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Alhamdulillaah! A Philippine Christian accepts Islam

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Zakir Naik

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Good morning to the floor. I'm Mr. Allen cinco.

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My question is I want to embrace and accept Islam so what can I do to become Muslim?

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our Filipino

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our Filipino, Bella Masha Allah. May Allah accept with effort.

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He wants to accept Islam. In Islam if you accept Islam you only have to believe that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is a messenger do believe that there is one God. Yes, brother, do you believe that no one deserves worship besides Almighty God Allah. Yes, I do. Do you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah? Yes, I believe so. I'll just say in Arabic repeated then you say the translation inshallah. Okay.

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I should do, I should do Allah, Allah ilaha illa Illa Allah illallah wa shabu washa do an NA n Muhammad and Muhammad Abu Abu. Wonderful, Mashallah.

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I bear witness.

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My son is

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brother, I'll just repeat brother. I'll just repeat what you said the meaning in Arabic. I bear witness. I bear witness that, that there is no God. There is no God but Allah but Allah and I bear witness and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad is, is the messenger, the messenger and servant of God and Masha Allah This is the translation of what he said. And I like to pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala the Mashallah me except efforts. And it was good Mashallah to see that in the city of Dubai Alhamdulillah that people have come here for earning a living, believe me, what do you earn here is less than what you earn in the Acura? What do you learn in Africa

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inshallah. I'll be much more. And my last Monica ganda, Jan nine Sharla. Thank you, brother. Thank you.