Hadeeth Says Seek Knowledge even if you have to go to China. Religious or Worldly Knowledge?

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Salaam Alaikum My name is Joe Hall. I'm an accountant. Just very quickly, it's a pleasure to hear Dr. Zakat bank since first time I heard him it was one of my ambitions to come and see you via Sharla. You gave a lovely talk. My question is there's a famous Hadith saying, by the prophet peace be upon him that we should seek knowledge on to China. Now I've talked to a lot of brothers about this. And my perspective on it, even though I haven't researched it is that this knowledge does not talk about religious knowledge. Because then religious knowledge at the time was in Saudi Arabia, where the Prophet peace be upon him was, and people all over the world were coming to see him at

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that time for religious knowledge, or what is the question but what is the question is this hadith does it relate to religious knowledge or knowledge of the dunya? Science, maths, etc? The question that the Prophet said that seek knowledge even if you ever go to China, because religious knowledge was in Saudi Arabia, it was worldly knowledge. So does it mean you can go to China for worldly knowledge? point number one by the National manages Hadith is a modal Hadith. It's a fake it is not accredited.

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Because the center of education even at that time

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that I was in China, this hadith is a fake audit. But that doesn't mean your question is not valid. You have to use other Hadith to prove your question. The first guidance given by Allah subhanaw taala to the whole of humanity was not to pray was not to give Zakat It was a cry. In surah. Allah chapter 96 was number one acre and our beloved prophet oma Salah Salam said, it's mentioned by hockey, it is obligated on every Muslim man or woman to acquire knowledge, so acquiring knowledge is forbidden Islam is compulsory. It includes, the more obligatory is the deen knowledge. But that does not mean you cannot go and travel even for worldly knowledge. You can as long as you fulfill the

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criteria, even for worldly knowledge. You can, as long as it benefits you, it gets you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala Hope that answers the question.