Aman Kumar a Revert Asks , “I Proved to my Family that Idol Worship is Wrong

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The next question is from among Kumar among Kumar is a revert from Bihar, India is asking a question. I am from a Hindu family. I have converted to Islam one and a half years ago after watching your video and of molana Tariq Jamil G,

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which was explained by a Muslim friend of mine,

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but my family does not know this. And they are skeptical. I tried to convince my family that the idols they worship is wrong, but they don't believe it.

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If I explain, then they say that is the whole world, in brackets, Hindus, are they wrong? And are you the only one who's right.

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I also told them that it is okay. You do not listen to me. You read the Hindu religious book, it is written in it, but they do not even read it.

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And in the house of a Hindu who worships booty idols, I feel that I have not done any work. And that I have to go through a lot of hardships. For I want you to tell me what to do. Lastly, I would like to thank you for helping me recognize the truth and accepting Islam.

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I would like to thank you too, brother, Aman Kumar, for coming to the straight path and accepting Islam, may Allah reward you. And may Allah bless you and may Allah grant to Chen now, at first the question is concerned that when you tell your family members and your parents not to do idol worship, they say that all the other people in the world wrong or the Hindus wrong? You should tell them that whatever majority people do, is not always correct. many centuries ago, most of the human being believed that the world was flat. That does not mean that they are right. Today we know that the world is a miracle.

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So majority is not always correct. People in the past thought that the light of the moon was its own light. Today we know after science in advance that the light of the moon is not its own light, it is the reflected light of the sun. So just because majority people have a belief, that does not mean that the majority always right. And if that is the argument that your family members are giving that majority are Hindu, that the reason and they do idol worship their first idol worship, you have to tell your family members that in the world, the people that practice maximum any religion number one is Islam. In fences, theoretically, maybe Christians are more. But the people who practice any

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religion, number one

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are Muslims. The number one religion, which is practice maximum in the world is Islam. There are more than 2 billion Muslims in the world, more than 26% of the world population are Muslims. Compared to Hindus, we are much more Hindus about 1.2 billion. So if you're going on majority, there are more Muslims in the world than Hindus. So does it mean if that's what you believe that more people are correct, then you shouldn't be a Muslim.

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As you ask the question that you're living in into family, and they are not aware that you have accepted Islam, one and a half year back, what should you do? Even though you're abstaining yourself from shake, my advice to you would be that slowly and we take my explain to your family about that about the truth and reveal to them that you have accepted Islam. Initially they may be angry, they may be sad that they've accepted Islam, but that is the best because once you explain to them and reveal to them that you have accepted Islam, inshallah, inshallah. They will agree with what you have done. It will be easier for you to practice your deen it will be also easy for you to convince

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them about Islam and it will be easier for you to prove to them that what they are doing idol worship is wrong. It's a shelf you can very well quote the scriptures you can give them my cassette on similarities between Islam and Hinduism where I've proved from their scriptures that idol worship is wrong

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and inshallah it will be easier for you to practice them and even get them to the state park so my request to you is revealed to them their favorite slum with hikma and continue dava with them inshallah, that would be the best for you