will remain. The reason we praise Him is because then we pray that we follow the advice and the full Quran is the advice to the human being How should lead your life. So the reason Allah asked us to worship Him is not because we benefit him, it will benefit the human beings, we praise Him so that we realize we have to follow through with the bushfires with the most knowledgeable, so to benefit us. It will

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keep us healthy. It will inshallah take us to genotoxic dos. So the reason we worship Him, we praise Him. It's not for his benefit. It doesn't require it. It is for our benefit for them.